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"Speaking in Natsu's head"

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Now in this fic, Igneel is a Dragon-Type Danger Beast that 'possesses' the Teigu Natsu will have.

Chapter 1: Natsu Dragneel and the Teigu, Igneel!

The Empire. It's majorly known as a superpower that has lasted for more than a 1000 years. It boasts its vast territories and resources. In the heart of it was The Capital, an enormous city surrounded by a wall. At the centre of it all was the Imperial Palace. There are various districts that are separated by large canals in which trade ships run through. Beyond the capital the country seems to be mostly rural with an unknown number of cities and villages spread throughout. The current Emperor of the Empire was a mere naïve young boy and is being used by his own Prime Minister, Honest, who ironically lies and cheats on a daily basis and only cares about his own desires and not for the country or the people in it.

And with Honest as the Prime Minister a major decline of the empire such as the increase in government corruption, an economic recession, eroding public order, rampant poverty and great dissatisfaction amongst the people and with him being Prime Minister, because of this, there were many from the Imperial Army, including several generals, and this has led to the birth of the Revolutionary Army, a group dedicated to the Empire's total overthrow.

Now let's go back further in time to the era of the First Emperor. He wished that his kingdom would last forever, so, he ordered the creation of Teigu. Teigu are mysterious and extremely powerful relics. They are rare, and only the strongest of warriors are able to wield them. Some have the appearance of equipment or weapons, while others seem to be living creatures. It is believed that magic had a hand in their creation.

Everyone privy to these weapons knew that only 48 were created. In their recorded history, it was stated as 48 and all were catalogued to tell their strengths and weaknesses to the next owner

However, no one knew that they could be so wrong.

There was, in truth, 49 Teigu's in the world.

That 49th Teigu took the appearance of a scarf. A scarf that looked like dragon scales to be more accurate.

This Teigu was said to be a 'failed experiment' by the emperor and threw it away without a second thought. It was considered to be a failed experiment was because anyone who wore the scarf would ended up being burnt to death by it. No matter how many soldiers they gave it to. The results would remain the same.

No one, not even the Emperor himself, knew that this scarf was being possessed by a powerful spirit of draconic flames, Igneel. After being thrown away, it kept on flying through the wind, anyone who ended up finding it would eventually burn to the death just like everyone else. Until, that fateful day.

The possessed scarf laid on a rock in the middle of a lush forest, nearby a peaceful village. It seemed like nothing would break this sound of silence.

Until a young boy came running in, and the boy instantly chose to go hiding behind the rock.

The boy had pink hair with black onyx eyes, he was wearing brown tattered clothes and he looked extremely beaten up.

Just a few moments later, two men wearing a suit of armour that had a symbol which was a shield in the middle covered in red and white. It was the Imperial Seal symbol.

"Where is that brat?" one of the two men asked.

"I don't know, but he's got to be around here somewhere" the other responded as they were about to split up before they noticed the scarf on a rock.

"Hey look at that scarf over there!" the first guard said as he walked towards the scarf, scaring the little boy hiding behind it.

""Huh, looks good for something that was thrown away like trash." the second responded and suddenly grabbed it from the rock and wrapped around his neck and not even a few seconds later the man was engulfed in flames.

"AHH!" the guard yelled out in horror.

"Get it off me!" the man yelled in pain as he ran towards his companion for help, only to drag him to alongside him. The guards were crying out in pain as their flesh was cooked, yet as they touched the grass and trees, and somehow it didn't catch on fire at all.

The boy behind the rocks was shaking uncontrollably, he didn't know what happened but when he turned to see what was occurring, and he saw the two being burnt to death. Their cries of pain, it somehow hurt the boy. He then shut his ears tightly as tears started falling from his eyes, even with the two guards dead on the ground, he could still hear their screams echoing in his mind.

He knew those two guards deserved punishment for the things they had done to the villagers, their abuse of power was atrocious, but being burnt...

The scarf then fell off from the burnt corpse of the guard as it began to glow and float in the air.

Not a second later the scarf then billowed the wind as immense heat came. The air distorted and warped, throughout this, a shape was formed. First vague, then the figure then gained more details and took the appearance of a large red dragon.

The dragon was covered with dark, red scales. He has scars on his belly and neck, with the largest one, which is an X-shaped, located on the centre of his body. His back has numerous black spikes, reaching down all the way from his back to the end of his tail. The dragon has a triangular head with horns, a pair of large, round eyes with yellow sclera and a sharp horn pointing upwards just above his nose. The dragon also sports very sharp canine teeth, and has claws with long, sharp, red nails the dragon's bony wings resemble that of a bat.

The dragon then looked around before his eyes fell to the boy, crying his eyes out.

The dragon then frowned as he took a step forward causing the ground to shake a little as the boy turned around and his eyes widened in fear.

"A Danger Beast! Someone help me!" the pink haired boy cried as he was about to run, but his earlier injuries caused him to fall to the ground.

The dragon's frown deepened, although many people called him an S-Class Danger Beast, he still had a heart of compassion to humans, especially to those with pure hearts. Such as this kid.

The dragon then took a step forward as the boy curled himself up into a ball and the dragon then moved an arm towards him.

"Please don't hurt me" Natsu muttered softly as he shut his eyes shut. Waiting for the inevitable.

The dragon then picked up the boy by his collar and placed him on his feet.

The boy then opened an eye and saw the dragon smiling gently at him.

"Are you hurt?" the dragon asked in a rough tone and the pinkette could only nod his head in confusion.

How was he still alive? Why didn't the Danger Beast kill him yet? Or eat him?

"I'm sure you have many questions in your mind right now" the dragon said and he nodded his head at that.

"And I promise you that you will get those answers soon but for now, you should rest" the dragon said as he noticed that the sun was already coming down.

The dragon then created a pillow made of leaves and placed it on the ground before laying the boy on the ground as well.

The boy was shocked and amazed that a Danger Beast was capable of doing such things, but for now he wanted to sleep. He had been chased by those guards ever since it was dawn.

The red reptilian looked around in case of any enemies and once he confirmed that there were no nearby living creatures, much less Danger Beasts, he then stood over Natsu and reverted back to his original form, the scarf and wrapped around Natsu's neck, and surprisingly, the boy was not engulfed in flames, instead the boy had a more cheerful smile on his face at the newfound warmth and hugged the scarf closer towards himself while the dragon smiled.

The next morning

Natsu yawned as he looked around and noticed that he was in the same forest from yesterday where the guards chased pinkette then looked around for the kind, draconic Danger Beast he had met yesterday.

However, no matter how hard he tried looking for him, he couldn't find him.

The small boy then pouted and he looked down to see something wrapped around his neck and he was shocked when he realized it was the same scarf that was the cause for the deaths of the guards yesterday.

He then tried getting it off but it was tightly wrapped around his neck, no matter what the boy did he was unable to take it off.

'I'm trying to sleep here. Don't disturb me' the familiar voice of the Danger Beast he had met yesterday grumbled in his head as the boy looked around for the dragon.

'You can't find me, because I'm not in a physical form, and if you were wondering, I can only speak to you now because we have fused together' the dragon said and the child was confused.

"Fused? What do you mean?"

It would have been weird to see a kid in the middle of the forest talking to himself as if he was talking to someone, however, said kid didn't give a damn.

'When I let you wear me, and you didn't die, it is because I have accepted you as my host, my partner'

"So what does that mean anyways?" the pinkette asked in confusion. He was not understanding it at all.

The scarf then glowed as it took the form of the same dragon the kid had seen yesterday.

"It means that I will allow you to use my powers. Tell me, didn't you feel more of everything when you woke up?" the Danger Beast asked and the boy kept quiet.

What he had just said was true, he indeed had felt more powerful than ever, and all of the injuries he had before were completely healed, as if he had never gotten them before.

The boy nodded his head at that and the reptile smiled.

"So what do you say boy? Will you accept my offer of being my partner? Otherwise you will die here and now" the dragon narrowed his eyes at the pinkette who looked at him as if he was not scared of the threat the dragon had given him.

"I accept!"

The dragon smiled at the boy as both human and creature started to glow.

"Now, follow these chant after me" Igneel instructed and Natsu nodded his head and both closed their eyes.

"Teigu of the Fire Dragon…"

"Teigu of the Fire Dragon"

"…Flames that will burn through for an eternity…"

"Flames that will burn through for an eternity"

"…Let the power of fire inside of me awaken!"

"Let the power of fire inside of me awaken!"

As soon as the boy said these words flames began Natsu's body was starting to be engulfed by a massive amount flames before it extinguished almost immediately as Natsu dropped to the ground, on his knees, panting heavily. However, there were no burn marks on his body, even his tattered clothes were not in harm from the flames.

The dragon looked almost shocked.

'He has that much power inside of him?' the Danger Beast then smirked.

'Looks like this'll be more interesting than I had originally thought'

"Now boy" the dragon called out to the boy who was still on the ground.

"What is your name and tell me your goal" the red monster asked and the boy immediately stood up.

"My name is Natsu Dragneel!" the pinkette revealed to be Natsu said out loudly.

"And my goal is" the pinkette's bangs covered his eyes before looking at the beast with his eyes shining with determination.

"Is to defeat the corrupted Empire!" Natsu shouted with so much determination the dragon could almost see fire surrounding the young boy, which was slightly impossible considering the fact that Natsu was not wearing him.

"I see, well then Natsu. My name is Igneel and I will be lending you my power from now on" the dragon now revealed to be Igneel said as Igneel started explaining everything to Natsu regarding the boy's new "power-up"

"First of all, the chant you did before, enables you to have senses just like a Danger Beast. A few examples of this are enhanced hearing and smelling, an increase in strength and most importantly, healing powers" Igneel explained and Natsu listened intently.

"And, I must tell you that this isn't my true form" Igneel said and Natsu nodded his head.

"So you're saying that scarf is your true form?" Natsu asked and Igneel nodded his head.

"More or less"

"So if that's the case, how are you able to speak with me right in front of my eyes?" Natsu asked in curiousness.

"I gained a mind of my own during the time I was fused with the scarf and I was not known as a Super-Class Danger Beast for nothing. I'm able to use my own powers and it helped me gain a somewhat physical form body of my original body."

"Wait, there's something that I don't understand. Why did the two guards start catching on fire when they wore the scarf?" Natsu asked.

"As I said, I managed to gain a mind of my own. And I didn't find them worthy enough to be my host and partner" Igneel stated and Natsu gave him a funny look.

"So you think a kid that's around the age of 5 is more worthy than two guards of the Imperial Army?" Natsu asked.

"It's not just you that is worthy, you have more potential than anybody I have ever met before. Also, your passion when you spoke of your goal, it reminded me of heroes that I have met before in the past" Igneel said with a fond smile.

"So you chose me to be your partner?" Natsu asked and Igneel nodded his head and Natsu rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. He felt honoured that a Super-Class Beast considered him more worthy to those that were more trained and all.

"So if your true form is the scarf, then why were you even in the scarf?" Natsu asked.

"You see, this scarf was meant to be the 49th Teigu of the world and they created it with the thought of letting the user be able to activate draconic flames. However they made one error while making it. They decided to fuse me with the scarf, not knowing that I was still alive and because of that, I gained a mind of my own, not letting anyone using my powers"

"So I'm able to use draconic flames now?!" Natsu asked excitedly with his eyes flashing like stars, not bothering to ask what a Teigu even is.

Igneel chuckled at the kid and placed his giant arm on Natsu's head.

"Yes but only if you are to wear me like a normal scarf." Igneel said as Natsu touched the arm with interest.

"So how am I able to use flames just by wearing you?" Natsu asked.

"It's simple actually. Unlike most of the other Teigu's, they merely reject the user from wearing it, I am the only Teigu that will burn the user if I were to reject them. Of course that doesn't mean I'm the only Teigu that kill the user, there are other Teigus out there that will kill the user if they reject them."

"That doesn't answer my question though" Natsu pointed out.

"And I didn't say I was finished" Igneel teased and Natsu pouted a bit.

"Anyways, you are able to use my flames because I chose to let you wear me and grant you access to all that I could do." Igneel said and Natsu nodded his head.

"So are you the only scarf that has powers or are there more?" Natsu asked with curiosity.

"All Teigus are their own accessory or weapon, and it just so happened that I am a scarf. But yes, most Teigu's have a special ability of their own. Ones made primarily of Danger Beasts have immense combat potential. While those made of incredible metals and humanity's best ingenuity are more support oriented" Igneel explained and Natsu nodded his head before he smiled at the Danger Beast in front of him.

"So when will you teach me to use my power?" Natsu asked Igneel looked up at the sky.

"Soon, but for now you need some food and I can't help you with that, so why don't you return home to your village and get some food?" Igneel said and Natsu then looked down and Igneel stared at the boy who looked like he was holding back tears.

"I don't have a village anymore" Natsu said as he clenched his hands tightly, the tears he tried keeping inside finally fell down from his face.

"The guards yesterday were assigned by the Empire to abuse our village and because we didn't pay our debts, the Empire sent a small army after us and I was the only survivor." Natsu said as he cried, remembering his parents and older brother that died to help him escape.

'So that was why Natsu was in horrible condition when we met' Igneel thought with a growl as he remembered the guards from yesterday, he was glad that he eviscerated them for such heinous misdeeds.

"That's why I want to defeat the Empire! Because they killed everyone in my village! And I will never give up on my goal!" Natsu said with a face full of determination as his stomach growled causing Natsu to blush and hold his stomach in embarrassment.

"Looks I am a bit hungry" Natsu said and Igneel shook his head in amusement.

"Alright let us go and find some Danger Beast to hunt down" Igneel said and they heard a loud squawk and they saw an evil bird flying overhead.

Igneel then shot a fireball at the bird, and managed to clip its wing, causing the bird to fall to the ground, dead.

"Well I guess the food really did drop from the sky" Igneel joked and Natsu gave him a horrified look.

"Please don't make jokes again" Natsu said and Igneel comically growled at the kid before returning to his original form and wrapped himself around Natsu.

'Now Natsu, I want you to concentrate and light the bird onfire' Igneel said and Natsu nodded and closed his eyes as he held his hands out and created a massive ball of fire from his hands, destroying the ground in front of him.

If Igneel didn't see the power Natsu had possessed before he would have been shocked, although, he would be lying if he said he wasn't in shock at the sight. Someone his age shouldn't have been able to use so much of his power without feeling exhausted.

Yet the boy seemed perfectly fine but he had a frown on his face when he accidentally burnt his food.

"Aww the food is burnt" Natsu whined and he saw another Evil Bird flying through the sky.

'Alright Natsu, this time you can use as much power as you want on thisone' Igneel instructed and Natsu nodded his head and threw a large ball of flames at the bird, burning it to death as it was perfectly cooked.

"Food!" Natsu cheered and started eating it, munching on the meat as if his life depended on it, in truth, it really does.

'So it seems he has problem when it comes to controlling his flames, we will have to work on that' Igneel thought to himself as he returned to his spiritual form.

"Alright Natsu, get on" Igneel said as he lowered himself and Natsu looked at him with a confused look.

"What for?"

"We are going to train and this isn't a good place for you to train" Igneel explained and Natsu's eyes widened before he smiled widely, revealing his sharp canines.


With that said, Natsu jumped on Igneel's back and Igneel then got ready to fly before the Dragon-Type Danger Beast took off to the skies, with a small pink boy on his back, a happy grin on his face.

"So what kind of things are you going to teach me?" Natsu asked and Igneel smiled at the curiousness of the boy.

12 years later

Many years had already passed ever since that fateful day, and it was safe to say that Igneel found the perfect partner. Natsu had the burning passion of any Fire Danger Beast he had met before, had the strength to master most of the techniques he had taught the boy and most of all, he had the same will as he had, the will to never give up, the will to never surrender.

It was almost ironic, considering the fact Igneel hated kids and he had been living and training with a kid for more than 12 years. However, if you were to ask the mighty Dragon-Type beast if he regretted it, he would give you an instant "no"

He cared for Natsu as if the boy was his own son, and although he was nothing more than Natsu's partner, he can't help but feel a connection that a father and son should have.

The red reptilian beast smiled as he watched Natsu meditating under a waterfall, the pressure of the water barely affected him.

Igneel then looked up to the sky and frowned.

They had been training for a good 12 years and it was finally time for them to hit the road. From what he had heard, the Empire had gotten worse over the years and the Revolutionary Army were getting more and more recruits by the day.

"Natsu" Igneel called out and Natsu opened an eye and faced the Danger Beast.

"What is it?" Natsu responded and Igneel turned to him with a serious look on his face.

"It's finally time" Igneel said and Natsu's eyes widened momentarily before he smirked in response.

"Alright then, I'm all fired up!"

And with those words said, Natsu stared at the clouds above him, raising his fist up the sky.

'Mom, dad, older brother. Watch over me. I swear I'll avenge you, and that's a promise' Natsu thought before walking over to the red dragon.

A brave soul that knows nothing of the future ahead, however his soul burns brighter with determination, aiming high to defeat his enemy. Will he be able to do so, or is it just a fool's dream?

However one thing is certain for sure.

Natsu Dragneel's story had only just begun.

End chapter

Fairy Tail x Akame Ga Kill Dialogue

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