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Chapter 1: The Muglox Mandate

"Excuse me? Say again? I have to leave Kaede?"

Marumo twirled his mustache. "That's correct, Mirumo. Once a fairy grants his or her partner's true wish, the partnership between the two is cancelled and you would be unable to enter the Human World again. Of course, there's—"

The blue-clothed fairy interrupted his father, smacking his fist against his Fairy Watch in agitation. "Oi, oyaji! What's the meaning of this? You never mentioned any such regulation to me beforehand! What sort of nonsense is this!? I have to cancel my partnership? I can't enter the Human World again? Did you call me just to mess with me?"

"Well, you see…" Marumo tried to get a few words in from the other end of the call, but found himself unable to as his son carried on ranting at him brashly.

"That's utter rubbish! Are you trying to pull my leg? If this is true, then how is it that all my friends from Fairy School can use Mimomo's 'Fairies Anything' Shop to get here using their mugs however and whenever they so please?"

Marumo smacked his staff against the ground. "Will you be quiet and listen? Now, let me explain…"

Needless to say, Mirumo was not having a very good day. The rather ironic thing was that the day had actually started out rather well.

Earlier on, both Haruka and Azumi had directly and indirectly conceded to his human partner, Minami Kaede. The inglorious love triangle, no wait, some crazy love tetrahedron ripped straight out of some soap drama serial was finally being resolved. Quite frankly, Mirumo himself couldn't believe that it had all gone down so well. Furthermore, by some glorious coincidence, the handsome lad that all those girls were after, a boy by the name of Yuuki Setsu, happened to call Kaede just a few minutes ago to ask if he could meet her tomorrow at noon.

As Kaede was speaking on the phone, Mirumo suddenly noticed that his mug had started to glow. The glowing was so subtle that he didn't even catch it at first. Even he himself had never expected for this day to come.

A fairy's mug glowing could mean only one thing. It signified that wish that their human partner had originally made upon the mug was about to be fulfilled. This consequently also meant that the fairy had passed the ultimate test, succeeding in their Human World training since they'd successfully managed to grant their human partner's wish.

Long story short, it seemed as though Kaede's dream had finally come true after close to an entire year of sweat and tears. He had told her as much with unbridled joy on his face. "Oh yeah, my glowing mug? You see, a Muglox Fairy's mug only glows when their human partner's wish is fulfilled."

Upon hearing Kaede's gasp, Mirumo's smile went wider. He jumped onto her open palm excitedly. "Do you get what that means, Kaede? It means Yuuki-kun is going to return your feelings at the meeting tomorrow!" Once he told Kaede about this fact, the high school student became absolutely ecstatic. She was in such a good mood after she'd heard the news that it was surprisingly easy for him to extort chocolate from her.

What a wonderful day it'd been. If only his father Marumo hadn't called to drop this bombshell on him. Despite being a bumbling fool, his dad surely had enough authority to have known about this regulation, even moreso considering that he and Mom were the ones who'd wanted to send him off to the Human World for training in the first place. Of course, that was before he refused and had ironically wound up being chased there, quite literally, by Rirumu.

Ah, the Human World. How had a simple fairy like him wound up getting so attached to it? It was hard for him to believe that barely a few months ago, he would have been repulsed by the very idea of being partnered with a human. When and how had his opinion of the Human World turned around a complete one-eighty?

Although Mirumo couldn't pinpoint exactly when in the stint he'd begun to warm up to the idea, he could lock down the 'how' at the very least. It was all thanks to one blonde-hair high school girl, Minami Kaede. At the very start, Kaede was a textbook example of what Mirumo had anticipated humans to be. For starters, she had grabbed the blue-clothed fairy and tried to mouth off to her mother about a "monster" she had found in her mug the moment she'd summoned him.

"As if someone like me can be associated with a lowly monster! I'm the Muglox World Prince and she compares me to some freak of nature?" Mirumo seethed. "And how come Kaede thinks that I'm a monster but cuddles Murumo at first glance? Hey, hey, did I really look that bad to her?" he pondered.

He could see his friend Bike's face right now, chuckling and gloating at Mirumo's appearance being unintentionally insulted. The vain fairy would most likely say something like, "Ah, Mirumo… but you can never be as beautiful as someone like me. Ohhhh~"

The imagination that Mirumo had cooked up in his head was so vivid that he had to vigorously shake his head to rid himself of a mental image featuring a self-absorbed Bike obsessing over his image. Yes, Mirumo reflected, his eyes narrowing, that this name-calling incident between them shall be a secret that they would keep to their graves.

"…Anyway, you got that, son?" Marumo began to frown when he observed that his son was distracted. "Ahem! Are you listening, Mirumo? Mirumo!?"

He ignored his father, looking away from him with a huff. Gah, Mirumo couldn't care less about him now. His thoughts were mainly on Kaede and the day they met. He still remembered that he'd assumed that all humans in general were selfish, fickle-minded creatures. Therefore, a logical conclusion arose — if a love fairy appeared in front of them and offered to grant their wishes and hearts' desires, who wouldn't take advantage of them?

And as he thought, after he'd bragged about his own magical skills, all but proving to her that he was indeed a real fairy, Kaede had tried virtually everything in her power to ensure that he would grant her wishes. It was pathetic, really, to the point where he decided that enough was enough and proceeded to give his honest thoughts to her.

"Give me a break!" Mirumo had yelled straight at her face, cutting her pleading short and basically stunning the girl into silence. "Do you think I'm stupid? The visit to the playground? Those pair of stuffy clothes? Trying to offer me more chocolate? I see what you're trying to pull here. You're only doing all of this for me just to try to take advantage of my magic!"

He directed an accusing finger upwards, pointing it directly at the tip of her nose. "All humans are like that!" he continued, "That was why I initially refused to come to the Human World in the first place! Hmph! You all think that magic will solve all of your problems! Well, too bad. That's not true in the slightest! I'm here to tell you that this ain't no fairytale! You've got to work to get what you want! I refuse to use my magic to help someone who chooses to think that they can make use of me!"

And that should have been that. After that good talking-to, Mirumo was all but certain that they were truly incompatible as a pair. Once he was certain that his parents had called off the engagement wedding with Rirumu, he would have gone back to his home, proceed to eat some chocolate, and forget about the whole incident. Basically, he would've ditched what he perceived to be an "ungrateful human", cutting off whatever miniscule bond that they might have had.

But incredibly, Kaede had proved him wrong. It turned out that his callout speech ended up being a huge wake up call to her. In response, in spite of her meek demeanor, she had decided to approach her crush on her own without utilizing his assistance. After seeing her sheer willpower, Mirumo had decided to give the girl a chance. And somehow, things had escalated from there. The two of them had ended up becoming irreplaceable partners throughout their many misadventures, to the point where Mirumo could honestly admit that he'd actually grown genuinely invested in Kaede's goals.

The chocolate that she'd constantly been supplying him was a secondary factor with that change in his opinion too.

Marumo's eyebrows began to twitch visibly after the constant prodding yielded no response. Finally, it got to the point where he was forced to yell in order to get his son's attention. "OI, MIRUMO!"

Mirumo jerked back from his father's flustered shout, which jolted him back to reality and was also a not-so-subtle reminder that he was supposed to be in a conversation with him. Rather embarrassingly, said conversation had been rather one-sided for the past few minutes due to him getting distracted by his thoughts.

Seeing Mirumo finally focused again, Marumo adjusted his crown and marched right on, "You have one hour after your partner's wish is granted. That's all the time you have. If you do not return to the Muglox World by then, then a grave punishment will befall you!"

This statement caught Mirumo's attention at last. "Grave punishment?" He cocked his head quizzically, "What grave punishment are you talking about?"

"Hm, well, I don't know," came a rather clueless reply from Marumo. "No fairy has ever broken this rule before, you see."

Mirumo felt like smacking his father. The only thing that was stopping the fairy was the fact that he would end up trying to smack a holographic image instead, and that was virtually useless since his palm would simply phase through the projected Marumo. Taking a deep breath to keep his anger down, Mirumo shot a curt response back, "Then how the heck do you know that the punishment is grave if you do not even know what it is?!"

"I don't know what the punishment is!" Marumo yelled, exasperated. "All I know is that it has to be something exceptionally serious! The Gaia Tribe were the ones who made this rule!"

The Gaia Tribe? Mirumo fought with every fiber of his being to remain calm at their mention. Marumo barreled on, not noticing his son's apprehension. "That automatically marks it as grave. You must come back immediately after your partner's wish has been granted. The time limit is one hour and that's final! Do you hear me!?"

In the end, Mirumo had it. Not with his father, but rather the topic itself. He placed his finger on the disconnect button of his Fairy Watch and simply cut off the connection. "Finally," he muttered to himself while heaving a relieved sigh, "I finally have some peace to think this stupid situation through…"

Mirumo was about to find out that he'd opened his big mouth far too soon.


"Wha-!" Mirumo jumped around, startled by the sudden noise.

It turned out that the clinking noise had come from the cup of hot chocolate that he'd previously asked Kaede to prepare for him. Said cup of hot cocoa was now on the floor, courtesy of one Minami Kaede. Who, based on the shocked expression on her face, had quite obviously heard everything that had just transpired between him and his father.

Mirumo was rooted to the spot, freezing up as he made eye contact with her.

Yep, so far this day had gone from good, to bad, to absolutely terrible.

That sorry excuse of a distraction really shouldn't have worked. But by some miracle, it did.

To be fair, the distraction in question was claiming that an army of octopuses were soaring outside of the window. And yet somehow, Kaede had bought the bluff. The girl never noticed Mirumo waving his maracas from behind. Shaking away feelings of guilt, he squeezed his eyes shut, yelling as he swung his maracas in her direction.

"Mirumo de Pon!"

Of course she'd objected. Kaede cared too much for Mirumo to let him go. But in the end, after living with her for so long, Mirumo had come to care for Kaede just as much. He couldn't just let this development get in the way of her happiness. Despite the fact that she loved her beloved Yuuki-kun, she was willing to let him go just to ensure that Mirumo could stay?

Heck no.

"Good," Mirumo muttered under his breath. "Kaede won't remember about what just transpired for the rest of tomorrow." He heaved a long sigh as he poofed his maracas away. "At least this way I won't get in her way of Kaede's date. She can hate me afterwards, but I hope she forgives me. It's for Kaede's own good, after all." Taking a glance back at the sleeping girl, Mirumo whizzed away to the night sky. "Hm… I'll definitely miss Kaede pampering me with chocolate though. Oh yes, I will!" he added as an afterthought.

Human-made chocolate was good! The way the humans were able to make such smooth, creamy, milky treats in bulk was arguably the most magical accomplishment that the Human World has done in Mirumo's eyes. In his opinion, Kumoccho was the greatest invention in the history of mankind.

As Mirumo flew away from Kaede's fifth floor apartment flat, little did the unsuspecting Muglox Prince know that he had just made the worst mistake of his life.

Or whatever was left of it…

Author's Note:

Edited & Rewritten on 21/5/2018.

So, yeah. I'm finally back. The original eleven chapters of this story were all written when I first opened this account, close to one year ago. As you might know, I've taken a decently long hiatus from this story because of personal reasons. However, this fic was my first and thus I'm not giving up on it. However, due to some quality issues, I'm rewriting the previous chapters before I continue on where I left off.

Anyway, the original concept for this story came from me pondering about the possibility of Kaede never finding Mirumo as easily (relatively, at least) as she did after the one-hour time limit ran out in the final two episodes of the series. Now, I never actually managed to reach the consequences that would stem from this the last time round, so here's hoping that this time I'll succeed where I faltered previously.