Believe it or not, the world you know is not alone. There are an infinite number of world, each with their own unique set of characters. Some are just mere humans, others more animal in nature. Some lone adventurers who choose to fight their battles alone, while others choose to stand united, choose to be a part of something greater than themselves. Some of these people possess powers beyond imagination. A few choose to use their powers for the greater good… others, for evil.

These worlds have always remained separate… Until now.


Chapter 1: The Other-Dimensioninator

Dimension: Danville

Location: The Flynn-Fletchers backyard

The day seemed to start out like any other. Phineas and Ferb were working on their latest project for the day. Meanwhile Perry, their pet platypus, was resting under the large oak tree that dominated a corner of the backyard. As he rested, a small watch discreetly hidden in the fur of his arm began to beep, awakening him from his nap. Perry jumped onto his rear, legs, donning a brown fedora before entering a secret elevator hidden in the tree trunk. He rode it all the way to the bottom, where it opened up into his secret lair.

It contained many pieces of platypus themed equipment, and a single large monitor that took up almost an entire wall. He took a seat in front of it and was beheld to the on screen image of Major Monogram, leader of O.W.C.A. (Organization Without a Cool Acronym).

"Good morning, Agent P." the Major greeted. "It's seems that the evil Doctor Doofenshmirtz is up to his old tricks. Do you recall the incident a few weeks ago involving is Other-Dimensioninator?"

Perry's eyes went wide and his face went a paler shade of cyan.

"My thoughts exactly Agent P." Monogram commented. "Even though we erased the events of that day from the minds of all responsible parties, we figured that there would still be some lingering memories. But that's neither here nor there. All you need to know is that he's building his Other-Dimensioninator for the second time this summer, and this time, we need you to stop him before he causes another multi-dimensional robot war."

"Don't forget leaving his host family in the dark, sir." Carl, the Intern, called from off screen.

"Right, right of course Carl." Monogram replied. "This is especially serious considering 'someone' lost the amnesia-inator!"

"It's not my fault, sir." Carl tried to defend himself. "I must have accidentally turned it on while in transit, and now I can't remember where I stored it."

"Oh sure, blame the machine." Monogram retorted.

Perry just scooted out of the chair and exited the lair while the two were having their little debate.


Location: Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated

Inside his evil lair, Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz was putting the finishing touches on his latest creation, and anticipating the imminent arrival of his arch nemesis. It all seemed quiet until, as if on cue, Perry busted through the door and into the building. Fortunately for the not-so-good doctor, He landed on a very specific part of the floor, causing two halves of a casing that looked exactly like Perry to come in from either side and encase him, effectively trapping him.

"Ah, Perry the Platypus." the evil scientist greeted in his trademark high voice. "Do you like your trap? I based off you, so in a sense, you've trapped yourself. Pretty existential ain't it?"

The encased platypus just remained silent. Granted, Perry the Platypus didn't really speak anyway, so Doof decided to just move on.

"Anywho," Doof continued. "You see Perry the Platypus, I think I finally figured out why I always failed to take over the Tri-State Area. Do you know why that is?

"I thought it was because your plans were overly-complicated and and poorly thought out." Norm, Doofenshmirtz's large robotic manservant answered from the kitchen.

"I wasn't asking you Norm!" Doof called out before coughing and resuming his monologue. "But no, the real reason I can't win is that I've been trying to go at it alone. So I figure the best plan for me is to outsource with other powerful bad-guys to help me take over."

Once again, there was silence coming from the Perry trap, but the doctor just continued on anyway.

"Now you might ask yourself, 'But Doof, what fool would follow your lead? No bad guy in the entire universe would follow a villain with your terrible reputation.' Very true, in 'this' universe."

The mad doctor then pulled down a chart showing various earths in a large circle.

"But then I thought, couldn't there be other universes?" he asked. "Universes that vastly differ from the one we know. Universes that hold incredible creatures. Some of which contain powers beyond imagination. And most importantly, universes who haven't heard of me. Which means I have a clean slate, and am free to amass an army of bad guys from across the multiverse!"

Doof then proceeded to pull down a map of the United States.

"And they will help me take over the entire," He continued monologuing before pulling a magnifying glass out of his lab coat, highlighting only a small portion of the map. "Tri-State Area.

"And how would I accomplish this I may ask assuming it is you that is asking?" Doof asked before pulling back a curtain revealing a specially made device.

"Behold, The Other-Dimension inat-" he started to reveal.

"Sir!" Norm interrupted.

"What? What is it?" Doof responded dropping his grandiose demeanor.

"I finished setting up the buffet." the robot informed him, standing in front of a massive buffet table filled with different foods.

"Oh for crying out loud, Norm." Doof griped walking over to him. "I was in the zone!"

"I'm sorry, sir." Norm replied. "I just thought you were practicing with your stand in."

"Stand in?" Doof asked confused, then realizing what Norm must have meant. "No, that's really Perry the Platypus in there."

"I do not believe you for some contrived reason."

The doctor sighed irritably.

"Fine. I will prove it to you!" Doof shouted before pulling out a remote and pressing a button on it.

In an instant, Perry's self-shaped prison opened up, revealing the secret agent platypus inside.

"I guess I was wrong." Norm admitted.

"Yeah, what else is new?" Doof asked before Perry came from behind and kicked in the head.

As Doof landed on the ground, he saw his nemesis standing right in front of him. He then reached for a wrench and tried to hit Perry with it. Fortunately, Perry grabbed a wrench of his own and the two clashed wrenches repeatedly. The two continued their parries until Perry struck Doof on the foot.

Doof let out a yelp, then grabbed a nearby battery cart and rolled it at Perry. Perry rode it for a bit until he got off and the cart crashed through a window and fell to the street below.


On the street, a couple were trying to start their car but lacked a battery necessary to do so.

"I can't believe you went all the way to the gas station to get jumper cables but you didn't bring the battery cart!" the wife complained as the husband attached the cables into the car. "I mean what did you think a battery cart was just going to fall from the sky?"

As if on cue, the battery cart crashed right in front of the two.

"Ok…" the wife said confused. "What did you think, a million dollars was just going to fall out of the sky?"

Nothing happened.

"It doesn't work that way." the husband explained, as this sort of thing had happened before.

"Well how does it work then?!" the wife asked angrily.


Back in the building, Doofenshmirtz got to the control panel of his device and activated it.

"Now Perry the Platypus you are too late!" Doof said as the device started activating.

Perry stepped back in fear as a portal started appearing.

"Quake in your boots and watch helplessly, as the unimaginable quantum molecular forces reveal the mind blowing vast images from beyond our dimensional reality!"

Doof got big eyed as the portal continued to form. What wonders lay in wait for him? What creatures would he meet? How would they help him take over? Had he made a big enough buffet? All questions he couldn't wait to see answered... then, the machine began to shut down and the portal disappeared completely.

Perry, Doof, and Norm just stood there silently, staring at the failing project.

"Ah come on!" Doof complained.

He turned to Perry.

"Well you might as well enjoy the buffet." Doof offered with a disappointed tone to his voice. "It was supposed to be for my coming army, but now it'll just go to waste."

Perry walked over to the buffet to help himself as Doof just stood there confounded. Why hadn't it worked? What went wrong? Suddenly, the machine started acting up. Doof turned to it and saw it was shaking and sparks started to fly off it. He just looked away dismissing it. Then looked back at it again panicked realizing what it meant.

"Run!" he shouted. "It's gonna blow!"

Perry turned and saw that the machine was indeed going to blow. He dropped his plate of food, then began to run away from the machine while Norm just slowly walked away.

"I'll get the popcorn." Norm nonchalantly stated.

Perry ducked down a safe distance when a glass cage dropped on top of him, then an anvil dropped on top of that, and then a box of bowling balls dropped on top of that.

"Ha! Trapped ya!" Doof called out. "You'll fall for anything Perry the Platypus. 'It's gonna blow!' yeah right. As if I would know ahead of time, when something's going to-"

Before he could finish that sentence however, the machine did explode, and engulfed the entire top of the building in a strange energy field. Suddenly, there was a blinding flash of light, and when it stopped, the entire top of Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. was gone.

Dimension: Arendelle

Location: North Mountain

It was a quiet night on the North Mountain. Fresh snow had fallen and all was peaceful. Just then a bright flash of light appeared in the sky. And out of it, came the entire top of Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. It fell out of the sky and landed on the mountain side with a loud crash, sending all three of its occupants of their feet.

"Ow, my Heinz heiney." Doof voiced, getting to his feet. "Why is it when you travel through other dimensions, it's never a smooth landing?"

"Uh sir," Norm informed. "I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your inator is broken. Without it, we can't go home."

"Right." Doof noted, "Norm get my tool kit. We got some work to do."

With that, Doofenshmirtz and Norm got to work repairing the other-Dimension inator. It took several hours of drilling, welding, hammering, and screaming due to said hammering striking one's hand, the device was finally repaired, and ready for activation.

"Alright, that should do it." he declared. "It's time to see what this baby can really do."

With that, Doof activated the device. Instead of opening a single portal home however, the device shook and glowed intensely.

"That doesn't sound good." Doof commented.

Suddenly, the device exploded, and from the blast, several beams shot out to the sky, unknowingly traveling to numerous worlds across the multiverse.

Dimension: Shrek

Location: San Lorenzo

It was a peaceful afternoon in San Lorenzo. Even the presence of thieves threatening to steal the cities famous treasure was met as a minor annoyance with the presence of Puss in Boots to fight them off. The thief swung his sword wildly at the hero cat, but Puss simply blocked every blow he was dealt. While he was enjoying the thrill of the fight, he knew that the time had come to end this. With a hard swing, he knocked the thieves sword out of his hand and leapt at him, kicking him in the face. This knocked him to the ground, much to the dismay of the other thieves present.

"Who else wants to try?" Puss challenged.

The other thieves dropped their weapons and ran away in fear. Puss shieved his sword in triumph with a smirk on his face. He was just about to go off and get a victory leche when he saw some bright light in the sky.

"Que?" Puss let out.

He squinted at it and saw that it was coming right at him.

He tried to run but the beam finally reached the ground and hit him. When the light disappeared, Puss had disappeared as well.

Dimension: Mobius

Location: Egg Carrier

The skies of Mobius were filled with explosions and intensity. Dr. Eggman had just launched an attack with his newly refurbished Egg Carrier, and Sonic had made his way up to the warship to stop him. Eggman had dispatched several of his deadly robots to deal with the hyperactive hedgehog, but Sonic was able to avoid the onslaught of laser fire and plow through them at high speed. Having enough of this constant embarrassment, Eggman came out onto the deck in a highly weaponized egg mobile.

"Nice ride Eggman." Sonic commented running towards him. "Almost sad that I have to trash it."

"Trust me, you won't get the chance." Eggman replied unleashing several missiles at him.

Sonic swerved around several of them before jumping into the air and kicked one of the missiles right back into Eggman's egg mobile. Eggman jumped off the vehicle before it blew up and landed on the ground right in front of Sonic.

"So you wanna call it a draw?" Sonic asked.

Just then, Sonic noticed some bright light coming from the sky. Thinking on instinct, he ran towards the edge of the ship and jumped off just as the beam made contact with the ship, inadvertently making contact with Sonic too as the light engulfed them both and disappeared.

Dimension: Neverand

Location: Captain Hook's pirate ship

Captain Hook had always had problems trying to deal with the eternal youth known as Peter Pan, and today was no exception. Every canon he had on deck was firing at the boy, and yet not a single shot could hit him.

"Come on you blasted bilge rats!" Hook yelled at his crew. "Is there not one of you who can actually hit him?!"

Peter just kept flying around the cannon fire, laughing the whole time.

"Come on Captain." Peter taunted. "Is that all you got?"

Just then, a lasso wrapped around his ankle. Peter looked down to see several pirates pulling on the rope dragging Peter down.

"Looks like we got ya now!" one of the pirates shouted.

"That's what you think." Peter responded.

Peter then pulled out his dagger and cut the rope. The pirates fell back on their own weight and crashed into each other. Hook just did a facepalm in response to this. Just then, both Peter and Hook saw a bright light crashing down at them. Before either of them realized what was happening, the light swallowed the entire ship whole, and then it just vanished.

Dimension: TMNT 2K12

Location: New York City

The city at night was always beautiful. The city lights, the bustling of people on the street, it was all just so nice. And high above it were four brothers racing across the rooftops on a late night training run. Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As the four brothers ran across the rooftops, they exchanged playful banter with each other.

"The city sure has been quiet lately." Leo noted.

"Yeah." Mikey agreed. "No Kraang, no Shredder, life is good."

Just then, they saw the sky light up with a mysterious white light.

"What the heck is that?" Raph asked, seeing the light.

"I have no idea." Donnie admitted.

They all stopped dead in their tracks and braced themselves as the light overtook them. Once the light vanished, they were gone.


Dimension: Asgard

Location: Dungeon

In the one of the cells of the Asgardian dungeons, a lone man with long black hair and green armor sat in a cell reading a book. This was Loki, former prince of Asgardian and enemy to the realm, and his brother Thor. As he turned the next page, he saw some mysterious light surging through the hallway racing towards him. As the light engulfed him, he sprouted a maniacal smile on his face. Then all of a sudden, the light was gone, and the man disappeared.


Dimension: Arendelle

Location: North Mountain

Doofenshmirtz and Norm slowly sat up as the beams faded. The device then fizzled out and fell to pieces.

"What just happened?" Norm asked in his ever joyous tone.

"Well either nothing," Doof started to explain. "Or that explosion sent out various dimensional beams that pulled people from other universes into this one."

Doofenshmirtz paused for a moment.

But what are the odds of that happening?" he asked chuckling.

At the bottom of the mountain in a recently created crater, Loki slowly rose from a kneeling position and looked upon the new world he entered with a smile.

"Perfect…" Loki mused. "Now the real fun begins."