A padwan ran through the hanger, she was looking for a fast one person ship. She was running because the jedi temple was under attack, by one of the former padwans non the less! Han Solo's own son, Ben Solo.

'come on! Come on! Come on!' she screamed in her mind. 'presto!' she spotted an X-wing fighter, it had no droid, but she could fly it by herself. She darted towards it, but suddenly froze. She froze against her will, and saw why. Ben Solo walked in front of her. She used the force so that she could free herself.

"Fancy seeing your here... Ben Solo." She said sarcastically.

"I am Kylo Ren. Do not call me that." He growled low.

"Oh! I forgot, sith Lord now. Ok got it." She pulled out her twin lightsabers and activated them, one purple, the other blue.

Kylo did the same, but with only one lightsaber, and his was red and unstable.

The lightsabers met. Sparks flew, lighting up her face and black short hair.

"Join me and you shall be spared." Kylo said.

"You know where I stand, and I will never switch sides." She growled.

Kylo's lightsaber skimmed her shoulder. She winced in pain. All of a sudden there was a loud voice. "Ben!" It was Han Solo, with his Wookie companion, Chewbacca.

It distracted Kylo long enough for her to get away. She jumped into the X-wing and flew out of the hanger.

When she entered the Mesosphere, there were many star destroyers. A voice came over the com. "Surrender your ship or we will be forced to open fire."

"Can you tell me which one is worse for me?" She responded through the com. 'because I'm gonna die either way' she prepared to enter hyper space, she just started entering when a bolt hit her ship. It didn't appear to have damaged anything at the moment.

About an hour later...

She pounded her fists on the control panel, "why won't you stop!" She screamed at the ship. Of course the ship didn't answer. She tried over and over again to exit hyper space, each time she failed. She finally sat back and hoped for the best.

Quite some time later, the ship stopped... all of it. It came through the atmosphere of a planet.

"No! No! No! No!" She screeched, as the ship fell, she couldn't start it back up, she couldn't ejected, nothing.

It was a dark and stormy night, the waves crashing violently. The ship plunged into the ocean. It started sinking, and fast. She remembered her lightsabers and cut through the window, the water poured in as she pushed her way out. She fought her way to the surface, only to be pushed back down. Her lungs screamed for air, she gasped and inhaled water. She was fading fast. But before she fell unconscious she saw a spark, and felt a jolt go through her, then something slimy and leathery touched her skin before she blacked out completely.

The limp figure of a girl lay on a beach, waves lapping at her feet. She looked dead, the only sign of life was her chest, it fell and rose, rose and fell.

A large man walked upon the beach, he noticed the girl, and brought her back to his home.