An OC Form for a story idea I have been working on for a while. Though it is not an OC-submission story, and I will most likely not accept any OCs, if anyone would like to use this form then that's fine with me. Most of the obvious information on here is just for a reminder for myself.

Warriors OC Form

For human-characters only

Name: (list any current, past, and future names here, highlighting the current one so it stands out)

Sex: (male or female)

Age: (in years is fine, as for them, it represents how many cycles of the seasons they've lived through)

Ethnicity: (whether they are full-Clan, half-Clan, etc. If half-Clan, specify with which groups they are also related and how)

Nationality: (their current group, if they have one, whoever they are loyal to)

Rank: (their current rank, corresponding to the appropriate group. If an apprentice, specify what they are training to become)

Appearance: (MudClan does not wear clothes, to remain as stream-lined as possible for swimming, they do however cover themselves in mud to disguise their scents as well as for camouflage amongst their swampy home. They cover their finger- and toe-nails with sharp-edged shells for better defense/protection.

Sandy's Pack members wear thick pelts of pine needles to keep warm in the cold and to blend in while chasing boar. They also fasten sharpened boar hooves to their hands, and are used similar to claws/daggers, while still keeping their hands free.

The Tribe of Soaring Feathers adorn themselves with leaves to hide amidst the treetops they feel the most comfortable so they don't startle their favorite prey: birds. They craft bows and arrows.

The Bridge Settlers, being a ragtag group of homeless people without too much of a societal structure before meeting MudClan, wear any old clothes they can find that have been thrown out. They hunt/fight similarly to MudClan, minus the shell-claws. They are the only group to cook their prey.

Beyond that, each group has a tradition of parents gifting their kids with one or two small trinkets to be worn, such as a shell necklace or a bird feather that helps serve as an individual trait.)






Background/History: (only applicable to the 'first generation' of the groups, this is where you would list what kind of life/family they had before getting lost in the forest)