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Character profile:

Name: Richard Atreides

Appearance: Think Allen Walker with silver-hair, purple-eyes, and without a scar

Race: Human

Allegiance: House Atreides of Caladan


Vorian Atreides - Ancestor

Richard's father - Father (decease)

Richard's mother - Mother (decease)

Achillus Atreides - Uncle

Elizabeth Gracey nee Atreides - Cousin

Edward Gracey - Cousin-in-law

Outfit: Atreides military uniform (Think blue version military uniform of House Atreides)


Atreides stats:

Official name: AtreidesDuchy of Caladan

Other name: Atreides Dukedom of Caladan, Duchy of Atreides, Atreides Duchy

Location: Delta Pavonis III

Homeworld: Caladan

Population: 15 million people

Capital: Cala City, Western Continent

Largest city: Atreides Landing, Southern Continent

Demonym: Caladanian

Flag: Flag/Banner of House Atreides (A white hawk head and a blue field)

Symbol: Ducal Seal of House Atreides (A silver hawk head)

Style of government: Ducal government

Governing body: Ducal Council of Caladan


-Duke (male ruler)

-Duchess (female ruler)

Current ruler: Duke Achillus I of House Atreides

Chief advisors: Mentat Kolinar Koltrass, Warmaster Acustus Kolya (Stargate: Atlantis), Swordmaster Balgus Ganesha (Escaflowne), Doctor Sid (Final Fantasy: Spirits Within)


*Caladanian Armed Forces (also known Ducal Army of House Atreides)

-Caladanian Ducal Army

-Caladanian Ducal Air Force

-Caladanian Ducal Navy

-Caladanian Ducal Space Force

-Caladanian Military Police (in Special Region)

Language(s): Galach, Fremen language

Currency: Solari (currency/monetary unit in Dune)

Affiliation: House Corrino of the Galactic Padishah Empire (formerly)

History: AG (After Guild)

10,189 AG-10,190 (First Spice War)

-PadishahEmperor Frederick IV of House Corrino has issued a challenge that the House which can produce the most spice will control its source, the desert planet of Arrakis, also known as Dune, with no rules as to how the Great Houses can achieve the goal.

-First SpiceWar was a large scale war fought between the noble House Atreides, the insidious House Ordos, and the evil House Harkonnen on planet Arrakis.

-House Corrino formed a secret alliance with House Harkonnen to eradicate other house competitors and full-control of the spice production on Arrakis.

-House Atreides liberated the Fremen desert tribe warriors from the Harkonnen forces at Sietch Tabr and rescue Fremen women and children at Harkonnen Detention Facility. An alliance was formed between House Atreides and the Fremen to defeat their common enemy: House Harkonnen.

-Emperor's Imperial Sardaukar and Harkonnen forces launched a full-scale assault on House Atreides and House Ordos. Allied forces of House Atreides and Fremen made a counter-assault on Emperor's Pyramid Landingport and Harkonnen-controlled city of Carthag.

-Emperor Frederick IV was poisoned by his own Bene Gesserit concubine, Lady Elara, the reign of Corrino Dynasty has ended. The end of the First Spice War and spark of civil war between Great Houses of the Landsraad.

10,192 AG

-Landsraad meeting was called on Kaitain by Shafla of the Spacing Guild as three Great Houses came to attend for discussion of talking about the downfall of House Corrino, taking the role title as new Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe, the production of Spice Melange, and issue a new challenge called War of Assassins or Second Spice War on Arrakis.



In the Standard Year 10,192 AG. A mysterious gate suddenly appears in Cala City where fantasy creatures led by men in medieval armor carrying banners of black dog with sword down-war and red background come out from it and attack the people. Richard Atreides, young nephew of Duke Achillus Atreides, takes action by organizing the Ducal Army to evacuate the civilians safely into the Castle Caladan to protect them before the relief force arrives to stop the invaders. Due to his actions Richard was celebrated as a hero, "Hero of Cala City" or "Hero of Caladan". The appearance of the Gate and massacre of civilians, dubbed the name 'Cala City Incident' or 'Battle of Cala City', prompts the Duke and the Ducal Council of Caladan to take action by sending a military force to the "Special Region", the world beyond the Gate, to not only explore the new world but also capture and demand reparations from those responsible for the attack. After three weeks of preparation, the Duke sends off the Caladanian Expeditionary Force led by Richard as Lord Commander to their mission to the Special Region.


Richard Atreides wearing military uniform and addressing his troops on the parade ground. "My people, sons and daughters of Caladan. Look around you. In the Ducal Army of Caladan, we got officers and soldiers from all over Caladan. Now, here in our homeworld, some men and women in this army may experience discrimination because of creed. But for you and me now, all that is gone. We're moving into the Special Region beyond the Gate, where you will watch the back of a comrade next to you, as he or she will watch yours. But this I swear before you and before the White Hawk Goddess, Teela Na: that when we go into battle, I will be fight alongside with you in the battlefield, and I will leave no one behind. Dead or alive, we will all fight together. For Caladan! For House Atreides! In the words of the Fremen, Ya Hya Chouhada. Long live the fighters!" He raise his fist in the air.

"LONG LIVE THE FIGHTERS!" Men and women of Ducal Army of Caladan respond back as they raise their fists in the air too. An Atreides officers called for an attention of the army as they stand up for the waiting orders.

"Division! Forward, March!" The Army of House Atreides from infantry, vehicles, tanks, walkers (Heavy Gear mechs) began marching and advancing to the Gate.


After finally crossong and arriving, the task force encounter an army waiting for them and prepares for battle.

The war on this new world. . . has began.


Author's Note: I'll update the next chapter. Teela Na, the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull and mother of Teela from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Long live the fighters!