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Needless to say it was awkward when the morning arrived and breakfast was served. After being offered all the hospitality of the castle the night before the rest of the paladins had quickly departed from the blue lion and left their newest addition alone to his own thoughts.

They were all overly tense as Lance took a seat among them on the farthest end of the long table and began poking at his food goo.

"Did you sleep well?" Allura finally asked after a long pause.

Lance started at that, but was quick to answer.

"Yes, thank you. The blankets were warm and the food was delicious. Way better than anything at my base."

"If you feel comfortable with the idea we've arranged for quarters to be prepared for you. The beds in the castle are of a very high quality and the rooms are stocked with basic supplies and an attached bathroom."

Lance's ears perked a bit at that.

"I could use a bath or a shower if that's okay. Fur maintenance you know?" He tried to joke.

Allura let out a somewhat strained chuckle.

"Yes, I can imagine it's a hassle in space." She commented dryly.

An awkward pause filled the room as the occupants of the table took turns peeking at each other out of the corner of the their eyes.

Finally Lance broke it.

"I haven't been out of my home quadrant much, but I'm not familiar with either of your species. Are you an endangered race?"

The air grew thicker at the question.

After an even longer pause Allura offered her answer.

"Coran my advisor and I are the last known Alteans in the universe. Zarkon destroyed our home world a very long time ago. The rest of the paladins hail from a planet called Earth, a world untouched by Zarkon's forces."

Lance looked down and away from them.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know." He muttered softly.

"It was long before your time." Allura assured him.

Lance didn't seem to feel any better about that fact and they all sat in silence for a long moment after.

Finally Lance reached into his suit and pulled out a tiny device. He placed it on the table with deliberate slowness before pressing the one button visible on it.

A holographic photo flickered into existence with a technology not dissimilar to that which had kept the Altean king's memories intact.

Within it a dozen or so Galra stood together in a way that none of those in the castle had seen them gather before.

The photo was clearly that of a family portrait and three or more generations seemed to make up its contents.

A slightly younger Lane stood in the middle, bright and beaming at the photographer.

Clearly it was his family surrounding him and the way that that stood together seemed to indicate that they were close.

Lance confirmed it a moment later as he began speaking in a soft and solemn voice.

"This was my family when we were whole. Our line was strong. We were workers, fighters, even druids. We were rewarded for this strength."

Lance's ears dropped down as he continued.

"Zarkon was our ruler. We believed that everything he did was for the good of his people and the universe. We had always believed that."

Lance reached out until his fingers were skimming over the image of the youngest Galran girl in the frame.

"Until Antha was born. Beautiful and bubbly. Clever and cute. A blessing to our family."

Lance's voice cracked at the end, but he pressed on.

"But not a worker or a fighter. Not even a druid."

A tear fell from his eye.

"We couldn't make her strong enough and when it came time to thin the weaklings from the population, she didn't stand a chance."

His hands were fists on the table.

"I know what the universe thinks of us. I know they view us as monsters. But I didn't agree with them until they took her away and I couldn't do anything to stop it."

He pressed the button on the device again and the image of the lost child and family vanished.

"I have had to serve in Zarkon's army since I came of age. I had to for the sake of myself and my family. But I do not have to be the blue paladin."

He placed the device back into his suit and met each of the paladin's gazes one by one.

"I talked a lot to Blue last night. About what choosing to side with you would mean. And I came to the conclusion that this might be the only thing I can do to ever come close to making up for letting my sister die."

His gaze fell back to the table.

"But I meant what I said yesterday. I'm Galra and I'm not ashamed of that. I'm only guilty of my own choices and not those of Zarkon. I won't stay if you can't understand that."

He looked up from the table and flashed a half smile at Keith.

"Not even if the red one's the cutest boy this side of the Quetain quadrant."

Keith's face flared red and the tension in the room dissipated a little.

Shiro stood up from his seat and spoke first.

"We appreciate you sharing that with us Lance. We know that this isn't an easy transition and you have my word as team leader that we'll do whatever we can to make sure that you don't feel like an outsider here. You're a paladin and that means together we're going to be part of something amazing."

Shiro leaned forward to place his human hand on Lance's shoulder and the Galra accepted the comforting touch without flinching.

He seemed shyer now that his story was over and quickly sat back down on his seat.

"Perhaps this might be a good opportunity to share something about ourselves with Lance." Allura added encouragingly.

"Might make a good bonding exercise." Coran threw in.

Each of the paladins looked at each other for an awkward moment before Shiro once again stepped up.

He talked about Kerberos, his enslavement, and escape.

Spurred on by his disclosure Pidge stepped up next.

She spoke about her family, sneaking into the Garrison, and her dreams of being reunited with her father and brother.

Hunk followed with tales of home and his love of food.

Until only Keith remained.

Lance, who had listened with rapt attention to the earlier tales, seemed to grow even more excited at the prospect of learning more about his favorite paladin.

Keith sunk lower into his chair at the attention.

"I don't really have anything to talk about." Keith muttered to the floor.

Hunk elbowed him playfully.

"Tell him about how you sensed your lion on Earth and brought us all together when you went to rescue Shiro." He prompted helpfully.

Keith just crossed his arms tighter over his chest and glared at the floor.

Lance took pity on him and waved Hunk off.

"Don't worry Hunk. I'm sure once we get closer Keith will want to tell me all his heroic stories….. In private of course." He added teasingly.

Keith looked up to glare at him for a few minutes before being too embarrassed by Lance's sultry gaze to maintain eye contact.

Everyone at the table laughed at that and the exercise served its purpose.

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