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With their blissful time together officially ended the pair exited the room the next day after a very long shower session together.

They had fortunately missed in little in their absence and Keith was able to slip into a healing pod with little protest from anyone other than himself.

(Especially after Coran confirmed that his pretty marks would have to be healed too.)

Lance bounced between his pod and their room as he did his best to clean and rearrange it out of the little love nest they'd created during Keith's heat.

It smelled so divinely of Keith and their mating that it nearly pained him to do so, but he knew that the others wouldn't be as fond of the scent as he was.

He also made a point to profusely thank his friends for being so understanding and providing for them during the unexpected delay in battle against Zarkon. Even if they seemed to be more embarrassed about it than he was.

Despite their embarrassment they all rallied around Hunk when he suggested that they make a feast to not only help nourish Keith when he exited his pod, but also to celebrate the pair finally overcoming the misunderstanding that had stood between them the past few weeks.

(It also didn't hurt that Lance's description of what a shared heat and mating ceremony meant in Galra culture essentially sounded like a marriage).

So a few hours after entering the pod Keith fell into the open arms of his mate and smiled weakly at his family.

"Hi guys." He muttered through a parched throat.

Everyone surge around him and spent the entire walk to the dining hall commenting on his new status, his new heritage, and their relief at his recovery.

Keith basked in the acceptance and concern offered by his friends as he leaned heavily against his mate.

Just when he thought he couldn't possibly love them all anymore than he did in that moment, they managed to surprise him with a dining hall decorated in streamers and lights and more food than Keith had ever seen atop the long table.

They all spent the rest of the night celebrating, talking and bonding together for the first time in a long time.

They were whole and happy and just about as prepared as they would ever be to form Voltron and defend the universe.

5 years later.

Keith fell from the healing pod and into his mate's arms again for the umpteenth time since he'd become a paladin of Voltron.

Only this time he fought the natural drowsiness it caused and searched his love's face for some kind of clue as to the results of his latest healing and scan.

"Well?" He asked breathlessly.

Lance beamed at him before placing a clawed hand to his abdomen.

"You were right Kialto." He confirmed with a grin.

The raven whooped with joy as his mate picked him up and twirled him around.

"We're going to be parents!" He declared with delight before meeting his mate's lips in a heated kiss.

"I want them to look just like you." Keith whispered reverently when they parted.

They were still so close that he could practically taste Lance's laugher against his lips.

"No, my Treasure. Just like you. All of your beauty and brilliance." He insisted.

Keith was too happy to really argue. But he still insisted on adding.

"I'll always have a preference for purple."

Before he kissed the father of his child all over again.

Nine months later Antha Kogane was born on her father's home planet. Surrounded by her parents, the paladins of Voltron, and all the rest of her extended family.

Her skin the mostly lovely shade of lavender that any of them had ever seen.

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