Randy jerking it at Station Square, "Last time on Survivor!"

"Twenty four contestants were split into four tribes, given time to grab essential supplies off the Daisy Cruiser, and marooned in the Mystic Ruins," Rouge shown clutching the cage of drowning chaos.

"While the Ring tribe prospered in building their new society," Eggman is shown lighting the fire with his shades, "the Mushroom tribe didn't even try to build shelter," Peach plopping her ass down on the beach.

"At the Immunity challenge, the Ring tribe rolled around at the speed of sound, while ultimately the Shell tribe came up short," shot of Bowser stomping around the course and Mario kicking his hat.

"The Shell tribe was split down the middle at Tribal Council," Luigi's moustache shown having a spasm as the tie vote is revealed, "but Luigi's fear of rocks sent Yoshi home in the revote," Yoshi tearfully laying an egg.

Randy is now shooting up in the alley by Casinopolis, "Twenty-three are left, who will be voted out tonight?"

Shell Tribe

Night 2

Spooky chime tones are heard as a shark scares away a group of Bloopers.

"Walking aback to camp really hurt, I befriended Yoshi out here and now I'm on a tribe of assholes." Mario spits in the night vision lens, "I couldn't even rely on my gay brother. What the hell is that?"

Bowser just opens his mouth like "BWAHH," and starts a fire making their flint Randy gave them at tribal useless. Mario is dismayed, totally emasculated as he had been the fire-starter.

"Try voting me out next tribal fags." Bowser plops down in the shelter.

"I wanted to play a bit more subtly than this," Bowser lounging in a hammock, "I didn't want to play like Cartman, however this tribe sucks balls and I hate Mario and his overall face."

Luigi staring into space in the shelter. "You good, green?" DK shakes one of Luigi's shoulders.

"I just feel as if I made a huge mistake back there," Luigi looking pale as a tit, "I just hope it doesn't hurt me later. I do have an idol. So not so fast fatties."

As the Shell tribe tries to sleep, Wario bombs the camp with his green farts leading production to have to evacuate for a few hours.

Ring Tribe

Day 3

Knuckles had thrown their reward couch under their shelter. Sonic and Tails currently occupied it as Big had taken everyone else out to fish.

"No one's here…" Sonic shoves a finger into Tails bussy.

"Sonic is great and all, but I think I need to have a talk with him about personal space." Tails' voice trails off.

"Sonic! Please no! Stop!" Tails struggled on their red couch.

"Real quick before they come back. Be quiet." The cameramen are stunned and do nothing to stop the pedophilia.

A jovial gong sound effect plays as Tails' anus is penetrated.

Kooky track plays as camera cuts to Big, Eggman, and Shadow on the fishing raft. Big catches another large fish, and Eggman claps enthusiastically.

"I've become the provider for the tribe," Big's eyes bugging out a little bit. "But really I just wish the fishies was Froggy. I miss her pussy."

Positive music plays as Knuckles is briefly shown snorkeling nearby.

"Maybe we should head back?" Shadow suggests in a slightly whiny tone on the raft.

Eggman chuckles, "Let them have their fun," nobody really understands this comment and the conversation is interrupted by Knuckles erupting from the water, gasping for breath just as the drowning music had started.

"For the most part, our tribe is rock-solid," Knuckles, Rapper, looking plump from their fish dinner. "But I am picking up a weird vibe from Sonic and Tails."

Nights Tribe

Day 3

Uplifting music plays as the chaos are shown roaming freely around camp, they're still crawling because they're babies.

Helicopter shot of Rouge and Cream flying up high in a tree to search for fruits as Maria weakly clutches a basket on the ground below.

"We've been eating these, uh, chao fruits or whatever, for the last three days," Rouge shaking her head contemptuously. "I need some MEAT."

Rouge returning to camp alone, famished. Shots of the various chaos crawling around.

"We're gonna eat the chaos today," Rouge decides nonchalantly.

Scene cuts to Tikal praying to Nights, the captioners could not decipher her muttering.

"I could tell something was off," Tikal wearing her purple buff on her head, "And then I heard my children screaming and I just had to fly right over."

Rouge was trying to roast one of the chaos in a cauldron, Cream in the background protecting Cheese.

Tikal practically in tears. "The black bat girl was trying to eat my babies."

"What the hell do you think you're doing!?" Tikal's screams wake Amy Rose and Froggy up from their slumber.

"What's she screaming about?" Froggy mouthing to Amy, shown in captions.

Cream continues screaming in protest in the background as Tikal runs over and snatches the chao out of the cauldron, it has turned several shades lighter due to its abuse by Rouge. Maria attempts to hold Rouge back, but is of little use as Rouge tears her arms away and gets in Tikal's face, "It's there for us to eat it bitch!"

"I don't care, I want to eat the chaos." Rouge bats her eyes.

Amy Rose is on the scene, "Have no fear, Amy Rose is here. Okay tribe meeting guys," she rubs at her eyes drowsily.

"Yeah, I guess you could kind of say I'm the leader, I mean I'm the prettiest one here and I don't have the… problems the other girls seem to be having," Amy blinks.

The scene changes to them around their campfire, a mock trial is being held. "She tried murdering Sunkist!" Tikal cradles the abused chao.

Rouge explaining herself calmly although clearly pressed, "We're out here trying to survive. We need to keep our strength up to compete in the challenges-"

"This island is full of life!" Tikal highly emotional. "We are surrounded by fruits and fish," Tikal motioning to the already-barren fruit tree. "Why take the life of a creature with a soul?"

"Yeah! You just have to press a and twirl the control stick and a fruit will drop!" Cream explains in a tutorial fashion.

Rouge shrugs. "Are we really gonna put the chaos on the same level as people?"

Amy, clearly having no control over the escalating situation, slams her Piko Piko Hammer in the middle of the trial. "Let's take a vote. Who wants to eat Sunkist?"

Rouge raises her hand confidently as Tikal glares down Maria and Froggy judgmentally, neither of them seem to give a shit.

"Like, I didn't want to be the one to kill a baby either," Maria shrugs.

"Sorry, but you're outvoted Rouge," Amy returns to the shelter, exhausted by the leadership role.

"For real?" Rouge grumbles. "At least let a bitch eat an egg they're banging like CRAZY."

Tikal is just like, "Well I don't want to see it," before she jumps and glides away moodily.

"I think I'm the only one who came out here to survive," laid over Rouge coldly cracking a huge chao egg.

"I'm disgusted that this is even a question, I'll pray that Nights show them the way," Tikal in vegan rage. "This only ends badly."

Immunity Challenge

Day 3

Rhythmic latin music plays as the camera swirls above Randy standing in the middle of twenty podiums.

"Come on in guys!" The Ring, Mushroom and Nights tribes enter, camera shows Tikal bringing up the rear still looking pressed. "Take your first look at the new Shell tribe, Yoshi voted out at the first tribal council."

Birdo shitting her britches. "When I saw the other dinosaur was voted out, I knew I was in danger. Now I'm the only trans person AND dinosaur."

"First of all, gimme them stahs back," Randy takes the tribal immunity stars back. "Ready to get to today's challenge?"

Tails is all like "yeah!"

"Each of you will have four objects in your little desk thing. One by one, you'll ask members of the opposing tribes if they have an object matching one of yours, go fish style. Each match earns your tribe a point. First two tribes to five win immunity," Rouge does a double take.

"Two tribes are going to tribal?" Sonic taps his foot impatiently.

"I'm just like yes!" Sonic throwing a hand up. "I'm ready for more people to be outta here, you're too slow!"

"Tribe in first place will also win reward," Randy tempts the castaways. "Ten bags of cheesy poofs." Wario salivates while Rosalina looks unenthused.

"Mushroom, Ring, Nights, you'll have to sit someone out."

Shadow raises his hand, "I'll sit out."

Peach and Toadette whispering when Daisy butts in, "I wanna sit out, I'll be stronger in the next challenge if it's physical."

Maria quietly raises a hand, nobody contests her and she takes a seat on the bench.

"Alright, everyone take ya spots," Randy commands brusquely.

Camera cuts to some Cheep Cheeps banging in the ocean to spicy music.

"We drew for spots, D.K., you're up first." Randy scratches his gooch.

"Ooh, sexy girl in the orange top, do you got a toothbrush?" DK asks smoothly. Tikal points to herself in confusion, while Cream is all like "Yeah! I got a toothbrush."

"Shell already has a point," Randy narrates as DK hungrily approaches Cream to collect the toothbrush. "Next up is Eggman," The Doctor bangs on his podium in excitement.

"Hmmm, red M, do you have a razor perhaps?" Mario angrily digs in his box to hand over a razor. Eggman strides over all like "Hoy!"

Camera cuts to Noki, looking at her objects contemplatively. "Bat girl with her boobies out, do you have a poomis stone?" everyone giggles as the foreign girl mispronounces 'pumice'.

"Huh, in fact, I do." Rouge hands over her stone.

"We got a hot streak goin mya!" Randy is amazed with the castaways' luck.

It's Amy Rose's turn. "Tall skinny guy in the overalls," Luigi is excited to get attention. "Got any toothpaste?"

Luigi blushes, shaking his head. "Sorry, my friend."

Camera spins around to show time passage,

Toadette whips her braids out of her face, staring at her opponents with focus. "Luigi, do you have a toothbrush?"

"Ooh yeh!" Luigi tosses it at her.

"Alright, Ring is in the lead with three matches, Nights and Mushroom both have two matches, and Shell still only has one."

Bowser glaring at Noki viciously. "Young lady in the blue," he holds back from spewing fire, livid at his tribe's point deficit. "Got any soap?"

"'Fraid not," Noki winks.

Tikal is all excited that it's her turn next, "Mr. Bowser, may I have your soap?"

Bowser hands Tikal his soap and throws his empty box on the ground. "Bowser is out of items." Randy explains.

Tails jumps up on his podium because he's so short. "Please Princess give me a toothbrush?"

Peach teases a titty as she fakes Tails out by shaking her head, then pulling a toothbrush out her cleavage.

Birdo crowning an egg anxiously. "Cute Italian guy in the green hat, do you have toothpaste?"

Luigi laughs uncomfortably. "The hedgehog girl already asked me!" Birdo honks in shame as Noki shakes her head in frustration.

"We have Rings at four, Nights at three, Mushroom at two, and Shell at one," Randy is rubbing his nipples due to the sexual tension of this challenge. "Wario, you're up."

Wario peers into his green box, "Uh, Knuckles, do you have a rock?"

"Rock hard cock, but yes I do." Knuckles digs in his box for his rock. Maria is shown looking grossed out as Rouge giggles.

"Shell with two now!" Randy gayly excited.

Cream clears her throat. "Mr. Sonic, do you have a razor blade?"

"Yes!" Sonic gives Cream the last item in his box, ready for the challenge to be over so he could bone Tails.

"Knuckles has the match point for Ring," Randy comments.

After a beat, Knuckles cracks his knuckles. "I'm gonna go with the tall glass of water with the star, and shampoo."

Rosalina puts her hand on her mouth. "Shampoo." She shakes her head. "Sorry. I'm really sorry."

Peach confidently peers over at Luigi. "Luigi, do you have a pumice stone?"

"Ughh, yes I do," Luigi rubs the back of his neck as he hands over the stone. "These girls are robbing me dry, Randy!"

Mario raises a brow at Knuckles. "Angry red guy, do you have soap?"

Knuckles looks puzzled at Mario's racism as he passes over the bar of soap.

"This challenge is anyone's game, Ring and Nights at 4, Mushroom and Shell at 3," Randy getting excited as the background music intensifies. "Froggy, you're up."

Froggy gulps audibly. "Big, do you have some tweezers?"

"Of course, Froggy! Anything for you." Big fumbles with tweezers.

"NIGHTS WINS IMMUNITY AND TEN BAGS OF CHEESY POOFS!" Randy throws some fingers up. Amy is all like "We did it!" as Cream flaps her ears wildly. Froggy hops up and down intimidatingly.

"The Doctor could win it right now for Ring!" Randy yells as Eggman keeps a poker face.

He gestures a bony hand at Peach paternally. "Do you have a bar of soap, my dear?"

Peach gasps lightly for dramatic effect, before grinning. "I sure do."

"RING WINS IMMUNITY!" Randy yells, the challenge is over. Sonic does some flips as Big lifts Eggman up on his shoulders all like "wooooo!" Birdo angrily knocks over her box as Bowser burns his entire podium in fiery rage.

Camera cuts back to the Cheep Cheeps, one of them looking pregnant, before back to the tribes now on their mats.

"I got stars for Nights and Ring," Randy tosses the stars out. Rouge flies up to catch hers while Big catches it in his stomach like 'ho'. "And Nights, you'll find your Cheesy Poofs back at camp," Froggy's frog stomach audibly rumbling.

"Mushroom and Shell, I got nothing for ya. I'll see you both tonight at tribal council, two going home tonight," Randy waves his hand, dismissing the castaways.

"Soo glad we're not going to tribal, and I think this cheesy poofs reward should quell the food tensions at camp," Amy's face shining in the sun.

Peach hugging her legs on the shore. "I really don't wanna vote, I love all these girls. Girl power!"

Luigi looking down defeatedly, "We just can't win. It'll take a miracle for my brother and I to get out of this one. It's all my fault."

Mushroom Tribe

Day 3

The Emerald Coast Orca is shown swimming benignly among smaller fish before the camera cuts to the Mushroom ladies filing back into camp.

"Losing today shocked me honestly," Daisy pensively skinning a goomba carcass, "We are some strong women, this vote is gonna be tough.

The scene cuts to Rosalina rallying the other white people into the cave of a ruin. "We need to mobilize and protect our white heritage!" Rosalina explains to Daisy and Peach.

"Which one of them is the weakest?" Peach asks calmly as the camera shows shots of the three working-class ladies tending to the camp.

"The dinosaur has a penis anyway, let's get him," Rosalina floating slightly above the ground, Luma next to her nodding emphatically.

"Now I realize Rosalina sounds a little... " Peach struggles to find a word to justify Rosalina's racism. "Old-fashioned, but she has a point, the three of us are the strongest on the tribe."

Building music plays as the camera shows Birdo wearing a black sunhat, leading Toadette and Noki to the well.

"So we all good right," Birdo sputters hoodly as they reach the well.

"What's the plan shell sisters?" Noki dumps a bucket into the well.

"To say there is a class divide in this tribe would be an understatement," Birdo holding up a claw as she pontificates wokely. "It's three downtrodden, overworked colored ladies and three white bread."

"Whiteys itching for a race war? They'll get one," Noki looking crazed next to the Mushroom tribe's rations.

"I gots a plan, see? We'll each go to one of them and ask what the plan is, we'll convene right before tribal and decide a vote." Toadette places on her shades while explaining.

"I'm all for working with these ladies, but I can't let them stifle my game," Toadette adjusting her shades. "I need to keep my options open."

Toadette show trying to make fire futilely at camp in the hot sun, Peach sits next to her uselessly. "I like you, T," Peach blurts out somewhat randomly, captioned as the camera shows the sunset in the distance.

Toadette looks over her shoulder at the princess. "Yay. Have you heard anything for the vote?"

Peach shrugs her shoulders lightly, keeping her cards close.

"Me either, but no way am I writing your name down," Toadette beams at Peach as she brushes a big mushroom braid out of her face, returning to the fire.

The scene transitions to Noki hanging out with Rosalina in the ocean, "Whoa oh, am I the vote?"

Rosalina laughs as Luma tickles her gooch under the water, "No, the trans one is…"

"So they're planning on voting Toadette? Interesting…" Blue Noki scratches her head.

Daisy and Birdo are climbing a tree to grab some Hero fruit, Daisy grabs the fruit and jumps down. Birdo makes a weird celebratory sound.

"You know Birdo, I like you. Rosalina told Peach and I to vote you out." Daisy dykely cracks the Hero fruit open with her hands.

Birdo gasps and sucks some of the fruit into her mouth. "Thanks for letting me know, sugar."

"I know I'm not going to back myself into the last three here with those two blonde sluts," Daisy looking disgusted sitting on a rock. "If I have anything to say about it, the trans girl is staying."

Tribal chants like "aaaaaah" as the sun is shown setting. Shot of Peach and Daisy chatting at the campfire, Daisy looking around suspiciously as Birdo, Toadette and Noki have slipped away.

"There's a really high level of paranoia around camp," Peach observes slowly as she puts her hair up in a ponytail. "I don't know if anyone's sure what the plan is."

The sun begins to set as Noki, Birdo, and Toadette hide in a bush.

Birdo quickly is like, "It's me." Noki gasps.

"Can we turn the votes around?" Toadette looks uncertain.

"Here's what we need to do," Birdo honks ominously as the music builds.

Rosalina has Luma sucking on one of her exposed breasts, "I feel amazing about the vote, I think everything is going to go swimmingly."

"If it's me tonight, I hope the world realizes it's time to WAKE UP," Birdo slamming her claw down on a rock.

The camera cuts to the Mushroom tribe walking in single file line to the train.

Shell Tribe

Day 3

Some Paratroopas are shown fluttering low over the ocean, stalking for prey.

Shot switches to DK standing in the shallows, trying to grab for fish.

"In this game, instinct is everything," DK squeezing the water out of his tie. "I wanna say I'm not too concerned about this vote, but in this crazy game I need to stay focused or it could be me gone tonight."

Mario and Luigi sitting side by side on the shore, looking sullen, watching DK in the distance.

"Should we even try?" Luigi socially anxious, deferring to his brother for the next move.

"It's that or go home," Mario knitting his brow.

"My brother's little switcheroo now has us in a bind," Mario shirtless in the jungle, looking desperate by a tree trunk of similar width. "We're gonna have to flip a vote."

Scene jumps ahead to the brothers wading into the water to talk to DK. "Hey, guy," Mario calls his attention, DK snaps out of his predatory state.

"Aoooh?" DK raises his hands inquisitively, so as to ask what's up.

"We need to turn this game around, if we keep around the slow and old people we're just gonna lose every challenge," Mario presenting his case as Luigi nods periodically.

DK nods his monkey head.

"So please, brother, give us a shot tonight," Mario tries to persuade DK with his charming accent. DK shakes his hand hesitantly, then turns back to continue fishing. Luigi stares at Mario as they walk back to camp.

Meanwhile, Bowser and Wario are chilling in the shelter, Wario is a kleptomaniac and fishing through all the bags. He gasps.

"Check his fucking bag!" He alerts to Bowser.

"What?" Bowser itches his turtle dick in annoyance.

"String bean has the idol in his bag." Wario chuckles.

Wario sullen, "Apparently it's against the rules to steal idols." He pouts on a tree stump.

"That decides it then," Bowser not shaken by the new information.

Bowser and Wario are now sitting by the fire, now observing the brothers' return trying to appear not suspicious. "Look at them struggle," Bowser chuckles.

"No doubt my name will be written down tonight, but I'm not going anywhere," Bowser sitting on a throne-like rock formation. "That's a fact."

Wario flashes a shit-eating grin at the brothers as they return to camp, drying themselves off. "How's the water, boys?" he jeers.

Mario is already not having it, "I just don't want to go home over the slow old people, that's all," he throws a towel around his neck and walks into the jungle, leaving Luigi standing there awkwardly before he follows Mario a few seconds later.

"Now I made an alliance with Luigi in the water yesterday, and I'd hate to have to break it so soon," Wario rubbing his big fat tummy. "But the poor guy's just on the wrong side of the numbers. What can I say?'

DK emerges from the water gracefully, shaking himself off as he takes a seat by the fire with Bowser and Wario. Bowser grunts stankly. "So I heard the slow old people have to go," he narrows his eyes accusingly at DK.

DK gets fired up, "I didn't call you slow old!" he yells at Bowser.

"You better not," Bowser spits into the fire.

"Stick to the plan guys," Wario says somewhat nervously as he looks between his two allies, reminding them of Luigi's idol.

Mario and Luigi out by the well, able to hear DK's yelling all the way at camp. "You hear that, brother? We may have a chance yet," Mario winks. Luigi laughs weakly.

"Never surrender in this game. There's always a crack," Mario pokes the air dramatically.

"I think we're boned, I might have to pull out my idol tonight," Luigi looking like he's seen a ghost.

Tribal Council - Mushroom Tribe

Night 3

The Mushroom tribe files into the gold room. "Welcome ladies, please dip your torches into the flame and get fire,"

Peach extends her arms to dip her torch in, she looks pumped.

"Alright ladies, how have you been out here?" Randy obviously know that they struggled on day one.

Rosalina smiles meekly, while Daisy shakes her head.

"Immediate reaction from Daisy - tell me about camp life."

"Randy, we still don't even have fire!" Daisy grumbles. "We still haven't really organized as a tribe."

Toadette giggles to herself, "Toadette, what's so funny?" Randy is on the attack,

Toadette puts her shades on, the gold room hurts her eyes, "I.D.K. A.S.L?"

Randy is confused. "Noki, how do you fit into the tribe dynamic here?"

Noki thinks about her words carefully, not sure how to express them in English. "Honestly Randy, I am proletariat here. The three princesses think this is a vacation."

Rosalina raises her eyebrows like 'really?' She's wearing the shirt that reads 'Respeito'.

Randy targets her next. "Rosalina, what does the word on your shirt mean?"

She smiles widely, proud of herself. "It means respect. I felt the need to wear it because, you know, there's a lack of it on this tribe."

This elicits stank reactions from Birdo and Noki.

"Who feels like they're in danger tonight?" Randy probes. Birdo's hand shoots up immediately.

"Talk about a lack of respect, I'm being voted out for the place I come from in life," Birdo shedding a working-class tear.

Peach hunched over on her chair, she's not used to no lumbar support. "Randy, I think when the votes shakeout we'll all be surprised."

"Really," Randy intrigued and slightly turned on by Peach's implication. "Well then let's vote. Daisy, you're up."

Daisy strides over to the urn in her orange shorts and writes down a name icily. "The poison apple has to go."

Rosalina floats over to vote, writing [Birdo] in elegant cursive as Luma hides in her cleavage.

Toadette's expression is unreadable in her shades as she slowly makes her way over, getting up on a stool to write a name.

Birdo casts a shady glare at Rosalina as she walks over to vote, swinging her wide hips. "Bitch BYE."

Peach's pink heels clack against the floor. "Teehee, I'll take that!"

Noki wanders over to vote, "Time for a revolution."

"I'll tally the votes," Randy goes to get the urn. "If anyone has an idol, it's time to play it now," the camera shows Peach, Daisy and Toadette for some reason.

"Person voted out will have to leave Tribal Council immediately, I'll read the votes," Randy pops the top off the urn.

"First vote…" [Rosalina], she rolls her eyes as Daisy is shown sweating with anticipation.

"Next vote…" [Birdo] "One vote Rosalina, one vote Birdo." Birdo shaking her head, already reaching for her bag. Peach wears a bemused smirk.

Randy flips over the next vote, [Rosalina]. "Two votes Rosalina," he counts. Rosalina briefly turns to look at the tribe before catching herself.

"Next vote…" Randy opens slowly as the ethnic chanting in the background grows louder, [Rosalina]. "That's three votes Rosalina, one vote Birdo." Rosalina now stroking Luma in concern as Noki smiles scornfully.

"Second person voted out of the Mystic Ruins... " [Rosalina] "That's four and tonight that's enough, bring me your torch," Randy instructs her as she gasps.

"Wow, guys," Rosalina huffs as she floats out of her seat, Luma turns around to flip the girls off. Noki laughs at this.

"Rosalina, the tribe has spoken," Randy snuffs her torch. "Time for you to go."

Rosalina floats out of Casinopolis with Luma in tow,

Randy clears his throat, "Hopefully this has brought you all closer, now head back to camp."

The five women stand up smiling at each other and leave.

Rosalina furious in the elimination phone booth, "I'm not sure how they could side with trans people. That's terrible!" Luma begins to eat her out to calm her down.

Tribal Council - Shell Tribe

Night 3

The five Shell boys march in with their torches. "Welcome back," Randy greets them derogatively.

"So Mario, second tribal in a row, can't feel good right?" Randy says conversationally.

"I hate to lose, man" Mario with fire in his eye. "And basically, man, I think it might be me tonight."

"Bowser, what reasons do you think Mario has to fear he's going home tonight?" Randy picks at the large turtle.

Bowser pauses contemplatively. "He's a pansy." Mario frowns.

Randy sounds unsatisfied by that response, "Wario, how do you base your vote tonight?"

Wario flashes an ugly smile. "It's a group decision tonight, based on many factors."

Randy purses his gay lips, "Do you guys worry about idols? It's early in the game, however with this being your second vote…"

The camera cuts to Luigi nervously clutching his bag.

DK mutters, "Nah, it's too early for that."

Bowser and Wario grin to themselves. Close-up of Luigi sweating in anticipation.

"Luigi, do you feel safe tonight?" Randy notices his weakness.

Luigi still holding onto his bag, "I will a-stick to my word but I never feel safe out here," his face flushes. DK glances at Bowser lowkey.

Randy satisfied, "It's time to vote, Big Bowser, you're up first."

Bowser nods and heads to the voting urn, "There's no use in splitting the vote."

Mario stankly writes a name down, [Bowser] "You're the cancer in the tribe."

Luigi's hands shaking as he writes down a name. "Please, please god."

Wario jaunts over to vote, the back camera shows a large sweat stain on the ass of his pants.

The camera lingers on DK scratching his head at the voting booth as the music slows dramatically, he writes down a name. "Deuces"

Randy stands menacingly, "I'll tally the votes,"

An ethnic growl is played as Randy returns with the urn, "If anybody has an immunity idol and would like to play it now would be the time to do so."

The camera zooms in on Luigi's mustache as it quivers. He doesn't stand up.

"I'll read the votes," Randy lifts the lid off the urn.

"First vote," [Bowser]

The music picks up as Randy slowly reveals the second vote, [Bowser]

"That's two votes Bowser,"

Randy stays quiet as he flips the next vote, [Mario]

Mario holds his mouth stiff. DK straightens his tie.

Randy opens the next vote, [Mario]. "We're tied, two votes Mario, two votes Bowser, one vote left."

A high lingering tone plays as the camera closes-up on Luigi looking helpless as Mario frowns. Bowser's expression remains unchanged.

"And the third person voted out of Survivor: Mystic Ruins…" [Mario]

Luigi sighs and Mario angrily gets up to grab his torch.

"Mario… the tribe has spoken," Randy snuffs his torch. "Time for you to go."

Mario looks back over his shoulder to glare at Bowser, DK and Wario as he leaves. Wario does a gay haughty little wave.

"Well it looks like the divisions in this tribe are still clear, but can the four of you come together now with the odds stacked against you? Get back to camp, good night," Randy waves them off.

"That was retarded, I can't believe they got rid of me so soon. Stupid. Good luck to Luigi, but I bet they're the next four gone," Mario sighs defeatedly.


A huge twist sends shock waves through the game...

Tails standing on his mat, gasping. "This is making my head spin!"

Bowser whispering to Wario, "We hit the jackpot."

Maria speaking to someone, "Don't you think we're fourth and fifth though?"

Toadette speaks laid over a shot of her and Noki washing fruits, "We need each other now."

"It looks like I'm on the rape tribe," Birdo sighs in the middle of an orgy.