Chapter 2: "Three Years Later"

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Three years later, February 14th, 2015, New York City

Maya was now 21 years old. It's been three years since she said goodbye to her high school sweetheart, Zack Martin. She had their twins, Kayden Zachary and Kayleigh Marie on February 21st, 2012. They're now 3 years old, almost 4 years old. Their sister, Anna is now 6 years old, she'll be 7 in May. Maya hasn't heard from Zack in three years...since their breakup in 2011. She had some troubles with raising her three children on her own, but with the help from her parents, she did alright.

Well, kinda, sorta, yeah, Kayden is just like his father no question. The three year old mini Zack plays pranks, makes a mess and never listens, and a huge troublemaker. He has blonde hair and blue eyes just like his father.

Kayleigh is just like her mother, Maya. Sweet, kind, outgoing, plays nicely and, well, sometimes she'll get pulled into her twin brother's troubles. She has her mother's eyes and hair. Brown hair and brown eyes.

Anna, Maya's oldest daughter is 6 years old, almost 7 years old. She's just like her sister, Kayleigh and mother, Maya. She also has brown hair and brown eyes.

Maya was cleaning the kitchen when her three year old daughter, Kayleigh ran to her.

"Mommy! Mommy!"

Maya looked over at her daughter, Kayleigh. "What, baby?"

Kayleigh frowned. "Kayden is trying to go outside!"

Maya sighed. "Kayden knows that I have to be outside with you both." She walked to the front door. "Kayden?"

Kayden ran back inside. "Mommy?"

Maya smiled and nodded. "Yeah, I'm Mommy. What are you doing, baby?"

Kayden giggled. He pointed to the door. "Outside, please?"

Maya shook her head. "Thank you for saying please, but no outside right now…"

Kayden frowned and then began screaming. "Outside, Mommy!"

Maya shook her head. "Kayden Zachary, I said no…"

Kayden began to cry now and he was now hugging Maya's legs. "Mommy!"

Maya sighed. Yep, he's a handful. She picked him up and carried him to the couch. "Kayden Zachary, you stop it right now!"

Leigh heard her daughter yell. "What's wrong, Maya?"

Maya sighed. "Nothing, Mom. Kayden isn't listening today."

Kayleigh giggled. "Does that mean I can go outside, Mommy?"

Maya shook her head. "No." She finally got her son to calm down. "You are kidding me, Kayleigh Marie if you want to go outside after what happened with your brother."

Kayleigh frowned. "Oh…"

Finally, Maya was able to get her twins to finally have lunch. Anna walked out of her room.

"Hey, Mom. What happened?"

Maya laughed softly. "Nothing special, sweetheart. Just tried to get your brother to not go outside because he has to eat his lunch."

Anna sat down next to her sister. "Hey sissy."

Kayleigh giggled. "Hi!"

Anna smiled. "Why can't Kayden be this nice?"

Maya shook her head and laughed. "He's just like his father when he was little. I know that for sure."

Kayden looked up at his mother. "Daddy? I'm just like my Daddy?"

Maya nodded. "Yes, you are, buddy."

Kayleigh took a bite of her chicken nuggets. "Mommy?"

Maya looked at her daughter. "Yes, Kay?"

Kayleigh smiled. "Do you love Daddy?"

Maya froze. Of course she does. She has been in love with Zack throughout these past four years. She'd do anything to be back with him. She smiled at the thought of his name. She looked at her children. Oh, how much easier it would be if Zack was here. Kayden wouldn't be so hard to handle. Maya was able to graduate from NYU but that was completely hell having to graduate easier than the others. She just wanted to finish college and move onto physical therapy. And, that's her plan in the next few months. Back to Zack though...She would give anything to be able to hug him again. Her eyes filled with tears, remembering everything. "Um...Yeah, of course I do, Kayden. I've loved him forever."

Kayleigh smiled. "Oh! What was he like?"

Maya laughed. "That will be for another day, sweetie. It's nap time for you two."

Kayden frowned. "But Mommy!"

Maya groaned. "Kayden Zachary, I'm not saying this again. Come on." She picked him up as he kicked. "Owww! Kayden Zachary Martin! Stop it!" She finally layed him down. "No waffles tomorrow for breakfast, young man!"

Kayden grumbled and crossed his arms.

Maya sighed. "Fine, be mad at me, you're the one who's being a meanie." She looked over at Kayleigh, who was asleep. She kissed her head.

The 21 year old walked out of her son and daughter's room and then outside to take a breath. She walked a few minutes.

Meanwhile, with Zack, Cody, Bailey and Marcus, they were in New York for Valentine's Day. Zack had tried to date again, but no one was Maya. He just wanted Maya back. Where the hell could she be?

Two years ago, Cody and Bailey welcomed twin girls, Alliannah Karyssa and Alleeah Kaylee on August 22nd, 2013. Alli and Alleeah both had blonde hair and blue eyes. For today, they are with Carey, Zack and Cody's mother.

Zack still lives in the house he brought and he has been trying to track down Maya, but nothing seemed to work.

Cody turned to his brother. "Are you okay, bro?"

Zack sighed. "Um, I don't know, I just have this feeling that something is going to happen…"

Marcus looked at him with a full face of confusion. "Dude, what are you talking about?"

Zack shook his head. "I...I don't know."

Bailey looked over and saw someone walking and then they ran back in the other direction. She just shook it off.

Maya was walking and then saw Zack with Marcus, Bailey and Cody. She shook her head and then ran back into the house. Zack is here? How? Why? She closed her eyes as she tried to figure out how to keep her children inside...Wait, what is she doing? Why would she keep Zack away? It's been 3 years...He deserves to know now. It's been three years! She loved him with all of her heart, getting him back was what she has been dying to do for the last 3 years. The guilt of melt telling him about Kayden and Kayleigh was now coming back, it was now eating her alive that she kept them away, Zack wasn't a bad guy after all. She now was questioning her runaway from the best thing that ever happened to her expect Anna, Kayleigh and Kayden. She couldn't believe Zack was actually New York.

Maya ran into her house while panting heavily. "Mom! Oh my God!"

Leigh looked at he daughter. "Honey, calm down! What happened?"

Maya sighed. "I...I saw Zack...Holy crap. What if he followed me here?" She slided down the door. "I'm so stupid to break up with him for the peace corps! That was completely stupid! And...Kayden and Kayleigh deserve a Dad! I...Anna didn't get that, and she's 6! Ugh!"

Leigh sat down next to her daughter. "Maya you need to see him, I mean, it's been three years, sweetheart. Kayden and Kayleigh need their dad. And it was your own choice really, I'll support you with whatever you do."

Maya nodded. "Okay. You mind watching them?" She smiled slightly as she walked outside and took a deep breath, as she walked over to her ex boyfriend, his brother, and Bailey. Here we go. Turn around please. God, he looked the damn same! So hot. She took another breath and tapped Zack's shoulder.

Zack turned around. After all of this time, there she was. Standing there, she was in New York there whole time. "What? Maya? What's going on? Where have you been? It's been three whole years Maya."

Maya sighed. Nodding, she looked at her former boyfriend. "Hi. I know what you mean Zack. I'm sorry…" She teared up. "I...I'm...I can't have an apology for what I did to you...and…" She saw her daughter and son, Kayleigh and Kayden walking out of the house from the corner of her eye. She mumbled. "Damn it…" She turned around and yelled. "Kayleigh Marie, Kayden Zachary, get back into the house, right now!"

Zack's eyes went wide. "Did you just say Kayden Zachary?"

Maya nodded her head. "Yeah...Um...Can we talk?" She sighed. "Let me get them into the house first, they are trouble makers, just like someone I know...Kayden comes up the craziest things." She picked up Kayden and Kayleigh. "You two know not to come out of the house with me, right?" Maya whispered.

Kayden frowned and began to cry. "But Mommy! We wanted to know what's up.

Maya shook her head. "No, Kayden, don't but Mommy me. And, you also don't ask what's up okay? You two know that you can't come outside without me. Come inside right now…" She carried them inside. "I'll talk to you both in a bit." She walks back over to Zack. "Okay. Now I can talk." She sighed slightly.

Zack looked like he's been upset. His girlfriend, well, he didn't know what she was right now has two kids! He slowly began to understand what's going on after seeing Maya with those two kids. The boy looked they splitting image of him and Kayden looks like him when he was three. "Is everything okay?"

Maya nodded slowly. "Yeah...Um...Look, this might sound like a shock to you, but those two are…" She teared up. "...Our kids...That's why I said Kayden Zachary. I named him after you because he reminds me of you. Like seriously."

She didn't know what he was going to say. It made her all hot inside.

Zack looked at her with hurt in his eyes. Finding out that he had two kids really got him not feel good. She should've told him. "Why won't you tell me before? Maya, I could've have helped you out and supportive you…"

Maya sighs as she wiped her eyes, taking a deep breath. "I...I got scared. I mean, I thought you wouldn't want anything to do with me after I broke up with you over the Peace Corps...but turns out, I never went because I found out I was pregnant, with those two crazy three year olds…" She shook her head. "They're three now. Kayden reminds me of you, while Kayleigh is just like me. Tough and sweet. Kayden is crazy and does the craziest things that drives me up the wall..."

Zack laughed slightly. "Oh so when were they born? When's their birthday?"

Maya looked at the others. "Um, hey guys. Do you mind if I take Zack for a bit? I have a lot to explaining to do."

Cody shook his head. "No we don't mind."

May took his hand. "Come with me." She took him to the park. "Zack, I'm so sorry..."

Zack sighed, but looked at her. "It's okay Maya. I understand why you did it. And, by the way quit apologising."

Maya looked at him shocked and sighed. That was some answer. "You do?"

Zack nodded. "Yeah, but if I was in your position, Maya, I would have also run away and everything."

Maya looked at him. "Really?" She sighed, laying her head on his shoulder and started to cry a bit. Tears filled her eyes. "Zack, would you help me if I did tell you and if you never wanted to see me?"

Zack nodded his head. "Maya, why are you saying this?" He looked at her. "Of course I would have helped you out. I really wish you could have told me, but it's okay."

Maya started crying as tears came falling down her face."Really? I...I know I should've told you...Can I ask you a question,though?

Zack nodded. "Sure."

Maya looked at him as she asked the most important question of her life to her ex boyfriend. "Do you still love me?" She sniffed.

Zack laughed. "Is that a question to even ask? Of course I still love you. And you? Do you also still love me?"

Maya nodded. "Of course! I do! I look at our children everyday, they remind me of you so much."

Zack smiled. "That's good."

Maya looked up at him. "Um, so since you are here, do you want to meet your son and daughter?" She smiled.

Zack nodded. "Yes. Of course I want to meet them.

Maya stood up and walks him to her house, walked inside. "Mom? I want you to meet someone. Zack Martin, Kayden and Kayleigh's father." She looked at Zack. "Zack, this is my mom, Leigh."

Zack smiled at Leigh. "Hi, I'm Zack nice to meet you."

Leigh smiled. "Hi Zack. Nice to meet you too." She turned to her daughter. "Maya, Kayden and Kayleigh are in their room. I sent them to their room after they woke up."

Maya smiled and nodded. "Okay, thank you so much, Mom. Come on, Zack." She lead Zack upstairs to the twins room. She walked into her son and daughter's room.

Kayden saw Maya when he sat up in his bed. He got excited. "Hi Mommy!"

Maya smiled. "Hi Kayden." She looked at her son and daughter. "Kayden and Kayleigh, I want you guys to meet your Daddy."

Kayleigh gave her a questionable look. "Daddy?"

Maya smiled and nodded. "Yes, Kayleigh, baby, this is Zack he's your and Kayden's Daddy."

Kayden smiled. "Daddy?" The three year old ran to Zack. "Hi!"

Kayleigh stayed quiet though. She wasn't sure what to do. Her father was standing right there.

Maya looked at her daughter. "Hey, Kay, you okay, baby?"

Kayleigh shook her head. She looked at Zack. "That's Daddy? The one in the pictures, Momma?" The three year old little girl walked up to Zack.

Kayden snorted a little. "Like I need pictures to recognise my own daddy yeah right."

Kayleigh shook her head. "Why you?!"

Maya got in between the twins. "Okay guys stop fighting."

Zack smiled and looked at Maya. "You've shown them pictures of me?"

Maya nodded. "Of course. The one from prom. I still all of them...all of them.

"Oh that's good. So do I. He looked at his son. "You look just like me, so what do you like to do, buddy?

Kayden giggled. "Stuff my Mommy doesn't like or let me do, but I still do it...I like pulling pranks and coloring."

Zack smiled. "Wow. You are just like me." He turned to Kayleigh, his daughter. "What about you?"

Kayleigh smiled. "I try to not like Kayden do stuff, that's what I mostly do, my Mommy always takes my side, because I'm a good girl." She giggles as she looks at Kayden.

Anna looked at Maya. "Mommy, Kayden colored all over my bedroom floor…"

Maya groaned.

Anna nodded. "Yeah. Again why can't he colour Kayleigh's side of their room?"

Kayleigh shook her head. "No no not gonna happen."

Maya looked at her son. "Kayden Zachary, go sit in timeout right now." The 21 year old mother sighed. "Kayleigh, go tell Grandma to get me the cleaning stuff, please."

Kayden crossed his arms. "What? This is so unfair! She never gets into trouble!" He pointed to Kayleigh.

Kayleigh smiled and nodded her head. "Okay, Mommy." She waved at Kayden smugly. "You are in big trouble." The three year old downstairs. "Grandma, I need cleaning stuff Kayden colored Anna's bedroom floor."

Leigh sighd. "Again? Alright." She her the cleaning supplies and walked into Anna's room, where Zack and Maya were waiting. "This is the fifth time…"

Maya took the cleaning supplies. "Thanks Mom." She begins to clean the floor.

Zack looked at her. "So...Anna is your daughter too? You never told me that either…"

Maya looked at Zack. "Yeah, she is and I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I had her when I was fifteen years old. I was a freshman of high school."

Zack nodded. "Oh." He started to help her. "So, I'm guessing Kayden is my mini me, huh?"

Maya nodded her head. "Of course you saw what happened before. I sometimes call him Zack because he reminds me so much about you."

Kayden smiled. "That's because I am, I mean I am his son right." Kayden crossed his arms smugly as he runs into Anna's room.

"Oh, really?" Zack laughed. "Well, I better have a talk with our little troublemaker."

Kayden looked at Zack. "Daddy, you don't think I'm a troublemaker, right? I mean that was harmless thing which I did."

Zack sighed. "You know what, I also did the same thing you did, and my Mom, your grandma also called me a troublemaker when I was younger."

Maya smiled. "And, to answer your question, yes. And, Kayden, you are grounded."

"Maybe with me in their lives it will be easier on you." Zack smiled.

Maya nodded. I agree. It would be way more easier for me then."

Anna walked into her room. "Hi."

Zack smiled. Hi Anna I'm Zack."

Anna smiled again. "Hi. I'm Savannah, but most people call me Anna."

Zack smiled. "You have amazing name by the way."

Maya: *laughs* Thanks. Took me months to come up with a name. Same with those two munchies.

Kayden looks at Maya. "I don't get why am I in trouble?"

Maya sighed. "Look at what you did to Anna's room Kayden and now you're asking why are you in trouble?"

Zack laughed. "Well you did an amazing job by the way."

Maya smiled and sighed. "Really? Our son is a complete mess with his pranks, I think I did alright with the girls."

Kayden sighed and shook his head. "Why do I even bother? No matter how hard I try I always get into trouble."

Zack laughed. "Don't worry. I was the same when I was younger. I pranked Cody a few times but after that he and I pulled pranks on the employees and the guests at Tipton hotel.

Kayden giggled. "Good to know I'm not the only one who pranks my siblings."

Anna was shocked. "You lived in an hotel? Cool!"

Zack laughed. "Well, if you want come to Boston and see how it's like at the Tipton hotel.

Maya smiled. "I'd love to show the twins and Anna where you grow up."

Zack smiled. "When we leave come with us and I'll show you guys the hotel and all the hiding places I've discovered when I was hiding from Mr moseby after he discovered that I pranked people in the lobby, Cody had stopped but I didn't."

Kayden looked at Maya. "See and you say I am a trouble maker."

Anna laughed softly. "You still are little brother."

Maya turned to Zack. "Well, if I do came with you, we'd have to decide on a house or something because I...I mean, we have three kids now." She gave a smile. "Yes, I know Anna isn't your blood daughter, but I know you'd adopt her when we decide on the big day...or…"

Zack nodded in agreement. "I agree with you."

Maya finished cleaning, she looked at her daughter. "When Kayden is older, no coming into your room, okay, Anna?"

Anna nodded. "Thanks Mom."

Kayden frowned. Hey! If you're talking about me, say it to me.

Zack helped Maya up. "I know Cody might have a freak out after he finds out you have...twins and a 5 year old daughter."

Maya smiled and laughed softly. "Even so but he'll enjoy being an uncle to the twins."

Kayleigh comes into the room. "We have an uncle too!"

Zack nodded. "Yeah, he and Bailey have twin girls, Alli and Alleeah, they're 2."

Kayden smiled. "We have cousins as well." He looked at Kayleigh. "Of course we have an uncle our daddy has a twin brother. Don't you know anything?"

Kayleigh glared back. "And how do you know that 'Mr I'm Always In Trouble Due To Pranking'?"

Kayden glares at her. "I heard them talking."

Zack looks at Maya and Anna. "Are they always like this?"

Anna nodded. "All the time."

Kayleigh shook her head. "Yeah right! Sounds like you were listening in or something."

Kayden glared at her. "And how do you know that 'Miss Know It All'?"

Maya intervens her daughter and son's fight.. "Kayleigh Marie and Kayden Zachary, that's enough."

Kayden looks at her. "You're gonna put her in timeout too are you?" He points to Kayleigh.

Maya shook her head. "No I'm not going to do that she's not in trouble."

Kayden huffs and stomps out of the room glaring at Kayleigh who was sticking out her tongue at him.

Kayleigh smiled. "It's fun making Kayden get in trouble."

Maya sighed. "Kayleigh, it's not nice to get your older brother in trouble."

Kayleigh shook her head. "By five minutes Mom it's not like he's five years older than me. You could have had me first but no you had to have 'Mr get in trouble due to pranking' first making me come five minutes after him. And I'm the mature one."

Maya sighed, while Zack laughed a little.

Maya sighed again. "I'm sorry Kayleigh, I knew I was having twins and somehow your brother ended up being born first."

Kayleigh looked at Zack. "Why are you laughing Daddy?"

Zack smiled. "I'm laughing because this reminds me about your uncle Cody and I you know your uncle Cody said the same thing to your Nana."

Kayleigh looked excited. "Really?"

Zack nodded. "Of course."

Kayleigh giggled. "So I have an uncle Cody, and my cousins?"

Zack nods. "Yes you do, you do have an aunt named Bailey. She's your Aunty Bailey and your cousin's mother."

After a while Zack and Maya took the twins and Anna to the park where Cody and Bailey were playing with their children.

Cody looked at Zack. "Hey Zack. Hey Maya."

Bailey looked at the three kids and looked at Maya. "Are they your kids?"

Cody looks at Anna, Kayden and Kayleigh. Anna looked just like Maya and the twins looked the splitting image of Zack and Maya well, Kayden looks just like Zack while Kayleigh looks just like Maya.

Cody turned to his brother. "So they're your kids, Zack?" He looked at the twins.

Kayden turned to Cody. "Hey, I'm Kayden. You look like my Daddy."

Zack nodded. "Yeah. We're twins, buddy, you look like me…" He looked at Cody "And, yes, they're mine."

Cody nodded, sighing. "Does Mom know?"

Zack shook his head. "No. Dude, I just found out myself, do you think I have the damn time to tell Mom this?"

Cody shook his head. "No."

Maya turned to Bailey. "So, you and Cody have twin daughters?"

Bailey nodded. "We do. Alliannah Karyssa and Alleeah Kaylee."

Maya smiled. "Awww!"

Bailey sighed. "So, you were here for the last 3 years?"

Maya nodded. "Yeah."

Bailey laughed a bit. "Zack never figured it out?"

Maya laughed a little too. "I don't know...I guess he didn't want to see me, or thought that I already left for Chad."

Bailey hugged Maya. "True, but I'm happy you're back. I missed you."

Maya smiled. "I missed you too."

Zack walked over to Maya. "I'd hate to leave, May. But, we all have to go back to the hotel."

Maya sighed. "Okay. I have to get Kayleigh and Kayden home. Their favorite tv show is on at 4."

Zack hugged her and smiled. "I love you."

God, she never thought she'd ever hear those words ever again. She has always been in love with Zack. "I love you too."

Maya let Kayleigh and Kayden say their goodbyes to Zack as they headed back to Maya's parents house with Anna.

Maya has never felt so good in her life. No more guilt, no more lies, and trying to be a single mother. Her dream has came true.

Zack was back in her life. They may not be back together yet, but that did bother Maya because she loved Zack with all of her heart.

Kayleigh and Kayden had their father in their lives. She was happy about that.

It took three years.

Three years.

To be continued…

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