Chapter 1

Damon's pov

It was the 2nd day and things were getting worst. Hearing my little bird painful coughs were like somewhat a torture to me. I waited patiently as bonnie coughed and then came out with a pale face and clutched her stomach painfully. A sight which I really didn't liked on her.

"This is getting worst, little bird. I think we should go and see a doctor. " I said as she came out of the bathroom and sat on the edge of the bed. But suddenly regretted my words as soon as they left my mouth and looked up at the horrified expression that was plastered on her face.

" D... D.. octor. "she said." No damon not a doctor please. You know I don't like them at all. " she finished with wide eyes. I mentally smacked myself and to calm her I said," Fine, no doctors, but I think we should go and see Mrs. Flowers. " I said and to my relief she nodded her head.

" I'll let you freshen up, okay? " I asked and once again she nodded. I pecked her lightly on the lips and told her that I'm going to wait in the car before I left the apartment with my keys.

Bonnie's pov

Omigod! I did it again. We were sleeping peacefully in each others arms, then suddenly I felt like all the dinner that I ate last night is climbing up my throat so I bolted from the bed and dived straight into the bathroom for the pot. After I was done my stomach and my throat hurt like hell, but I just clutched my stomach and then opened the door.

When I saw Damon I thought that he would be kinda annoyed that I ruined our peaceful time like that but to my utter relief he did not looked angry at all. But soon that relief turned into horror when he said that we should go and see the doctor.

I don't like doctors at all. All they do is scare the shit out of people. Damon must have noticed the horror on my face cause he suddenly told me that we can go and see Mrs. Flowers and I just nodded. When he went away so that I could freshen up, the wheels in my head started to turn. And questions like:

What is happening to me? Have I catched any kind of disease? Have I catched a normal flu or is it something more serious?

Started to swim in my head. But then another question came to my mind which was kinda ridiculous as damon is a vampire and can't procreate but still I think that maybe by some miracle I am pregnant with his child.

Oh! Come on bonnie, you can't be pregnant with damon's child. He's a freaking VAMPIRE! My mind told me. But I just brushed everything out of my mind and went down stairs and got in the car with damon.

"What took you so long, red bird? " damon asked me." oh nothing I couldn't stop some silly questions ya know. " I smiled a little at the end and he returned it. We then lapsed into complete silence as damon drove towards the boarding house while holding my hand all the way, which made me smile a little.

General pov

Damon pulled his ferrari at a stop near the boarding house and then helped bonnie out of the car. They both held hands as they walked towards the boarding house. Stefan had heard them coming so as soon as they stepped on the porch stefan swung open the door with a big warm grin. " Hello brother." Damon said and then proceeded to hug stefan which he happily accepted and returned. Bonnie smiled as looked at both of them, they look so cute when they are not fighting, she thought and then greeted stefan when the brothers parted.

The brothers relationship had completely changed when bonnie and damon had gotten together. Damon got the love he was looking for, wasn't jealous of his brother and for the first time he was chosen first.

When they entered the house Elena came running towards them with a big grin and engulfed bonnie in a bone crushing hug which bonnie replied with the same pressure and then started to giggle when the boys started to cough indicating that their little lesbian act needs to end.

" We actually came to see Mrs. Flowers. Redbird over here has not been feeling well for the past few days and as we all know that she doesn't like to go to the hospital we thought that we should see the wise old witch. " Damon finished with a smirk and pulled bonnie closer to him. Stefan and elena nodded and then stefan said," Sure, come on she's upstairs into her room. " he finished and both the brothers led the way while the girls talked behind them while following." You okay? " Elena asked." Oh yea, it's just the same morning sickness that's all. " Bonnie finished with a small smile.

When they reached the room, it opened revealing a smiling Mrs. Flowers who said," oh, I was just waiting for you kids to come. I know that you all want to ask something to me. " and with that she urged them inside. They all had gotten used to Mrs. Flowers surprising them like this so all of their expressions were the same. Bonnie was the one to speak first," hello Mrs. Flowers, how are you? " Mrs. Flowers smiled and then said," hello dear, I'm fine and I get a feeling that whatever you want to ask me is related to you. " Bonnie nodded her head and then Damon nodded his head towards her as a way of greeting and then said," Red bird isn't feeling good for the past few days and we were just hoping that you could help us to find out what is wrong. " he finished and Mrs. Flowers told bonnie to sit down on the Queen sized mattress.

After she sat on the bed cross legged Mrs. Flowers sat in front of her, told her to close her eyes and took her hand into her as she started chanting. The trio in the room just looked at the witches doing their magic. When Mrs. Flowers stopped chanting she started to grin like a mad woman and then turned around to face the trio who had all raised an brow at her expression. "There is nothing wrong with dear bonnie. The reason she is so sick is because of the little person who is growing inside of her."

When she finished she heard four gasps and then everyone muttered at the same time with stefan, elena and damon muttering, "bonnie's pregnant." while bonnie muttered, " I'm pregnant." and Mrs. Flowers said, "YES!." Elena was the first to recover and asked the question which was going through everyone's head, "how?" Mrs. Flowers smiled and said that, "When a vampire comes in a sexual contact with his soul mate they can then create a life together." she finished and then congratulated a very stunned bonnie and damon.

Bonnie looked up at damon who had his eyes widened and decided that she is going to talk to him on this matter and that to now so she stood up and walked towards damon with an unreadable expression. When she got near him she looked down as she fidgeted with her hands and was just about to speak when she heard a big thud and when she looked up she saw that her vampire boyfriend had... FAINTED!