Welcome everybody I bring to you another DxD fic The Unsociable Dragon. This fic is formally known as The Unsocial Dragon by SkrewKsy and i adopted it from him\her. So I will upload the first chapter before entering April so sit back and wait.

Name: Issei Hyoudou

Species: 25% Human 75% Dragon

Powers: Sekiryuutei Scale Mail (Can maintain it for 3 months before recharge), Juggernaut Drive (Can maintain it for a month before collapsing), The rest is unknown

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Red with partial heterochromia around his irises is orange

Height: 1.85 cm, 6 feet 1

Weight: 80 kg

Build: Lean, slightly muscular

"" talk

'' thought

[{()}] sacred gears

Chapter 1:

At the gates of Kuoh Academy stood a young man, 'So...This is where I will spend the rest of my somewhat normal life.' the young man thought without care.

As he walked inside the school grounds he received some glances and stares from the gathering students.

"Is he a new student?" Asked some students.

"He's kinda handsome." Said some girls blushing lightly.

"Greeeeeaaaaat...another pretty boy!" Said some male students glaring at the new student.

'And here we go again.' Thought the young man annoyed.

[Nothing you can do about it partner, you having a pretty face is one thing, but also being 75% Dragon doesn't help you in this situation.] said a voice in the young man's head

'I sense some Devils, no hostility, though and two of them are High-class the rest are their servants so I'll have to hide my presence but even I do that they will think I have a sacred gear.' Thought the young man while looking around.

On the roof of what looked like the old school building sat a red-haired woman with a buxom figure next to her was another woman with black hair in a ponytail and an even greater figure "Akeno tell Koneko to watch over our new student." Said the red-haired woman to the now named Akeno "Hai Rias-Buchou."

The tall young man was about to introduce himself when he looked around the class finding a blond haired girl with green eyes that by the aura she was giving was probably a Devil, he looked at her long and then spoke up to the class

"I'm Issei Hyuodou." he said in a very bored voice, Issei was a tall young man for his age being a little over 180 cm tall, he had very black hair that looked like it would swallow light, it was longish covering his eyes to some extent, through his bangs you could see his eyes, they were a deep red with orange near the iris, he had a very cold demanding that he looked unapproachable all in all.

"Damn bishounen." said a guy with square glasses glaring at Issei.

"Shut up, you pervert." said a couple of girls defending the new student as he walked over to his seat sitting down looking as bored as usual.

As the bell rang Issei was assaulted by a bunch of girls "Do you have a girlfriend Issei-kun?" "Ne, ne Issei-san where do you live?" "Could you give us your e-mail address?" the girl's eyes flashed as Issei pulled out his phone but then their hopes were shot
down as he plugged in his headphones and walked out of the classroom muttering "...Noisy..."

A figure sat behind a corner watching the young man go up to the roof of the school muttering lyrics of the song he was listening to.

'Do you think it wants anything Ddraig?' said the man in his thoughts

[No idea Partner why don't you call the devil out and see what it wants?] replied the voice in his head now having a name

'I have nothing better to do, so why not.' He replied while shrugging.

"Oi...you behind the corner." Issei said, looking up in the sky, the figure's eyes widened at the young man, she made sure to hide her presence so how?

"What do you want?" continued the young man.

The figure stepped out saying "Come with me." she was a small girl with short silver hair with two cat hair clips on either side of her hair, Issei got up and followed the girl.

Arriving at an old victorian styled building Issei sensed a pretty strong presence inside 'Probably the master.' He thought.

As he entered the building he was now in a room with a red-haired beauty, another just as beautiful girl with a ponytail, a handsome guy with blond hair, the blond girl he saw in his class and of course the girl that brought him in.

"My name is Rias Gremory and these are my servants." the red-haired woman said

beginning to present her servants "This is Himejima Akeno." she said, pointing at the girl with the ponytail which smiled in return.

"This is Kiba Yuuto." she said to which the blond guy waved a hand towards Issei in a friendly manner.

"The girl over there is Asia Argento." the blond girl with green eyes bowed.

"And the one who brought you here is Toujo Koneko." the woman named Rias finished.

"Now Issei-san do you have any idea why you are here?" Rias asked seriously.

"Because you thought I have a Sacred Gear and you either want me to join you or made me come here so you could get things straight with me, right, Devil-san?" Issei said in a monotone voice, the devils looked at the young man surprised he could sense them and their intentions so easily.

"Well, that makes things easier...So...would you consider my offer?" said Rias beginning to walk towards Issei.

"What offer?" questioned Issei feigning innocence.

"To join my peerage of course." said Rias to which Issei just glared at her and said "No."

Beginning to walk away "Wai-" Rias was cut off as he closed the door 'Maybe I was too straight forward, but I just couldn't control myself around him, I want him'.

'What a pain dealing with them.' Issei thought to himself as he began to walk away, he then he heard something

"Motohama let me see!" said the glasses wearing guy from Issei's class.

"You already saw earlier Matsuda!" said a bald guy that Issei also saw in his class.

"What are you doing?!" asked Issei glaring at them as he read a sign that said 'Kendo Club' it didn't take long for him to figure out what they were doing.

"CRAP RUN MOTOHAMA!" screamed one of them.

"No you don't." Issei grabbed both of them by their shirt collars.

"What's going on here?" said a girl wearing a kimono, behind her a swarm of other girls glaring at the perverts in Issei's hands.

"You! You perverts!" said the girl beginning to walk toward the two which were dropped by Issei.

"Take care of them." said Issei walking away with his now signature bored tone.

"Wait! How do we know you didn't peek at us like them?" said the lead girl walking towards Issei.

"Ask the red-haired senpai over there." Issei said, pointing to Rias as she watched the commotion, she was surprised, but then spoke up "He didn't peek, I saw him picking up the two perverts." said Rias to the other girl "Rias-onee-sama?" the girl looked shocked and then went to apologize to Issei, he then began to walk away.

Issei was now on the bridge walking towards his small apartment his parents bought him as they were always traveling with his father's job so they decided to just let him live alone giving him a allowance every month.

"A-ano are you I-Issei Hyoudou?" said a girl with dark purple hair and matching eyes, she was dressed in a school uniform Issei didn't recognize "Hai." was Issei's response in his monotone voice.

'What could a Fallen Angel want with me' Issei thought as

he studied the aura she was giving off.

'Does she think I'm just some random human, she isn't even hiding her presence'. He thought

[Perhaps the Dragon part of you attracted her?] Ddraig suggested.

"What do you want Datenshi-san?" asked Issei which made the girl widen her eyes "How did-?" "You weren't hiding your presence even one bit." Issei cut her off.

"Wait-" the Fallen Angel called out to him as he walked away 'How dare he?'

Issei was now in a park thinking the Fallen might follow him, not wanting her to find out where he lives 'She was probably after the small power that I still can't hide' "I wonder if she's still following me, perhaps hiding her presence?" Issei thought out
loud, just then a spear made of light pierced his stomach.

"Speak of the Devil." Issei said, looking at the shocked Fallen.

"What- Why a-aren't y-you d-d-dead?" asked the Fallen Angel as she watched Issei take out the spear his wound healing back in seconds.

"I really didn't want to do anything to drastic, but..." Issei said, getting up and cracking his neck.

"You, what are you?" the Fallen said to Issei shocked and curious at the same time.

"No one special." Issei shrugged.

"Then I Raynare will give it my all to kill you, whatever you are!" Raynare the Fallen Angel said to Issei preparing another spear and throwing it at Issei, he just moved his head to the left the spear missing his head.

"Now, now that's not nice Raynare-san..." Issei said looking at the Fallen.

"YOU HOW DARE YOU DEFY ME!" Raynare shouted, throwing spears which Issei either caught and destroyed or just simply avoided without much effort.

"I RAYNARE A HIGH-LEVEL FALLEN ANGEL GETTING DEFIED BY THE LIKES OF YOU!" she kept screaming which made Issei wince "...Noisy..." he said starting to walk away "You aren't even worth my time."


"You are the one who's lowly...and noisy." Issei said, glaring at the Fallen a little annoyed she didn't give up yet.


"SHUT UP YOU DAMN WOMAN, YOU ARE NOT TO SPEAK TO ME THAT WAY, I GAVE YOU THAT CHANCE TO WALK AWAY, BUT IT APPEARS YOU ARE TOO BLIND WITH YOUR SO CALLED POWER." Issei said angrily and annoyed at the Fallen, his voice booming with power as he released some of his aura making Raynare shiver and tremble.

"I...I..." Raynare tried to say something to retort, she was a proud Fallen Angel but his voice and power made her stutter 'His power is so monstrous.'

Issei now calmed began talking "I should kill you, you know...hmm...no I have a better idea." Issei began to walk towards the Fallen biting his thumb to draw blood.

"W-what are y-you going to do?" asked Raynare "Drink the blood." Issei said demanding "Drink...?" Raynare was confused at the young man "DRINK!" Issei demanded by the same power filled voice, which made a shiver run down Raynare's
back as she obeyed.

"W-What is happening?" Raynare's body began to glow a faint crimson as she felt something inside of her, like a new power.

"I made you my servant." Issei said bored now that everything was back to normal.

"Servant?!" asked Raynare shocked and confused as how could this man make her his servant by drinking his blood.

Koneko begin to teleport away as everything calmed down and Issei picked up the Fallen Angel and disappeared, she was now at her Master's HQ, explaining what she saw "So he made the fallen his servant by making her drink his blood?" asked Rias to which Koneko nodded 'Issei Hyoudou what are you?' She thought.

As Issei walked into the school ground he saw that he received more stares that usual, some of the girls even blushed deeply 'What the fuck is going on?' Issei heard Draig chuckle lightly [This will be interesting Partner.]

As Issei made it to his seat girls started to gather around him calling him 'Issei-sama' and asking about what happened at the Kendo club 'How did they find out about that?' Issei heard Ddraig again, this time full on laughing at his misfortune 'Fucking Dragon.' [Give me a break Partner this is hilarious, you are truly my most interesting host.]

"-So that's why we made you the Second Prince Of Kuoh, Issei-sama." said a girl to Issei while he talked with the Dragon inside his head.

"Say what now?" Issei for the first time since coming here showed a different expression, although it wasn't much, just slight confusion.

"After what you did, we made you The Second Prince Of Kuoh, while Kiba-kun is kind and is generally a nice, open and sociable type of character, you Issei-sama are his opposite, the cool, cold and mysterious type of character." explained a girl, Issei just raised an eyebrow.

"What, are we like anime characters now?" Issei said, all of a sudden girls looked at the door to find none other than Kiba.

"Kyaaahh!" "Kiba-kun!" they all said which made Issei wince and cover his ears "...Noisy...".

"Is Issei Hyoudou-kun here?" asked Kiba looking for the black-haired teen, the girls pointed towards him and said "Issei-sama is here." Kiba looked confused, than spoke "-sama?" "What do you want golden locks?" asked Issei in a mocking tone that was caught by anyone, not even Kiba which started to blush and the girls already gossiping about their apparent gay relationship.

'What a pain.' Issei said to himself as he followed Kiba, the girls already trying to find out who is the dominant one saying that Issei would be very submissive in bed despite his personality.

'Fuck this.' Issei cursed in his mind, Ddraig is laughing hysterically

in his head ["P-please be gentle K-Kiba-san I-I'm not used to this" HAHAHAHA.]

'If I ever find a way to make you a body I'm going to test all kinds of torture on you lazy lizard.' Said Issei threatenly.

As Issei was once again in the Occult Research Club Room as he found out what it was called, Rias started to apologize for her earlier behavior.

"Apology accepted." said Issei taking a sip from the tea Akeno, Rias's Queen "...Tasty.." he said to himself.

But Akeno heard him and thanked him for his praise.

"So do you want anything else Rias-senpai?" asked Issei in his usual tone.

"Well-"as she began explaining herself.

"I see, so you want to see what I can do with my Sacred Gear..." asked Issei as Rias nodded.

"This Stray Devil has been causing problems like I said so it needs to be eliminated." Rias said again.

"Well, I don't see why to not do it..." Issei said shrugging his shoulders.

"Good I will see what you are capable of doing Issei-kun, I cannot have someone with a Sacred Gear I don't know the power roam around my territory, in case you face a strong opponent I need to know what to expect." Rias explained, to which Issei responded "Whatever." and walked out "I'll see you there I suppose." and then he closed the door.

After night fall Rias was expecting Issei any moment now, she was standing near an old looking abandoned hanger of sorts, Issei appeared surrounded by grey smoke and Rias swore she could see snakes coming from said smoke.

"Is this the place?" Issei asked Rias which in turn nodded.

"Let's go then" He said as he opened the doors and soon a woman who was naked appeared, it looked like she was floating until she came out her full body showing looking grotesque with the lower part of her body like that of a spider.

"I've seen some ugly Strays in my life, but this one takes the cake" said Issei looking at the Stray, a split second later the monster was launching itself at Issei who just stood there motionless.

"Issei-kun!" "Issei-san!" Rias, Akeno, and Kiba shouted as Koneko just stared surprised her senpai didn't move.

As the monster tried to grab Issei in it's huge mouth that was on the spider like body Issei just stepped back "Oi Oi, that's not nice Stray-san." Issei said in his bored tone just as he finished saying that he disappeared and the monster appeared
to be pain, the source of the pain unknown, only if you looked closely you could see flashes of light going around the Stray's body seemingly doing nothing, as the flashes stopped you could see Issei standing in front of the Stray which had a shocked-unchanging expression, outstretches his hand to catch something, suddenly the monster's body was cut in thousands of pieces, it's head falling in Issei's hand, he then began to walk towards Rias tossing the head in her hands,
she just dropped it in disgust.

"So how about that?" He said to the shocked Devils, suddenly a black smoke just like the one that Issei used earlier appeared in the building out of it, coming Raynare calling out to her 'Master' "Issei-sama where are you?" "Right here ahou." Issei
repsonded, to which Raynare started walking towards him telling him dinner was ready, after she said that she looked at the Devils "Issei-sama are these the Devils in your school?" "Hai." Issei responded without care.

"This is Rias Gremory and her peerage, be nice to them." Issei said and he then walked over to Raynare "See you at school Rias-senpai, everyone." Issei said waving slowly and in a bored manner that was already expected of him.

At Issei's house Raynare was stealing glances at her 'Master', after he displayed his power to her, she grew attached to that power, not only that fact that Dragons naturally attracted people of all kinds and monsters, but what also made her more attached was her Fallen Angel blood as she fell from Heaven for having impure thoughts.

"What?" Asked Issei as Raynare had been staring at him for some time.

'Does she think I'm idiot? I see her eyeing me like some expensive steak.' Thought Issei with anger.

[Seriously Partner, anyone in your place would have taken this chance and do all kinds of stuff.] Ddraig said. 'Well, I'm not that kind of person Ddraig, and you think it's easy for me to turn that down, I mean, look at her, she's in a damn S&M suit for fuck's sake, the first time she wanted to come in the bath with me and I had to hide it in the water' Ddraig just kept laughing remembering the scene.

After they had dinner Issei was watching TV while Raynare took a bath, there was a knock on the door and Issei got up to answer it finding his landlady, an old woman who had a 'do something stupid and you're out of here' face, she knew Issei had brought a woman in his apartment so she raised his rent, as he gave the money to the old lady and was about to close the door Raynare stepped out of the bathroom...naked.

"Put some fucking clothes on Ahou." Issei growled as the old lady was green from jealousy looking at the naked woman in front of her.

"Haaaiii." she said going to the closed in the only bedroom of the house.

"Hyuoudou-saaaannn." Issei tensed up as he looked down to the old woman who had her fist raised a vein showing on it "I don't care what you do in your free time, but you will have to keep quiet and teach your girlfriend to not walk around naked in the
house." she said as she grabbed his ear twisting it.

"I tried, but she won't listen." And with that the old lady closed the door *cough* slammed *cough*

That night Issei fianlly snapped, giving Raynare some 'punishment' for embarrassing him in front of his landlady.

As he was finishing with Raynare's 'punishment' a red magic circle like that of Rias appeared in Issei's room and out came a silver haired maid that had a very powerful aura around her.

"Grayfia-san let me put on a shirt first" said Issei as he was now in the ORC Room sensing another presence, he turned to Rias and saw a handsome blond young man gripping Rias's wrist.

"I have brought Issei-sama, Rias-ojou-sama" said the maid to Rias.

"Who is this, Rias, another one of your servants? He has the scent of a woman on him, What was this guy doing when you found him, Grayfia?" asked the blond man with curiosity.

"Issei-sama was having sexual intercourse with a Fallen Angel." Grayfia said like she was announcing the weather.

"Oi..." Issei said, irritated that she said that like it was nothing.

"So what is this piece of trash that would lower himself to having sex with a Fallen Angel doing here?" asked the blond guy not caring about Issei.

"Riser-sama please refrain from calling Rias-ojou-sama friend 'piece of trash' , normally I would have nothing against it, but seeing as he is Ojuo-sama friend and he has 10 times the power you posses I suggest you refrain from using such language." Grayfia the maid said, Issei's eyebrows were twitching at how arrogant this asshole was.

"Wait Grayfia, what do you mean 10 times as powerful as Riser?" asked Rias confused.

"Yeah, how could this lowly trash be more powerful that me." Riser said angry at the revelation.

"Rias-sama, Riser-sama I'm sure you've noticed the power Issei-sama is radiating although contained quite nicely so that only very powerful being can detect it, that is if they are close enough, Issei-sama has so much power he cannot hide it all, a small part of it escaping making him seem to posses a Sacred Gear and although I hate to admit it he is more powerful than Sirzechs-sama" Said Garfiya without emotions although there is aweness and curiosity.

"Guess I can't hide my presence from powerful beings, tch, what a pain." Issei said mumbling the last part.

"More powerful that Sirzechs-sama that's impossible" Riser said still not accepting that Issei was that powerful.

Just as he finished speaking Raynare came out of the smoke that was forming around, she was as usual...naked

"Issei-sama?" Raynare called out she then spotted him.

"Ahou, I told you to put on some goddamn clothes." Issei glared at Raynare as he teleported a blanket from his house covering her with it.

"I was just surprised to see you gone." she said to him as he turned around

"So what do you guys want?" He said to Grayfia and Rias.

"Rias-sama has requested your presence" Grayfia spoke up.

As they explained the situation to Issei about the engagement and how Rias didn't want none of it, Riser was getting irritated as he saw the Fallen Angel fall asleep on Issei's shoulder still wrapped in the blanket he gave her "...Ahou..." Issei was
about to teleport her away to his room when Riser got up and walked towards him anger showing on his face.

"I don't care how powerful you are, you could be God for all I care, but I can't stand watching you call a woman an idiot, if it's like that I will take her away from you and add her to my peerage." Riser said with anger in his voice, he heard Rias
call him 'hypocrite' under her breath but he ignored her.

"Let me get one thing straight." Issei began "Let's say you are walking around minding your own business when a Fallen Angel asks you out on a date you refuse, of course, since she isn't even hiding her intent and aura, then she comes after you and tries to kill you, you are being much more powerful than her anger her and hurt her pride as she becomes enraged you try to walk away, but she won't have none of it she keeps screaming until you have enough and show a bit of your power to her making her fall on her knees in surprise and then you make her your servant to teach her a lesson, but it backfires and she falls in love with your power because hey, Fallen Angel here, you know Angels that fall because of reasons, mostly lust so here you are with a lusty Fallen Angel that tried to kill you and then when you make her your servant, she falls in love with you...Now tell me, what can you call that Fallen Angel, other than a massive idiot?" Issei said finishing his explanation keeping his monotone and bored expression through it all.

"What, so she's your servant?" Riser said dumbstruck at Issei.

"Yes." Issei responded " But anyway, I accept."

"Accept what?" Rizer was still shocked at Issei and his story.

"Well, you said you will take her and Rias away from me so I accept your challenge, we will settle this in a week, If I win you don't bother Rias-san ever again, or any of her servants for that matter and the marriage will be called off, if you win you will
get Raynare and Rias and I will leave you all alone...Deal?" Issei said with a little bit of interest, because he will fight a Phenex, a very powerful devil.

"Deal!" Riser said, his tone angry and arrogant again snapping his fingers and 15 women, his servants came out of the flames that appeared. "But let me spice things up a bit, If I win you will also become my servant, If you win you will also get everyone from my peerage." Riser said gaining some surprised looks from his peerage, Rias and her peerage but Grayfia just looked on with interest at the new development, she then spoke

"I will announce both of the houses of this development, the match between Riser-sama and Issei-sama will be in a week, it will also be broadcasted all across the Underworld." Grayfia finished.

Riser and his peerage along with Grayfia teleported away, leaving Issei with a sleepy Raynare on his shoulder and Rias and her shocked peerage.

"Why would you do this Issei-kun?" asked Rias confused at Issei willing to fight for her.

"Well, I hate noisy and arrogant people so you can guess why I didn't like him, but I also would be lying if I said I didn't take a liking to you all." Issei said although his words were kind, his tone was just as bored as usual.

Rias looked at Issei feeling nice all of a sudden at Issei's words, she then did something that surprised everyone, even Issei, she hugged him lovingly "Thank you, Ise-kun, Thank you." she said hugging him tightly.

If everyone wasn't surprised at Rias actions what happened next did definitely make them, Issei patted Rias's head and showed the most emotion each of them ever saw him display, he smiled, a genuine smile, one that could light up a room, not even
Kiba's prince smile could match up to it everyone agreed later that he should smile more and decided to make him do that.