In Love

"Does it mean, I´m your girlfriend yet?" Tenten giggled and leaned her head on his shoulder. Her brown eyes were shining and her cheeks coloured in the most beautiful shade of pink, he had ever seen. Her nearness let him forget his surroundings, let him forget to think straight. Let him live in the moment just once.

After confessing to each other their world stood still. It seemed so perfect that Neji didn´t dare to believe that this was real. (Maybe this was just a dream and he would rather stay inside this dream world then.) But the warmth he felt, when she leaned by his side, let him realize that this was indeed real. He could hardly believe his luck. He suspected (and hoped), for months that Tenten was feeling the same for him, but knowing it yet for sure let his chest almost explode with happiness.

"Neji! You don´t even listen, do you?"

He looked down and smiled slightly, when he noticed Tenten´s adorable pout.

"Sorry, you said?" Without realizing it at first he leaned his own body closer to her. They were still sitting on the meadow in the park. After their confessions, it was time to talk about some things or rather just enjoy this innocent and blessed moment. To his surprise, Tenten was very clinging. For the first time it became clear, that she had longed for that moment as much as he did.

"I was saying if I´m your girlfriend yet."


She rolled her eyes. "Of course. Or do you think we´re already ready for marriage?"

Marriage, this word brought up so many emotions into him. Especial after his latest conversation with his uncle and grandfather. They wanted him to marry Hinata, (what was impossible for him to do!), and he still hadn´t found a solution for this problem. But no matter how much he wished to avoid it, talking openly with his uncle was probably the best way to settle things.

And now, when he thought about marriage, (because hearing this word from Tenten gave it a complete other meaning), let him feel happy. Neji had a conservative idea from being together with a woman and it wasn´t his intention to prolong marriage longer as needed, like so many his age did nowadays. Since he knew that Tenten was the right one for him, it would be dishonouring for her if he was willing to wait for a long time (As if he wasn´t sure about his feelings). But he was sure and being with the one woman he loved was the biggest present, life could offer to him.

"Neji?" Her sweet voice pulled him out from his thoughts. He looked into her eyes, suddenly noticing that her ever present cheerfulness was missing.

"What is it?"

"We are together now, are we?" She asked hesitantly, her expression full of worry, as if she was afraid of the answer she could receive. Her sudden doubt pained him but he understood that his distractibility unsettled her.

"Of course. I mean if you want of course..." He said quickly, trying to destroy all her worries and fears immediately. "Tenten I meant every word I said. You´re so important to me and you´re the only girl who let me ever feel this way... Maybe things are a bit tense between us now, because it came unexpected but never doubt my feelings for you."

"Oh Neji... I´m so happy to hear this." She said, while lowering her brown eyes and blushing sheepishly (what found Neji adorable). "I´ve always felt the same. For years now. And you´re right all of this came unexpected... I never thought you would confess to me today and it was the most beautiful surprise in my life... But maybe we should give us time. We´ve all the time we need, right?"

Not all the time, He thought grimly, (not after the plans his clan had prepared for him), but he was determined to settle things. He would settle things. For a short moment, he buried his face into her hair, breathing in the fresh smell of it.

"You´ll always have the time you need. But my answer is yes. I think we can be together yet."

The worry he saw in her eyes only a moment before, disappeared at once and instead a bright sparkle took place and these beautiful brown orbs looked even more adorable than before. The young Hyuuga loved her eyes, (they were the complete opposite of his own empty looking ones, hers were shining with so much life.)

She smiled brightly, before she moved her head hesitantly forward and placed a shy kiss on his cheek. Neji was sure he became red, at the same time he enjoyed the touch of her soft but firm lips.

"You´re cute." He said and she giggled softly. He couldn´t help and pulled her closer.

"And you´re the cutest!" She laughed lustily.

"Men aren´t cute, such description is reserved for women."

Tenten smacked his shoulder playfully. "Always the formal type. But I really find you cute."

"Well, I would rather hear you find me attractive."

"You´re definitely the best looking man inside the whole village. Satisfied now?"

He smirked. "Sounds better and is at least a beginning. You aren´t very skilled in making compliments, are you?"

"Same goes for you."

"True." The Hyuuga admitted.

"But we´ve enough time to learn all of this." Tenten said and leaned her head on his shoulder again. "I´m happy to be with you here. I´m so happy."

"Me too."

"I never expected to hear those words from you... I thought I´m the one who has to confess to you sooner or later. I wanted to tell you my feelings for a while now..."

Neji was surprised hearing this. The whole time he was brooding about the best way to confess to her and in the end she had felt the same. "Why didn´t you tell me sooner?" He asked these question automatically.

"Because..." The young woman lowered her eyes for a short moment, maybe abit abashed by the question. "Because I was afraid you would reject my feelings..."

His eyes widened slightly, never, he never expected to hear this from her. How could she even think he would be able to reject her affection. He was the one who could be afraid. But never Tenten. She was smart and beautiful and so perfect that Neji always doubted she could love someone like him. She was filled with zest for life, while he was reserved and branded by the chains of his past. Tenten could offer so many things, while he could only give her his heart.

He poked her cheek softly and she looked up at him attentively. The Hyuga didn´t knew why, but since they expressed their feelings for each other, there was some familiarity between them, which hadn´t been before. It was a wonder, but those three words changed they complete relationship.

"You´re stupid Tenten."


"You heard me." Neji said softly. "How can you honestly think I could be even able not to return your feelings. I´m the one, who had every reason to feel worried. I don´t even deserve your affection. That´s why didn´t tell you sooner."

"Don´t say things like that Neji." She said, while squeezing his hand gently. "You´re so perfect. As a person and a shinobi. You haven´t as many flaws like me. Sometimes I´ve even thought you´re too perfect for me."

Her words let him feel secure. A secureness he hadn´t felt since his early childhood. Tenten made anything possible for him. He was a different person when being together with her.

"It´s just these flaws what makes you lovely. Perfection is something what not really exist. Something which only exist in our imagination."

"Stop talking into puzzles. And you don´t really mean it."

"If I don´t mean it, I wouldn´t say it."

"As if I would believe this. You´re quite bad in making compliments. And having flaws isn´t something a woman want to hear."

"Well you said you have flaws, remeber?" He smirked down at her, always thrilled to see her pout like that.

"And then was your turn to say; no Tenten you have no issues but you´re a very beautiful woman."

He laughed. "I never thought you´re the art of woman who wants to hear such things."

"Don´t be silly. Every girl has a romantic side but not everyone shows it openly." The brown haired kunoichi explained, (and Neji couldn´t stop looking at her eyes. Only because of her, brown became his favourite colour).


"Yes. But of course you´ve no idea about women."

"I don´t need an idea about women. There is only one woman I want to understand."

"You mean me?" She smiled brightly. "That´s cute Neji!"

"For the second time, don´t call me cute." He reprimands her softly.

"But you´re cute!"

He shook his head with played indignation but he was so much in love, he could hear her calling him cute all day. They were leaning on each other for a while and none of them said anything. They just enjoyed the moment, still not convinced if this wasn´t just a dream.

"You said you wanted to confess to me sooner." Tenten´s voice interrupted the silence eventually. "But why is today different? Why did you tell me suddenly?"

The question didn´t hit him really by surprise, since she knew him for years now and Tenten knew mostly when something was off with him. But telling her the reason for his sudden emotional outburst was out of the question. He was still flustered about his early meeting with his uncle and grandfather, but was determined to talk to Hiashi immediately. Finally he could be together with the love of his life, (and he wouldn´t allow anyone to come between them and destroy their luck.)

"I just realized that I don´t want to waste more time. I love you, I want to be with you. And waiting any longer wasn´t just an option anymore."

Tenten smiled, showing her pure white teeth. She bent forward and hugged him tightly. Neji immediately returned her embrace and the feeling was overwhelming.

"I´m just glad you told me. I don´t know if I would have ever found the courage to tell you on my own." She admitted, pulling back and looking at him.

"Don´t worry. It´s a man´s job to make the first step. " He replied cooly, in order to overplay how scared he was to confess to her all the time.

She rolled her eyes. "Don´t be so old-fashioned. But guessing from where you come, I shouldn´t be surprised."

"You mean my old-fashioned clan?" He asked, already knowing the answer and he knew she was right. "Well you´ll be part of this clan soon enough." He added humorously in order to overplay the heavy feeling in his chest, when he remembered the plans of his uncle and grandfather.

"No, no, no!" Tenten shook her head. "We agreed, it´s too soon for marriage!"

He laughed again. "It was a joke."

"I know that moron." She replied. "I was joking too."

While Tenten chatted for a while about trivial things, Neji made up his mind that he would return to the Hyuga compound and talk to Hiashi about it. Better he solved the problem now as to postpone it further. This would make the situation only more complicated.

"There is a meeting with my clan I´ve to attend." He (half) lied. "Would you mind, if we see us tomorrow for breakfast? My treat."

The smile she offered was phenomenal, but he was thinking this about all her expressions. She seemed to become with every passing second more beautiful. "Of course I don´t mind. I´m looking forward to it. It´s our first date then?"

"If.. If you consider it as such."

"Great!" She squealed.

"I´m looking forward to it too. Forgive me, but I have to go now."

"Okay, but don´t be late again." She warned and kissed him on the cheek for the second time. . She seemed to enjoy this quite a lot, (Neji too, by the way.)

When he headed back towards the Huyga compound, he couldn´t wait to see her again. Today had began with one of the shocking news he ever received and ends with one of the happiest moments in his life. It was still unbelieveable that he and Tenten were together now. But here he was, looking forward to their first official date. It was an unspeakably feeling.

Just this one issue need to be cleared and tonight, he would have the best sleep of his life.

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