Arceus's wails echoed throughout all the world. Amidst his screams there was another like it, though faint. Dialga and Giratina looked up at their father in horror. Their bodies were paralyzed by the waves of his wrath rolling off of him.

The sky bled red. The sea raged without mercy. And the ground churned in a similar manner to the sea. The desolate ground and the mountains surrounding them were uprooted. Stones were ground to dust across the landscape.

From the crimson sky, hails of lightning rained down upon the barren land to scar it further, spurred by Arceus's screams. Around him, his elements went wild. The plates in his ring gleamed as their essence became epitomized and thrown in every direction at random.

Giratina and Dialga were left to fend for themselves against their blinded father. The shadowy serpent found himself unable, or unwilling, to defend himself against them.

Dialga darted between them until he saw his elder brother. A surge of raw darkness fell toward him. Dialga gasped and rushed to Giratina's aid. He created a barrier around himself and took the blow with a grunt.

"What-" He coughed. "-Are you doing?!"

Another cry escaped him as he was stricken by another attack. Giratina did not answer. Nor did he dare to make a sound when a wave from Arceus's rage washed over him.

Devastation hailed down upon the land from the sky. The earth began to twist beneath Arceus in a rising pillar. His elements burned and scathed and tore and blasted it apart yet it continued to reform of its own accord. And though his wrath brought death upon the land, Palkia's body remained untouched.

Dialga was knocked away from Giratina, who lay prone, staring up at his wrathful father. Slowly, Arceus's sobs slowed. He looked down upon the body of Palkia mournfully. Then, slowly, his fiery gaze shifted toward Giratina.

In an instant, a blazing red veil surrounded Arceus and he was upon the renegade. Giratina breathed out a gasp at the sheer pressure of Arceus's presence just above him. It was just as before—when he was first banished. He felt helpless, as if he were a child again.

His father glared death upon him. Nothing but utter malice was in his gaze. Staring up at him, Giratina's will quickly faltered and he looked away to Palkia before bowing his head. This, he realized, was far worse than that day. There would be no banishment this time. He did not deserve that mercy.

Giratina did not protest his end.

Seeing Giratina's expression, Arceus's face twisted. He raised his forelegs and howled into the sky with fury and sorrow as he gathered energy. The land, sea, and air became awash with light as everything Arceus had allowed to burst from his body suddenly twisted back to the source.

Dialga rushed between Arceus and Giratina yet again and summoned every ounce of courage within him just to not fall beneath the pressure of his father's wrath and shouted, "Enough, father! You have already lost one son! How could you think to lose another when so many are perishing?!"


The command from above struck Dialga with enough force to make him see stars. Nevertheless, he withstood it if only for Giratina's sake. "I will not!" Came his struggling rasps. "If you are intent on continuing your mistakes…" Dialga gave Arceus a glare of challenge. "…Then you will lose three sons today!"

But Arceus's booming voice responded, "My sons do not side with our enemies. My sons do not kill one another!" His burning glare shot past Dialga and struck Giratina to his core. With a choked cry, he spat, "This wretch is not my son."

Dialga balked at that. Finding sudden strength in the fury he could no longer suppress, he roared, "You have no right to say that! This is just as much your folly as his! I know I need not remind you of your countless errors! How dare you-?!"

He was interrupted by the pitiful, mourning voice of the wretch below. "Enough, Dialga. He is…right in this."

Dialga whirled around in disbelief. "What do you think you…?"

But the bastard shook his head and pleaded, "Please, Dialga. Stand aside." A heaved choke of a cry escaped him when he glanced at Palkia again before shooting his gaze away. "I have done nothing to be called a son or a brother to any of you. Not him, nor you. Not to the first Palkia nor the second, or any of our brothers and sisters of the Hall."

His pride, shattered. His ego, destroyed. His schemes were laid to waste and his ambitions were tossed to the wind. A lone tear fell from the eyes of the Renegade who spent his life in defiance—the eyes with which he blinded himself to the truth of his folly.

He had played into the hands of his brother's killers. He had done and become everything he spent his life accusing Arceus of. If he had not been so willfully blind, Palkia could have been saved! It was exactly as Arceus said. He was his brother's killer and a wretch unworthy of being called a son.

Suddenly, Giratina pointed his head to the ground and shouted, "I deserve this!"

The declaration stunned Dialga until he was swept aside. Golden chains appeared around him to bind him in place when he went to fly to his brother's aid. His cries went unanswered by Arceus, who was left without a barrier between himself and the target of his wrath.

Blinded by fury, Arceus made no further comment. His gathered power took the form of innumerable arrows of unknowable colors. Their edges all pointed toward Palkia's killer. Giratina hung his head in acceptance, but Dialga's cries of desperation went unanswered by any. Except for one.

Still eyes opened slowly to a hazy world of red. They burned, causing their owner to wince. Loud screams and sounds filled his awakening mind. He scrunched his face before steadily opening his eyes once more. What he saw was nearly indescribable.

The young Palkia let out a gasp and a sputter for air. Before him, he saw three beings he thought he'd never see again. However, to see them like this was unthinkable. He saw his father looming over his brother while his other brother was screaming and bound in chains.

When he saw his father, and the look in his eyes, he knew it. It was that same expression Giratina had shown him before. Those burning eyes of bitter, merciless hatred that would stop at nothing to express the full extent of Arceus's wrath. They sent a pang of terror up the young Legend's spine.


The world went dark around Arceus upon hearing that voice. Slowly, he turned around and laid eyes upon his youngest son alive, breathing, and in terror. It did not take long for Arceus to realize what Palkia was terrified of.

When Arceus looked upon himself, he saw innumerable scars and burns that twisted his face and a gaping wound in his side. His eyes burned aflame with lingering rage. With arrows ready to spear one son and chains binding the other, what Palkia saw was not his father, but a monster wearing his face.

And so, when Arceus's eyes met those of Palkia, the young Legend suddenly cowered and shuddered. The arrows hovering over Giratina shattered and fell away to glittering dust and the chains on Dialga snapped and faded.

Arceus rushed to his younger son and knelt over the young Palkia. With a sob in his voice, Arceus cooed, "Palkia, my son…! You are alive!" Unable to contain his emotions, Arceus gave a pitiful moan that made his body shudder.

Yet when his eyes opened to see the expression of his son, he found not the joy of his own. Palkia was cowering beneath him. Seeing this, Arceus's eyes went wide. He stood up and slowly stepped away before looking to his other sons. Upon their faces, he saw similar expressions being worn.

The weight of Arceus's mistakes fell upon him agonizingly. With the fire in his eyes fading, the wind and lightning ceased suddenly and all became still. Rubble began to fall like rain around them. Arceus's legs collapsed with grief. Hanging his head, he could only find the strength to mutter one mourning.

"What have I done?"

Mew's baleful screams continued to rip apart the walls of the Aura Stream's chamber. Aura from that stream spewed outward across the walls in crackling streaks that stripped the stone-like wood apart.

The crystal near Nova's neck whined loudly in response to the pressure being placed on it. There was no mistake; if Nova was without it, he would have been erased in an instant by Mew's power. Even as a fraction of what it once was, it was still overwhelming.

He was forced to take a risk. Grimacing, he twisted a notch on his watch. A shrill beep echoed through the chamber and a colorless wave was sent outward. The energy and Aura it touched vaporized, but as it closed upon Mew, it slowed.

Her burning energy collided with that of his crystal—her screams matched its shrill whines as its lingering power was pushed to its limit. Nova's grimace widened as he stuck out a hand and pressed forward against her power in an attempt to breach it. He drew closer, his face furrowing with greater malice each moment.

Then, there was a bright spark between them. An explosion rang out that sent Mew flying back and Nova skidding on his heels until he neared a wall. Mew backflipped through the air to right herself before spreading her arms wide. The force emitted from her further splintered the walls behind her.

With fiery eyes and breathing that came like a sharp hiss each time, Mew gazed upon Shaun's killer with pure hatred. Burning tears evaporated amidst her blazing energy. And with a harrowing wail, she flew at him.

Nova winced and brought up his arm in defense. A pink sphere, crackling with Psychic energy, surrounded her before crashing into something invisible between her and the target of her malice. A similar gray sphere emerged around Nova as he growled and pushed back against her.

Their clashing energy warped the chamber, making it twist and bend toward the center of their collision. The murderous glare in the eyes of Mew was matched by the terrible furrowed scowl of Nova, who gave no quarter against her.

Nova's barrier suddenly cracked. Mew drove through and he let out a final scream before she overtook him. Reeling to a halt, Mew turned to look at her handiwork for any scrap left of the man, but found none.

A bitter scowl remained on her face as she sighed and hung her head. Her flaring energy faded away. Glancing at the area Shaun last was, Mew allowed herself to sob quietly.

A finger silently drew through the air behind her. Mew absentmindedly floated toward where Shaun vanished, unaware of the shadow behind her or the rift that was opened by its fingertip. The shadow snapped its fingers, and Mew gasped and whirled around just in time to see a massive orange beam hurtling toward her.

Mew barely had the time to shield herself before the beam overtook her. She screamed as it burned its way through her barrier and overtook her. Flying past, the massive beam bore through the walls like they were nothing before shooting clear out of the withered Tree of Beginning altogether.

The beam's aftermath left her awash with fresh burns to cover up the old ones. She hissed in pain at the new exposed wound in her lifeline. The Aura Stream, exposed to the elements, wavered. But Mew did not.

Screaming, she dove at Nova, aiming to spear him on a Shadow Claw. He looked disturbed for a moment before twisting his watch. Suddenly, his body seemed to disassemble before her eyes and fly off somewhere, leaving her with a smirk.

She whipped around in an attempt to spot him, only for him to reassemble behind her where he once was. This time, brandishing a plasma knife bathed in the purple glow of his crystal's leakage.

The sound of that crystal's crackling whine alerted Mew. She turned just as his knife flew past her face, but he did not stop. Each time she tried to spot him, he vanished into shadow once again.

Her ire swiftly returning, Mew bellowed and sent a wave of burning winds in all directions. Swiftly, Nova's shadow was torn away; there was nowhere to hide any longer. When he looked down at his crystal, there were more cracks than he could count. It was only a matter of time now before it erupted.

"It seems," He growled, "That caution is no longer an option." Power from his crystal surged along his arm into his knife, making him grit his teeth at the disturbing sensation rushing through his veins. He swung his knife through the air, sending an arc of that energy at Mew.

Easily, Mew flipped out of the way and kept her glare upon him. "Who are you?!" She roared from her aching chest. "Why?! What was all of this for?!"

Nova snapped his fingers and the world around them distorted. The world flashed gray, disorienting Mew, and then the arc was just before her face. It crashed into her in a plume of violet dust.

He then pointed his blade into the smoke, knowing it would not be that easy. "You are everything I hate," He spat, marching toward her. "For too many reasons to count, I want you dead. You, and the rest of your offspring."

From the dust emerged Mew, bathed in fire. Time stopped around Nova and he shifted to the right to evade her, but the effort caused another crack to form on his crystal. Its whining grew louder. When she came flying back at him with a Dynamic Punch readied, Nova turned and stopped time once more.

The crystal faltered. A large fracture emerged and its energy spilled up in large swathes of dust. Stopped time resumed, allowing Mew to rush forward. Nova had only enough time to gasp before her fist smashed into his face.

A pulse rang out from the dying crystal that sent Mew back just as Nova staggered back from the strike. Crying out, he threw his head back and gripped the stricken area. His sunglasses, now cracked at their lenses, fell to the floor.

When he pulled down his hand, his eyes narrowed upon seeing the red mark on his glove. Rage quickly began boiling within him. His eyes narrowed upon Mew after releasing his bloody nose. He needed to kill her now.

"Seems like…" Mew took a heavy breath. "That toy on your neck is finally breaking."

In that brief moment where Nova's crystal weakened enough for her to strike, Mew seeped into his mind. She wanted to simply end his brain activity, but was unable to. What she did manage was to pry into his memories.

Digging through endless heaps of images of dark rooms and screens, Mew pulled further back in the short time she was given. She dug into his furthest, most protected recesses—the core of what the innumerable dark tendrils of his thoughts stemmed from.

She wanted to find out why.

She could hear screams echoing throughout his mind getting louder and louder. The screams of men and women crying in anguish and despair,

Suddenly, she let out a gasp and floated back from the man. "You are…" The last thing she saw before the crystal ejected her mind from Nova's was the sight of two young explorers amidst a small group wandering through the Tree of Beginning. "…That man from back then…!"

Nova hissed, recovering enough to shoot a horrid glare into her eyes. "You remember me. Tell me this." At his side, he pulled the trigger of his handgun, starting its charging mechanism. Plasma crawled up the sides of the gun to its nose from the chamber housing another crystal shard within. "Do you remember her?"

When Mew's face wrinkled in confusion, He could only find it within himself to chuckle. "It doesn't matter." Standing straight, Nova activated his crystal and sent out a gray field. When it passed Mew, she found her breath short and Psychic powers weakened.

Keeping his gun trained between her eyes, Nova said, "Come the next sunrise, no one will remember you."

Then, he fired. The bullet tore through the air, annihilating even that in a trail of violet dust. It drilled toward her, and she howled as she summoned all her might from the Aura Stream against it. The bullet tore through even that, making her wince.

Mew did not know if she had the strength left to repel it. Though slowed by the waves she sent against it, it continued toward her. With her Psychic powers weakened, she had only Aura to protect her.

In the clouds above, the white pulses spreading across the sky like heartbeats hastened. The Aura in the stream flickered and its color changed like it. A white flicker raced past Mew's eyes, and she saw and heard Shaun again—his final pleas ringing in her memory. The boy from whom she had taken everything from, begging her for help.

And he called her…

Unable to stand it, Mew screamed out. Ivory Aura flew from her feeble and broken body, concentrating upon the lone bullet. Glittering white dust sparked against violet specks. Loose trails of Auric flames danced across the chamber, burning the floors and walls.

One of them breached Nova's barrier. With wide eyes, he leaned to the side, barely managing to avoid it burrowing through him. It scorched his side and made him howl in agony, falling to his knees to clutch the wound. His crystal's high pitched whines became a deep churning sound as loose pieces of it fell to the floor.

The ivory specks of light raged against the violet ones of the bullet. A dim howl accompanied them from on high until, at last, the bullet shattered. Its pieces rained upon the ground just before Mew crumpled down after them.

Steam rose from her body in wake of the Aura that left her. She lay, unmoving, upon the floor. Steadily, the Aura Stream lost its color and began to slow, its form becoming more slim. It was the only tell that she continued to live besides the small, unsteady breaths Nova could see her taking.

He hissed loudly, gripping his wound and pocketing his gun to take up his knife once more. Violet dust sprayed from the cracks of his necklace like water, yet his gaze remained firmly upon Mew. Steadily, he limped toward her.

"Twenty years ago, you snuffed out my life. Right here, in this tree, you took what made my life worth living." He flicked his wrist, sending electric sparks up the knife's blade. Mew tilted her head up to see the murderous man drawing near. "Now," he growled hoarsely, raising the blade, "I will do the same to you, and the rest of your children!"

Mew gasped when a bloodied hand gripped her throat. Abandoning his wound, Nova held her in the air with his blade pulled back. "Starting with you."

With a choked gasp, she retorted, "This…is…starting…?"

Nova paused before replying. "You were marked for death ever since that day."

Then, he drove his blade forward. He stopped only when a wave of purple dust leaked from the crystal and flew in front of his face. Rapidly, the crystal began cracking and parts of its exterior fell away. Nova's heart sunk. He staggered back and tossed Mew away, using his knife to cut his necklace by its thick wires.

Where could he throw it? Panic set in quickly when he looked around and saw nowhere he could get rid of the crystal without its ensuing explosion dragging him down as well. But then he turned to look up at the Aura Stream, and his face became steely once more.

He tossed the crystal into it, watching as it was carried away for a brief moment before it erupted. The ceiling almost vanished amidst a violet plume that was taken up. A wave of it fell upon Nova. Amidst it was a single shard that shot straight into his eye.

His ensuing cry struck a chord within Mew. She had heard it before. Once in person, once in a Time Flower. Now she heard it again a third time, and unlike before, she could not ignore it. Without a crystal to defend his mind, she could freely scan his mind.

Her blood ran cold.

Suddenly, Mew's breaths became ragged. "All of it…" She saw it all. The secrets locked away in the mind of the enigmatic man. "All of it…!" She saw where her callousness and selfishness led him and what he did after. Necrozma flashed in front of her sight again. Hot tears fell from her eyes. "All of it…is my fault!"

Then, overcome by grief and fatigue, Mew lost consciousness.

Nova fell back screaming and clutching his burned face. "FUCK!" He tried to suppress his wailing with growls unsuccessfully. The burning was unbearable. Each second, it felt as if the shard was melting toward his brain and inflaming his skull. It grew to be too much, and he threw his head back and roared in pain. Around him, the walls and ceiling began to vanish as violet dust spread.

Few men and Pokemon remained standing across the scattered battlefield. No leaders remained to give orders, yet those still clinging to life by a hair in the valley fought on instinct and drive alone. Their movements were sloppy and exhausted. Every last fume of life left within them was spent in their death throws against one another.

One soldier, bereft of any remaining strength, fell to his knees. His frayed and fractured helmet fell off of its own accord and rolled to a halt beside him. Each breath he took of the dead, smoky air felt less satisfying than the last.

He managed to glance around and found only the fragmented, twisted, burned corpses of ally and enemy alike, united only in the fact they had returned to the dust from whence they came. But there was one left alive.

Straight ahead of the soldier was a Gallade covered in burns. Its blade was chipped and dull from extended combat. Upon its face, it wore a wide-eyed thousand-yard stare, the same expression of the soldier. They stared at one another with that vacant shock for a time.

There came a rumbling from the air. All eyes, human, Pokemon, and the Legends that remained, gazed up at the star in the sky. Hope entered the hearts of man and beast. For those that remained, even the humans found themselves wishing for the fighting to come to an end one way or another.

But there came no end. A harrowing scream of desolation and despair rang out across the sky from that star, forcing all to shield their ears from the sound. A terrible feeling struck every living thing like a wave as they heard it.

It was the sound of pure lament and regret as the creator's link to the world was severed by the power of its archnemesis. Aura was dragged away from the world back into the abyss outside of its creation, unable to save them from themselves.

When the last of its echoes faded, the survivors were left even more stunned than they already had been. Someone cried out, causing a few others nearby to flinch and look at them. They were pointing at the Tree of Beginning.

Gradually, all eyes fell from the sky to look upon the centerpiece of the war. Many sharp intakes of stagnant air ensued.

A purple glow crawled along the bark of the Tree of Beginning. The tree's veins, carrying its own destruction, glowed brightly. Fields of violet dust rose up from its branches. Steadily, the Tree of Beginning…was meeting its end.

Serena sped through the tunnels of the tree as fast as her aching legs could carry her. All around her, the walls were fading. Crystals were being eaten as she passed them. The entire tree was quivering, making it difficult to stay standing for long.

Yet there was one thing that kept her from giving up. Just ahead, she saw him. With Pikachu lying in a heap in the corner of the small chamber, Ash sat on his knees. His arms lay limp at his side, his unconscious expression remaining frozen in despair as he looked up into the sky with empty eyes.

The last of Aura's light, once washing down upon Ash's face, at last disappeared to leave him in darkness alone. Serena fell to her knees beside him and wrapped her arms around him, sobbing at the state of him.

"It's okay," She lied, rocking his unreactive body. The sound of the violet dust reaching their chamber came like a myriad of singles in an ominous song. Serena fearfully buried her face in Ash's chest and tightened her embrace. "I'm here now, Ash."

The two remained that way, alone, while the world was fading around them.

Zeraora's claws set alight a flash in the dark, icy chamber as they clashed with the steel of Ryder's blade. They slid past one another, turning as the ice carried them apart.

The wolf's fur was matted and torn. He fought for air laboriously and he could no longer keep his stance, allowing his arms to swing limply when unused. Ryder was much the same. After all he had done, not even he could resist the strain on his body.

"Ready…to give up…yet?" Challenged Zeraora between gasps. Ryder gave no verbal response, only repositioning himself. With a sigh, Zeraora raised his trembling arms to defend himself, but his eye was caught by the sight of the far wall suddenly being overcome by violet. "Wh-what is-?!"

Pain flooded his senses. A gasp escaped him. Looking down, he saw a black blade sticking from his chest. "You shouldn't have let your guard down," Spoke Ryder before setting his blade to Ground Type.

Sand spewed from his blade and covered Zeraora before he could retaliate with lightning. His attempts were swiftly drowned out by the type disadvantage. When Zeraora was completely encased, Ryder switched to Ice and froze the sand over. He tossed the frozen sphere into an open hole in the ice, swiped his blade over the opening, and froze it over before finally dashing away.

In the frigid depths, the frozen Sand Tomb slowly drifted up until coming to a halt beneath the frozen surface with a dull thud. Within, Zeraora raged and screamed, letting loose futile bolts of lightning that were snuffed out by the sand.

"N-no!" He raved, shaking his head. His ensuing lightning had a similar result to his last. "I'm not finished yet! You hear me?! Get back here!"

Each breath came laboriously to Zeraora, flaring pain in his chest. He winced, feeling the sand against it. Reality did not take long to set in. Tears of anger fell from his eyes to wet the sand.

"…What was the point?" He whimpered, beating his paw against the sand. "What was the point of all this? Of my life? Did I come this far just to…"

Madness came over him suddenly. He roared, unleashing a haze of lightning from his body that evaporated his tears. Within that icy tomb beneath the lake, the proud wolf bellowed in defiance of his death.

Mewtwo cried out as his body was buffeted further by plasmatic shots from the black jet he faced. It looped back around, blazing toward him at speeds he could not perceive. But then he saw the Tree of Beginning.

The black jet called the Raiden soared past Mewtwo and swiftly disappeared beyond the horizon. Within, the artificial intelligence of Auto droned, "Mission accomplished. All men, return to base."

His final command rang hollow. The number of men whose radios were intact enough to receive it could be counted by one's hand. For all others, there was only a pitiful whine from their transceivers or nothing at all.

None of the soldiers left alive followed it regardless; their eyes instinctively glued to the vanishing Tree of Life. The Pokemon fell to their knees in dismay. The Legends bowed their heads solemnly in their failure. But none were more devastated than Mewtwo.

His face twisted in despair as he watched, helplessly, as the heart of the world that had accepted him died before him. Had he not been so careless—had he not been so weak—he could have stopped this. But he didn't, and for his mistake, this was the result.


Mewtwo did not try to stop the tears that fell from his eyes, nor the anguished sobs tearing from his throat. This time, there were no tears capable of mending his mistake. The world he loved was dying, and he aided its killers.

Harshly, he swiped his arm across his face to rid himself of his tears. Mournfully, he hanged his head and held an arm toward the tree. "There is…only one thing I can do now." A dim, amethyst colored glow enveloped his body.

With his Psychic powers, he peered into the tree to find any life that remained within. He searched for the slightest sliver, and what he found made him wince. Scarcely anyone was left alive within. Yet still, there was at least something he could save.

Keldeo remained motionless as he lay upon a disappearing floor. Just before the dust could reach him, he vanished in a flash of purple light. Ash and Serena remained where they were as their world faded around them until that same light whisked them and Pikachu away also. Trapped within the icy abyss, another Pokemon was ferried away.

A small purple Pokemon sat against a wall limply, its face dark with bruises and burns. It gripped onto a single golden ring even in its motionless state. One of its small horns was missing. Before it laid unrecognizable crimson tatters, along with golden shrapnel of what was once another ring. Just as its limp body slid off of the disappearing wall, it was whisked away.

A myriad of these flashes swept up any living Pokemon that could be found within the tree. Mewtwo allowed himself a moment of elation upon finding his progenitor source still alive near the tree's core. She was caught up in the teleportation also, leaving Nova alone.

He watched, with his remaining eye, the dust of nothingness that he wrought. How it ate away at the walls and spread like a disease. From afar, he was sure it looked like victory. His dream, manifest at last.

But here, alone and bereft of an eye, it wasn't quite the end he was hoping for. His face and side burned to the touch. A clear red streak leaked from his stricken eye. His breaths came ragged, and without his crystal, they took in only stagnant air carrying little life.

"This…isn't over…!" He swore, reaching a hand at the empty space Mew once occupied. Then, his other eye closed and he stopped moving.

A black blade cleaved through the rising specks of light. Ryder's yellow eye widened upon seeing his master splayed across the ground in defeat. "No…!" Quickly, he sheathed his sword and sped to his master's side, recoiling upon seeing the damage done to him. Never—not once—had he seen his master suffer even the slightest scratch.

A rumble from the fading tree reminded him that he did not have the time to mull over this. He slung Nova over his shoulder, turned, and dashed out the way he came.

He sped through the disappearing tunnels and across the melting ice, rushing until he came upon the tree's central chasm. It was difficult to see much of anything with the dust eating away at it all. Yet, as he peered over, he saw exactly what he was hoping to see.

"We've got the generator up and running again, sir!" Chirped one of Commander Manuall's men with a salute.

The hardy commander nodded. "Good. Get us in the air ASAP. The rest of you find something to hang onto or strap yourself into a seat. Windshield or not, we're not staying here." He twisted his finger in a circle. "Move out!"

"Yes sir!"

One by one, his men sped into different positions to fasten themselves where they were needed. The propellers of the Nuada Helicarrier steadily sped up, and with a deep, metallic groan, the massive air vehicle managed to pull itself from the clutches of oblivion just as the dust reached the branch it was hanging onto.

It flew up amidst the rising speck of light. Like a reverse snowstorm, they rose all around the Nuada and its men. Many mouths gaped at the scene now that the crew had the time to behold it without worry of being consumed in it.

But then they rose up past one layer of the tree that was not yet coated in dust. And upon it stood a man in tattered black armor. He tapped the side of his cracked helmet, sending a ringing noise within the bridge of the Nuada.

Their ensign turned to Commander Manuall, shouting, "We're being hailed!"

Though the commander narrowed his eyes, he nodded and responded, "Proceed."

Ryder's voice came through the helicarrier's intercom. "This is Ryder, left hand of General Nova. The General is with me and critically injured. Prepare for our boarding."

As Ryder shifted his master's body for the jump, expecting the Nuada to draw closer to the edge for him, Manuall kept his eyes glued on the general. Just as one of the flight specialists was fiddling with the controls to assent to Ryder's command, Manuall spoke in protest.

"Do not let them board."

An array of gasps arose from his crew. One by one, they turned to him, and the ensign cried, "B-But sir! He's a general! We can't just abandon him!"

But Manuall's steely glare down at Nova's limp body did not change. "When our ship was under assault, did he fly to our aid? Or did he abandon us for his own ends? Surely you all remember."


The commander clapped his hand on the railing in front of him suddenly. "For the decade I have spent in this organization, I believed General Lee was a visionary with mankind's best interests in mind. However…"

His eyes narrowed as he recalled watching his men melted beneath acidic rain and annihilated beneath lightning. How they were annihilated without mercy not only by their enemy, but by their own railgun from above.

"…You felt it too, didn't you, soldiers? Not long before these lights showed up, there was something bad in the air." He peered out at the rising dust he mentioned with a solemn, cold look. "Looking out at those things, I can feel the regrets of our men. And the beasts. From this angle, they don't feel too different."

Aghast at their commander, one of his men asked, "Sir, what are you saying?"

"I'm saying," He began with boldness, "That I believe we made a grave mistake. One we can sort out on steady ground. Disengage. That is an order."

Ryder stabilized his master upon his shoulders, sheathing his sword to keep a better hold upon him. Just as he knelt down and prepared to jump, the Nuada suddenly began to rise higher. He stared at it in utter disbelief, and with a rising, boiling rage, he shot up after it.

There came the swift sound of air, and then a blade was pointed between the eyes of the commander. Ryder's wide yellow eye glared down upon Manuall. He stood upon the railing, Nova slumped across his back, shuddering with fury.

"Explain yourself," Seethed Ryder impatiently. He was but a twitch away from ending the traitorous commander. "Now. It is only because we are short on men that you have the luxury of drawing breath."

Though beads of sweat slid past Manuall's widened eyes, he steadily narrowed them challengingly. "I don't believe you or he-" He managed to nod at Nova without cutting himself. "-Have the best interests of our men in mind."

"His men," Chided Ryder, also nodding at Nova, "And you were one of them. You had a duty to follow commands-"

"To the meaningless deaths of myself and my men?" Challenged Manuall. "Maybe you don't have any regard for their lives—the lives of these brave men who sacrificed themselves for a dream of freedom for mankind you couldn't deliver—but I do."

The intensity of Ryder's wide eyed glare heightened with each word the commander spat at him. His breathing became ragged growls. He brought back his blade, aiming to spear the traitor upon it. But then another hand reached to stay it by the hilt.

"Stop, Ryder."

When he heard his master's voice, Ryder gasped and quickly let his master down beside Manuall. "Master!" He exclaimed. "You are…!" Turning to the commander, he stammered, "But he…!"

Covering half of his face with his hand, Nova gave Ryder a look that silenced him. He then looked to Manuall, who grimaced. "Commander Manuall," Addressed the man, making Manuall stiffen.

Nova eyed him with a look Manuall could not give words. Nevertheless, he was unnerved beyond measure, being at last face to face with the employer he had never known until today.

"You have a heart for mankind," Noted Nova, "Which will be invaluable in the world to come. But you are shortsighted. The plan is nearing its end, but never would have come this far without inevitable casualties."

Manuall went to retort only for Nova to speak first. "This," He said, motioning out at the dust with his free hand, "Is our dream manifest. The tree responsible for creating our enemy is gone at last. That alone is worth celebrating, but the time is not yet."

With a jubilant chuckle, Nova turned toward the open windshield, his eyes shimmering in lieu of the violet specks of light flying past. "Isn't it incredible? Every man to have ever been reduced to food for that tree…is free at last. You're free, Emily. And soon, so will we be."

Ryder eyed him with increasing worry, shifting in place uncomfortably the more his master spoke until he shouted, "Get a medic, now!"

Several members of the bridge quickly jumped to their feet and ran past Ryder, Manuall, and Nova toward the proceeding areas of the ship. Nova paid them no mind, simply staring out at the vanishing tree with a look of ecstasy upon his face.

Mewtwo released a weighty breath once he had rescued everyone he could find. To the others, still on the battlefield, he reached into their minds. "To all Legends of the Hall of Origin, return there. To all Pokemon of the Tree of Beginning…" His face wrinkled in further mourning. "I am sorry. I failed you all and betrayed your trust. I have no excuse."

Then, he reached a hand out over the blackened valley.

By then, the specks of light rising from the tree enveloped it completely. Its form wavered and, little by little, before the tips of its branches faded. The Pokemon that remained along the valley bellowed out their sorrows as they cried up at their disappearing home.

For reasons they could not understand, so did the men. Tears dotted their eyes in despair, anguish, and pure fatigue. Quiet sobs escaped them, though even they did not know why. They were victorious! The Tree of Beginning was fading, so why were they crying as if they had lost? Even they did not know; they only knew that something in the very core of their beings was weeping in despair, and they with it.

One after another, the remaining Legends bowed their heads to the tree of their genesis. Then, they turned away. White portals were ripped open before them, ushering them into the Hall of Origin. Despite tears dotting the eyes of nearly all of them, none dared to look back at the tree or the valley before leaving.

None, except for Mewtwo, who could not pry away his eyes.

He watched as the branches decayed into nothing, one after another. With great crackling, some fell apart at their bases and, consumed in violet specks, plummeted into the magma far below. At last, the entire tree collapsed upon itself.

A golden-white gate opened over the valley and three Pokemon shot out as fast as they could manage. Arceus, Giratina, and Dialga emerged only to see the vanishing tree. Their faces contorted in shock, but Arceus's anguish was immeasurable.

Its final branch held its final leaf, which quivered before the stem was severed. With the branch below fading away, the leaf danced in the gray, decaying air freely. And then a purple speck floated up from it, and it slowly met the same fate.

The Tree of Life was dead.

Once Mewtwo had seen it go, he saw no further reason to stay. A purple glow arose over his outstretched hand, making an identical glow envelop the Pokemon on the valley floor. In their grief, they did not notice.

Their cries were silenced as Mewtwo teleported them far away. He stared down at the humans with mournful pity before warping away himself, leaving them to their own devices.

Giratina went to descend upon them but was stopped by Arceus. The old, tired king shook his head before turning to float back into the gate. His sons, begrudgingly, followed and left the desolate valley behind.

No man that remained had the strength, will, or desire to remain standing. Some men remained in their weak sobs, but most found themselves simply unable to do anything. A harrowing sense of dread and doom weighed upon them. On their knees or collapsed, they awaited that doom with lifeless eyes.

But then, they heard noises from their transceivers. Even the men with deactivated or broken ones picked up the noise. Before long, a voice rang through.

"This is General Nova," Came the voice. Some of the men who retained a fraction of their strength checked their broken transceivers, befuddlement evident on their faces. "All men who remain, I urge you to rejoice. The battle is won. And soon, the war."

Within the bridge of the Nuada Helicarrier, the enigmatic man stood. Bandages were wrapped tightly around half of his head along the burns decorating his face. With his remaining eye, he peered out over the valley, relishing in the afterglow of his victory.

With a wide grin, he continued. "All able men, return to New Goldenrod City by any means available."

He saw a handful of dots along the sky; less than a dozen, but still there. Jets and helicopters.

"To our remaining fliers, I urge you to swell with pride. You overcame our enemies and lived to tell the tale. Take as many of our men back to base as possible."

Then, his eyes turned down to the valley floor. "The rest of you have clearance to use the mock Hoopa Rings. I wish I could tell you that you could lay down your heads and rest. You've earned that and more. However, mankind still needs your valiance."

Nova trembled with excitement. Sheer joy he had never known in decades returned to him, sending trembles all along his body. Beneath his bandages and imprinted within his cornea, a tiny black crystal shard crackled with energy. That energy ran down his arm and danced along the watch as he spoke into it.

"There, at New Goldenrod City…" Nova, reaching into a pocket within his vest, pulled out a small glass vial holding a single pink hair. His grinning face peered back at him in its reflection. "…Mankind makes its final stand."

After having delivered his speech, Nova's vision flickered and his senses dimmed. He lost balance and tilted to his side. As his vision blackened, the last thing he saw was Ryder speeding to his aid. Just as he always had.

Author's Note

Pokextinction Fact of the Day: The power of Necrozma is bizarre at its core. At times, it is destruction in its purest form like what Nova utilizes in his bullets or what happens when one of the shards explodes. However, Necrozma and later Nova used it in more varied manners than just destruction.

Manipulation of ideas such as time and space. Necrozma was above all concepts imaginable for a universe and was quick to defy them. That is what his power is. He does not control reality. He defies it. Things that should have hold on him conceptually such as time or space, he simply does not follow.

At the peak of his power, Nova was much like this. However, reality eventually came crashing down upon them both. Reality cannot be escaped forever.

The Creator: This chapter was my most anticipated for a while, although I feel as if most of them have been like that for a while now. The end is…not yet in sight, it seems. But without the Tree of Life, what hope is there?

The air gives almost no life or energy. The world has lost its vibrance. Mankind and Pokemon are at their limits, and no one will make it out unscathed. Or perhaps at all, at this rate. I hope you all enjoyed this war with the Tree of Beginning. Hydra had this idea very early on in the story. I think he was picturing it before we even released Chapter 5.

Now, here we are.

Hydra: This entire war for the tree was something I had envisioned even before the war with Necrozma. The Lucario movie is my favorite out of all the Pokemon movies and when I saw just how vast the Tree of Life was, my mind started thinking of all the various locations and Pokemon within it. We cut no corners when it came to showcasing our vision of the tree.

It's crazy to think it's finally over. It felt like as we were writing over the years the possibility of seeing this arc ever come to fruition became less and less because of life getting in the way. This is a personal accomplishment for me because I really got to see my ideas and dream come to life. For many years I looked for a fanfic that would hit every mark for what I wanted in a story and when I didn't find one I decided to make it myself. Arc 3 is a passion project to really see if a story could be written with pure humans with human weaponry vs Pokemon with their unique attacks and all.

I hope you guys enjoyed this war, the end is much closer than you realize.

Floatyy: "This chapter was great. I've actually been thinking for a while that the ending of the story will just result in the Pokémon world and human worlds separating. You know, like mystery dungeon style. Technically Pokémon were also part of the human world but still split a little. Since the legendaries aren't god tier and whatnot, I can see Aura doing it for them. Just a theory though. Looking forward to next chapter!"

The Creator: At this rate, there may be no world left for either. Not even Aura could save them from their own mistakes this time. Now, their world is running on fumes. I don't think Team Pokepals is equipped to handle a situation like this. Although Super Mystery Dungeon was kind of like this.

Hope you enjoyed!

Hydra: You won't have to envision the ending for long as it is fast approaching. The final stages of the plan are commencing. Funnily enough in regards to Mystery Dungeon I have actually envisioned what a war between humans and Pokemon would be like in that world. Imagine humans appearing from a mysterious land and declaring war on all the Pokemon and legends for their resources or something and the main protagonist has to choose which side to support since they used to be human.

G: "Wow, this was a very intense chapter without doubt, as it was very interesting to see the situation from Arceus's perspective and Mew's perspective at once, as both creator pokemon are dealing with their respectives ordeal and life-threating situations; with Mew being bring to the Aura-Stream to restore herself, and Arceus dealing with his rebellious son Giratina.

Well, regarding the battle between Arceus and Giratina, i can't help in imagines that this conflict was similar to the battle of Camlamn in Fate Apocrypha, specifically the battle between Artoria Pendragon vs Mordred, in the sense that Arceus and Artoria had notables issues with their sons, Giratina and Mordred, that eventually culminated with the rebellion of their sons, to the point that Giratina and Mordred tried to kills their respectives fathers and leaders. Adding that even despite to that Arceus and Artoria barely won this battles, in the end, this conflicts were a lose battle, as in the case of Arceus, the situation of the Pokemon world is irreversible, especially with the demise of other Legendary pokemon, among them Palkia. While in the case of Artoria, despite to her victory against Mordred, sadly, the kingdom of Camelot ended being destroyed during this conflict, leaving the victory of Artoria hollow.

Though that i doubt that Arceus can get some equivalent to the Holy Grail, to reverse all this tragedy. At least that Aura somehow can do something like that, perhaps...

And regarding to your point the Creator, i am also wondering that could do Aura, she could saves the day, or only get worse even more the already bleak situation, as to consider the current events, i still doubt that this conflict can end with a victory, as both sides already suffered too much loses, meaning that in the best scenario we'll can imagines some pyhrric victory, or in the worst scenario, i can't even think about it.

And regarding to your question Hydra, among the vehicles of Nova Corporation, my favorite was the Azathoth, as this aircraft makes me think in the Hellicarrier of S.H.I.E.L.D. from Marvel, only that possibly with a more bigger guns.

To finishes, i wonder what will happens if Mew finally kills Nova, this could be the fall of Nova Corporation, or it will be revealed that Nova had another successor to takes over in case of his demise, as i doubt that a calculative man like Nova hasn't a plan B, in case of fails and loses his life. And who knows, perhaps even his successor could recruits new soldiers to the cause of Nova Corporation after made that many people ended hating the pokemon, meaning that regardless if Nova dies or not, i doubt that Nova Corporation can falls so easily.

Keep the good job."

The Creator: A mother and a father, consumed by rage and grief. Their own creator, consumed by sorrow and helplessness. Their creations, all, left to pick up the pieces while only able to tear them apart even more.

Haven't actually watched much FATE stuff. Not being able to understand the titles or what parts coincide doesn't really help. My understanding is that there are some characters with Biblical names or inspired by the King Arthur legend. Except I once saw some clip of a dude with a rocket launcher blowing up a helicopter so I don't really know how to follow that series.

Unfortunately, it seemed like Aura didn't get there in time. So close, yet so far. Now all it can do is watch the end unfold. Unless it can change things in another way?

Thanks again for your awesome reviews.

Hydra: Ironically the SHIELD Helicarrier inspired the Nuada Helicarrier moreso. The biggest inspiration for the Nuada though is definitely the Helicarrier that was in Avatar commanded by Colonel Miles Quaritch. His vehicle was just so freaking cool that whenever I envisioned the Nuada I thought of that.

As for the Azathoth I always envisioned it as a railgun ship but when I watched Avengers Endgame and saw Thanos's ship it really helped me to think of the scale. I loved that scene when all his main cannons destroyed the Avengers HQ as soon as Hulk did the snap again.

Nova is not quite dead, but he definitely didn't get out unscathed. Everyone paid some kind of price and he was no different. Where does Ash and his friends go from here though? Everything is just going so wrong.

SilverWolf: "Man, this was… wow

We finally cut back to Arceus and Giratina! Really thought Gira was gonna kill him for a moment there.

Honestly, I'm still not sure if I like this route you went with Gira. I know vengeance can blind someone but I feel like he's being kinda dumb.

Damn… that last moment with Shaun… hurt…

You're so dead, Nova.

And you gotta toy with our emotions again with the death of little Palkia…

Man, I really wasn't expecting those two to die, honestly…

And now Giratina has no one else to blame but himself…

Arceus is gonna go on a killing spree…

And we'll see where Mew/Arceus' rage leads them next time…"

The Creator: Giratina was on the verge of killing Arceus, it seemed. But, oh, what Arceus was holding back… were it not for a certain someone reawakening, Arceus could have lost four sons.

Pride and ambition can make people act irrationally. Even the greatest of schemers can make a terrible blunder when the result they have been craving is just in front of their face. Even a truth slapped plainly in your face can be ignored with willful ignorance.

And Nova manages to slip away…to what end?

At least Arceus managed to hang onto something, but Mew… Who would have ever thought we'd see Giratina of all people admit he was wrong? Then again, Mew managed to. What will Arceus make of all this, now that the Tree of Beginning is gone?

Hydra: Nova is definitely gonna be physically scarred after this experience. Gotta wonder what his mindset will be now that the crystal burned itself into his head. Ugh I can only imagine how that would be to actually feel it slowly burning towards your brain.

Mew finally paid the price for her selfishness. Every action has consequences, I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the Dark Pictures Anthology that says it best. "It's all about decisions isn't it? Decisions made in a hurry, in a panic. Made with the heart instead of the head… or vice-versa. Sometimes those decisions take a long time to have repercussions. But there are repercussions. There are always repercussions."

The Creator: Next chapter, the Legends gather in mourning, and in planning, in the Hall of Origin. How will Giratina face the others after what he's done? What can Arceus say? How will everyone react to the young Palkia and Groudon? Or will that be the least of their worries? For example…

How many Legends will still be alive to join?

Furthermore, what is Nova's final scheme? And what can Ash do after all that has happened? Is the world simply doomed? Find out on the next chapter of Pokextinction, "

Hydra: This marks the end of the battle for the Tree of Beginning. As expected no side came out unscathed and there were casualties all around. On another note I really hoped you guys enjoyed this war as much as we did. It really allowed us to get creative as writers to show what a war directly between humans and Pokemon would look like. I originally conceived this idea by talking with The Creator about what it would be like if a modern military power in real life was pitted against Pokemon and had to adapt to their world.

Overall, I would say this is definitely one of the saddest chapters we've done to date. The Tree of Beginning finally met its end. Thanks for reading guys, I hope you all had a great Christmas and an amazing New Years. Goodbye 2023 and hello 2024!