Princess Sook Myung 1.1

I couldn't think, I couldn't breathe. Everything makes me tear up. I didn't want to face anyone today.

I'm sitting on my bed. It is cold but I can't move. Little puffs of condensed air are coming out every time a breath comes out. My feet are numb from sitting. My hand and my face are now ice.

I needed to do something. Practise my sword fight, martial arts. Do horse riding. Study the classics and martial arts manuals. But I just want to sit here.

I couldn't face anyone. I didn't want to face anyone. Not their cheerful faces and laughter and chatter. I needed this to go away. Time is running out. I need to train.

The morning is almost over. But the grey sky is obscuring the bright sunlight that I need. I haven't done anything yet. I need to just get up and train. I can't be like this. I can't live like this. This won't work.

I have to show the Queen, everyone in the Palace and the Hwarang House that I am capable.