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"-ttebayo! Live Sakura, LIVE!"

"-late. Kaguya got-"

"Peace Sakura, peace my child."

Pale feet dashed along smooth wooden floors as the moonlight rained down upon the owner. A white yukata was being dragged along the polished wood as it contrasted with the rosette hair. Dainty hands grabbed at the sliding doors in front of her and she flung it open, her eyes on the sole person in the room and she cried openly.

Within no time the same pale feet were swept off the floor and she was held against red armor; the cold metal warming her small heart. "Imouto? What is wrong?" the young girl sniffled as rough hands rubbed away the tears.

"M-Madara-ani," and the now dubbed Madara smiled gently at her, and sat down with his legs crossed to hold the young girl in his lap. Her pink hair was smoothed down by his hands as he pet her hair comfortingly. "I had a-a bad dream a-again, with the G-Goddess," the rosette whimpered again as she looked at the moon fearfully. Madara just pushed her long hair out of her face and just held her so she was facing away from the window in the room.

His own long hair curtained her from the world as he sat there, doing as all big brothers did; protecting his precious siblings. "Do not worry Blossom, the Goddess is only here to help you. I will not let her harm you imouto, I promise," and even though the promise slid off his tongue like it did every night, his sister calmed down.

"I trust you aniki."

"I know Sakura-chan, I know."

Sakura was more than happy to let his run his finger through her silky hair and asked him a very repetitive question, one that she asked every night, "Aniki? What's it like outside the compound?" Her small face looked up at him in innocent question and he sighed.

Every night was a repeat of the last, and Madara was more than aware of that but he couldn't deny his only sister her wish, "It is a cruel place Blossom, but it is so beautiful. It is as green as your eyes on the best of days, but on the worst it is when the water runs pink like your hair when I step across a battlefield. The lands are so different from our own, some snow constantly while others are sand only. There are people made of gold, their skin shining bright in their spiraling villages, but there are those like coal. Burning up the innocent and guilty alike, with no regard for life.

"I will take you to see it some day, when the fighting is over and our family is safe I'll take you. But for now, you must stay here where it is safe. Do you understand Blossom?" Madara asked her as he picked her up to bring back to her room. His sandals ghosted across the floor as she nodded.

"But why can't I go outside? Don't our cousins miss me?"

"I can't allow for the Senju demons to find you imouto, I won't let you become like Naos and Kagami. I won't let you die like them."

"Promise aniki?"

"Of course Sakura," even though he helped her today, Madara knew better than anyone that she will come back with the same problems on the next night.

After laying her in her bed and leaving her room, the Clan Leader, a boy of fifteen, looked at the moon.

"Why does she fear you so?"

Though the Moon never answer as she hangs in the night sky, surrounded by distant stars. Always watching over the world as it blazed on in turmoil, pushed on in determination, and weeped in sorrow. Always watching the young girl known only by her brothers and clan council as Sakura Uchiha, the only daughter of Tajima Uchiha.

And the one thing that the Moon craved for.


When the night was over and the moon was gone, Sakura would act as any other girl would. She would sleep in as much as she was allowed, played around during the day, tried to ignore her lessons (when her brothers were involved try was the best way to describe it), and ate whenever someone called her to lunch. The day was her domain and there was nothing that could scare her in her sanctuary.

The Rabbit Goddess couldn't touch her here, by body or chakra.

So everyday, Sakura Uchiha felt safe..

Every morning after she bathed her aniki would comb her hair and ensure that she was ready for her lessons; both Madara and her other brother Izuna were rather protective of her. Rarely letting others see her and never letting her leave the Main House, but there were days were she would find herself alone. When her brothers were away at battle, she would have the freedom of being alone.

And the chance to see the outside world.

Being eight meant that Sakura was a mere child, unable to be left unsupervised and as a female alone in a male's company. Though her brothers never saw how crafty she was, and none that interacted with her would risk her going to Madara or Izuna with complaints. The rosette had the Main House staff under her fingers and when one would leave the back gate to the garden open on 'accident' she would slip away. For an hour or two at a time.

Despite this she was scared of venturing out of sight of the Main House, after all she only knew that leaving the house could bring death. After all Naos had snuck away when she was only a baby and never came back alive. Or when Kagami left with Tou-sama to the battlefront and he came back alone. So she never ventured into the world that her brother described to her often.

Making her wish for the cage that she called home.

However, every night it was a different story. Nightmares plagued her very being and she would quiver in fear of three eyes staring at her; a cruel Sharingan scaring her into the world of the living and having her seek out safety from her brothers. More often than not she would find Madara, though there were times that she would find Izuna before Madara.

Her brother Izuna Uchiha was different, not because he was younger than Madara, but because he reminded her of someone. His face always triggered a different name in her mind, Izuna would be replaced with Sasuke. Kind black eyes would be switched with malcontent ones and she could see where the smirk on his face could change into a demented grin.

But, he treated her softly and safely; always rocking her back to sleep and sharing stories that their mother would tell them in their infancy. Instead of promising her the world like Madara did, he described to her made up ones. Building worlds from the whims of their mama and creating new stories from the boundaries he remembered of her fake worlds.

She was the prime subject in every single one of them; a warrior, a priestess, a kunoichi, a princess, a civilian, an angel, and most importantly a loved one. Always addressed the same way. Saku-

"Sakura-sama! Sakura-sama, your brothers request your presence," and she looked up from her daydreams to her maid. Oka Uchiha was a no-nonsense woman and expected the same from the Uchiha Princess. The woman was everything Sakura wasn't, she had the normal Uchiha coloring and even possessed the Sharingan.

Oka was the mother Sakura never had, dressing her each day and teaching her how to behave, but punishing her by making her sit in a seiza for hours if she found her outside the Main House boundaries. Today she forced Sakura into a twelve layered kimono and used hot iron to straighten her hair completely. Calling it a punishment for removing some layers on yesterday's outfit.

She whined lightly at the elder woman, "Oka-sannnn!"

"Don't 'Oka-san' me Hime, up! Up!" and with help Sakura was pulled onto her feet and she sighed. She knew what was coming next and grimaced at the thought of being in a stuffy meeting. A rough smack on her bum had her yelp and make her way across the courtyard of her home quicker. Everyone she saw on the way bowed to her and she waved back.

Being a Hime was hard, especially when Oka forced her to bow back to them instead of wave.

Oka removed her slippers on a stone mat before stepping up onto the smooth wood and opening the door for Sakura as she did the same. Inside the room was a table put on a dais with three cushions to sit on. One for her between her brothers. On the cushions were Madara and Sasuke-Izuna, her mind supplied helpfully, and she bowed lowly to the men in the room.

Her face twisted minutely at the old men in the room, each looking at her with something in their eyes that she didn't like. Sakura quickly straightened and made her way to her seat, which was normally empty since she wasn't required to join in on meetings. She let Izuna mess with her hair before Madara cleared his throat, any talking was immediately over and he shifted slightly.

Obviously uncomfortable with what he was going to say.

Her pink hair was the only splash of color in the room besides the red outer layer on her kimono, but looking over to her brother she was mortified to see him blushing just as bright as her hair.

"Elders," Madara bowed respectively to the members before Izuna and Sakura doing the same. "Peace is offered once more to us, at a cost some might see as too steep.

"As we discussed last week, the Senju have been trying to find ways to compromise with us for a cease fire. The Senju Council have decided that a merger between the two clans will be a good as solution to stop confrontations as any. What is being suggested is a village of the two clans, Uchiha and Senju. All ruled under a single leader, all equal. It would end the war."

As her aniki talked the child part of her couldn't comprehend the idea of war, but it could understand one thing. Senju were demons, monsters, and she was a Blossom. She tugged on Madara's sleeve, "What about Naos and Kagami? What about the demons?" Remembering the warnings that he would whisper to her whenever the Rabbit Goddess frightened her.

He looked guilty and when she looked to Izuna she saw that he was the just as uncomfortable, "Aniki?" The Clan Leader looked to the Council and saw them talking among themselves. "I thought you said they were demons? Why talk to demons?" and Izuna looked over to Madara who gave him a nod. Keeping his left eye on the bickering old fools in the room.

"Well imouto-chan, we don't want to fight with demons forever. That wouldn't be good, and if we be friends with them then you won't have to stay inside all the time," Izuna explained. Hoping to appeal to her want to be included in the world and enjoy all that it had to offer.

"But I don't want to."


"I don't want to! Don't want to be friends with demons! What if they hurt us?"

She turned her bright green eyes over to Madara and pouted, trying to get him to see reason. In all of his fifteen years, Madara had never felt more guilty then he did in that moment. "I promised to take you to see the world, if we say yes then you'll be able to do that," and he looked like he wanted her to defy him. And she was more than happy to.

Sakura looked to the door where Oka was sitting in a seiza and threw a tantrum that she knew would cause her to take Sakura from the room. Feeling Madara's chakra shift to give her permission, she took in a deep breath and wailed. Her hands were covered by the long sleeves of her kimono, and she used that to make herself seem cuter.

Being able to twist the situation like Izuna had once taught her to do in her favor was a helpful skill, however it was intended to be used on Tajima when he was alive or even Madara. Showing her fear of the demons as well as challenging any to force her hand and make her go into hysterics. All while her brothers were watching, daring anyone to do anything.

Large fake tears were streaming down her face and she tried to wipe them all away. The Uchiha maid quickly rushed to Sakura and picked her up, whispering to her brothers that she would take care of her and return her to them after the meeting. And Oka carried Sakura all the way to her bedroom before setting down the now smirking Hime, she too had her own smirk on her face. "Well done Princess, I'm sure that Lord Madara will send his regards to the Senju," Oka commented as she settled the girl at a low table.

The Princess nodded, "Madara-ani will say the same thing, no."

"As he should those scum should not be allowed to assume that such a union exist. Now Sakura-sama, for such a convincing tantrum how about dango to go with your edamame and soup," Oka suggested as she opened a cupboard and set out a place for the child at her table.

"Can I have spicy rolls instead of edamame?"

"No Hime, now I'll add in some squid sashimi," Oka smiled at the disgusted face of her young charge.

"Squid is nasty."

Oka tapped her slightly large forehead, "Its good for you Hime." She made an over exaggerated choking sound only to be rewarded with a sharp slap to the wrist and glared at the woman. "Please be patient until I return Sakura-sama," then she left her alone. Sakura smiled to herself as she thought about what her brother said, there was no way they could be so nice to demons.

If demons were allowed to join them then they would be no better than the demons.

But, parts of her wants to say yes. Just so she could see the world that her mind would dream up, just like the stories that her Kaa-chan would tell her. So she did as she always did when she got these thoughts and just waited for Oka to come back.

Because in truth that was all she could do.


They were spoiling her, and they knew this.

Once Sakura left the room with Oka, the Council was quick to turn back to the Clan Leader; disappointed stares and silence came from them. Neither Izuna or Madara showed any sign of it bothering them, because in truth it didn't matter to them. She was their only sister, their baby sister that they practically raised from when she was a mere toddler.

The two were young children themselves at the time, but they knew what they were doing. Madara spoiled her and Izuna fed the flames happily; it was simple as that and they let her get her way too many times.

So it was easier to let her think that she won, instead of arguing tooth and nail with an eight year old.

"Now, I propose that we accept the Senju's offer," Madara's voice rang out in the large room. He folded his hands in front of him and glared at the sudden upheaval in the room. Elderly men up in arms about giving them what they wanted, and in that moment Madara wizened up. This wasn't about him or the safety of their clan; what this was about was the pride of the clan.

His family was being torn and the Compound was nothing like what he told Sakura it was. It wasn't a small village, it was a pick up town; filled with tents and dirt pathways. Nothing of the illustrious village he had described to his precious imouto. The Main House only fabulous because it was his father's dream, for a place to call their own. And the rest of the Uchiha were left to themselves when war came calling even harder than when Tajima was a child.

Naos and Kagami never got the lives they deserved, so he would make it right for the clan to have the lives the next generation.

Madara raised his gloved hand for silence, and got what he asked for. "You were among the fortunate few to live so long in life. Whereas I am forced to drag children the age of my precious imouto out into the field every other day. Its not about winning to be safe anymore, all that we have been concerned with was winning so that we could be right.

"If we keep this mentality then we will never be right! The world is sitting back to watch us kill off one another, it matters not to anyone else but our clans. I'm tired of fighting, and I'm tired of losing more clansmen. Do you not feel the same?"

The thought of losing was not appealing to him, but he could understand the gravity of their situation. His sister and brother could hate him all they want, but even though he despised most Senju he could empathize with one. One that he had been friends with many seasons ago.

"Izuna? Your thoughts?" Madara asked.

He rubbed his thighs for a second in thought before opening his mouth, "I don't like the idea of being buddy buddy with the Senju." The short haired Uchiha looked at the nods of his fellow clansmen, "But, I can understand Madara's reason and will stand behind him. Sakura is too young to comprehend the meaning of alliances or compromising. Though you lot should be more understanding of this proposal. Its not for us, its for those that come after us."

One person stood and bowed respectively to both Izuna and Madara, "But my lords, the voice of your younger sister should be taken into account as well. Is her word not to be taken into account?"

Madara plastered a fake smile on his face, "Ah, Uncle Tajimi, thank you for your concerns. However, I think Sakura will not be included in this decision, she is rather ignorant due to my actions as her elder brother. She doesn't know that situation that the Uchiha or Senju are in, but she will soon enough. Now, I've sent off a message with Haruka Uchiha and his brothers for the Senju Leaders, if they accept our counter then we will be able to meet on the morrow."

"And if not?" another member asked.

The elder brother pushed the fringe out of his face, his black eyes spinning with red as he looked over his clan elders.

"Then we do as we always do. Fight. Now you are dismissed, I have a little sister to comfort now."

Both he and Izuna knew that was a lie, even though Sakura had them both under her thumbs they knew most of her little tricks and games. Allowing her to do what she wanted, there were times that they would have to be stern with her. She could understand that, but there were many times were Izuna would turn a blind eye to everything. Madara would literally let her get away with some of her nastier habits where Oka wouldn't.

The long haired teen let her run in the courtyard in a light yukata at night, getting mud on her sleepwear.

The younger brother would carry her on his shoulders around the house, chasing after the 'monsters' in her little made up games. When in reality he was ninja running around the house after different servants.

Now, both brothers were cringing over the amount of time they spent spoiling her rotten. It would be hard to change her into a compromising, Senju loving child; but it would be worth it. She would be safe and guaranteed a good future ahead of her. And that was all that truly mattered.

So when they got to her room for lunch, they were taken aback by the already calmed girl eating her edamame with chopstick and clearly avoiding the fresh sashimi on that table. Her pink hair was being plaited by Oka as the two entered the room with a polite 'at you will'; and Izuna grabbed another set of chopsticks playfully and poked at the squid on the table.

"Don't mind if I do!~"

Faster than lightning, Oka reached over and smacked at Izuna's hand making him drop the chopsticks. "No, Sakura-sama is to eat all her food. I'll prepare fresh inarizushi for Madara-sama and gyoza and nikujaga for Izuna-sama."

Madara nodded his head in thanks while Izuna clutched at his hand and cried fake tears, making Sakura giggle at his antics. "Ani~!" she whined when he reached over to pick at the dango next to her. Once again, his hands were smacked away by the cruel Oka; the dead glare on her face made him slide away from the table. The woman nodding once at the clan leader before taking leave of the room, letting the siblings be in peace.

Now that their lunch was being prepared Madara let her talk about anything and everything; her mindless blabbering calming his nerves. He was truly worried about the Senju clan coming to meet them for a compromise; wanting the outcome to be as good as it could be for his family.

No, could was not enough.

It would be good enough for them.

Madara would do anything to make sure of it.


Sakura Uchiha was flabbergasted at the sight in front of her.

She had held onto Madara's hand (despite his insistence that she not) as the hot sun beat down on her in yet another twelve layered kimono. Waiting for the Senju contingent to arrive, and she could only wonder why. Her brothers both showed a dislike for the brown haired clan, and she followed their lead. Learning from an early age that the Vajra brought nothing but pain.

Even her mind told her that something was to be feared about the Senju Clan, and her mind was right about most things.

Her brothers would not disclose to her why the demons were coming to the Compound, and when in private Oka would spew more venom to the sponge that Sakura was. Letting her know of the horrid deeds done by a clan with a rare Kekkai Genkai, how the wood could swallow even the strongest of Gods whole.

Though, she found that the descriptions of the Senju were wrong by all accounts.

Beautiful people had arrived instead of the monstrous forms that she had been expecting, there were no grotesque features to watch for instead she saw beautiful red armor heading the pack. Long brown hair framed the prettiest face that Sakura had seen outside of her brothers' faces, and she shied away from the intimidating chakra rolling off these people in waves.

Izuna only rubbed her back comfortingly as she clung even more to Madara, causing him to stoop down to alleviate the strain on him. "Blossom," he growled but before anything could be done about her behavior the Senju were already bowing in front of them. Madara let his long black hair fall in front of him as he bowed in greeting to the familiar people, and Izuna begrudgingly nodded at them. Not at all happy with showing them respect.

All that Sakura had to do was bow, but she grabbed at Madara's grey pants and hid behind him slightly.

"Hi," came her small voice as she looked at the newcomers in fear.

They had so much power, and she was so weak. "Aniki," and she tugged once more on Madara's pants, but he ignored her. In favor of apologizing for her actions and Sakura grabbed for Izuna after she realized that Madara would be no good. He was more than happy to pick her up so she could hide her face in his short hair. "Chakra," she whimpered as she trembled slightly.

It took Izuna a second to understand what she was referring to before his eyes widened, "Sorry imouto-chan, we didn't think about how sensitive you were." He pressed a small kiss to her forehead before looking to the Senju chakra powerhouses. "Ne, Senju-san would you please conceal your chakra, Sakura-chan here is sensitive to new people's energy."

The brown haired leader blinked before grinning sheepishly, "Sorry Uchiha-sama, please forgive us for not knowing this. Senju!" The rosette girl calmed when the irritating and overwhelming amount of chakra left her skin feeling raw, but untouched. It was unpleasant to be exposed to such difference from the warm Uchiha chakra.

Now that she looked properly, she wished she didn't.


He was prettier than she was! Nothing at all like she thought the leader of the Senju would look like, no fangs or wood growing from his body. He was a regular human being, and Izuna set her down so she could introduce herself to him. He gave her a stern look and the rosette bowed, "I'm Sakura Uchiha, nice to meet you." If it was possible it just made the man in front of her smile brighter at her.

"Likewise Uchiha-sama, I am Hashirama Senju. A pleasure to meet you," he bowed at the waist to her. Making Sakura cling to Izuna, as her face tried to emulate the color of her hair. The long haired male introduced his brother (that Sakura didn't even notice), and Madara waved for them to follow them into the Main House. Sakura held onto Izuna as they walked through the courtyard; her small legs trying to keep up with the larger pace that the men had.

The atmosphere around the four men was slightly suffocating, as if there was an underlying anger and bitter resentment floating around them.

"Hey Sakura-chan, do you want to go get Oka-san for us? Ask her if she can make tea and namagashi if possible, and send it our way," Izuna asked her as he eyed the white haired Tobirama. The young girl nodded and took off at a run ignoring Madara's 'Don't run!', causing the Uchiha brothers to chuckle as she left their sight.

Her pink hair flew behind her when she kicked off her slippers to climb up on the wood walkways, running up and down the smooth wood to find her maid. Calling softly for Oka as she opened door and walked through hallways proved to be worthless. The kitchens didn't know where she was and even after Sakura left an order with them, she still went to find Oka.

Maybe Izuna wanted her for a tea ceremony.

She wasn't skilled enough to perform one for anyone other than her brothers, since she always found a way to either over whisk the tea or just plain out fuck it up. Her soft feet walked silently through the halls of her home, making her nothing more than a whisper in the wind.

"Oka-san! Oka-san!"

Sakura sighed as she walked back to the courtyard without her maid and saw that other servants had laid out a rug and table for them to sit at. And once more she found herself between her brothers face to face with God. The pinkette decided one thing from that embarrassing tea ceremony.

God was merciless.

As the outlier in a family- no clan of black haired, black eyes people; she gained more attention from all Senju present. Both Hashirama and Tobirama were both interested of course, but they were not their to talk about the pink haired green eyed girl. They were there for business and it seemed that it would be settled despite their curiosity.

"Sakura-sama, I apologize for not being on call," the young pinkette turned when she was addressed formally by her maid.

"Oka-san!" Sakura smiled at the woman and nodded at her apology.

There was nothing wrong with the woman, but she could see the stress lines on her face grow deeper at the sight of the guests at the table. Sakura tilted her head in question before one of the Senju entourage drew her back into a conversation.

She knew that Oka hated the Senju and that she loved to tell the reasons why to anyone with an open ear (that being Sakura), but after meeting them the rosette couldn't help but to change her mind a bit. Her mind whispered to her about a fire shadow, but she chose to ignore it. After all her mind tried to tell her that Izuna was someone called Sasuke.

Sakura didn't even know a Sasuke.

But this Hashirama seemed like a good NarutoSenju, unlike the ones from stories.

"Now, Madara. Let's talk about this village proposal."


The entire table turned to a blushing Oka, who bent as an apology as well to pick up the tray she dropped. Though Sakura was turned to her big brother, wide eyed as Madara nodded in reassurance to her. Telling her that it would be okay.

Somewhere in her mind she knew that this village talk would happen and that Madara was right. It would be okay. He was her big brother, why wouldn't he be right?

"Oh Little Blossom, there is so much left to learn."

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