Chapter 3 Guess Who's Back
The next day Zack and Maya met up again with Savannah, Kayden and Kayleigh.
They started walking to the hotel where Carey was staying in with Zack, Cody, Bailey and Cailey's twin daughters Alliannah and Alleeah.
Maya sighed. "I really hope they don't hate me.. even though it was my fault to leave you I feel so guilty already…."
Zack sighed shaking his head knowing that whatever he'll say would make her really guilty again. "Maya really no one will ever hate you…"
Kayden patted Maya's knee and got on her lap while his twin sister rolled her eyes at her brother. "Daddy's right Mommy nobody could hate you…"
Anna looked at Maya. "Momma are you okay?"
Maya smiled. "I'm fine Anna I'm okay baby girl…"
Maya smiled slightly at their help. "Okay thanks…." She looked at Zack. "Okay let's do it…" She and Zack then got up along with their kids.
Zack smiled as they all started walking again and entered the hotel building walking into the elevator and going up to the room. He suddenly began to feel nervous but calmed himself down.
Zack heard the door being opened. He whispered. "Shit." He saw that it was Bailey, Cody, Alli and Alleeah. "Heyyy, guys..."
Alli smiled. "Uncle Zack..." She and Alleeah ran up and hugged him.
Zack picked them in his arms. "Girls, you would love for you to meet my son and daughter, Kayleigh and Kayden along with their sister Anna who's Maya's oldest daughter and their mom, Maya."
Bailey's eyes widened. "You had children. Wait what I don't understand..." She looked at Maya. "Where Have you been? How come we haven't seen you before you totally disappeared from the face of the earth... What? How? Why?"
She sighed. "I'm sorry Maya I missed you so much. But not as much as Zack but still... I was worried..."
Maya sighed. "Bailey, it's okay...When I got pregnant, I was terrified on what Zack would do or say, so I ran away to New York for the past 3 years...Anna is my other daughter from another father...I never told him about Anna..."
Bailey sighed but smiled as she gave Maya a hug. "Oh I guess I mean we all thought you went to Africa.." She looked at her. "So did you go to Africa or not?"
Maya shook her head. "No. I didn't...I...I went through the pregnancy and raising three babies in New York."
Bailey sighed. "Oh I'm sorry if I asked an insensitive question..."
Zack sighed. "Bails, I don't think that was a rude answer..."
Bailey sighed and shook her head. "Oh..."
Alli smiled. "So are you staying, Maya?"
Maya smiled and nodded. "Yes I am…"
Bailey smiled. "Awesome..."
Maya smiled slightly. "Thanks..."
Cody looked at his brother. "Dude, are you going to tell Mom and Dad?"
Zack nodded. "Yeah I am..."
Just then Carey walked over. "Tell me what?"
Zack jumped. "Hey Mom..."
Maya was now sweating nervously and turning pale hoping Carey doesn't hate her.
Carey looked at Maya. "Welcome back Maya..." She looked at the three children. "Who are they?" Her eyes widened as she looked at the boy who was arguing with his sister and then at Zack. "Zachary what's going on?"
Zack sighed. "Mom...I...Kayleigh and Kayden...They are mine..."
Carey's eyes widened as she then looked at Maya who was looking down. "Maya why didn't you tell us?"
Maya was now nervous. "I...I was scared! I didn't know what I wanted to do...I didn't know what Zack would do or say if he knew about my pregnancy..."
Carey sighed. "You don't get it do you?" She shook her head. "He was quite upset when you left and I wanted Zack to call you but except Cody told me that there was no cell service in Africa so that's why we all were unable to find out about your whereabouts..."
Zack was shaking his head. "Mom..."
Tears welled in Maya's eyes and she started crying feeling so bad about her decision to run away and making Zack upset. "I'm already guilty about not telling Zack about the twins and my daughter Anna before I didn't go to Chad I was raising three children in New York..."
Zack looked at his mother. "Mom, she told me everything..."
Carey sighed. "Oh..." She looked at Maya. "I'm sorry..."
Maya wiped her eyes. "I should've told him but I didn't so...I can't change it."
Carey nodded. "It's okay Maya..." She looked at the children again. "What are their names?"
Maya smiled slightly. "My daughter, Savannah, and the twins, Kayleigh and Kayden."
Carey smiled. "Awww they have amazing names..."
Zack smiled. "Kayden is named after me."
Carey smiled. "Really?"
Maya nodded. "Yes."
Carey smiled. "That's good..." She looked at Kayleigh. "And what about Kayleigh?" She looked between the twins who were arguing with each other. "Are they okay?"
Maya walked over to her son and daughter. "Kayden Zachary and Kayleigh Marie! What are you two doing? What is going on?"
Kayden frowned. "Its her fault. I got grounded anyway…"
Kayleigh rolled her eyes. "It's not my fault. I'm not the one who colored Anna's walls…."
Kayden groaned. "One little mistake and I'm suddenly a troublemaker…"

Carey smiled and walked over to her grandson. "Wait so you're saying you got into trouble?"
Kayden and Kayleigh both looked at each other and then at Maya who nodded as she walked over. "Uh…"
Maya smiled. "Guys this is your Nana Carey…"
Kayden and Kayleigh along with Savannah all hugged Carey. "Hi Nana…" She looked at Carey and smiled. "Savannah is my daughter from a previous relationship. So looks like you have three new grandchildren."
Carey hugged all three of her newest grandchildren back and finally pulled back smiling. "Hi guys…"
Cody and Bailey introduced themselves to Kayden and Kayleigh as well as Savannah, who smiled happily that she had a new Aunt and Uncle she even considered Zack as her father not wanting to be left out even though she didn't know who her real dad is.
Alleeah smiled excitedly, rushing over to Savannah, Kayden and Kayleigh along with her sister Alli. "I have new cousins! Yay!"

Anna looked at her mother. "Momma?"
Maya smiled and looked at Anna. "Yes sweetie?"
Anma sighed softly. "Who is my dad?"
Maya sighed. "Oh..." She bit her lip again. "Anna I.. how do I say this..." She began to feel really guilty again.
Anna frowned her blue eyes looking at her mother's brown eyes. "What, Mom?"
Maya's eyes widened when she saw Anna's eyes which were blue instead of brown she realised that Anna was actually Zack's daughter not Kevin's. She looked at Zack and then at Anna again sighing she admitted to herself that she was really keeping a huge secret from everyone. "Oh my God..."
Zack looked at her. "What? What's wrong?"
Maya burst into tears. "I'm sorry.. I can't..."
Zack sighed. "Can't what? Maya, what's wrong?"
Maya got up from the couch and rushed out before she could answer him. She was just so overwhelmed.
Bailey looked concerned. "Is everything alright?"
Zack paused, shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know."
Carey looked concerned as well. "Zack... aren't you going after her? I mean find out what's happening with her..."
Cody nodded. "Yeah, you can't let her get away now…"
Zack nodded as he sighed. "I am, Mom. Codester Geez..." He rushed after her. "Maya!" He yelled all the way to the elevator, where she was. "Maya, what's wrong?"
Maya was crying now. "I...I kept something else from you...I...You are gonna hate me!"
Zack ran his fingers through his hair. "May what are you talking about?"
Maya wiped her eyes and cheeks. "Anna...She...She's yours..."
Zack's eyes widened. "What? But, but, but, you said that you had Anna through a previous relationship and..."
Maya sighed deeply. "I...I lied..."
Zack sighed. "Wait when did this... when's Anna born?"
Maya sighed. "May 13th 2007."
Zack realised something. The only reason he wasn't able to forget about Maya was because she was and still is the love of his life. When they broke up, he was devastated and when they didn't see each other for three whole years, he tried to move on but he never truly did he's reminded of Maya through the girls, he tried to date that's why his short lived relationships ended very quickly Maya was his first real love and he wants to keep it this way. "Really?"
Maya looked at him. "Would I lie about my own child's birthday?"
Zack shook his head. "No, it's just shock May I know you won't lie about it..."
Maya began crying again. "Why aren't you upset with me? I never told you about Anna, Kayden or Kayleigh! You should be really mad at me!"
Zack sighed running his fingers through his hair frustrated. "I am Maya I'm trying to keep calm!" He sighed again. "Why didn't you tell me about them before why did you keep them a secret?!"
Maya sighed as tears fell. "I was scared! I was overwhelmed of how you'd react, Zack! We were 15 when Anna was born! And, 18 when the twins were born. How do you think you'd deal with that? I thought...I thought keeping them a secret was best...but now I know it was wrong! I'm...I'm sorry..."
Maya sighed. "I better get back to the suite. The kids must be wondering where we are."
Zack sighed. "It's okay, I rather wished you could have told me I would have helped you out even if I did freak but I understand your reason..." To be honest that Zack was really hurt yet he doubted a little whether Maya hooked up with a guy or not even though he admitted to himself that he also one time hooked up with a girl in the past but yet he forced the doubt down and followed Maya back to the suite. "Fine..."
Maya sighed. "We'll talk about this later, okay? I just need to tell Kayden and Kayleigh that we are going to stay here for a while until I can afford something."
Zack sighed. "Okay fine..." He shook his head knowing that it was no use making her mad. "Alright..."
Maya looked at him. "What? You don't want me to leave? There's you, me, five kids, Cody, Bailey and your mom in one suite! Somebody has to go sometime."
Zack shook his head. "No, I lost you before Maya. I'm not letting you leave again my word is final either, we both have a suite or either, I'll work but you're not leaving okay I'm very serious about this..." He looked at her really seriously. "Promise me Maya please..."
Maya cupped his cheeks. "Zack, I'm just getting a small house or something around here. I'm not gonna be far...I'm not going anywhere...I made the mistake of leaving you. I can't or couldn't do that again."
Zack looked at Maya really, really seriously. "Promise me…"
Maya sighed she knew what her heart wanted she wanted to be with Zack. "Zack…"
Zack looked at her really seriously. "Promise me Maya please..."
Maya sighed. "Zack...I...I need to get my own place...Just for now but I'll promise I'll come with you to Boston. I promise Zack I promise."
Zack sighed. "Okay..."
Maya hugged him. "Thank you, Zack."
Zack hugged her back. "You're welcome, Maya..."
Maya sighed. "Im sorry again…"
Zack sighed. "It's okay, I rather wished you could have told me I would have helped you out, even if I did freak but I understand your reason..."

To be honest that Zack was really hurt yet, he doubted a little whether Maya hooked up with a guy or not even though he admitted that he also one time hooked up with a girl in the past but yet he forced the doubt down and followed Maya back to the suite. "Okay, Maya, let's go..." He paused for a minute. "I can't believe you left me. Why didn't you know how much I loved you? You're the only one who I really loved no girl ever came close except for you, I was actually falling in love with you..."
Maya's eyes were filled with tears. "Zack... I'm sorry I'm really really sorry. You should actually hate me, but the real reason was. I was too selfish the moment Anna was born I actually wanted to call you, but I got scared and didn't do it. I regretted breaking up with you please, Zack, I love you so much..."
Meanwhile with Cody and Bailey, who were looking at each other in their room in the suite. "We, I guess have to make sure that Maya doesn't leave again I mean Zack was so upset about her leaving."
Bailey nodded her head. "Yeah, but I won't mention it to her, this is Zack's area not us and it's also unlike us to meddle in their relationship."
Cody nodded his head. "Exactly I mean even if we really are risking it yet we have to make sure that they both will be truly happy this time and all…."
Carey walked inside hearing them. "Oh I agree with you guys yet she's also back…."
Cody nodded. "Agreed." They all walked back over to the kids who were playing just as Zack and Maya walked into the suite. "Okay, we're back."
Carey looked at them concerned. "Is everything okay?"

Zack nodded. "Uh...Yeah. Everything is okay. I'm about to tell you something so I think you should sit down."
Carey nodded as she, Cody and Bailey along with Zack and Maya and the children sat down looking expectantly at them. "Okay what's going on?"
Maya sighed deeply, in and out, and looked at her oldest daughter. "Anna is...She's Zack's daughter..."
There was a silence as Cody, Bailey and Carey's eyes widened as they then stared at Savannah's blue eyes and Savannah frowned about why they were looking at her like that yet she smiled and hugged her daddy tightly. "Yay!"
She then looked at the her family members who were staring in shock. "Is there something wrong with my eyes?"
Zack sighed. "You are my daughter, sweetie. I have blue eyes and so do you."
Savannah smiled and happily hugging him. "Yay..."
Kayden's eyes widened. "Anna is full sister?"
Maya nodded. "Yes."
Kayleigh smiled hugging Anna and her daddy who were hugging them both. "Yay!"
Maya looked at Carey, Cody and Bailey. "Are you okay guys?"
Carey nodded her head. "I'm a little shocked but fine..." She smiled. "It's good to have you back Maya with all three of my newest grandchildren..." Savannah, Kayden and Kayleigh hugged their grandmother again.
Bailey nodded her head in agreement. "Me too. Wow, they really are siblings. This is so exciting..."
Cody nodded. "I agree with Bailey, not only I have a new niece and nephew I have another niece as well..."
Cody and Bailey introduced themselves to Savannah, Kayden and Kayleigh who hugged them. "Uncle Cody! Aunty Bailey!"

Maya smiled slightly. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner…."
Carey shook her head. "It's alright, Maya, you're back with them…"
Maya nodded. "Yes, I am, Miss Martin. Thanks, but I made that mistake I'm not making it again. I promise…." Maya started laughing so hard making everyone look at her in confusion except Carey.
Carey smiled. "Good. Why are laughing?"

Maya sighed as she stopped laughing. "I...I don't know. I'm just so confused on why I kept so much a secret…"
Savannah shook her head, putting her hands on her ears when she remembered why her mother was laughing. "Next time don't scream Daddy's name so loudly I could hear it all the way to the waiting room when my brother and sister were born…. My poor ears…."
Kayden grumbled. "No need to give me that image about Mommy screaming…."
Maya laughed again. "That happened when I was... never mind."
Carey started laughing along with Maya. "Really?"
Maya nodded her head. "Yeah…"
Bailey laughed. "The same thing happened with me except I nearly broke Cody's hand while screaming at him for doing this to me…."

Zack sighed. "At least you got to see Alli and Alleeah being born…"

Maya frowned. "I'm never gonna do anything like that again."

Cody and Bailey introduced themselves to Savannah, Kayden and Kayleigh.
Maya smiled slightly. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner…."
Carey shook her head. "It's alright, Maya. You're back with Zack. I'm hoping you are staying."
Maya nodded. "I am, Miss Martin."
Carey smiled. "I'm glad because I want to see my grandbabies grow up. All five of them."

Maya nodded her head. "You will...I just have to figure out how I feel about Zack...I love him, I do. It's just hard for me to see him after so long."

Zack wrapped his arms around her waist. "Babe, please. Don't shut me out again…" He whispered in her ear, hugging her tight.

To be continued…

AN: What will Zaya do after knowing the whole truth? Find out in chapter 4!