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This story will be split into volumes, like the actual DxD light novel series, and most of the 'volumes' will be split into 5 chapters each, though some will last longer and some will last shorter. We got that? Good. The first volume will be the main character (Kenji Gremory) and his life with his family before he (clue's in the title) runs away (OMGMEGASPOILERZAMIRITEM8).

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"Normal Speech"


Song Lyrics/Reading/Flashbacks


Main inhabitants of the Underworld, better known as Hell.

And that was the only thing that most stereotypes of Devils actually got right.

Devils are not all red, they do not carry tridents, and they don't go round killing innocent beings for the fun of it. And no, there is not one Devil, commanding an army of demons to do his bidding.

No, Devils mainly look exactly like human, albeit with one (at least) pair of jet-black bat-like wings that protrude from their back, and can be hidden at will.

Devils don't go round killing innocent beings, like humans, for the fun of it, either. And there's not one true Devil that commands and army of demons to do his bidding. Devils are a civilized race of beings, and they have families, 72 main families (or 72 Pillars, if you want to be technical) though over half of the Devil Pillars were destroyed in the Great War of the Three Factions, between the Angels, led by the God of the Bible, the Fallen Angels, led by Azazel, and the Devils, led by the Four Great Satans (Lucifer, Leviathan, Beelzebub and Asmodeus).

The fighting in the war had ended a short time ago, but there was still tension between the Factions.

Back to the families.

Of the remaining 33 families in the 72 Pillars, one of the most famous was the Gremory family. They were mainly famous for having produced the current Devil King Lucifer, Sirzechs Lucifer (formerly Gremory), who was the most powerful Devil in the Underworld.

But Zeoticus and Venelana Gremory (neé Bael) had birthed two more children, two twins, as a matter of fact. One girl, and one boy.

The girl was Rias Gremory. She was a beautiful 11-year-old girl with crimson-red hair (a trademark of the Gremory family) that went down to her lower back, and turquoise eyes. She had inherited, from her mother, the famous Power of Destruction, an explosive power attack which had the ability to annihilate anything. No-one in Devil society was in any doubt that Rias Gremory would grow up to be a true beauty when she grew up, and that any husband Rias had would be extremely lucky to have her.

The boy was Kenji Gremory. He was a handsome young 11-year-old boy with the same crimson-red hair, but he kept it short, letting the hair go down to his chin, and he had grown the fringe to it was able to cover his eyes, which, unlike the rest of his family, were heterochromic. His left eye was violet, the exact same colour as his mother, whereas his right eye was the same turquoise colour as his father. He had inherited the Power of Destruction, as well as Rias. Even at the age of 11, he had started to have some decent muscles on him, and was beginning to show the beginnings of a six-pack. No-one in Devil society had any doubt that Kenji Gremory would be a very handsome man, like his father and older brother, when he grew up. He, as the oldest male of the household, was heir to the title of Lord Gremory, as his older brother Sirzechs had lost the right to after becoming a Satan.

Rias was the older of the twins, by exactly seventy-two seconds, which was a running joke among the Devils, albeit a nonsensical one.

Devils had a crappy sense of humour, to be honest.

But back to the twins.

"Keeeeennnnnnnjiiiii!" Rias Gremory shouted, as she ran through the halls of the Gremory Manor house, towards her younger brother's bedroom, dressed in a small red dress, white socks and pink and white flat shoes, while ignoring the morning greetings of the servants.

She wasn't a rude child by any means, it was just that she loved her younger brother so much, and wanted to spend every waking moment with him. She had tried to get her parents to let her sleep in the same room as her younger brother, but her parents, along with Kenji himself, had denied, much to Rias' disappointment.

But that didn't mean that she couldn't be there to wake him up every day!

Skidding to a halt in front of Kenji's door, Rias pushed it open and ran in, a huge smile on her face. Said smile instantly disappeared when she saw the state her brother was in. He was…


Fast asleep.

Dead-to-the-world, out-for-the-count, asleep.

"Kenji, wake up!" Rias grabbed her brother's arm and started pulling him out of bed. "Wake up, you lazy boy!"

Even when Kenji had been fully pulled out of bed and had landed on the floor with a painful-sounding bump, Kenji still slumbered on. Rias was, understandably, not happy.

"Kenji…" she said in a warning, yet playful, voice. "Don't make me kiss you." Kenji stayed asleep, sat up against the side of his bed. Rias pouted cutely, and sat down on her brother's lap, straddling him.

"Kenji," she whispered, sweetly. "I'll kiss you on the lips."

Kenji stirred slightly, but still stayed asleep. Rias, seeing no other alternative, pressed her lips against her brother's lips, and held them there, enjoying the peppermint taste of her brother's mouth mixing with her mouth's taste of cherries. After thirty seconds, Rias had to come up for air. As she looked back at her brother, she was angry to see that HE WAS STILL ASLEEP.

"Okay…" she said to herself. Taking a deep breath, she placed her mouth right next to her younger brother's ear, and yelled at the top of her lungs.


She only had to wait a fraction of a second, before an annoyed voice called "Alright, alright! I'm up!"

Rias had to jump aside as Kenji pushed her off his lap.

Kenji was a young boy at the age of eleven, with straight, chin-length crimson-red hair. His eyes were two different colours: his left eye being turquoise, just like his older sister's, and his right eye being violet, just like his mother's. He was wearing nothing except a pair of black boxers, which only accentuated his body (which was quite toned, for an eleven-year-old).

"Well, I even had to kiss you!" Rias giggled, blushing.

"I keep telling you not to do that." Kenji replied, rubbing his eyes and lips. Rias pouted again.

"Don't you like it when I kiss you, Kenji?"

"You taste nice, I'll admit Rias. But don't do it when I'm asl- mmph!" Kenji's speech was interrupted by Rias pressing her lips against Kenji's again. After half a minute, Rias came up again.

"You said not to do it when you were asleep!" Rias reasoned, before Kenji could yell at her. She knew how irritable her brother was in the morning, especially when he'd just woken up.

"Point." The Gremory heir growled out, instead of yelling. "But at least warn me first, okay?"

"Okay~" Rias replied, grinning.

"Are you two quite finished?"

Both Kenji and Rias turned around to see a female standing in the doorway.

She was a beautiful young woman in her early twenties, with silver hair and red eyes. Her hair, which flowed all the way down to her back, featured a long braid on each side, with small blue bows on the ends, while the rest was let down, ending in twin braids. She was wearing a blue and white French Maid outfit with long sleeves and a white maid headband over her head.

This was Grayfia Lucifuge, Sirzechs Lucifer's wife and Queen.

"Aww, Grayfia." Rias pouted. "Can't I have a bit more time with my little brother?"

"Little?" Kenji growled. "I'm taller than you!" That Rias couldn't argue with. Kenji was about half a head taller than his older sister.

"You can do so after you've finished getting ready. Now come on Rias." Grayfia then grabbed Rias by the arm and dragged her out of the room. Once she got to the doorway, she turned.

"I apologize for what happened here, Kenji."

"Meh, it's fine." Kenji stood up. "I'm used to it." Grayfia nodded.

"Very well. Lady Venelana says to be ready for breakfast soon."

"Right, right." Kenji said, yawning and smiling at Grayfia at the same time. Grayfia attempted to hold in her blush, as Kenji's smile was one that could make any woman blush, even his own mother at times. She retreated from the room and closed the door. Kenji sighed and reached into his closet without looking.

'Let's see what comes out today.' He thought to himself, grabbed a random pair of jeans with one hand, grabbed a random shirt with the other, and pulled. And out came a pair of black faded jeans, and a t-shirt with Kenji's favourite guitarist (Slash, the lead guitarist of the band Guns N' Roses) striking a pose on it, guitar in hand.

Pulling them on, along with a random pair of socks and his favourite red and black lace-up trainers (he slept in his underwear), Kenji left his bedroom, leaving his trainers unlaced out of habit.

Line Break

"Good morning, Kenji." Venelana Gremory greeted her youngest son as he walked into the dining room. She was a beautiful woman in her early twenties with brown hair that went down to her shoulders, and violet eyes, exactly like her son's.

"Hey Mom." Kenji replied, sitting down. Rias, who was standing and talking to her father, ran and sat right next to her younger brother. Both Venelana and Zeoticus, Kenji's father, rolled their eyes at this and sat down as well.

"How was your sleep, son?" Zeoticus asked. He was a middle-aged man with long crimson hair that was tied as a loose ponytail, with a black headband. He had turquoise eyes, unlike his wife and youngest son. His eyes were narrowed slightly at Kenji's attire, as he always wanted his children to dress like children of a noble family all the time, but Kenji was dressed very casually. He paid it no mind, however, and sat down.

"It was alright Dad, apart from SOMEBODY" Kenji glared at Rias for a second, "coming in and dragging me out of bed!"

"Oh, come on, Kenji…" Rias wrapped her arms around Kenji's waist. "Don't you like your older sister?"

"Not when she drags me out of bed and presses her admittedly-good-tasting lips on mine when I'm still asleep." Kenji said, dryly.

"Enough, you two." Venelana said, smiling at the interaction between her two youngest. "Breakfast's here, now let's eat." Kenji and Rias stopped their actions at once, and tore into the luscious breakfast that the maids had cooked.

Once Kenji was finished, he dashed off before anyone could call him back.

He needed to work out.

Line Break

Welcome to the jungle, it gets worse here everyday

You learn to live like an animal in the jungle where we play

If you got a hunger for what you see, you'll take it eventually

You can have anything you want but you better not take it from me

In the jungle, welcome to the jungle

Watch it bring you to your knees, knees, ahh, I'm gonna watch you BLEED!'

Kenji was in his personal gym, working out, while Welcome to the Jungle played in the background, easily his favourite song of all time (closely followed by Don't Stop Belivin'). He rained punches and kicks down onto the punching bag, refusing to stop for even a second. He'd been working his ass out during his daily workout for three hours now, hoping to train his body to his peak potential. Then he would work on his magical power, as he'd learnt the hard way that you couldn't get anywhere with magical power if you didn't have a decent body to endure the magic.

He was wearing nothing but a pair of jeans (and his underwear, he isn't one to go commando), and was barefoot.

"HY-YA!" Kenji roared, sending a final punch into the bag, which broke from its chain, flew across the room, and hit the wall, a massive hole in its side.

Kenji panted for a few seconds before walking over to his music player, and turned it off. Drying himself off with a towel on the floor, he turned around to walk out of the door…

And saw Rias standing in the doorway.

"Hey, Kenji" she said, slowly walking towards him. "I saw you working out."

"Okay." Kenji said, in a monotone. "Can you move? I need to change." He then tried to move past Rias, but she grabbed his arm. Kenji tried to pull away, but Rias was stronger than she looked.

"Kenji, why do you need to change in your room?" she asked. "You can always change down here."

"Right in front of you." Kenji said, dryly. "Unlike you, I actually respect my modesty."

"Why do you be so modest around your family, though?" Rias asked, looking into Kenji's attractive violet and turquoise eyes. "We've all seen each other naked before."

"Valid." Kenji admitted. "But can you let me go?"

"Not without one of these." Rias said, leaning into her brother and kissing him on the cheek. Kenji tried to pull away, but Rias pressed harder.

"Rias, get, off!" Kenji pulled away and pushed Rias away at the same time, forcing Rias away. Rias looked at her younger brother.

"Come on, Kenji. Don't play hard to get. Or actually, do. It'd make it all the sweeter when you finally confess how much you love me." Rias walked towards her younger brother, outstretching her arms. Kenji ducked under her arms and dashed out of the gym. Rias watched her younger brother go.

"You can run but you can't hide, Kenji." She whispered, before retreating to her room.

She knew that Kenji would eventually come to his senses and declare his love for his older sister.

He just didn't know that she knew yet.

Line Break

"Freaking Rias." Kenji muttered to himself as he threw off his jeans and underwear, then pulled on a new set. "Does she know anything about modesty? At all?" Rias had developed a slight brother-complex for Kenji recently, and she would. Not. Leave. Him. Alone.

Doesn't she know that there's a time for flirting with your younger brother and a time where you should let him listen to Guns N' Roses in peace?

There was a knock at his bedroom door, making Kenji look up.

"Come in." he said. The door opened, and Grayfia came in, holding something in her hand.

"Master Kenji-"

"Enough of the 'master' stuff, Grayfia, you know full well that I hate titles." Kenji waved it off.

"Kenji." Grayfia seemed to have difficulty not adding the 'm' word in front of it. "An invitation has been extended to your family, and I was ordered to deliver it to you."

"Thanks." Kenji held his hand out, and Grayfia handed him the invite. Kenji looked down it, raising an eyebrow.

Kenji Gremory, Heir to the House of Gremory, is formally invited to the monthly Devils Gathering, held at Bael Castle.

Formal attire recommended.

"Another one of those stupid Devil Gathering invites." Kenji muttered. Grayfia sighed, though she was used to her brother-in-law's attitude towards the Gatherings.

They were held once a month for Devils to attend and, to be blunt, flare their power in everyone's face. It was also a time where heirs and heiresses would be shown off, to give the Underworld a taste of who would lead the next generation of Devils, even if the next generation would take an extremely long time to come, as Devils lived for hundreds, maybe thousands, of years.

"Why can't you accept that they're a thing, Kenji?" she asked. "Don't you know that it's best for you to maybe do what your parents think is best for you?"

"Did Sairaorg do what his father told him to do?" Kenji countered. "No. He went and did his own thing, despite his father telling him to give up because he didn't have the Power of Destruction. And look at him now."

Sairaorg Bael was Kenji, Rias and Sirzechs' cousin, and was known as the Strongest Youth. He had no demonic power whatsoever, and had failed to inherit the Power of Destruction, which his clan (and by extension, Kenji's clan, thanks to Sirzechs, Rias and himself) was famous for.

He was shunned and scorned by his own family and was exiled to the countryside of his family's territory. He then began to train his body in non-demonic ways, and became strong. He also defeated his younger half-brother, Magdaran Bael, in a fight over who the Heir to the Bael Clan would be, and had the No. 1 strongest young Devil in the Underworld, earning him the nickname 'The Strongest Youth'.

Kenji looked up to him immensely, and he had taken Sairaorg's story as an example that no matter how weak you may seem at the start of anything you do, you can become the strongest, no matter what.

"Yes, but he's a rare example, Kenji." Grayfia sighed. "The gathering takes place tomorrow. Make sure you have something ready by then."

"Gotcha." Kenji replied. "Seeya then." Grayfia bowed and retreated out of Kenji's room, shutting the door behind her. Kenji yawned a huge yawn and looked at the invite.

"Formal attire recommended, huh?" Kenji smirked. "It doesn't say I have to wear anything formal." He looked over to his wardrobe, which was open.

"Meh, I'll deal with it later." he said, to no-one in particular. Kenji created a magic-circle and hopped through it, leaving the Gremory Mansion. "I need some me time."

Line Break

"Please welcome." A random Devil announcer who no-one can be assed to think of a name for said, "The first heir and first heiress to the house of Gremory, Kenji and Rias Gremory!" Two magic-circles appeared, and at the top of a set of stairs, Kenji and Rias appeared out of them.

Rias was in the same red dress with black frills, and a small pair of red shoes with white socks. Her hair was done up, and she looked every bit the heiress of an aristocratic family in the Underworld. She smiled widely at everyone who looked up at her. Which was quite a small amount of people, since everyone was too busy looking at Kenji, whom was the exact opposite.

He was wearing a black Megadeth shirt, underneath a black leather jacket, which had two red circles on the arms, and red pieces where Kenji's shoulders were. He wore baggy jeans that had dirt and blood stains on them, and wore unlaced black trainers, along with black socks. Where Rias looked as aristocratic as they come, Kenji was as casual as they came.

"What is he wearing?"

"Why does he look so casual?"

"This is a formal gathering!"

Zeoticus and Venelana looked up at their youngest son with looks of shock and horror on their faces. Kenji was supposed to be wearing the tuxedo that they'd got the maids to make for him!

Once they reached the bottom of the stairs, Kenji turned and walked off, yawning.

"Where are you going, Kenji?" Zeoticus hissed. "You're supposed to join your family for photos!"

"Out." Kenji said, out loud so everyone could hear. "I need a breather. Besides, my face would just mess the photos up." He then left, without anyone following.

Except one, when she got the chance.

Line Break

"Kenji!" Kenji turned around from his perch, and looked up to see his older sister running towards him.

"That's my name, Rias. Don't wear it out." He said lightly, turning to stare at the stars.

"What was that back there?" Rias asked, putting her hands on her hips. "You had to wear formal attire, the invite said so!"

"Actually, no it didn't." Kenji opened a magic-circle, reached in, and grabbed the invite from his bedside table back at his house, and showing it to Rias. "It said that formal attire was RECOMMENDED. Not required, but RECOMMENDED."

"Well, Mom and Dad told me to wear formal attire when they gave me the invite!" Rias said. "So, why didn't you?"

"Probably because... I wasn't given it by Mom or Dad?" Kenji answered, without missing a beat. "It was Grayfia who gave it to me. So, blame her, if you have to blame someone."

"You still should've taken it to mean that you dress formally, Kenji." Kenji turned around and saw his father walking towards him. "You've embarrassed me greatly with what you did, son. I'm very disappointed."

"Okay." Kenji said. "Lemme know when something you say actually affects me, will you?" Zeoticus turned as red as his hair.

"You will speak to your father with respect, Kenji!" he barked.

"You will speak to your father with respect, Kenji." Kenji mocked, smirking. Venelana, Sirzechs and Grayfia turned up, watching the argument between father and son.

"Kenji!" Zeoticus said. "You will come with me, and you will wear the tuxedo-"

"What tuxedo?" Kenji cut in, innocently.

"The one that the maids delivered to your room for you to wear!" Zeoticus said, glaring at his son.

"Alright, then." Kenji replied. "But... what time was the tuxedo delivered?"

"The night before the party." Zeoticus said. "So you should've-"

"Oh, I remember." Kenji said, in a voice of realisation. "I wasn't there."

"What?!" Zeoticus was shocked. "Then where were you?" Kenji yawned.

"In the woods, chilling out, on my own. You know I like doing that."

"Then you need to stop doing that!" Zeoticus shouted, flaring up his Devil aura a bit. "This wandering off stuff needs to stop, Kenji! You are the Heir to the House of Gremory and you need to start acting like it!"

"Then make Rias the heiress." Kenji said, calmly. "See if I give a shit, she'd be a better heir than me any fucking day."

"Language, Kenji!" Venelana reprimanded her son, who glared at her.

"Kenji," Sirzechs said, in a tone meant to pacify the young Devil. "Shouldn't you go home and put the tuxedo on, and then come back like that? Then we can forget this happened?"

"Piss off, Shitzechs." Kenji snarled, walking away from his family and triggering a magic-circle to go back to his house.

"KENJI! YOU GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!" Zeoticus yelled. Kenji just gave him the middle finger and whisked himself away, where he landed back in his room, where the tuxedo itself was sitting on his bed.

Snapping his fingers and destroying it with his Power of Destruction without a second thought, Kenji stripped off his clothes until he was standing in his underwear, and flopped into bed.

'Screw them.' Kenji thought, closing his eyes. 'My family can't tie me down. I can do what I feel like doing, it's my life!'

And with that comforting thought in his head, Kenji drifted off to sleep.

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