Bonnie's ninth month...

Bonnie and damon were really excited for their boys to arrive in this world as well as the whole scooby doo gang..

Till now no more attacks has been made on bonnie but it didn't mean that the gang was not alert, especially damon.

Bonnie was now in her ninth month and it has been a couple of days which made damon slightly worried. He had asked Mrs. Flowers, " Aren't babies supposed to be born just as the ninth month starts." To which Mrs. Flowers had chuckled lightly and answered in a very amused voice, " Yes, what you heard is right. Babies are supposed to be born as the mother's ninth month starts but it is totally normal for the delivery to take place after a while. "

It was kind of hilarious to see damon acting this way. Everyone were used to see the big bad damon acting all sarcastic and carefree and also like a homicidal vampire. But that had changed when bonnie and damon got together. Everyone one saw a different side of damon where bonnie was concerned. He was less sarcastic and tried to change for the better but not because bonnie wanted him to or anyone else but because he himself wanted to.. But knowing that he was going to be a dad in a couple of days, he was turning his forehead all wrinkly just as stefan's.

Bonnie and the rest of the gang were no better. They were all becoming quite restless as well. Though bonnie loved her boys already she just wanted them in her arms and with caroline, meredith and elena going around shopping all kind of dresses and other baby items for the boys and with stefan, sage and matt going around with their girlfriends wherever they went it was all kind of all too much...

Don't get bonnie and damon wrong they love what everyone is doing for them especially damon considering the fact that he never thought the the scooby doo gang would ever accept him but they were the parents for god sakes. So when the guys started to make plans for the nursery, damon and bonnie had both told them that though they are free to actually buy or do anything for the baby this nursery would be decorated by them. After a little arguing the gang had realised what they had been doing and decided to apologise.

The nursery was painted a light blue with little hints of sea green here and there by damon. He had also made the crib which was really beautiful.. Bonnie had decorated the whole room so beautifully that it just breathe taking everything you walked into it..

It was early in the morning when bonnie went downstairs with damon beside her. As soon as she stepped inside the kitchen she felt something pull in her stomach. She frowned a little and actually stopped while placing a hand on her big belly. Damon saw this and he too visibly frowned when he saw her and asked, " What's wrong, red bird? Are you okay?"

Bonnie shook her head, smiled up at him and said, " Yes, I'm totally fine."But damon being damon was not convinced. Bonnie rolled her eyes at his behavior she took his much larger hand in hers as she pulled him inside the kitchen and went straight towards the table where the breakfast was already served.

Everyone had their breakfast with small light conversation and soon damon, sage and stefan were leaving for their own breakfast. Caroline had gone to her mothers for the weekend, leaving only matt, elena, meredith, bonnie and Mrs. Flowers in the boarding house.

After a while bonnie too went upstairs to go and have a shower. When she reached the top of the stairs she felt it again. The pull. But like the first time she ignorged it and thought that maybe she has just finished her breakfast that's why she is feeling the pull. She shrugged her shoulders and continued towards her room while occasionally rubbing her baby bump.

She hummed to herself as she slowly got undress and as she stepped inside the shower she let out a long content moan as the warm water started to sooth her aching limbs. Soon she found herself singing.

After getting dressed in one of the many black shirts that damon had and slipping on to some really big pyjama pants which caroline had brought for her, bonnie slowly made her way downstairs and into the living room where she saw everyone gathered and talking about something. They all looked up and smiled at her while damon stood up and came over to her and lightly pecked her on the lips. That was the time bonnie felt the pull again but a little stronger but as usual she chugged it down to the feeling of being kissed by damon.

Then stefan said," Hey, bonnie if you feel good then maybe we can have our dinner in the backyard."

Everyone looked at bonnie who just smiled and nodded her head. "Why don't we make it like a date, huh? We all could get dressed up while you guys do some hard work and get the backyard look like the one from the fairytale." Caroline said.

Before damon could make a snarky comment, bonnie lightly pecked him on his lips and said," Just go. Help the guys and dress like a prince, though you already are one. " She finished with a small smile.

Damon smiled, not smirked, at her and said, " Oh so I'm a prince, huh?" thought he said it in a jokingly manner there was nothing but love and adoration in his eyes.

" Oh please, don't act like you didn't knew it. " Bonnie said with a small chuckle. He too chuckled a little before he said, " You know you, my babybird are queen to me already." after he finished he saw her smile a little wider before hugging him. He returned her embrace and they swayed little but their happy moment was cut short when bonnie was suddenly yanked back softly.

"Oh come on we know you guys have the hots for each other and all but please just cut it out already. Come on bon, let go get all dress up." Elena said and heard agreeing noices when matt spoke up, " Seriously guys just leave each other alone for at least a little while where you don't seem like you both are joined hip to hip. " he finished with shook of his head and again there were agreeing noices. But before the said couple could say or do something meredith grabbed bonnie and the girls made there way upstairs while sage had to drag damon who had a love sick fools expression on his face.

As soon as the girls reached up stairs they decided to meet back in five minutes in one of the many guest rooms at the boarding house. They thought that the guys would want the rooms to themselves for getting ready as well. After they got all the things that they would need, they all met near stelena 's room and entered the room just beside theirs. Bonnie had went to shopping in her seventh month so right now she had a dress that would actually fit her.

While the girls got ready they chatted and laughed and soon in the time span of just one hour they all got ready. As they got out of the room and started to climb down the stairs, they all gasped and stopped in there tracks while the same action took place at the end of the stairs. The girls all stood in a line at the top of the stairs while the boys stood at the end. It was caroline who shook her head a little as she made her way downstairs dressed in a mild green coloured dress that stoped just above her knee paired with green sparkling stellitoes and a beautiful pair of emerald toppings towards her boyfriend who was dressed in a black dress pant and a deep blue shirt tucked in which high lighted his blue eyes. As soon as she reached him he took her hand in his, kissed the back of her hand and started to lead her towards the backyard with her arm in his. After caroline, meredith made her way downstairs dressed in a deep blood red pencil fitting dress with a pair of black stellitoes and small dangling earings towards her boy friend who was dressed similar to matt but with a light chocolate brown shirt. He reapeated matt's actions and led his date out. Elena was the one after meredith dressed in a beautiful blue pencil fitting dress that stopped just below her knee with a pair of sparkling blue stellitoes towards stefan who wore a deep forest green shirt and together they made their way outside.

Now only bonnie and damon were left who seemed in no hurry to get out and join others. They stared at each other with nothing but unconditional and deep love showing in their eyes. Bonnie took a deep breath and slowly started to climb downstairs with a hand on her big baby bump thumb running small circles on it. She was dressed in snow white dress which stopped a couple of inches above her knee and had spaghetti straps which were tied at the back of her neck with small diamond like stones covering the neck line of her dress. She wore a pair of sparkling silver stellitoes and a small diamond pendant with matching earings that damon had given her for her birthday last year. Damon was dressed similar to the others and as usual in all black but the black clothing was a very beautiful contrast with his snow white skin and showed out his oxyn black eyes. He had roled his sleeves up till his elbow showing of his muscled arms and as the shirt was supper tight you could also see the linings of his amazing six pack abs and amazing biseps.

When bonnie reached him though he kissed her hand like the others did, rather than taking her away in the same direction the others had gone he pulled her flush against him, placed one hand on her baby bump while the other went around her back and held her to him while placing his forehead on top of hers. She noticed that his eyes were closed and that his breathing was getting heavier by the passing second. Worried, she placed one hand on top of his on her baby bump but the other she placed on his cheek and whispered, " Damon, are you okay?" Damon slowly opened his eyes and she gasped when she saw the intensity in them.

Without giving her a answer as she expected that he would he slowly swayed them to the music coming from outside. Still in their previous position he started," You know when I was little there was only one person who loved me with everything, she was my mother. She was the one who would do anything for me, the one who would forgive me for my silly pranks, the one who would save me from my fathers warth if I did something to displease him. She was my everything you know. " Damon broke of suddenly and looked up at bonnie who had tears in her eyes. Now looking at the women he loved he, he started to talk about the memory of which he talked about to no one.

" I was nine when stefan was born. After our mother gave birth to him, she became extremly weak you know. I was still small and hearing that now I'm a big brother filled me with so much pride and happiness that without thinking I ran to where I knew my little brother and my mother was and entered the room quietly as to not gain attention. Stefan had been placed in a crib just near my mothers bed where she was sleeping. The love and protective ness that I felt for stefan was unbelievable, I was so happy that I started to cry softly. " Damon broke of again as he took a shakey breath and swallowed the big lump in his throat and saw that bonnie had small tears running down her face ( A. N.- no her make up is not a mess as she had only applied a little gloss and small amount of liner).

He took his hand that was behind her back and brought it near her face to wipe of her tears gently. When she leaned into his touch and looked up at him with her big doe brown eyes he smiled a little as he started to speak again. " My mother must have woken up because of me crying. She weakly called my name and though I was very happy I quickly saw how weak she was. When I sat next to her on the bed she took my hand and said that I need to promise her that I would always take care of my little brother that I would never let any harm come to him. She then told me that she loves me and suddenly she went limp. I tried to wake her. Called her name. I was hysterical. My father had barged in the room and when he took in the scene he told one of our maids to escort me and stefan to my room. I was a mess for days but I had stefan and he was just a baby so I took it upon myself and started to take care of him.." Damon trailed of at the memory and a single tear rolled down his face. Bonnie quickly leaned in and kissed it away then she kissed both of his eye lids and finally said," Hey its okay... " she trailed off and grabbed damons face with both of her hands.

Damon took a shaky breath and said, " Our father he was a complete mess. He used to blame me for her death because I was the one who was last to meet her. He also used to beat me, after being completely drunk because I looked like her. Thats the reason, the reason I am so sarcastic, carefree... " he stopped as bonnie placed her finger on his lips and made a shush sound.

She lightly shook her head and said in rasped voice," Don't I... I... " she trailed off and then looked up him with her big doe brown eyes which were not filled with pity but with love and respect.

Damon lightly nodded his head and then he said the thing that he has been preparing himself since the afternoon. Foreheads still joined together, he slowly whispered...

" Marry Me, bonnie."

For a second she just stood there thinking that maybe she heard it wrong... Maybe he was saying it in the heat of the moment... Maybe he was saying it to divert her mind... There were tons of maybe's' going through her mind. But with just one look at him confirmed that 'maybe' he so wasn't joking...

When even after a while bonnie didn't said anything, damon started to feel worse but before he could say or do anything bonnie yanked him closer to her, then pressed her lips to his in a heated kiss and as soon as they parted she whispered a small YES near his lips and the said lips turned into a smile. A genuine one.

Life was going on perfect... Or was it the calm before the storm.