Bonus chapter:



Somewhere in Imperial Basin

In the night of the desert, where a burning man bearing the symbol of House Harkonnen running top as he stabbed by Darkspear Troll warrior's spear while other Harkonnen soldier tried to shoot the enemy, but he got double-stabbed from front and rear by Orc and Dark Elf.

"They're monsters! Everywhere!" A wounded Harkonnen military officer holding a radio that he had tried to contact HQ as the unfortunate Harkonnen soldier got clubbed to death by Tauren's warclub. The Harkonnen soldier tried to stab the Thunderian Cat warrior, but he got caught on his wrist as the female cat claw him to death. The Harkonnen soldier panically tried firing his rifle as he got ranged of his neck behind by a Warrior Bunny then snapped.

"We need an immediate evacuation!" The Harkonnen military officer shouted. As another screaming Harkonnen soldier was holding by a Shokan from arms and legs then he was ripped in half as the Draenei Paladin club down the Harkonnen soldier. A Harkonnen soldier saw unnoticed Night Elf killing his colleagues as he tried shoot on behind, he hears a growling as he turn right he saw a Nightsaber that it show its fangs at him, he tried to scream but he got killed immediately. "They still keep coming! We need an immediate evacuation!" The officer widened his eyes in fear as he saw a an Orc name Nazgrim of the Frostwolf Clan with wolf-like helmet and a battle axe with blood on it as he approached the Harkonnen officer, he tried to crawl away but got caught then killed to death.

"Pitiful Harkonnens!" He spits in disappointment to the fallen soldier of House Harkonnen as he look at the allied warriors killed all the remaining Harkonnen soldiers.


Far side of Imperial Basin

"I feel pity those unfortunate Harkonnens." Achillus holding the binoculars as he chuckles in satifaction to the deaths of the soldiers of Giedi Prime.

"Your nephew brought us new allies from Eostia, milord. Now they fight along side with us against the House Ordos and House Harkonnen." Kolinar said to his liege lord.

"Yes, Richard did good for bringing them to us, mentat. We strike and strike hard until no Harkonnen or Ordos breathes Arrakeen air." He said in serious as he saw Nazgrim lifting a Harkonnen soldier severed head in the air with war cry.


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Long live the fighters!