Dear Charles Xavier

You are understood, my son. That lecture on Mutant-Human relations was very heartening.

Tonight my children shall fugg turtles in your honor, the Xavier family name honored in their joyous moans,

My children are stuffed animals, and the turtles that which they fugg are blocks with letters on them.

I am actually a four year old, my mother took drugs while I was a child, making me addicted to all kinds of schiz Niz in the womb. My brain has grown uncontrollably large, like a giant tumor. It bursts from my skull, but stays under my skin, and wraps down my shoulder, circling down my arm to end in my palm. I have highly advanced mental capabilities, yet have many abnormal behaviors. My mommy says I'm an X-Man, and that it's my duty to protect a world that rejects me, and that makes me very sad. I'm not allowed out of the house, because my brain ripped out of my palm and is exposed to the air. Until I can use my mind powers to bring back my daddy, mommy won't give me the super suit that will protect my brain from germies, so in the mean time I'm playing with my toysies, pretending the'yre people that love me, and Turtles that play with me, cause Turtles are the Bestest! Mommy says that people that love each other fugg a lot, so they do it very often a lot. Momma says that I'm psykick, and that I'm seeing my future cult, so she came up with this cool name for me. I don't know what memes are, but mommy says they are really funny, and I love funny things!

Oh, I gotta go. Mommy says it's time to train, so I gotta float out the window with my mind powers, and make people come to our door and give me money and stuff. Bye bye.

-Hexar The Infested, Meme King Of Atlantis, Ancient Leviathan Hive Mind, Cult Leader Of The Turtle Fuggers