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When Keith finally found the paladin he was searching for Lance was already in the training hall and stretching out for their training session.

"Wow Keith, I never thought I'd live to see the say I'd beat you to the training hall. You must have been way more tired after the battle yesterday than I thought." The Galra teased.

Keith merely rubbed the back of his neck and said nothing.

He wasn't sure how to start a conversation with someone whose last words to him had basically been a confession.

Hi had never seemed so inadequate.

Seeming to sense his hesitance Lance stopped his stretches and walked towards the red paladin. Without even the slightest hesitation Lance stepped into his personal space and looped his arms around Keith's neck.

It wasn't something that the Galra hadn't done a thousand times before since he'd arrived at the Castle of Lions, but it was the first done he'd done it and Keith hadn't immediately pushed him away.

Instead he asked: "Are all Galra like this?"

Lance blinked.

"Like what?" He inquired instead of answering.

Keith kept his gaze on the ground.

"Like this. Touching and flirting and just….Everything." He finished lamely.

Lance blinked at him again before rubbing a claw tipped thumb along the back of Keith's neck. A gesture the red paladin never even knew he loved until that moment.

"Does it make you uncomfortable?" He asked just as softly as Pidge had only a short while ago.

Keith shut his eyes and shook his head so hard it made his hair flutter.

"I just…..I don't understand what you want." He admitted honestly.

Keith watched from behind his bangs as the other teen's eyes widened before softening.

"I thought it was obvious, but maybe things are done differently on Earth." He muttered after a pause.

"This is how Galra court. We find someone worthy and try to provoke a response. I complimented and you countered. I teased and you tested. I reached out."

Keith felt the arms around his neck tighten.

"And you let me. It was my way of proving my commitment and your way of proving your worth as a mate. You responded so perfectly I just assumed you knew that."

Keith felt the other's warm breath ghost across his cheek.

"If I'm reading this wrong Keith just tell me. Reject me…or teach me the Earthen ways to try and convince you of my feelings."

Another sigh brushed past his lips.

"Either way, the next move is yours."

Keith swallowed around the lump in his throat before ducking his head forward till it was pressed against Lance's collarbone.

"I'm not used to this. I'm not used to any of this."

"Keith…." Lance started, but the raven cut him off.

"But I want it. I want it so much it scares me."

Keith threw his own arms around Lance's neck before he pulled back to meet his gaze.

"Tease me, test me, touch me, I don't care. Just don't stop." He finally whispered between them.

When Lance didn't move, didn't even blink, Keith pulled out his final weapon.

"Please Lialto." He breathed between them, trying to convey every emotion he didn't have words for, but were bubbling up in his chest.

That single word seemed to snap Lance out of his shock as a clawed hand reached out to cup the human teen's face.

"Kialto." He responded in turn, just before closing the gap between them.

Keith relished the warmth of his touch and the smoothness of his lips.

He couldn't seem to drag Lance close enough or taste enough of him to satisfy the fire blazing in his veins.

It had never been like this on Earth. Never had Keith so badly wanted to claw himself into anyone else so deeply that he could never be dislodged. Never had he so deeply trusted in the fact that Lance had decided on him and would have no other.

This wouldn't be like on Earth with it's dating that never felt serious or satisfying.

Out here he was Kialto and that was one nickname from Lance he was happy to keep.

It seemed like hours had passed by the time the pair had untangled themselves from each other. Both breathed heavily as they drank each other in, Keith with his hickey covered neck and Lance with his bitten bloody lip. The sights were almost enough to drag them back together again, but they were out of time.

They had to go meet the others for lunch soon and neither wanted to comn and explain that they couldn't attend because they had just discovered how addicting making out on the training room floor was.

Still, it was a struggle for Keith to merely lap up a final drop of blood from Lance's injured lip and for the Galra to pry his fingers free from the red paladin's hips.

"What are we going to tell the others?" Keith questioned as he leaned against Lance and tried to catch his breath.

Lance chuckled lowly and nuzzled his nose against Keith's hair, just barely resisting the urge to complement the teen on his enticing scent.

"Anything you want my Treasure. Just don't ask me to explain what happened to your neck if you don't want them to know about us."

Keith blushed as he brought a hand up to his bruised neck, but decided that he was too happy to worry about it much.

"What would you prefer we tell them?" Keith asked instead.

Lance hummed for a moment in thought as he wrapped his arms loosely around Keith's waist.

"That you were unable to resist my charm and finally consented to being mine?" He asked with a slightly hopeful and questioning edge.

Keith leaned into his hold and sighed contently.

"That sounds about right." He assured the Galra gently.

It made Lance want to kiss him again, but they didn't have time.

Reluctantly he untangled himself from Keith and took the hand the human offered to help him to his feet.

He was stable for all of two seconds before Keith pulled him down by his armor and kissed him again.

Apparently they still had a little more time.

By the time they made it to lunch it was already halfway over and Lance had at least as many bites on his neck as his boyfriend.

The rest of the team took the news better than expected.

Pidge teased them, Hunk cooed over their cuteness as a couple, and Shiro merely nodded and gave them both a thumbs up.

On the way to the dining hall they'd talked about how the two Alteans' might react to their union, given Lance's heritage, and both had admitted to more than a small degree of concern.

Yet both Alteans had accepted it with as much grace as they had Lance's initial arrival.

They even joined Pidge with her teasing.

So the pair were unhindered by any bad feelings as they made their way back to the training hall after lunch.

They even managed to train for all of an hour before an unexpected tackle to the ground lead to a continuation of earlier events.

Later that night dinner came and went with only a small amount of teasing and Keith only blushed a little when a clawed hand caught his own as they left the dining hall together again.

His heart and mind were a jumble as he relished the contact and let himself forget about everything that existed outside of the walls around them.

He felt light, giddy even. Addicted already to the soothing stinging of the nips on his neck and the steadying strength of the teen holding his hand.

He was so loose limbed that it was nothing for Lance to pull him against his chest when they reached the hall with their rooms in it and kiss him again. It took less than a heartbeat for Keith to melt into his hold and to push his boyfriend against the wall between their doors.

"You're too irresistible." Lance groaned lowly when they finally parted.

Keith beamed at the praise, accepting it with none of the disbelief that he would have felt with anyone else.

His thumbs slipped into the belt loops of the jeans they'd gotten for Lance to wear and he smirked when Lance purred at the feel of the inside of Keith's wrists against his hips.

His fur was darker and coarser there than it was on his limbs and Keith shouldn't have found that hot, but it was.

"Stay with me tonight." He breathed softly; assured that the Galra's heightened hearing would catch it.

Lance's hands stopped traveling down his sides.

"You sure?" He asked just as quietly.

Keith nodded before leaning forward to place a lingering kiss to Lance's lips.

"Stay." He repeated with certainty.

Lance chuckled lowly in response.

"You make it sound like leaving was ever an option." He teased.

Keith just smiled softly at him before opening the door to his room.

Keith woke up warm.

Warm and sleepy and perfect.

Once again claws were at the base of his spine and a furred head was pressed to his chest.

Once again he awoke to the thought that this was what it felt like to be safe. To be home.

Without hesitation this time his own bare hands were looped around Lance's waist and his own face was buried in the Galra's hair.

Lance had coaxed him into his red paladin robe the night before and insisted on running to his room to grab his blue one. Keith had thought he looked ridiculous in his own, but the sight of Lance sashaying around in his was a good enough reason for him to bite his tongue.

Now that he was awake Keith trailed his fingers to the edge of the fastening of that robe and loosened it. The thin material of the pajamas beneath them was soft beneath his touch. He wondered how the furred teen could stand to wear that many layers at night, but brushed the thought aside as he continued onward.

He managed to get the first two buttons of Lance's top undone and to place at least half a dozen kisses on his collarbone before the felt the stirrings of the other teen against him.

The claws at the end of his spine trailed up to the back of his neck and Keith titled his head up to meet Lance's lips in a kiss.

It was just as soft and warm as Keith felt.

"Good morning Kialto." Lance sighed when they parted.

Keith blushed at the endearment and moved close enough to slip into the open gap of Lance's robe.

"We don't have to be up for breakfast for a few more hours." He responded just as quietly.

Lance's eyes brightened.

"Then it's an even better morning than I thought." He teased.

Keith smiled against the skin of his neck before pulling back and loosening the tie on his own robe.

"We're wearing too many layers." He complained lowly.

Lance's eyes lidded at the sight of Keith shedding the outermost layer of his outfit.

He reached out and ran a clawed hand through Keith's hair.

"Unwrapping a present is half the fun." He muttered teasingly.

Keith took that as encouragement and gently pulled the taller teen on top of him.

Both were dressed in the same kind of painfully thin pajamas and it made it impossible not to feel each other's response to the contact.

The intimacy of it drew a needy whine from Keith's throat.

Lance caught the sound with a kiss before lowering himself fully onto the boy beneath him.

The next half an hour was spent making out like the horny teenagers they were as hands roamed and lips met.

Things had bumped up from warm to searing and they were just getting hotter.

Keith wanted to go further, just like he'd wanted to the night before, but Lance slowed them down again before they got that far. Slowly detangling himself before things could reach their peaks.

It made the human wither with want, but he didn't press the issue.

He'd always been the one to fend off his few human boyfriends when they tried to go further than he was comfortable with and he wasn't about to put that kind of pressure on Lance. Especially not when they were only just starting their relationship.

(Even if pulling away from the purple teen was by far the hardest think he'd done since becoming a paladin.)

Both teens were on their backs and panting on the tiny bed as they tried to cool down from their previous heat.

Lance caught his a beat before his boyfriend did and rolled over onto his side to look at him.

"Far too irresistible." He breathed between them, echoing his words from the day before.

Keith offered a softer version of the smile he'd given then and curled up on his side to be closer to his boyfriend again.

"Then don't resist." He teased gently.

Lance reached out and cupped his face with a single purple hand.

"Kialto…You are far too precious to rush." He said with solemn certainty.

It made something melt in Keith's chest as he nuzzled into the touch.

"You think too much of me." He argued self-consciously.

Lance chuckled even as he gathered the other teen into his arms.

"You don't think enough of yourself my Treasure. Any Galra would fight wars for the chance to earn your smile."

Keith blushed even as he wiggled half heartedly to break out of his love's hold.

"Then all Galra are fools." He muttered with only the appearance of heat.

It only made Lance laugh lower and hold him tighter.

"Only this one. And only about you." He confessed.

Keith didn't know what to say to that. So he just let himself be held and loved, until the feel of it all lulled him unbiddenly back to sleep.

Lance watched him with his own drooping eyes.

"You have no idea what you are or what it does to me Kialto. And when you finally do, I hope you still feel the same way about me as you do now." He whispered sorrowfully.

"Till then, I won't let you give me something I can't give back." He promised, sealing the vow with a tender kiss to Keith's forehead.

The raven slept on, unaware of everything but the warmth of the body wrapped around him and his own sweet dreams.

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