Jackson Smith walked towards the orphanage. He had been there since his parents died. He had only one friend who was staying after school to work so Jackson had walk home alone. They were both only six years old.

(flash back)

"Hey Jack!" Mason the name of his friend yelled. He never called him Jackson. Jack or Jackie but never Jackson.

"You'll have to walk to the orphanage by your self today I'm staying at school to study!" Mason said still yelling.


As Jackson was about to turn the corner b-1 battle droids came out of nowhere surrounding him.

"Jackson Smith you're coming with us." a commander droid said. He had no choice they were armed, he wasn't.

(a week later)

"You are storm troopers. Not clone, storm troopers you will fight for something new coming. You have no names you have numbers. You will obey." said an officer. So this was the briefing One one-seven fourteen thought at least that's what they wanted him to call himself. The hundreds of children were arranged in four lines. Then the were ordered to go in these cylindrical tubes. This would be the last part of the briefing. The brainwashing Jackson put his hand in his pocket and felt two tiny things. The were his mother's earrings the only thing he had of his old life. It was his turn to walk in the cylinder

Walking out the cylinder one one-seven fourteen was directed to his dorm. He sat on the bed, and put his hand in his pocket he pulled out to earrings. They looked familiar.

(flash back)

His mother kneeled in front of him. She took off her earrings and gave it to him.

"I'm going away for a little bit but, you can keep these to remember me," It was almost as if she knew she was going to die. "Since you can keep them you can only give them to a girl you love." she said. Jackson tried to hand it back to her. "It can't be me silly, but mommy got to go now bye." she stood up and walked away.

"Bye mommy." Jackson said waving he put the earrings in his pocket.


He remembered. Two days after she left he found out that her transport had blown up. But one thing was hasy one thing he couldn't remember. His name. That had been truly lost to the brainwashing. He would make a new one.

(one year later)

After exceeding the training he a seven others were order come to the briefings hall. The cylinders were still there.

"You eight have been hand picked for something very special. You will become death troopers." said the captain.

He explained what they would have to go through the training everything. And when the captain asked how wanted to go first, One one-seven fourteen stepped up he would be the best and would slay those who killed his mother. He had finally thought of a name for himself, Slade.

(two years later)

Slade watched as a woman walked down an ally

"Now," he said over the coms four death troopers surrounded the woman. Slade walked up to her

"Where is Drago Midosea?" he asked. Then a man ran at them blaster pistol in hand and fired. He hit one of the death troopers as she turned around before the others shot and killed him.

"That was the father." One three-seventeen said. He handed Slade a taser incase she didn't want to tell, but Slade was more focused on seventeen-thirty three the death trooper who was shot. She didn't move at all.

Slade hoped she wasn't dead he had already lost three death troopers on missions.

"I'll never tell!" she yelled.

"Tase her." One three-seventeen said. Slade didn't move. He was the team's captain.

"No." he said. Slade was confident he could take him on. He was worried if the others would fire. Without hesitation One three -seventeen punched Slade in the head knocking him to the ground. He took the taser and turned to the woman. He activated the taser. Slade sat up on his knees and crawled over to Seventeen-thirty three. She was breathing now. Good, he thought as he heard the screams of the woman. After a minute she caved in.

"He was taken by Jedis! I don't know where!" she screamed in pain.

See? What wasn't so hard." one three-seventeen said nodding to another death trooper named Thirty four-sixteen. Thirty four-sixteen raised his blaster and shot her.

"This is One three-seventeen we're ready for evac." One three-seventeen said into his com. The troopers ignored Seventeen-thirty three on the floor and waited. Slade pulled her helmet off. She was awake now.

"This is my fault we didn't scan the area." Slade said . She shook her head not wanting for him to blame himself but Slade went on.

"I never should have been leader I should've should've," Slade said thinking for a moment

"Left." Seventeen-thirty three stared into his eyes.

"Then leave." She said. A trickle of blood came out her mouth. She was dying and Slade couldn't do anything. She died in his arms before the LAAT came they had to use it because civilians would think it was the republic. On the way to base Slade thought about what she said.

(a month later)

As Slade ran down a hallway being chased by laser fire he was full of regret. Leaving was easier than it sounded. Four weeks ago two more stormtroopers were promoted the death troopers. Slade had invited all the death troopers to leave with him. That how Slade knew there was a problem in the brainwashing. They had all said no but didn't report or kill him. Knowing he couldn't leave alone he reprogrammed one B-1 droid pilot, one B-1 droid commander, four B-1 security droids, four B-1 droid engineers, an astromech, one NR-1100 slicer droid, one GH-7, one 2-1B surgical droid, and one FX-6 Medical Droid.

Right now he ran alongside the droid commander who he had named Sarge and the security droids named Red Snapper, Red Polar, Red Streak, and Red Cannon. The rest of the droids were in a LAAT waiting for them to come. Slade a had E-5 blaster rifle in his hand and turned around to shoot at a commando droid. Of course they sent droids after them. If they had sent stormtroopers then they would've saw the rebellion they might rebel too. As Slade started to run again he saw Sarge fall. Slade turned around and fired at the droid that had hit Sarge. It was a B-2 super battle droid. They were trying their hardest to kill Slade. After the combined fire of Slade and the droids blaster fire the super battle droid went down.

Slade grabbed Sarge's arms and dragged him behind a corner.

"Are you ok?" Salde asked desperately.

"Leave me kid, I'm not going to make it." When Slade had reprogrammed him he added a mature personality because of this Sarge called him kid.

"Don't say that." Red Snapper said picking Sarge up with both his arms. Slade grabbed Sarge's blaster and handed it to him.

"Protect Red Snapper." Slade said. Sarge fired over Red Snapper's shoulder and shot a droid.

"Nice." Red Cannon commented. They started running again with Sarge firing over Red Snapper's shoulders to cover them. Then, in front of them were two super battle droids. They fired and the blasts hit Red Streak and Red Cannon in the chest. Then Slade opened fire as he heard a voice yell, "Screw it!" then both super battle droids were shot in the back. Behind their falling bodies were two death troopers. Slade looked at them.

"Did you change your mind?" he asked desperately.

"No but we'll help you." as they ran dragging the the damaged droids behind them they made it to a transport ship. Slade and previously put in coordinates to his destination he pressed the button to warp. He knew none of the death troopers would make it.


Slade talked to a mandalorian with black and red armor. He had sold the transport ship for a U-Wing and had become friends with the mandalorian who had sold it to him.

"I know you can't stay," the mandalorian started. "But here." he gave Slade two knives and then the case for them. "They're mandalorian iron." Slade put them away. He hugged his friend "goodbye." he said. He walked into his U-wing and flew off.

We warned you to beware the you enjoyed.