Just a little update to say this story is discontinued (at least as a cohesive story). Unfortunately, my plans for this story (to the extent that they even existed in the first place) are just no longer appealing. Kiriko is just too fucking overpowered in the wrong way and not interesting and generally not appealing to me. Moreover, the events I had planned for this story aren't particularly interesting until way later. Like, the only part even remotely want to write at this part is the KiriYuuki part, but I'd need to get through, Aincrad, ALO, and GGO before then, so basically, I'd need to write an entire story (or several) that I have no interest in writing.

Furthermore, the existing part of this story is, frankly, fucking terrible. The number of tense mistakes alone is intolerable. Not that anything else is good. I don't feel like rewriting it either. I currently am slowly trudging along through a different fem!Kirito x Yuuki story with some help from A New Username and actual beta reading curtesy of One More Guy. A couple chapters are more or less complete, but my current plan is to write the entire thing before I post anything to avoid posting another story that will only make it a couple chapters.

This story may become a series of loosely connected one shots if I feel like it.