A/N: This is a 2-chapter story I wrote and posted on here years ago. I never finished it and eventually took it down. I felt bad about that and wanted to put it back up. It won't be continued, so enjoy it for what it is.

Hogwarts With Miley

Chapter 1

"Hurry up Dad!" Miley yelled out to her father. "We're going to be late!" The brunette was currently standing in a train station in Britain with her two best friends Lilly and Oliver and her obnoxious older brother Jackson. They all had their suitcases and were currently lost as they had no idea how to get onto platform nine and three quarters.

"Hold your horses Miles," Mr. Stewart said to his daughter as he jogged back over to her. "I just thought that muggle worker might know where it is."

"Dad, how would a muggle know where a magical train is?" Jackson asked his father. "That's dumb, even for me."

Meanwhile Lilly looked at her watch, "Guys, Miley is right. The train is going to leave in five minutes."

"Well then we better hurry," Oliver said looking around. "Should we split up?"

"No there's no time for that," Miley replied. "Then even if one of us found it the others would be lost."

"Well what about that girl?" Robbie Ray asked pointing an index finger ahead of them. "That girl looks like she knows what she's doing." The teenagers looked to see a young blonde girl skipping along straight into what seemed to be a wall until she passed right through it.

"Where'd she go?" Jackson asked.

Miley grabbed her suitcases and started walking over. "That's good enough for me," She said. "Little girl walking through walls practically screams 'magical school'."

"Be careful Miley!" Lilly called out to her best friend. The girl hadn't heard it though as she rolled her suitcase in front of her and picked up speed. She almost got scared and slowed down but she didn't and found herself passing through the wall and past it.

Opening her eyes Miley found herself in a completely different train station filled with wizards and a big train that said "Hogwarts Express" on the front of it. Miley sighed in relief and moved over to make room. The place was so crowded she had to push past a few people to make room.

About thirty seconds later her brother Jackson came running through the platform with his luggage. Looking around he cheered but was then knocked down as Oliver and Lilly came through right after him.

"Oops," Lilly said noticing Jackson lying on the ground. "Sorry Jackson."

"Ouch," He cringed as Oliver tried to give him a hand up. Five seconds later Robbie Ray ran through the platform after them.

"Nice job Miles you found it," He said congratulating his daughter. "But there's no time left so put up your luggage and get on the train!" He then noticed Jackson on the ground. "Jackson there's no time to sleep now son, get up!"

The Stewart family and friends quickly put their stuff on the train post haste. Lilly, Oliver and Jackson had already jumped on the ledge of the train and Miley was the only one still not on the train. She was facing her father knowing she wouldn't see him again for a whole school year.

"Love you daddy," She said giving her father a big hug. "I'll miss you!"

"Me too Miles," He said returning the hug. "Now make sure to take care of yourself, make some friends and don't get any of the teachers mad at you."

Miley let go and the hug ended. "Okay dad, don't worry, but I got to go now!" She said grabbing Lilly's hand and stepping onto the platform of the train.

"And for God sakes, take care of your brother for me!" Robbie Ray called out to her as the trainer started to leave the station.

Miley, Jackson, Lilly and Oliver all waved goodbye as the train left with them onboard. Jackson stopped waving first and said, "Alright I'm out of here. You losers find your own place to sit. I'm going to go find some ladies" He said with a laugh before walking off down the train.

"So much for sticking together," Oliver muttered.

Miley waved it off, "Don't worry Oliver we don't need Jackson. I'm sure the three of us won't have any problem handling a British school." She said pretending to chuckle.

"Little scared there Miley?" Lilly asked.

The brunette grabbed the blonde by the shirt, "Terrified!"

"Well let's go find a seat," Oliver suggested. "That old lady over there is giving us a weird look." The other two nodded and went to find a seat.

Meanwhile Harry, Ron and Hermione were all sitting in their own compartment. They had heard Draco Malfoy bragging to his friends about almost getting sent to Durmstrang instead of Hogwarts and were discussing the location of the school.

"But I think Durmstrang must be somewhere in the far north," Hermione said thoughtfully. "Somewhere very cold, because they've got fur capes as part of their uniforms."

"Ah think of the possibilities," Ron said dreamily. "It would've been so easy to push Malfoy off a glacier and make it look like an accident…shame his mother likes him…"

And just as the three were thinking of the merits of a dead Malfoy the door to their compartment was opened. A girl with long brown hair stuck her head inside. "Excuse me," She asked the three. "Is it okay if me and my friends sit here with you three? There aren't any empty compartments left and we can hardly walk down this hall with all the people."

Ron looked as if he was about to say something when Hermione nodded, "Sure, come inside."

The girl smiled, "Thanks."

Pulling the door all the way open she walked in followed by her two friends, another girl and a boy. They all seemed to be about the golden trio's age, the first girl was about Harry's height dressed in muggle clothes with blue eyes. The second girl had blonde hair and was dressed in more boyish clothes while the boy had dark brown hair and was smiling.

As they came in Hermione moved over next to Harry and Ron so the three could sit opposite each other. Now all six seats were filled and it definitely seemed a bit comfy. Coughing the second girl spoke up.

"Thanks for letting us sit here," She said. "I'm Lilly Truscott, nice to meet you." She said sticking out her hand which because of the small room ended up right in Ron's face. Frowning Ron slouched down in his seat before giving the hand a small shake.

"I'm Ron Weasley," he said uncertainly.

"I'm Hermione Granger," Hermione informed them.

"And I'm Harry Potter," Harry told them.

"Oh hey I think I've heard of you," The first girl said speaking up. "Your famous right? I think you were in one of our history books right Lilly?" The blonde nodded.

"Are you not from around here?" Ron asked confused. "Of course Harry's famous! He defeated you-know-who when he was only a baby!"

"Actually we're not from around here," The first girl answered looking straight at Harry. "My name is Miley Stewart. This donut over here," She said pointing to the boy. "Is Oliver—"

"Hey I can't even introduce myself?" He interrupted. "I'm Oliver Oken, but the ladies call me smoking Oken!"

"No they don't," Lilly said rolling her eyes.

"Hey can I finish my sentence anytime soon?" Miley asked angrily. "Anyway the three of us are some of the transfer students from America. You guys knew about that right?"

"America?" Harry asked. "I don't know about any transfer students from America. Maybe that's what your brothers were talking about earlier Ron."

But Ron shook his head, "I don't think so Harry. What they were talking about seemed much bigger."

"America?" Hermione asked sitting across from Oliver. "That's so exciting! What's it like there? Where do you live? Oh, you must tell me everything!"

"We're from California," Miley informed her. "Well I'm actually from Tennessee but I moved to California a few years ago."

Despite the bored voice Miley was answering in, Hermione seemed generally excited. "And what year are you three in?"

"We're fourteen so that must be in fourth year," Oliver said. "Right?"

"Yeah, and my older brother Jackson is here too and he's a sixth year." Miley said.

"That's great; the three of us are fourth years too!" Hermione smiled. "I wonder what house you'll be in."

"You should be in Gryffindor," Ron spoke up.

"Oh Ron, they don't have to be in Gryffindor. They'll decide for themselves."

And with that the entered a whole other conversation where the three explained what the houses were and what qualities they stood for. They each gave a few random tips for this and that but it was really the kind of thing that had to be seen to understand. Then they moved on when Ron brought up the World Cup and Oliver and Lilly wished they had gone but were still in America at the time.

"Mr. Stewart couldn't get us to England in time," Oliver said sourly. "But it sounded amazing."

"It was," Said Ron. "We were sitting in the top box—"

"For the first and last time in your life Weasley." Draco Malfoy had appeared in the doorway with his cronies Crabbe and Goyle behind him.

"Don't remember asking you to join us Malfoy," Harry said coolly.

Draco had been smirking at Harry until he noticed Miley, Lilly and Oliver sitting opposite them. "And who are you three? More of Potter's fan girls or something?" He asked rudely.

"Hey, I'm not a fan girl." Oliver said looking offended.

"They're the transfer students from America," Hermione explained. "Or did you not know?"

At that Draco's face turned an ugly color as he frowned deeply. "Of course I knew you filthy mudblood. I just expected the students from America to look…less repulsive."

"Excuse me?" Miley said standing up along with Lilly. They all had their wands pulled out. "What did you just call me?"

"You better take that back!" Lilly said prodding Draco in the chest with her finger.

Draco pushed the finger aside, "Whatever!" He said nervously. Desperately trying to change the subject he turned back to Ron. "So…going to enter Weasley? Going to try to bring a bit of glory to the family name? There's money involved as well, you know…you'd be able to afford to eat if you won."

"What are you talking about?" snapped Ron.

"Are you going to enter?" He repeated. "I suppose you will, Potter? You never miss a chance to show off, do you?"

"Either explain what you're on about or go away, Malfoy," Said Hermione testily.

"Don't tell me you don't know?" He said delighted. "My father told me about it ages ago. But then, father's always associated with top people at the ministry…they probably don't talk about important stuff in front of your father Weasley." Laughing once more Draco beckoned to Crabbe and Goyle and the three of them left.

"Who the hell was that?" Miley asked when they were gone. "And what's his problem?"

"That's Draco Malfoy," Harry answered. "He's an evil bastard from Slytherin who thinks he's better than everyone else."

"Man, what a dick!" Oliver commented.

"I hate that guy," Ron told them. "One day I'm going to…"

"No time for that now Ron," Hermione interrupted. "We should be arriving at Hogwarts in ten minutes. We need to get changed."

"Changed?" Lilly asked.

"Into our school uniforms," Hermione explained. "We have to change before we reach the school. You do have some, don't you?" She asked and the three Americans informed her they did.

As they changed into their robes Miley noticed how heavily it was raining outside. It was hard to make out the castle with so much rain in the way. By the time they had changed they were just about there.

"Once we get off the train you can leave your luggage outside," Hermione explained. "It'll get taken up to the castle for you. Just follow us and we'll make it inside."

"Sounds good," Miley said suddenly nervous again about having to go up to the new school. She glanced at Oliver and Lilly and they each gave her a reassuring smile. Their new friends seemed nice and Miley hoped this would be a good year even if it was at Hogwarts.

"I guess it's time…" Oliver said. The two girls nodded and they headed outside the train.