Chapter 5: "Unexpected"

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Three months later, Monday, May 25, 2015, Maya's house

Maya is now 22, Bailey will be 22 in July, and Zack and Cody will be 22 in September. Savannah is now seven years old. Her birthday was on the 11th of this month. Anna is now in first grade. Kayden, Kayleigh, Alli and Alleeah are in preschool.

Maya and Zack had some adult time a few weeks ago and now things have gotten more complicated. Maya walked out of the bathroom after throwing up. She knew it couldn't be the flu. She and Zack had some alone time to talk about their relationship and well, things went too far that night. Now, she had the same symptoms of pregnancy. The same when she was pregnant with Anna, Kayleigh and Kayden.

Life is already crazy with three kids and Zack is still getting used to being a dad, but now she could be pregnant again.

After getting Anna to elementary school and Kayden and Kayleigh to preschool, Maya decided to take the day off of work to progress the thought she might be pregnant. She decided to head off to the store to grab some pregnancy tests.

She jumped into her car, backed out of her driveway and headed off to the first store to grab three pregnancy tests.

After grabbing them and paid for them, she headed back into her car and took a deep breath. "Here we go. Let's get home and do this."

Once home, Maya headed inside, shut the front door, locking it and then headed into her bathroom. She began drinking water until she needed to pee. After reading the instructions, she began taking the pregnancy tests after putting her pee sample on the stick. A few minutes later, she decided to finally look at the pregnancy test as she was sitting on the bathroom floor. She took the deepest breath of her life before looking down at the pregnancy tests.

Her heart raced. Her eyes went wide.

The pregnancy tests read: Pregnant, A + sign and a yes.

She couldn't believe it. She was pregnant. Again. For the third time. Four kids. She couldn't believe what was happening. This is her third pregnancy and well, Zack has never had a reaction to any of her pregnancies.

What will he think? What will his reaction be? She began going to- "What if he leaves? What if he can't handle it?" And, also: "What if he's happy?"

Maya decided to go all out to tell him this time. This would be her first time telling him that she's pregnant. Yes, they're only boyfriend and girlfriend, but their relationship is already serious. It definitely would be weird not to be when you add almost four kids to the mix.

After grabbing a balloon that says, "Baby" and the pregnancy test. She decided to text Zack.

Maya's text message: "Come to my place right after work. Love you."

Zack's text message: "Okay. Love you too." :)

Later that day, Maya's place, 5:00pm

Zack picked up the kids from school and drove over to Maya's. He walked inside with the kids behind him.

"I have our kiddos, Maya!"

Maya yelled from the kitchen. "In the kitchen!"

Zack walked into the kitchen, while the kids went to the playroom. His eyes went wide as he saw the "Baby" balloon hanging over the couch and the pregnancy test on the coffee table.

"Maya, are you serious? Are you pregnant?" He began smiling brightly. He was now extremely happy and excited.

Maya nodded her head. "Yes, I'm having another baby. I'm pregnant!"

Zack smiled as he picked her up and spinned her around and then put her back down and began kissing her passionately. "I'm so excited! I can't believe this!"

Maya laughed. "I take that as you're happy and excited."

Zack nodded his head and smiled at the pregnancy tests as he picked them up. "Are you kidding? I'm so excited! We're having another baby." He chuckled. "The kids are going to be so excited!"

Maya smiled. "I want to go to the doctor first before telling anyone, especially our kids."

Zack nodded his head. "Good idea."

Meanwhile, Cody and Bailey's house, a few houses down

Bailey looked at the pregnancy test she just took in complete silence. She and Cody are getting married in September and now she's going to be pregnant on their wedding day. They have two 2 year olds, Alli and Alleeah. Now, they're having their third baby.

She walked out of the bathroom and saw Cody sitting on their bed.

"Are you okay? I have dinner ready…"

Bailey nodded her head. "I have some news I need to tell you."

Cody nodded his head. "What's wrong, Bails?"

Bailey smiled brightly as she handed him the pregnancy test. "I'm pregnant."

Cody's eyes went wide. "Oh my God." He hugged her tightly, leaning in and kissed her. "I'm so happy!" He realized something. "What about the wedding?"

Bailey smiled. "I'll be pregnant at our wedding. We're not pushing it back. I don't want to push it back."

Cody smiled. "Well, either way, I'll be so happy. Alli and Alleeah will be big sisters. They'll be 3 when the baby is born." He layed his hand on her belly. "I can't believe this, Bails!"

Bailey laughed. "Me either. We weren't even trying. It just happened. Here's to being outnumbered…"

Cody laughed. "Oh boy…" He looked at him. "I want a boy."

Bailey laughed. "To be honest, me too. But, we'll see…"

To be continued…


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