April 18, 2017: Moscow, Russia

I woke up the next morning refreshed. I have slept so much better ever since I started sleeping with Shado next to me. She is a light in the darkness I've been needing.

I saw Shado doing her morning meditation and stayed in bed and watched. I noticed grandpa was still asleep so I figured we could all just have a take it easy kind of morning.

As I laid back onto my pillows I felt Shado crawl back into bed and snuggle up to my side. My heart fluttered as she kissed my cheek and a smile spread across my face.

I closed my eyes and just as I was drifting back off to sleep I heard my grandfather sit up in bed. I groaned. "Good morning to you as well Maryse" he said laughing. "Morning Grandpa, I was just going to catch another couple hours of sleep" I said patting my pillow. "I think I should explain everything first" grandpa said with a serious tone. I sat up, felt Shado wrap her arms around me and I nodded. Grandpa sat on the other bed, took a deep breath and started his story.

Quentin's P.O.V

"I was twenty one when I met your grandmother. She was stunning. She had beautiful eyes and brown hair that flowed down her back. She appeared out of nowhere. I had never seen her on campus before but it felt like she was always there".

Grandpa's eyes moistened slightly from the mention of my grandmother. I watched as a set of emotions crossed his face. After a few minutes he got himself together and continued on with his story.

"She introduced herself as Dinah Drake and we spent everyday together and one night we were out getting a drink and that's when I realized your grandmother wasn't completely human.

We had just gotten to the bar when someone pulled a gun. He was waving it around and looked like he had already taken down a few drinks. That's when he made the worst mistake of his life.

He pulled your grandmother by her arm over to him and started trying to kiss her. That's when I noticed the electricity racing from her hands up his arm. Then, out of nowhere and ear crushing scream and after the glass and dust settled, I noticed the man unconscious on the other end of the bar.

I looked over at Dinah and she was standing there, smiling and brushing the dirt off of her clothes. After the police came and took statements we headed back to my place. That's when I learned the truth.

Dinah was from another Earth. She was known as Black Siren and she had been born with a sonic scream, and the power to control electricity and see flashes of people she loved the most.

When your mom turned eighteen and took up the mantle of The Black Canary alongside your father, your grandmother was summoned back to her Earth and I haven't seen her since. I am hoping that she will soon return to us"

And with that grandpa laid back down and closed his eyes. He seemed to be looking somewhere else. As though he could see my grandmother, but he couldn't quite reach her. I promised myself that after we rescue my parents that we would try to reach my grandmother wherever she might be.

The rest of the morning was plagued with silence. I held onto Shado like a child would their blanket. I feared if I let go she would just disappear like my grandmother had. But atleast now I know where my crazy powers come from.

After a few hours of quiet contemplation there came a knock at the door. I opened it and saw Sara standing there beaming like headlights shining thru the fog. "We've found the farm and can start preparing" she said excitedly. I hugged her tightly and we all started getting our gear together.

"Don't worry dad and mom, I'm coming" i said not caring if I looked crazy and got out my mask.