Mary was working in the garden when she saw the WaveRider land in the meadow. She smiled excitedly as she missed Rip so much. Putting away her tools she ran to the WaveRider and couldn't believe what walked out.

Out came seven toddlers and three kids. All of whom were looking very confused and tired. She couldn't help but laugh as she saw Rip in his over sized jacket. She picked him up and kissed his cheek.

"What kind of gift is this?" She asked smiling. Rip hugged her back. "I missed you mommy" he said tearing up. She rubbed his back and looked at the others. They were all alone and scared and by the looks of it don't have their memories. Her heart broke for them but she was going to help them make the best of it.

She ushered them inside and got them changed and laid them down. "Alright little ones, why don't you sleep for awhile and I'm going to make a good snack" Mary said kissing them one by one. "Will it have M&M's" Len asked yawning. Mary nodded and kissed his forehead. Len clapped and squealed with delight as his eyes slowly closed and he fell asleep.

Next was Michael and she tried to hold her tears of happiness back. She kissed him on his cheek glad to have him home. He flashed his big smile. "Mama, where was I?" He asked looking up at Mary. "You were saving the universe baby, I'll tell you more when you wake up, until then get some sleep and when you wake up I'll have your favorite snack ready. Michaels eyes grew big and he grinned "peanut brittle with caramel" he said excitedly. She nodded and covered him up. Michael fell right to sleep dreaming of his snack.

When she kissed Mick's forehead he was very warm. She picked him up. "I think someone might've gotten sick" she said and placed him in a room away from the others and he cries. "It's ok Mickey, you're just in here until you're not sick anymore ok" Mary said hugging him. He sniffed and nodded and closed his eyes. Mary flipped the light off and went to sit down.

She sighed and opened a channel to Gideon. "Gideon my friend, what happened?" Mary asked worried. Gideon explained to her about the time crash and the crew becoming children. She also explained how by the time they arrived at the refuge none of them remembered being adults or their mission. "Thank you Gideon, while you work on finding out how to fix them I will make sure they're healthy and loved. Did you know Mick was sick?" Mary asked. "I did notice Mr. Rory was running a slight fever as he exited the ship. I hope he will be alright" Gideon said worried. "I will make sure he is and the others as well. Until later my friend" Mary said. "You as well my friend" Gideon says and goes to work on figuring out what happened.

Mary closed her eyes and felt someone climb into her lap. At first she thought it was Michael but it was Mick. He cuddled against her coughing and scared. She wrapped him in a blanket and held him close. "My little fire starter, one day you'll become a great legend and hero. People won't always see it but those who love you will know it. I see you doing great things" Mary says rocking back and forth. Mick smiles and falls asleep.

Mary looks down into his angelic face and wonders if she could change these kids pasts to help them have brighter futures. Make it so none of them suffer the brutalities that made them hurt and cry so much in their lifetimes. She rocked Mick until they were both fast asleep.