Tobias was going to go insane. He silently cursed to himself and wondered what he had done so wrong to end up serving Jaron. He would sacrifice his life for Jaron's in a heartbeat, but that didn't mean that Jaron was not a pain in his backside. This particular string of curses was do to the fact that a scared castle messenger had just run into Tobias's room and said that there had been an 'incident regarding the King'. Tobias now was running after him, and wondering what it was that Jaron had done this time. He stopped when he saw Jaron and Mott arguing, Jaron lying on the ground with a hand shading his face while Mott yelled at him. Near him was another servant attempting to keep a horse steady, and Jaron's own horse being held by Mott.

"How can you be so smart yet so dense at the same time?" Mott yelled.

"Remember that this is your king you are talking to." Jaron mumbled.

"Well, I don't understand how you could be so dumb, your Majesty." Mott said correcting himself.

"That's better." Jaron groaned.

Mott was just about to respond when he spotted Tobias. "Please tell Jaron how dumb of an idea this was." Mott asked as Tobias knelt down to Jaron to inspect him.

"I promise I will Mott, but first tell me what seems to be the issue?"

"Well, King Jaron decided it would be a great idea to try and ride one of the test horses, thinking he could handle it like he did so well at Farthenwood. When his royal Majesty was distracted, the horse decided to throw him off and then step on his weak leg."

Tobias cringed. He was used to dealing with complications of Jaron's leg. It was never quite the same, no matter how much time passed or therapy was done.

"It's honestly not that bad." Jaron said.

Mott gently reached a hand out to nudge his leg causing Jaron to betray his stoic behavior and flinched at the touch. "That doesn't seem alright." Mott mumbled. Tobias could see that Mott was worried, but he managed to channel his worry into anger at Jaron's decision.

"Has anyone informed Imogen?" Jaron asked getting Tobias's attention again.

"Do you want us to?" He asked.

"Not now. I already have Mott yelling at me, I don't need to add Imogen to the mix."

"Smart choice." Tobias responded.

"Can you send for Roden?" Jaron asked.

This time Mott was the one who snapped to attention.

"What do you need Roden for?" He asked curiously.

"The reason I got distracted," he said sitting up to face Mott, "is that I saw a hole in the castle wall, probably from natural causes, but it needs to be fixed immediately."

Mott sighed. "Yes your Majesty, I'll send someone for him now."

A little while later, Tobias was able to get Jaron back to his room in the castle. About ten minutes after that, a furious Imogen came into the room.

"Jaron!" She yelled. "Why didn't you tell me you were hurt?" she asked angrily.

"I didn't want you to worry." He responded meekly.

Imogen's anger faded almost as soon as it came. She came down to the bed gently and lay down next to him. "Jaron," she began," as my King, it is my duty to care for your well being. But as your wife, it is my duty to worry and to help you when you are hurt. I need you to trust me."

Jaron smiled as he looked at her. " I do trust you, with all my heart and soul. Nothing will ever change that."

"That's good to hear. From now on, I want to know whenever something happens, at the instant it happens. Understand?"

"Yes, my love. Of course."

Jaron's leg was back to normal-or what was to be considered normal- in a couple of days. He was out riding on his horse in a week. Roden joined him as he trotted along the castle walls.

"Your highness." He said with a bow to his head making Jaron scoff.

"Roden stop with the formalities. Is the wall fixed?" He asked.

"Yes. The builders finished it a day ago." Roden replied.

"That's good news." Jaron looked at Roden for a while as he just sat there. "Well..." Jaron said.

"What?" Roden asked looking at him.

"What is on your mind?"

Roden looked as if he wasn't going to say anything. He looked down as he asked Jaron, "are you still angry at me?"

Jaron was legitimately confused. "Angry for what exactly?" he asked.

Roden gestured to Jaron's leg.

"Oh." Jaron said suddenly understanding. "Well, to answer your question, no. I'm not."

"Why?" Roden was getting animated, moving his arms while he talked. "Your leg will never be the same, it will never be 100%. Simple things cause you pain. How are you not mad?"

"Because," Jaron said, "you have fully repaid it with your loyalty to me and this kingdom. The responsibility you hold is not an easy one, and you repay your mistake every day by holding it with a fierce loyalty."

The two looked at one another then continued to ride.

"Jaron?" Roden asked. "Thank you."

Jaron just looked at him, smiled, and kicked his horse causing it to run at full speed.

Roden quick got over his shock when he heard Tobias yell from the window near them. "Not to fast Jaron! Roden, go get him!"

"I'm on it!"