Suite Life: Runaway:

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Summary: After choosing Africa over her high school sweetheart, Maya finds out that she had made a huge mistake. She will never be the same again because after only making it to the airport, she finds out she's pregnant with former boyfriend, Zack Martin. She then decides not to tell him and tries to move on, but that might be very difficult. Will she and Zack ever make up or will she have to be a single mother forever?

Chapter 1: "I Think I Made A Mistake."

June 24th, 2011, New York

Maya Elizabeth Bennett sat in her parent's bathroom in their 4 bedroom house in New York City. She was now 17 years old. She graduated from Seven Seas High aboard the S.S. Tipton two months ago. It's now June 24th, 2011. Maya couldn't believe it. She had broken up with her high school sweetheart, Zack Martin...Zack. That name has been on her mind ever since their breakup, May 6th, 2011 was the worst day of her life. Yeah, she was excited about the Peace Corps, but that meant she would be away from Zack for 2 years. That, she didn't like. She loved Zack with all of her heart. The only way to go without guilt would be breaking up with him. And, that's what she did...and boy, the guilt is now killing her because she didn't go. So, the break up was now going to haunt her forever.

She had a three year old daughter, who is going to be four in May. Maya had her at fifteen years old, and never told Zack. Her ex boyfriend, Kevin, well, she never told him about Savannah. Her daughter's name is Savannah Nevaeh.

Maya felt so bad that she didn't want to tell Zack. And she had bigger problems.

She looked down at the test in her hand. It was positive.

She was pregnant. At 17 years old. She groaned, sighed and her heart broke. Like when she was fifteen. Two years ago. She looked down and she knew tears were coming down her face. But slowly, very slowly. She knew he had her hands full already, but she never would want to have an abortion. She could never do that to her baby.

Maya looked down at her belly, laying a hand on her belly softly. "I love you." Maya spoke softly.

Maya stood up from the bathroom floor and walked back into her bedroom, closing the door, she picked up an old picture of her and Zack from their senior prom. She sighed, feeling more tears come to her eyes, she whispered.

"I love you, Zack."

Her daughter, Anna knocked on the door and then walked inside.

"Mommy, Grandma says it's time for lunch."

Maya smiled at her daughter. "Alright, I'll be right down, sweetie. Thank you."

Anna nodded as she walked back downstairs.

Maya sighed as she put the picture down.

Meanwhile, Boston, Massachusetts, Tipton Hotel

Zachary Thomas Martin was in his bedroom, looking at a picture of Maya, he was sure heartbroken when she broke up with him before graduation. She was going to Chad, Africa for two years...Zack never could get her out of his mind. She was different from all of the girls he ever dated. She was...She was smart, beautiful, rough, tough and she was his everything, now because of Africa, she was all the way in a different county. Or what he thought, anyway. He was about to cry about her when Cody Mitchell Martin, his twin brother walked inside his bedroom.

"Hey bro. You doing alright?"

Zack shook his head. "No. Codes, she was my best everything...God, why the hell did I let her go?"

Cody sighed. He's been like this for weeks. It hasn't been getting any better. "Zack, come on, she'll come back."

Zack looked up at him. "How can you be so sure? You're going to Yale with Bailey...She'll be in your life forever…"

Cody smiled softly. "I know, but I know that Maya loved you, she probably still does, okay? She'll be back."

Zack shook his head. "If she really loved me, she'd tell me the real reason she left and why she isn't answering…"

Cody nodded. "Alright. Okay, but you are wasting a good life to see what's out there, bro…"

Zack groaned. "Don't care!"

A few days later, Cody and Bailey were off to Yale, and Zack, well, he wasn't feeling so good. His heart would break every time he'd look at Maya in the picture he had. His life was over. Everything had changed. Tears filled his eyes as he whispered.

"I love you, Maya. I'll always love you…"

Within the next nine months, Maya had to move on and try her best to put everything together without having a breakdown. When she went to the doctor the first time, she had found out she was having twins...What a surprise? Zack is a twin. She knew that. She was due March 6th, 2012, and she just knew her life would be a huge turn over for the next 18 years, like when she was pregnant with Anna. She'll be a single mother to three children in a few months.

Her parents, Leigh and Tony were in shock when Maya had told them about her second pregnancy. They were very supportive. Anna was very excited about being a big sister to two babies. At 12 weeks, Maya got to hear the heartbeats of her babies. It was the most beautiful thing ever heard. At her 20th week of pregnancy, Maya found out that she's having a baby girl and a baby boy. She smiled, but then frowned as she knew that her son and daughter would be raised without their father. Just their mother, sister and Maya's parents.

At her 26th week of pregnancy, Maya had a baby shower, her parents, her three aunts, Zoey, Montana, and Adrienne, and two uncles, Mark and Adam, and Maya's daughter, Anna.

Maya was able to get two cribs, two carriers, two car seats, one huge bassinet, a changing table, a chair and also, diapers, wipes, bottles, clothes and socks. Maya sighed as she saw so much stuff. No wonder they say-double of everything. And that was true.

A few weeks later, more like within the next four months, Maya was close to her due date.

February, 21st, 2012, New York

Maya was now 38 weeks pregnant with her son and daughter, she decided to name her son, Kayden Zachary and her daughter, Kayleigh Marie.

She was now giving birth to her twins. She layed in the hospital bed, sighing. How much she wanted Zack to be here. But, he wasn't, so she had to do this herself. As much as she hated to not have him around, she knew he would probably hate her for what she had done- breaking up with him, getting pregnant and not telling him about it.

While Maya was in the hospital in New York giving birth, Zack was in his new house he had brought himself after working his butt off for. After four months of mourning, Zack decided it was time to try to move on. After all, he hasn't heard from Maya in months. As much as it killed him, it was something he had to do.

He was in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. He walked to door to see his mother, brother, Cody and Bailey.

"Hey guys! Come on in."

Carey was very impressed. "Oh, wow, Zack. This is beautiful!"

Zack smiled. "Thank you, Mom."

Cody looked at his brother. "Good job, bro. I'm proud of you."

Zack smiled. "Thank you."

Meanwhile, back in New York City, Maya was sitting on the couch, reading her book. Anna, Leigh and Tony were sitting with Maya when they all heard a loud noise, Maya clutched her stomach in pain. She winced in pain."Ow!"

Leigh got up and rushed over to her. "Are you alright? Are you in labor, Maya?"

Maya nodded her head as she closed her eyes. "Yes, Mom! Take me to the hospital please."

Tony and Leigh grabbed Maya's baby carriers as well as the baby bag and Anna was excited as they helped Maya up and took her to the car.

Once in the car, Tony sped to the hospital. He had to break a few traffic laws to get Maya into the hospital.

Maya groaned in pain. "Oh, how I really wish Zack was still with me. If I hadn't been too selfish and broke up with him for the peace corps!"

Leigh sighed. "Honey, calm down. You're kinda busy."

Once in the hospital Maya walked inside with Tony, Leigh and Savannah. A few nurses came with the wheelchair and Maya sat in down and the nurses wheeled Maya to the labor and delivery section.

Once at the delivery section, and her room, Dr Anderson, Maya's doctor arrived and saw that Maya had a while to go. Maya luckily delated really quickly, and she was only in labor for 9 hours and Dr Anderson soon saw that Maya was almost at 10 centimeters. It was now 9:30pm on February 21st when Dr Anderson looked at Maya and then nodded. "Okay, Maya now you can begin pushing."

Maya nodded as she began to push she found herself screaming Zack's name.

Leigh was in the delivery room with her and after pushing for a few times the baby came into the world crying.

Her son was born first.

Dr Anderson picked up the crying baby and cut the umbilical cord. "Congratulations, Maya, you have a son."

She smiled as she gave the baby to the nurses to clean off and brought the baby over to Maya.

Maya smiled as her son cried a little bit more. "Welcome to the world, Kayden Zachary Martin."

Kayden looked just like Zack with his blonde hair and blue eyes. He was born 9:36pm on February 21st, 2012.

After resting for five minutes, Maya was back to pushing. It wasn't that bad though, and after pushing for a few minutes, the second baby, her daughter was born. She gave a tired, more like exhausted smile.

Dr Anderson picked up the crying baby girl and cut the umbilical cord and the then gave the nurses the baby to clean. Once cleaning the baby, the nurses soon brought over the baby to Maya who also gave a smile.

"Welcome to the world Kayleigh Marie Martin."

Kayleigh looked just like Maya with her brown hair and brown eyes. She was born 9:46pm on February 21st, 2012.

After the birth of Kayden Zachary and Kayleigh Marie, Tony and Savannah arrived and Anna ran over to her mother. "Hi Mommy!"

Maya smiled. "Hey, baby girl. You are a big sister now. You have a baby brother and sister."

Anna smiled excitedly. "Can I hold my new brother and sister, please, Mommy?"

Maya laughed softly. "Of course." She looked at her mother.

"Mom? Can you help Anna hold Kayleigh and Kayden?"

Leigh nodded. "Of course." She picked up Kayleigh, helping Anna sit down in the chair and slowly putting Kayleigh in her arms.

Anna smiled. "She looks like us, Mommy."

Maya laughed. "She does, huh?"

Anna nodded. "Yeah!"

Leigh and Tony both held their newest grandchildren, Leigh held Kayden while Tony held Kayleigh. After a few minutes of holding the babies, they switched and Leigh was holding Kayleigh and Tony was holding Kayden.

Soon, the nurse came back she taught Maya how to feed them and after that, the twins were sleeping in their beds.

Tony smiled. He and Leigh have three grandchildren now. "Congratulations, Maya they're beautiful." He kissed her head.

Leigh nodded as she looked at their daughter. "I agree with you. They are really beautiful."

Maya smiled. "Thanks." She sighed as she thought about Zack again.

If he was here, she wouldn't have so much to do on her own. For the next few years will be crazy, emotional, and insane, she looked at her sleeping children.

"I love you, Kayden and Kayleigh…"

To be continued…

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