Location: Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc.

At the trashed remains of Doofenshmirtz's lab, a man with blue skin toiled tirelessly on the remains of the Other-Dimension-Inator. As he continued working, a woman in green skin leaned against a nearby wall, filing her nails.

"Ok, I get why we set up shop in this abandoned lab," the woman spoke up. "But remind me again why you felt the need to work on your little science project over there?"

"Because, Shego," the blue man explained. "This was once some kind of inter dimensional portal device."

After closing a panel on the device, which now resembled some kind of cannon thanks to his redesigns, he pulled out a rag and wiped it down a bit.

"Now thanks to my ingenuity, I Dr. Drakken have turned it into a quantum particle cannon!" He declared. "Now I have the ability to open a dimensional portal wherever I wish!"

"So, we could use this thing to get us home?" Shego asked, standing up and walking over to Drakken and the cannon.

"Or better yet, use it on our enemies in a parallel world…forever," Drakken threatened. "And by enemies I mean Kim Possible of course, I mean that goes without saying, right?"

"Oh, of course," Shego remarked, picking up a random magazine and flipping through it. "Because you've got a list of people lining up to fight you. Yeesh, does this place have any magazines that aren't in spanish?"

"You know, I've just cracked the secrets of interdimensional travel," Drakken told her. "A little sidekick enthusiasm wouldn't hurt, you know."

"Oh sorry, go you," Shego replied sarcastically. "You are amazing. Woo hoo, extra hoo. Happy?"

Drakken just grumbled in response.


Meanwhile in another part of the building, a creaking sound rang out from one of the doors in the building. The door then fell over, revealing Doofenshmirtz in the doorway with Hook, the pirates, and the penguins right behind him.

"Well… at least we're inside," Doof told them. "So, welcome to my humble abode. What do you think?"

The pirates all grumbled non descriptively as Hook just looked around in mild intrigue.

"It is quaint," Hook commended. "Where is the device you mentioned will bring us back home?"

"Oh yeah," Doof remembered. "Right this way."

Doof then lead them inside the building and through the damaged hallways. The Penguins looked around in curiosity and, in the case of Kowalski, true intrigue.

"I have to say, these facilities are quite impressive for a simple pharmacist," Kowalski commended.

"Medicine, the most lucrative business in the world," Skipper replied.

"I don't know Skipper," Private spoke up. "Doesn't something about this seem… questionable?"

"What do you mean by that?" Skipper asked.

"Well… why would a pharmacist have a device that can go to other dimensions?" Private proposed.

"Perhaps to obtain certain pharmaceutical herbs that don't exist in his current dimension," Kowalski hypothesised.

"Ya seem Private?" Skipper replied. "You were worried over nothing."

"I suppose so," Private admitted, still uncertain about their current situation.

Location: Denmark

After who knows how long flying, Peter finally set Melody on the shore and the two began talking.

"That… was amazing!" Melody declared. "Is that what it's like for you all the time?"

"Pretty much," Peter confirmed, kicking back midair. "Just me and Tink, soaring through the skies, going from one adveture to the ne-"

Peter then shot up, remembering what he was searching for.

"Tinkerbell!" He declared. "I can't believe I almost forgot about her!"

"Tinkerbell?" Melody repeated, honestly intrigued. "Who's that?"

"My fairy friend," Peter explained. "We were fighting against these pirates when we got hit by this bright light. I ended up here, but I don't know what happened to her. I hope she's ok."

"I'm sure she is," Melody reassured, placing a hand on Peter's shoulder.

Peter turned to her and smiled. Melody's eyes then drifted towards the sky and she noted how low the sun was setting.

"Oh man, is it that late?" Melody realized.

"What's wrong?" Peter asked.

"I gotta get home!" Melody told him. "My mom's expecting me by now."

"Need a lift? Peter offered.

"Please," Melody replied.

He quickly scooped her up and they flew off towards the castle. Melody tightened her grip as they flew though the sky, with her smiling all the way.

Location: Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc.

Back in the lab, Drakken was putting the last finishing touches on the cannon.

"Just need to set this last wire…" Drakken said as he maneuvered his tweezers with exact precision. "And… "

"Here we are!" Doofenshmirtz let out, startling Drakken and Shego.

They turned and saw Doof, Hook, the pirates, and the penguins entering the lab.

"Welcome to my lab," Doof introduced. "I know it's a little explody at the moment, but-"

He froze in his tracks, seeing Drakken and Shego messing with his devices.

"Hey, that's my Other-Dimension-Inator!" Doof snapped.

"Your… what?" Drakken responded, seeming very confused before shaking his head. "It's my quantum particle cannon, now! How did you even find this place?!"

"It's my building," Doof replied. "Heck, my name is on the building. Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated. Meaning me. I'm the Doofenshmirtz, in Doofenshmirtz Evil-"

"We get it!" Shego cut off.

"Right," Doof replied. "So… who are you?"

"I am Dr. Drakken," He introduced. "Perhaps you've heard of me."

"Um… no," Doof reported.

"Evil mastermind," Drakken insisted. "On the brink of world conquest. Ring a bell? At all?"

"Nope," Doof replied. "You guys?"

The pirates all looked at each other in confusion before responding.


"Not really."


"Wait," Kowalski spoke up. "Did you say your name was… Drakken?"

"Aha! Yes!" Drakken confirmed. "You have heard of me, then?"

"No, I was just asking. I couldn't quite hear from back here."

Upon hearing that, Drakken just facepalmed, dragging his hand down his face in frustration.

"No matter," He decided. "The point is, this device is mine now."

"Is that so?" Hook inquired, drawing his sword. "Well if that's the case, then we'll just have to take it."

"You're welcome to try," Drakken offered. "Shego!"

"Say no more," Shego replied, igniting her hands with green flames.

She leapt towards the pirates, kicking one aside before using her flame hand to slice through another pirates swords. She grabbed another and tossed him aside before ducking under one of Hook's sword swipes. She quickly backflipped away and landed on one of the pirates, using her foot to kick his sword into her hand. She spun it around for a bit before running towards Hook and clashing blades with him. The two swung their swords back and forth repeatedly as Drakken snuck over to the cannon. Before he could activate it, the penguins landed on top of it, staring them down.

"Don't even think about it," Skipper threatened.

"Alright alright, I-" Drakken replied before grabbing the cannon and spinning it.

It knocked three of the penguins off, but Skipper held on long enough to leap towards Drakken and kick him in the face, knocking to the ground. With Shego, she and Hook continue to exchange sword strikes repeatedly. Hook managed to shove Shego into a wall, showing a sinister smile as he did.

"You fight quite well," He commend. "Perhaps I can find a spot for you in me crew."

"Flatter, but uninterested."

Shego then shoved him off and darted forward,continuing to fight with him. Drakken meanwhile wrestled on the ground with Skipper, trying to get him off his face. Finally, Drakken was able to throw him off and dart back towards the cannon.

"It's a good thing you're here actually," Drakken told them. "Now I get the chance to test my new toy."

Drakken then fired up the cannon and aimed it at the penguins. They all tensed up as Drakken pressed a button to fire it. Instead of firing though, the cannon fizzed out and powered down, causing everyone to stop fighting in response.

"Wait…" Drakken let out. "Where's the portal?"

"Huh…" Doof let out, walking up to it. "Guess it's still busted."

"Still?" Drakken responded. "You mean this wasn't working before?"

"Well if by working you mean functioning properly then… no."

Upon hearing this, Drakken instantly facepalmed, dragging his hand down his face.

"This device was the only chance we had of getting home. Now we're stuck here!"

"Oh, calm down, will ya?" Shego responded. "We just need to find out how Doofster here screwed up and fix it."

"Actually, it's Doofen-"

"Yeah, no one cares." She shoved him aside.

While the villains talked, the penguins picked themselves up and regrouped.

"The green woman might be right Skipper," Kowalski spoke up. "This machine, intent aside, might be the only way for us to get out of this place."

"And I hate hanging around pharmaceuticals any longer than I have to," Skipper agreed. "Alright, let's see what we're working with."

Kowalski nodded before leaping up onto the cannon and tossing off a panel. The panel flew right at Doof, hitting him in the head and knocking him to the ground. The other three looked towards the penguins in response.

"What's with the penguins?" Drakken asked.

"They came with us," Hook explained. "What they can do with that device, I have no idea."

"We're going to try and fix it," Kowalski replied. "I just need to figure out what went wrong with the design."

"How long will that take?" Shego asked.

"Roughly… six to nine hours."

"Sixty nine hours?!" Doof let out, springing back up. "Who's got that kind of time?!"

"No, six 'to' nine hours."


Kowalski then returned to the device, trying to figure out what needed to be done.

Location: Denmark

At the castle, Peter flew Melody right up to the balcony of her bedroom, setting her down gently.

"Thanks for the lift," Melody told him.

"Sure thing," Peter replied as she opened the balcony doors.

The two went inside and Peter began flying around the room.

"So this is where you live? In a castle?"


"That's pretty cool."

"Yeah, it's alright."

Peter noted the slightly somber tone in Melody's voice, prompting him to fly down towards her.

"Is something wrong?" Peter asked.

"Fine. I just… I just haven't been feeling like this is… for me."

"What is?"

"This. The whole princess thing. Everyday it seems I'm taking royal studies, standing beside my parents while meeting diplomats, or attending one royal party after another. I mean it's not bad or anything, it's just… not me."

Peter crosses his legs mid air, hearing Melody's plight.

"So, if you could choose what you wanted to do, what would it be?"

"I guess… I'd go out and see the world. Journey across the sea, search for what else might be out there."


"Yeah… sounds pretty silly, right?"

"Are you kidding, that sounds great."

Melody looked up in surprise.


"Seriously! I love searching for adventure! Exploring unknown lands, encountering unexpected dangers!"

"And you get to do that all the time?"

"Sure! Don't you?"

"Not really. I'm lucky to get just a few minutes to myself, much less the chance to go explore. What I wouldn't give for the chance to see the world beyond this castle."

Peter lowered himself towards Melody, seeing her face begin to drop.

"You really wish you were out there, huh?"

"Only every hour of every day…"

Peter looked down for a moment before his face perked up.

"Then what's stopping us?" Peter asked, landing on the ground.


"You and me, together."

Melody jerked back, raising an eyebrow in surprise.

"We'll join a caravan tonight," Peter proposed. "Count on the stars to be our guides. We'll simply vanish out of sight. Go wherever our hearts decide. There won't be any obligations."

Melody smiled at the prospect.

"Or parents to obey…"

"Cause we'll be a million miles away!" Peter flew up over her. "Leave everything behind," he began flying around the room. "When you choose to lose yourself who knows what you might find?" He landed on top of a chest. "And once the journey's done, you'll have some faith in me. After a million miles or so, we might feel like… we're free."

Melody pondered a moment, before responding with great enthusiasm.

"Maybe we'll travel on the sea."

"Yeah!" Peter replied, springing up. "I'll tend the sails, and you can steer!"

"Watch the waves roll on endlessly," She spun around before bracing herself on her vanity.

"And the horizon disappears."

"We'll leave all thoughts about the future/ till some future day."

The two then turned towards each other, rushing right at each other before coming to a stop inches away.

"Cause we'll be a million miles away! Leave everything behind. When you choose to lose yourself, who knows what you might find! And once the journey's done, it won't seem quite so far. After a million miles or so, we'll find out who we are!"

"Follow wherever the wind starts blowing," Melody dreamed, turning away and bringing her hands to her chest.

"A million miles away," Peter replied, flying up into the air. "The kind of a life people dream of knowing!"

"A million miles away!" Melody responded, leaping onto the bed.

"We'll never turn back!" they both said at the same time, turning towards each other at the same time. "We'll just keep on going. Vanishing from view! Becoming something new!"

Melody then leapt in the air, prompting Peter to catch her as he lowered her down slowly.

"We'll be a million miles away!" they both sang, dancing in each other's arms. "Leave everything behind. When you choose to lose yourself, who knows what you might find. and once the journey's done, we'll have no need to roam. After a million miles or so, we might find out… we're home…"

The two stopped for a moment, slowly looking at each other in an almost memorized manner.

"After a million miles or so… we might find out… we're home."

After staying still for a few moments, the two finally released each other, both chuckling nervously as Melody rubbed the back of her neck.

"That was…"

"Yeah," Peter agreed. "So… would you want to?"

"Want to? Oh, right! Yeah! That whole thing… well, I can't. I mean, I want to… but I can't."

Peter's honestly surprised by that.

"But… why?"

"Well… I've got responsibilities here. I can't just up and leave, no matter how much I want to."


Peter's head dropped in disappointment. Melody saw this and reached out to take his hand.

"Hey. Listen, no matter what, I'm still happy I met you."

Peter perked up upon hearing that, squeezing her hand.

"I'm glad I met you too."

The two smiled intently for a little bit.

"I… guess I should get going."

"Right," Melody agreed, the two finally letting go. "I… hope you find your friend."

"Thanks," Peter replied, slowly rising off the ground. "... goodbye Melody."

"Goodbye, Peter Pan!" Melody called out as Peter flew out the window, Melody smiling as he disappeared out of sight.

Location: Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc

As Kowalski continued his examination of the device, the four villains were talking amongst themselves.

"How much longer can those flightless featherbrains take?" Drakken griped. "Some of us have plans once we get back to our own dimension."

"Oh yeah," Shego remarked. "I'd hate to miss you bellowing out on karaoke night."

"Hey, I kill it on karaoke night, and you know it!"

Hook let out a long groan, rubbing his face with his hand.

"I've longed for adult company for years, and now that I have it, I want Peter Pan and his meddlesome Lost Boys..."

"Hey, it could be worse," Doof tried to console.

"Oh really? How?"

"... how what?"

"How could it be worse?"

"Oh, I don't know. I just said it could be, I never said I knew how."

Hook just groaned again.

"Crocodile just eat me now and put me out of my misery..."

"Hey, you think you have a place to complain?" Shego commented. "Try living with this guy."

"You have my condolences."


"Well your sass isn't something to take lightly either," Drakken retorted.

"I hear ya on that," Doof agreed.

"You have a snarky sidekick?"

"Teenage daughter, but same difference, right?"

"I… suppose. Though I do have teenage troubles of my own. All I want to do is take over the world, but that troublesome cheerleader Kim Possible has thwarted my efforts at every turn!"

"Ha! You get thwarted by a cheerleader? That is so weak!"

"And what about you? You obviously have evil ambitions."

"Well yeah, duh. But I'm not really going for world domination, I'm just starting small with the Tri-State Area."

"Reaching big there, Doofster," Shego remarked dryly.

"Oh, thank you," Doof replied, completely missing her sarcasm. "Unfortunately, I keep getting stopped by my nemesis, Perry the Platypus."

"Perry the Platypus?" Drakken repeated. "What is that, like a codename or something."

"Well… no, he's just a platypus. In a fedora."

Everyone just looked at him.

"You're kidding, right?" Drakken asked.

"No… why?"

"That's just pathetic," Hook commented. "To be bested by a platypus."

"Hey, do NOT mock Perry the Platypus! That semi-aquatic, egg laying mammal of action is a serious threat to me and any other evil scientists who cross him!"

"Hmm… it would explain that buffon's mole rat."

"Don't even go there, Dr. D," Shego cut off.

"Mole… rat?" Hook questioned.

"Don't ask," Shego replied. "How about you? No animals wrecking your fun, I hope."

"Not as such, but there is a particularly troublesome fairy that follows Pan."

"Fairy, huh? Well, that's a new one."

"I suppose. Still, what I wouldn't give to clip her wings."

"I've been working on wing clipping," Doof offered. "I've been working on a wing clip-inator to get rid of pelicans. They're like trash cans with wings. Who needs em?"

"I… guess," Drakken replied.

"Found it!" Kowalsky called out.

"Well, it's about time!" Drakken called back. "We've been waiting for hours!"

"Well sorry! It's hard to work without opposable thumbs!"

"Whatever, what did you find?"

"It seems the device's power core was damaged during the initial dimensional transference. What we need is a jewel of some kind to stabilize the energy output."

"A jewel, huh?" Shego noted. "Well we do have a pirate. Maybe he could loan us his treasure."

"I would if I could," Hook replied. "But Peter Pan stole my treasure away from me sometime ago."

"Then it seems we'll have to go searching for some treasure," Drakken remarked.

"We can take my ship to find a worthy prize," Hook allowed. "Then pillage it for all its worth."

"Whoa whoa!" Skipper spoke up. "Taking up piracy was never part of the deal!"

"If memory serves, our deal was we wouldn't hurt you until we got what we desire," Hook reminded, twisting his mustache with his hook. "And I'd say we have."

"Well, this puts a damper on things," Kowalski lamented.

"Eh, sorry boys," Doof remarked. "But hey, ems the brakes."

"But why are you helping?" Private asked. "Aren't you just a pharmacist?"

"Actually I'm an evil scientist. A lot of people are… confused by the lab coat."

The Penguins all blinked in response.

"Ah," Kowalski let out. "That… makes sense… but we're still going to stop you. And nothing is going to stop us… from stopping you."

"Oh is that so?" Doof replied. "Well what if I did… this!"

Doof then hit a button, causing a steel cage to drop on the four penguins.

"And by nothing, I mean a steel cage trap," Kowalski lamented.

"That was handy," Drakken noted.

"Eh, I always keep a few Platypus shaped traps around for Perry the Platypus," Doof replied. "Say… I wonder where he is?"

Some time earlier…

Perry was struggling to free himself from the container he was trapped in, but the heavy objects on top made it next to impossible. Looking around the lab, he saw a giant mechanical hand looming over him, with a remote on the floor near him. Reaching his arm out, he tried grabbing the remote. It took some reaching, but he finally managed to get the remote, using it to activate the hand and remove the stuff from on top. Once it was clear, Perry pushed over the container and made his way for the nearest exit. Once he reached the ledge, he leapt out and activated his glider, soaring off into the horizon.

"... eh, anywho," Doof spoke up, snapping out of his trance. "Let's get a move on!"

Shego scooped up the Penguins' cage as the group moved out, ready to do whatever it takes to get back to their own worlds.

Location: crater site

Miles away in an open valley, Sonic and Puss ran through towards a massive crater dead center of it. The two came to a stop just in front of it, looking around at it.

"So, this is where the light you say landed?" Puss asked.

"Yeah, this is the spot," Sonic confirmed. "I thought there'd be something here to give us some clues as to what happened to us. Instead… it's just a lot of nothing."

"So what now?""

"Not sure. I guess we should-"

Just then, a loud moaning sound came from the woods behind them. The two turned around in surprise and trepidation.