Rip sat in the captain's chair listening to his crew bicker for the hundredth time over who left the kitchen a mess. Ray blaming Mick, Leonard getting mad at Ray for always blaming Mick, Kendra getting mad at Leonard for picking on Ray, Sara just wanting to know who drank the beer she had, Ray again blaming Mick and Amaya and Nate arguing over who was right and who was wrong. Jax and Stein and already left the area, tired of it all. Rip wished he could leave as well but as captain he was stuck.

"Gideon my dear, are we running a preschool or are we traveling through time to keep the universe safe" Rip said tapping his fingers trying not to blast them all. Gideon laughed. "I am starting to believe we have a preschool instead of the universe's last line of defense" Gideon said making Rip smile for the first time in the last hour.

He heard something break, turned around and saw one of his globes smashed into pieces at Ray's feet and that was the last straw. "Ok you little brats, turn around, sit down buckle in and hold on tight because I'm taking you to the refuge and letting you be with people of your own age" Rip growled starting up the WaveRider. Mick scoffed but obeyed as everyone else did as well. They knew when not to cross paths with Rip. Jax and Stein also got buckled in. Rip took a deep breath and moved the throttle to go.

"Are you really dropping us off at the sanctuary?" Amaya asked. "I should but we have a time anomaly to fix" Rip said and as the ship headed into hyperdrive it jolted and there was a sick cracking sound from the cargo bay and before anyone could scream the ship went dark and there wasn't any sound, even of someone breathing.

Rip sat up and rubbed his head. They must have hit a time fluctuation or something. Going to stand up he felt like he was a million miles from the floor and when he looked down he mostly was right. His feet dangled off the edge of the captains chair and were very tiny. He looked at his hands and they were those of a child as well. "Gideon" Rip said and covered his mouth when he heard his voice. It was tiny. "Yes Captain" Gideon said holding back a laugh. "How old am I Gideon?" Rip asked ignoring the snicker that slipped. "Your roughy seven years old captain" Gideon said out right laughing. Rip moaned and literally hid in his jacket.

He heard scuffling of feet and in came the others. He peeked out from underneath his jacket and groaned. Stein looked like he was about ten and he was holding Jax who was about three. Mick was eight and Len was about five, Sara was three like Jax and Nate, Amaya, Ray and Kendra rounded the group out at five and six.

Mick and Len were trying to figure out how to hold their guns while Ray and Kendra sat together on one of the seats. Sara started to chase Jax around the chairs and Nate and Amaya squabbled over who caused all of this.

Rip watched the onslaught of crazy happening around him. He didn't know what else to do so he hid back in his coat. Martin came over and tapped him on the back. "Things may seem kinda dismal right now captain but I promise we will solve how to get back to our normal selves. And you're still the captain, so make an order" Martin said smiling. Rip came back out from his jacket. "Thanks Martin and you're right, we can get through this. Attention Legends, everyone sit down, we are going to find what happened to us" Rip said standing on his chair.

Sara and Jax laughed and sat together in one seat, Amaya and Nate shared another, Mick and Len sat together with Mick holding Len close to him and Martin took his seat. "Alright Gideon, let's do this. First stop is the refuge to ask my mom if she has any ideas on what could cause this" Rip said."And maybe some milk and cookies" Mick said smiling. Len nodded in approval and Rip just snorted. "Yes Captain" Gideon said as straight faced as she could and the ship took off.