Alright. I'll keep this brief.

I'm extremely sorry to all of those who've read and liked this fic, but... I just can't do it anymore.

I'm dropping High School DxD: The Runaway Gremory. Along with its side-story, Black Dragon Princess of the Belials.

Why am I doing this? Well, a number of reasons, but the chief reason being that I've just lost interest in the story. Every time I try to put fingers to keyboard to write out the new chapter for the story, I just lose interest and start doing something else. Same goes for Black Dragon Princess.

Another of those reasons is that I feel that, after re-reading the fic, that the quality of writing, especially in the early chapters, is... not me. At all. In the year-and-over-a-half since I've started writing on this site, I feel like I've managed to flesh out the style of writing I'm comfortable with, and RWG just doesn't fit that style for me.

And given how far the fic has gone, spanning over fifty chapters, I can't exactly go back and start from scratch at the beginning, without me taking MUCH longer than the year-and-over-a-half that's passed, what with me being much more busy than I was in the past.

And therefore, I think it's better to just stop the fic here. I'll be taking down the RWG Extras and RWG Lemon Series fics when this goes up, as well.

However, I'm not just gonna leave this fic hanging forever like some authors on this site tend to do. I'm gonna sum up, as best I can, the plans that I had for the rest of this fic, and for Black Dragon Princess of the Belials. So without further ado, let's get to it:

In RWG, Kenji would have beaten Serafall in the Tournament, and gone onto the third round, where he'd face Sirzechs. The two of them would fight but the Stray Magicians, along with Salem's forces, including Zeoticus, Cinder and Katerea, would attack. Zeoticus would reveal that he has a Grimm arm (similar to Cinder in RWBY) and severely injure Kenji. He'd get better, but Alice would unlock Kenji's memories of Yui and Erin (which were sealed away by Zeoticus because he's a fucking scumbag).

The tournament would continue as normal (Sirzechs would be disqualified because he was taken away by Zeoticus during the battle) after Kenji got better, and he'd make it all the way to the final, where he'd face Valian. The two would fight, but it would be interrupted by Crom Cruach, who reveals himself to be the father of Navi, Kenji's familiar, and he and Kenji would fight. Kenji would lose horribly, and Crom Cruach would only be stopped from killing Kenji by Navi. Crom then leaves.

Minor things that happened this arc include Lilith proposing to Kenji (with him saying yes), and Roygun and Bedeze having been exposed to be using the King Pieces during the Khaos Brigade attack (Roygun is taken in by Imogen going Outrage Mode on her, and Bedeze would surrender soon after. Roygun would be placed in Venelana's Fallen Saints (as she gets a Fallen Saints deck after the Tournament finishes), and Bedeze would be placed in Issei's peerage). As well as that, Tsukimiya would begin hanging around Issei, and eventually become a major member of his harem.

Not much would happen after that until the Loki arc, where Zeoticus appears again, and manages to kill Kenji with his Grimm arm, along with forcing Sirzechs to go into his humanoid-Destruction form, and try to destroy everyone and everything Kenji loves. Kenji would be revived by Ophis (who temporarily undoes the seals on his body, unlocking his full power), and he would defeat and kill Sirzechs. Zeoticus would take some magical drugs that make him extra-powerful, and it would take Venelana, Valian and Imogen working together to take him down. The first instalment of RWG ends there, along with Kenji, Imogen, Issei and Tsukimiya becoming the four leaders of the Hybrid Faction (with Ruby joking that the four of them could be known as Team KING, that being Kenji, Imogen, Issei NAAMAH, and Tsukimiya)

I planned for there to be a second instalment that takes place a few years after the end of the first instalment, and I don't know the specifics of what would happen in that instalment. The only thing I know for sure is that Kenji and co. would travel to Remnant, the world Ruby and co. come from, at some point or another. Whether they stay there for the majority of the story or not will never really be known, but the gist of what goes down there is that Salem and Rizevim have taken over Remnant, and it would take warriors from both worlds to defeat Salem and Rizevim. Trihexa would also be revived, but Kenji (who has become as powerful as he possibly could be), Issei, Valian, Imogen (who all have power equal to the two Heavenly Dragons at this point), and others manage to defeat and reseal the monster, with Ophis staying behind and sacrificing herself for the good of her son, and the rest of the world.

In Black Dragon Princess, it would draw parallels to RWG, with the added bonus of Imogen finding the hosts of the other four portions of Vritra's Sacred Gears that she has (who are less in control of their Gears than she is with hers), defeating them, and taking their Gears to unite Vritra's soul. She would go throughout the world and create the Peerage that she has, she would become engaged to Ruval Phenex but manage to break it with a Rating Game (basically Rias vs. Riser in canon if canon cuckboi future-sex-offender Issei didn't have to bail his chief bitch out with the power of Holy-Water-Ex-Machina), then Kenji (but that engagement would be deader on arrival than JFK for... I don't really need to explain why that's a thing) and Black Dragon Princess would end with Imogen moving into Kenji's house after the Rating Game between the two of them.

Well... that's that.

I plan to focus on Wizarding Lion (which is coming to the end of its first 'season', and that will stop for a while, too), as far as fanfiction goes, and then things will be back to normal. I hope.

But for now, I'm gonna go do something. I dunno what, but it'll hopefully distract me from feeling shitty about myself as a result of this.

Later, everyone, and again... I'm sorry.