April 8, 2017


This is my first ever diary entry. I thought I would keep a diary like my mom to see if maybe it would keep me from losing myself too much out in the real world.

It's finally my twentieth birthday and I should be super excited but I'm not. I looked at the picture of my missing parents by my bed. Laurel and Oliver Queen. DA and Mayor respectively. They had gone missing on July 8, 2015 while on a anniversary trip to London on the rebuilt, safer Lance Gambit, sister yacht to my dad's old boat the Queen's Gambit.

They docked in London and checked into their hotel all on schedule. That night they had called to say goodnight and they loved me. They sounded scared but I choked it up from being away from their beloved city for so long. "Maryse, never forget how much your dad and I love you. We will be home soon. Oh and Maryse, if anything happens to us, look under the bed in the wooden trunk. You will find answers, and our will" my mom said with a shaking voice. I laughed just thinking it was jitters. Now I know it was more but what.

We didn't hear from them for a few days and they weren't answering their phones so my aunt Sara called the police and they checked their hotel room. There was a blood trail that would turn out to belong to my mom and all their stuff was still in their room including money, passports and their phones.

I can still remember all the television reports and interviews. After six months the police said that they would be suspending their search. They hadn't found anything and no bodies had turned up. They figured they were dead or had faked their own kidnapping to disappear.

I knew they were wrong. Something inside me told me that they were alive and in very serious danger but no one would listen. Sara said that they would've reached out if they were alive. She seemed to know something but wasn't divulging what. My godparents were just as secretive and my Grandfather Quentin said he wouldn't drop it but not to expect anything good.

I was tired of no one doing anything So I took it upon myself to look in that old wooden trunk and I found the green arrow outfit as well as the black canaries. Also inside I found their will, leaving their entire fortune to me. I would take this to our family lawyer in the morning but there was something else in there. A black bow and a set of black arrows and a note:

Dearest Maryse,

If you're reading this note something horrible has happened. The trunk will only open to either your mother's, mine or your fingerprints so I know it's you reading this letter.

The bow in front of you is your own. I've trained you to use the bow like a pro. Like me. I have the utmost faith that you will continue your mothers and I legacy. We are the vigilantes The Green Arrow and Black Canary. We were going to tell you on your twentieth birthday but obviously we didn't make it until then. We wanted you to join us. With your natural talent at the bow, your ability to form power out of nowhere and your unmatched canary cry, the name for your deadly scream, you can do this.

Always remember one thing baby girl, we love you. Please talk to your Aunt Sara, and your godparents Felicity and Ray Palmer and John and Lyla Diggle they will help you prepare for this if you choose to do it.

Love your dad

Oliver Jonas Queen

I still remember staring at the letter and wondering what my dad was drinking when he wrote that letter. It didn't make sense and it still doesn't. I don't have any superpowers and there wasn't any way I was going to embarrass my dad by going to my godparents.

I did take the will to them. I also asked about the whole green arrow and black canary thing and they said they knew and told me the story of how it all started.

I turned and laid face down on my pillows. It was still a couple hours till my party I was being forced to have. So I decided to take a nap and that's when everything went to hell but opened my eyes to the truth.