The Blue Lotus

Chapter 1: Peace

It has been a long day for Drago Midosea as he just left the jedi masters' office. He was a bookworm with blue robes and studied the origins of the Jedi. He had argued with the master for what they thought peace meant. He abruptly lost the argument and was expelled for questioning the teachings of the Jedi masters.

"Drago wait!" A girl shouted from behind him. He turn around and saw Ahsoka. He caught her in a hug.

"Ahsoka what are you doing here?" Drago asked as he walked in the direction of his dorm.

"I heard that you were expelled for arguing with the masters about the Jedi legacy is it really true?" Ahsoka asked fearing the worst.

"It is unfortunately true I have to go." Drago answered. "But I will not go down without a fight so I am starting a new legacy. The legacy of the blue lotus. You may join me on my quest for real peace throughout the galaxy." Drago said as he held a hand out. "Will you join me?"

Ahsoka looked into her best friend eyes and saw the sorrow of being misunderstood in them.

"Let me pack my thing I will cut my braids and we can be on our way. Did they take you lightsabers away?" Ahsoka asked

"The only took one of the five lightsabers I have." Drago smiled as he dashed of to his dorm. Drago packed his things and grabbed his roommate's hidden supplies. He met Ahsoka outside who was carrying her few trinkets she has collected over the years. She drew a knife and cut her braids.

"Let us depart before someone notices that you are gone." Drago said as he dragged Ahsoka to the bus shuttle.

"Where are we going to go?" Ahsoka asked as she followed close behind.

"Well we should head for a planet I found while we were on a planetary trip. I studied the planet and it is inhabited and it has furnaces to create crystals for my sabers." Drago explained as he led Ahsoka to an alley with a small ship.

"It's small but it should get us to Corellia which was the planet I was talking about. It also has ace pilots." Drago said. He looked at Ahsoka who was so eager to leave the teachings of the Jedi temple.

"Alright let's go we can get a pilot and a ship and we can spread our legacy!" Ahsoka nearly screamed as she jumped in the ship. Drago followed. With his careful studying he knew how to operate the ship. He got into the cockpit and started the ship.

( With the Jedi masters )

"He questions ages of knowledge! He should be killed." Count Dooku said as he paced around the courtroom.

"Kill we must not, find we must do." Yoda ranted as he sat in his chair.

"Master Yoda is right Dooku, we have to find them." Master Windu said.

"Fine but the Alderaanian comes with me it's been awhile since Alderaan has sent us a student and he seemed to be stronger than some of the Jedi knights." Dooku replied as he exited the room.

( On the Ship )

"We're nearly there Ahsoka." Drago said as Corellia came into view

"Wow it looks amazing." Ahsoka whispered.

"Alrighty do you want to craft a lightsaber gem?" Drago asked.

"Sure, I want to I could make a deep emerald green." Ahsoka cheered as they entered the atmosphere. When they landed the wings of the plane fell off. The two departed and told the area master to smelt the ship. When they walked into town they found a parked u wing. When they stopped to admire it someone bumped into them.

"Move." a voice behind them said.

"Who do you think you are?!" Drago turned to find a death trooper behind them. Drago withdrew a pistol and aimed it at the trooper's skull, but when he looked the death trooper already had two pistols aimed at them.

"Your move." The death trooper demanded as he put a finger by the trigger. Drago put down his pistol.

"Who are you?" The death trooper asked.

"Drago. Drago Midosea." Drago said as he saw the perfect opportunity and punched the trooped and held him with the force.

"Jedis? I mean no trouble I just want to get to my ship. It's the u wing just let me go with my stuff. Drago looked and saw a bag on the floor with stuff in it. The teens moved out the way for the trooper to past them.

"Drago we need a pilot." Ahsoka whispered as the trooper walked away.

"Yes but we need crystals first. Drago whispered back as he dragged her away. The two traveled to town until they found a public crystals smithing workshop which was empty at the time. They walked in and found a lady near four boxes.

"Hello how can I help you?" The lady said sweetly

"Yes we would like six lightsaber crystals." Dargo said as he dug in his pockets looking for any money he had to spare. Ahsoka did the same.

"It's fine I won't charge you it's public. Crystals are needed as a lifestyle here so here you go." The lady said as she handed 6 grey crystals Drago. Drago walked to one of the furnaces and handed two to Ahsoka.

( Four days later )

"I am exhausted. How about you?" Drago asked as he held two orange crystals and two red and blue swirls crystals. Ahsoka held two green ones. As the two walked towards the door, then a figure burst through the window. Soon after the figure had ducked behind the window laser fire flew through the window. Drago grabbed Ahsoka and ducked behind the window. When Drago looked he saw the death death trooper saw them too.

"You again?" He asked. Then drawing his dual pistols he stood up and started firing.

"Who's after you?" Ahsoka asked.

"Clone troopers." The death trooper replied simply.

After thinking about it Drago got up and force pushed two clone troopers into a wall knocking them out but, not before one could call for backup. Soon more clone troopers were there and started firing. The death trooper pressed his intercom.

" lite 'em up General." he said. Over intercom a voice was heard.

"Roger roger." It was the sound of a battle droid's the death trooper's u wing flew over head. It stopped in hover mode then started firing upon the clone troopers who were no match for the superior fire power. When Drago looked in the cockpit of the u wing he saw a battle droid pilot. When the death trooper got up to leave Ahsoka spoke.

"Wait if you're a death trooper why didn't you sell us out to the Sith?" Ahsoka asked as her face hardened.

"I don't work for them anymore." he said then he added "I didn't like their ways so, I left."

"Join us." Drago said.

"What?" Ahsoka and the the death trooper said in unison.

"Ahsoka, he got skills. He would've had to reprogram that droid so that means he's and engineer and the droid's a pilot-" The death trooper interrupted

"Copilot, I'm the pilot." he motioned for Drago to continue speaking.

"He's just what we need Ahsoka, and he's got a ship too. He'd need skill to become a death trooper too all the reason to recruit him." Drago turned to the death trooper.

"We're assembling a group called the blue lotus an organization created by your truly. We are fighting the Sith and the Jedi for true peace and freedom throughout the galaxy." as Drago explained the death trooper looked from side to side looking for onlookers when he saw none he took his pistol and hit Drago in the head with the handle knocking him out.

"Hey!" Ahsoka yelled. The death trooper turned and hit Ahsoka in the side of her head knocking her out too.

"Snaper get over here." He said looking down he saw Ahsoka's forehead was bleeding. The u wing landed and the ramp opened out came a security battle droid. As the droid marched over the death trooper picked up Ahsoka in a fireman's carry. Snaper bent down grabbed Drago and slung him over his shoulder. The two then walked in the u wing.

(In the death trooper's base)

When Drago woke up he was in a cell right next to Ahsoka. Looking up he saw the death trooper leaning on a wall.

"Time one of you woke up." The death trooper said as he walked towards the cell.

"What do you want from us?" Drago growled as he raised his head.

"Oh I don't want any witnesses to turn me in now do I?" The trooper said as he sat in a chair.

"You could be using your skills to make an impact throughout the galaxy." Drago claimed as he nudged Ahsoka.

"Hello?" Ahsoka yawned as she nearly fell asleep again.

"Good morning Togruta how was your nap?" The death trooper said as he stared at the Drago.

"Untie us at least." Drago asked

"Fine, Red Snapper untie them." The trooper said. Then a security droid came around the corner and opened the cell and untied the teens. Suddenly the trooper realized what he was doing.

Drago jumped up and pushed the droid into the wall and ran and before it could get up Ahsoka jumped on it's back with her arms around it's neck. But, with surprising strength the droid reached back and grabbed her then flipping her off it's back it slammed her on the floor. The death trooper started running after Drago he stopped in a split halfway

"Where did he go?" the death trooper asked himself

(with Drago)

Drago turned around a wall and bumped into something. When he looked down he saw and astromech with a black primary color and a red secondary. Drago froze hopping the astromech wouldn't do anything. But instead it scaned him then a panel opened up on the astromech's chest and the a rod came out and touched Drago. It tased him.

"Damn It!" Drago screamed down the right hall. The Death trooper heard his scream and ran down the right hall. He found the Jedi on the floor twitching. Drago woke up in a high security cell with a laser wall. "What happened?" He asked as a hologram appeared in front of him.

"You are in solitary, you are going to be closely watched." the hologram disappeared. Drago slammed his fist on the floor. Then he heard footsteps and when he looked he saw the death trooper holding Ahsoka flanked by the security droids, she was bruised and battered and was bleeding from her arms and forehead. Using one hand he pressed the panel to open the cage. As soon as the cage opened the droids aimed at Drago. The death trooper set her on the floor then backed up and reactivated the cage. Dragon ran to Ashoka's side.

"What did you do to her!" Dragon yelled as he found a small but existent pulse in her neck.

"Well she attacked us and you can see what happened after that." The death trooper said as he turned and walked away. Drago got up a tried to force push the door. "I built this cage for Jedi and Sith. It cancels out the force." The death trooper finally said as he walked away. Drago nudged at Ahsoka for the second time.

"Oww." She groaned in pain as she clutched her head." I need water." Ahsoka said as she touched Drago's arm. Then she fainted. Drago's heart broke at the saddening sight. Energy circled around the two teens. Drago got up with his eyes glowing blue. He forced pushed the door and it flew open, The two droids rushed in but was easily dismantled by Drago.

Drago ran down the hall using the force to sense his opponent. He found the trooper walking with the astromech down the left wing. Drago made an immediate turn and tackled the trooper in the back and dislocated every joint in his body. He then turned to the astromech and sent it flying through the hall. He face the trooper again.

"How does it feel to be powerless in your own sanctuary?" Drago roared as lightning started to crackle in his fingertips.

( Back with Ahsoka )

Ahsoka woke up surrounded by robot parts and a shattered door. She stood and heard Drago's voice, but it was deep and menacing. She remembered something the Jedi masters said to her one day.


"Ahsoka we have been studying the new students at the temple and we have seen that you are the best of the first years." Mace Windu said to her.

"But dear we need to ask a small favor." Count Dooku said as he put a hand in her shoulder. "You have been assigned to help Drago Midosea with his training in the temple. Do you think you can handle it?" Ahsoka nodded in delight.

"Powerful she is, general she may become." Yoda said as he walked and patted the little girl and sent her of.

"One last thing." Doofus said. "Don't let anyone hurt him." Doofus warned. Ahsoka walked away.


"Maybe that's why they didn't want him hurt." Ahsoka thought as she walked down the hall. When she turned the corner she saw Drago with glowing blue eye staring at the immobilized death trooper.

"Now, I am going to ask one last time. Join our cause or I will personally execute you in front of my army" Drago roared as he created a crushing gesture with his fist.

"Army? I see no army. All I see a little boy and his girlfriend." The trooper said. Drago took a step closer. "Fine!" the trooper said as he gave in. Then there were multiple crackling sounds coming from within his body. The trooper got up and backed down. Drago's eyes returned to normal.

"If you so much as touch Ahsoka I will kill you." Drago threatened he turned and saw Ahsoka who seemed to be surprised to she Drago injured. "Are you ok Ahsoka?"

"Ah yeah I am but what happened there?" Ahsoka asked. The trooper scanned Drago then got up.

"Nothing," the trooper said. "The names Slade." he said as he walked away. When Slade had got to the cell he saw his two broken security droids.

"Fixer, E.R, R.E I need you over here." he said pressing his intercom. Then three engineer droids marched up. One of them started to fixed the disassembled droids while the others fixed the cell.

"Where are we anyway?" Drago asked as he leaned against the wall.

"A hidden planet just outside the galaxy. I never named the place but, i'll think about it." Slade said. Drago turned and saw something down the hall. It was small and dark and it took a step towards him. Then it dashed at him and crashed into him. Drago fell flat on his back as the thing landed on him. Drago threw the thing across the room before getting up.

"Hey don't hurt him!" Slade yelled.

"Him?" Drago asked.

Slade walked across the room and picked it up.

"It's a miniature AT-AT walker I call him A.T. I made him because he was a test if AT walkers could be controlled by a droid brain. In the end they couldn't be a small one could." he put down A.T. and it looked at Drago before firing a blast at him then running away. Drago moved out of the way of the shot.

"Oh, and real lasers" Slade said walking away.

Hey guys hope you liked this I know the timeline is messed up but I hoped you enjoyed Lavamaster is writing here to.