Ban Ryu in his Hwarang uniform sees her scrubbing a load of clothes by the river, sleeves held up at her elbows and pant legs up to her knees, feet bare in the shallows on the pebbles.

He quickly looks away and starts to head back while worrying about what men might spy her bare skin while I worked. So he thinks to take a look around to make sure no one else is around for now.

Suddenly, he hears her splashing into the middle of the river, chasing a piece of cloth that is floating away.

She is chest deep in the water now and reach for the cloth but the action plunges it under the surface, her fingers slip on the fabric and she loses her footing and fall. She has just enough time to hold her breath before she is submerged and the current carries her away.

Her eyes are closed and she tries desperately to return upright when a strong arm clutches her and pulls. Her head breaches the surface and she breathed in in a big gasp. She is tired from the fight, so she closed her eyes and rested her head on her saviour. He dragged her back to the river bank.

She felt him lay her down on the sand and pebbles. They were rough on her arms and legs. She hears his laboured breathing and he patted your face.

"Hey, wake up. Miss."

Her eyes open and look into his face. His brow are furrowed and eyes are staring at her intently.

"Miss, are you okay?" He looks her over.

"Oh," she nods.

He gets up and goes to her feet. That's when she realises her pant legs are still up and her face heats at the thought. She pushes herself up on her left arm and looks at him. He is on one knee and his head is craned over, inspecting her foot. He looks at her.

"Ai, your foot is bleeding," He points to the hurting foot. She now feels the sting on her sole and the stubbed toes.

He walks away to grab a piece of clothing that was washed earlier and soaks it into the river.

He returns with the cloth, kneels down and looks at her for permission. She looks away. He reaches for her foot and wipes at the injuries. She recoils her leg and he holds onto the foot. He leans closer.

"Endure it for just a bit. It needs to be clean." He gently cleans her wounds and she braves a look at him. When he is done, he starts to rip a piece of his clothing.

"There's old cloth there," she points. His uniform looked expensive but he was already stripping it up. He looks at her and reaches his palms up for her foot. She gingerly gives it to him and he wrap and ties it with a firm, practised hand.