"Now little ones what we have told you is very important so you need to remember." She said looking watching the twins on the chair across from her.
"Mother we won't forget." The small girl said her blonde almost silver hair swinging as she bounced in her seat.
"I promise mother we won't forget." The small boy said watching his twin bounce and shaking his head.
"Good. We don't want you to forget this all when you're older." Their father said as he twirled his cane around in his hand.
"We won't."

The curtains were ripped open bathing the room in sunlight. A groan was heard from beneath the covers as the head disappeared under the quilt. Someone made a clicking noise with their tongue as the guilt was ripped from the bed.
"Lana wake up now." Her mother said sharply before draping the quilt over the bottom of the bed.
Sighing as Lana pulled the quilt back up to her head, Narcissa walked across the hall to her son's room. She quietly tapped on the door before pushing it open.
"Dragon its time to wake up."
A quiet groan sounded from beneath the covers before they were thrown off and landed in a heap on the floor.

"Morning mother." He muttered running a hand through his hair.
"Breakfast is downstairs. Come get it when you are ready." Narcissa said before quietly closing the door.
He ran a hand over his face before standing and stretching. He walked over to his bathroom and turned the shower on. Across the hall Lana pushed her covers off and ran her fingers through her curls. She sighed and walked into her bathroom with a slight limp. She turned the shower on and stepped in. The hot water spilt down her back and ran over the fading bruises and scratches. She turned the shower off and wrapped a towel around herself.

"Lana you up?" Draco shouted through the door as she pulled a top over her head.
She pulled the door open before walking back to her dressing table. Draco leant against her desk watching as she applied make-up to her fading black eye.
"Does it still hurt?" He asked softly as she winced pressing onto the bruise on her jaw.
"What do you think?" She said before pulling her top back up to cover the scar on the base of her neck.
"Dragon! Come on." Narcissa called from downstairs.
Lana sighed as Draco stood up and brushed the invisible dirt from his pants.
"Come on then. Let's get this over and done with." Lana said before standing and walking out of her room.
Draco smirked as he followed his twin into the kitchen. His mother smiled as he came in and pulled out the chair next to her. Lana sighed and pulled out the chair opposite her mother.

"Now your father gets back later on today and we need to speak to you two." Narcissa said watching the twins.
Lana picked at her food as Draco talked to his mother about going back to Hogwarts. Draco had received a letter a few days ago saying he had been given the job as head boy for his final year at school.
"You do have all of your things for school don't you Dragon?" Narcissa asked Draco watching Lana out of the corner of her eye.
"Yes mother we made sure the other day."

"Good. Now let's get this cleared up and then we can wait for you father."
Narcissa clicked her fingers and a house elf appeared and bowed so low its long nose touched the floor.
"How can Tinky help ma'am?" The elf said standing back up.
"Clear the table Tinky and then make a cup of tea once Lucius has arrived." She said standing and brushing her skirt.
The elf nodded before taking the plates from the table. With a small pop the elf disappeared and Narcissa pushed her chair back under the table before walking out of the kitchen.

Lana sighed and placed her head on her arms. Draco placed his hand on her arm before standing and walking out of the kitchen after his mother. He walked into the library and found his mother looking through the books on the shelf. She turned around and saw Draco.

"Hello Dragon. Can I help you?" She asked before turning back to the bookshelves.
"Don't you care?"
"What? Of course I care about you Dragon. What's brought this on?"
"You don't seem to care about Lana. She hasn't been eating. She's covered in bruises and since we found her you've been acting as if you hate her."
"I don't hate her. I know about her injuries but there's nothing I can do about them." Narcissa said watching her son as he glared at her.
"You could say you care about her. You could say that you're sorry you didn't look for her yourself."

"It's not our fault we didn't find her straight away."
"You didn't even try and look for her the first few weeks. So I think that makes it your fault." Draco said before walking out of the library.
Narcissa sighed before turning back to the shelf. She pulled a few books down and walked out closing the door behind her.
Lana lifted her head off the table as Draco sat down next to her. Draco smiled before looking away.

"Drake what's up?" She asked placing a hand on his arm.
"Nothing." He said looking at his hands in his lap.
"It's not nothing, Drake I know you. What's up?"
"I just had a fight with mother." Draco said finally looking at his twin.
"What about?" She asked watching her brother with concern.
"You and how she doesn't care about you."

Lana sighed and moved her chair next to his and rested her head on his shoulder.
"She said she does but she's made it clear she doesn't care. What are we going to do?"
"I don't know. But Drake what ever we do we do it together."
"I know Lana. I'm not losing you again."
A house elf appeared with a small pop, "Master Lucius is home." The elf said bowing.
"Thank you Winky." The elf bowed once more then disappeared with a pop.

"Come on we best go say hello to father." Draco said standing and pulling Lana up with him.
Lana sighed and walked out of the kitchen followed by Draco. They walked down the hall and pushed the living room door open. Lucius stood as they entered his eyes watching his daughter as she tried to hide her limp. He ran his eyes over the visible bruises on her neck and arms. He sighed as she nervously tugged at her top to try to conceal the injuries.

"Hello father." Draco said watching to two as he sat down.
"Hello Draco, Lana."
Lana shuffled in her seat watching her parents warily. Narcissa focused on her son while Lucius continued to watch Lana.
"So... what did you want to talk to us about?" Draco said breaking the silence.
"We need to see if you have remembered something we told you a long time ago." Narcissa said watching Lana squirm under her gaze, "When you were eight we told you that you are Veelas. Do you remember?"
Draco and Lana looked at each other their eyebrows raised.
"Judging by the looks on your faces we're guessing you have forgotten." Lucius said watching the twins facial expressions mirror each other.
"I think we'd remember something that important." Lana said running a hand over her head.

"The only thing I remember from being eight is our birthday party. And I don't even remember all of that." Draco said running his fingers through his hair.
"Well if you do remember anything then that would be helpful. But until then we have several books in our library and I'm sure Hogwarts will have some for when you return." Narcissa said before handing Draco a pile of books.
"Well I don't remember much from then but we learnt about Veela's at school so we know a bit." Lana said looking at her brother.

"Yeah we learnt that they are rare and there hasn't been a pair of Veela twins for decades."
"This makes us the last pair in existence." Lana continued.
"And we will both need to find our mate or we both die of heartbreak."
"Yes that's right. You'll be able to tell who your mate is by your sense of smell which will be stronger as well as your hearing and sight." Lucius said before taking the top book from the pile and handing it to Lana.
"That book is the best for information on Veela's as it was made by one. It should also have a few tips on controlling your Veela." Narcissa said before they all lapsed into silence.

"Well if that's all we needed to know can we go now?" Draco asked watching his sister.
She ran a hand over her face and leant back in the chair.
"Dragon you can go we need to speak to Lana." Narcissa said.
Draco stood up before thinking better of it. He sat back down next to Lana.
"Well what are you waiting for?" Lana asked leaning her head on Draco's shoulder.
"Okay. Look we are... sorry that we haven't been all that caring recently" Draco scoffed, "It's just we... I thought you hated us as we didn't find you straight away."
"It's not your fault. You said you looked for me every day since the war so it's not like you didn't try."

Draco leapt up out of his chair, "You lied to her and said you looked for her straight away."
"So you didn't look for me straight away." Lana said her voice breaking.
Narcissa looked down at her hands while Lucius focused on his cane as he spun it around in his hands. Lana sighed and stood up.
"Don't say you care when... we all know you don't. You didn't even care enough to try and find me. Do you know how awful it was to think that my own family didn't want to find me? And then you told me that you looked for me for so long and I thought that you really cared." Tears built up in her eyes, "But we can all see that's a lie. I'm sorry I'm such a disappointment to you."

Lana turned and walked out of the room slamming the door behind her.
"Well done guys. Why did you lie to her?" Draco said sitting back down and placing his head in his hands.
"Well it's not like you looked for her either." Narcissa said tilting her chin.
"You have got to be kidding me. I was in a coma for three weeks. You weren't." Draco stood up and walked out slamming the door behind him as well.
He walked up the stairs and knocked on his sister's door. She pulled it open her cheeks wet with tears. The make-up around her eye had smudged revealing the bruise beneath it. She gave him a watery smile before going back to packing the case on her bed. She placed her new quills and parchment in her case before closing it. She picked the midnight black kitten up off of her bed and placed it in the cat carrier.
"Lana what are you doing?" Draco asked as she pulled her broom out of her wardrobe.

"I'm leaving. They don't want me here and I don't want to be here with them anymore." She said as she slid her wand into her pocket.
"Where are you going to go?"
"I've flooed Zambini and he said I could stay with him."
"You're going back to the manor? Why that's where... you know."
"No Blaise has bought an apartment in London. Why would I ever go back there?" Lana said rolling her eyes.

After Draco had been unable to kill Dumbledore at the start of their sixth year, Draco and Lucius joined the Light side and Narcissa had gone into hiding. But after finding out Draco had not done his job Lord Voldemort had taken Lana prisoner. She was taken to Zambini manor and tortured for information on her family. After the war at the end of their sixth year at Hogwarts Draco had been hit by a nasty hex and was in a coma for three weeks. While Draco was in St Mungos the wizarding hospital, Narcissa and Lucius made no attempt to find their daughter as they stayed with Draco until he woke up and wanted to find his sister. When the news got around to the Zambini's that Draco was out of his coma, Blaise Zambini (Draco and Lana's childhood friend) informed Draco where his sister was. With the help of the other fighters from the Light side they found a way to free Lana from the manor and during that fight Lucius was caught in a duel with Bellatrix Lestrange and just before he killed her he was hit by a hex that left him very ill so he had been taken to St Mungos.
"I don't know I didn't think then. Lana stay here they won't say anything."

"Drake you don't know that. I just want to be as far away from them as possible for a while. I'll be back in time to go back to school."
"What about our birthday?"
"I forgot about that. Well I'll stay till then but after that I'm going. I can take another day here." She said as she took her case off of her bed and placed it by the bathroom door.
"Okay why don't we read some of these books about Veela's then?" Draco said as Lana sat at her desk.

Veela are creatures native to Bulgaria. A Veela is rather rare and are more often then not female. Veela have a high magic threshold and stunning spells have no effect on them. A recognizable trait of Veelas is the blonde almost silver hair and the pale skin. When a Veela is angry they will grow wings from their shoulder blades and will have the ability to throw fire from their hands. The Veela's wings are white and reach their shins and will grow and change colour as the bond they have with their mate grows. When the Veela is around their mate or feeling possessive or angry their eyes will turn black. Female Veelas attract males as they are described as extremely beautiful."
"Okay. That's kind of cool about the wings though." Draco interrupted as he sat on the edge of her bed.

When a Veela turns seventeen they come into their heritage and must find their mate. The Veela must find their mate before their eighteenth birthday or they will die of heartbreak. The Veela has golden letters imprinted on their left wrist which tell them how long they have left to find their mate. Once a Veela has found their mate they must Bond with their mate. Veela's have powers over their mate and are able to control them by looking into their eyes. When the Veela is using these powers their mates eyes will turn black as well. The powers only work if the Veela is looking into their mate's eyes or is in contact with them. If a Veela's mate were to die the Veela would die as well, yet if the Veela dies their mate will carry on living unless they are Veela themselves."
"That's just makes Veela sound really sappy." Draco said and Lana sighed shaking her head at him.

"There are three steps to Bonding. The first step is the Confirmation, where the Veela and their mate will accept each other as their mate. In this stage the Veela's wings have turned grey and will grow so the tips will skim the floor. The next step is Marking. This is when the Veela will mark their mate by sinking their teeth into the soft part of the neck. During the Marking the Veela's canines will grow to mark their mate and once they are done the teeth will go back to their original size. The final step is the Bond. This is when the Veela and their mate will cut each other and mix the blood. As the blood mixes the Veela's mate will then have the ability to throw fire and will grow wings of their own. At this final stage the Veela's wings are now black."
"Is it just me or does that final stage seem rather weird? Like you cut yourself and mix the blood with another person's and then you give someone the power to grow wings and throw fire." Draco said brushing some hair out of his face.
"There's more about how sappy Veela's are.
After the Veela and their mate have passed the Confirmation stage they will want to be around each other constantly. If the Veela and their mate are away from each other for two long after the first stage the Veela will become ill and need their mate around them to recover. Veelas have very good immune systems and are rarely ill apart from if they are away from their mate for a long time."

"That's just sad. Lana if I end up like that throw some fire at my head."
"Okay I'll do that Drake. Oh here's something about Veela twins.
Veela twins are extremely rare and haven't been seen since the eighteenth century. Any Veela twins can use the same power that they would use on their mate and are able to control the actions of their twin. Twins are also able to help their twin to calm down if the Veela inside them takes control. Veela twins are able to tell who us the mate of their twin to help them find their mate before they turn eighteen. If one of the twins doesn't find their mate both will die on their eighteenth birthday. Whatever one twin feels the other will feel, so if one twin is in pain the other will feel it. It one twin is angry and about to throw fire the other twin will feel their hands heating up. When one twin's eyes are black then the other twin's eyes will be black as well. If one of the twins were to die early then the other twin would as well. Veela's can sense if their twin in pain or trouble. Veela twins have the power to pass their emotions onto their twin. Twins can communicate with each other by applying pressure to their middle finger on their left hand."

"Cool so if I need to get you I just dig a nail into my finger. Why do you think that works?" He asked looked at his finger in wonder.
"It could be because I feel what pain you feel and you feel what I feel so that could be why it works like that." Lana said watching her brother poke his finger.
Draco shrugged and leant back on her bed. She sighed before pulling a piece of parchment off of the shelf. She dipped her quill into the ink and scribbled something down.
"Hey why don't we go down to Diagon Alley?" Draco asked as Lana wandered around her room picking things up and putting them back down.

"I don't see why not. Let's floo Zambini and get him to come." Lana said before opening her wardrobe and pulling out a jacket and scarf to conceal her injuries on her neck.
Draco walked out of the room and entered his as Lana began applying more make-up to her eye. Once it was completely covered she left her room and walked into Draco's.
"Let's go. He's meeting us there." Draco said before taking her arm so they could Apparate.
They arrived in Diagon Alley and stood to the side to let an elderly witch pass by them.

"Where are we meeting him?" Lana asked as she looked up and down the street for their friend.
"Quality Quidditch supplies." Lana sighed before dragging her twin off in the direction of the store.
They slid into the shop and spotted their friend by the broom kits. Placing a finger on her lips Lana crept up behind him and placed her hands over his eyes.
"Guess who Beanie?" She whispered into his ear and he relaxed recognising her voice.

"Hey Foy." He said turning around and giving her a hug.
Draco nodded to Blaise as he looked on the shelves.
"So how's your mother?" Zambini asked watching Lana skim over the books on the shelf.
"I wouldn't talk about her right now." Draco called over from the next isle.
"Oh okay. Your father got back from St Mungos today didn't he?" Blaise asked hoping that it wasn't a sore subject.
"Yeah. He and mother needed to talk to us about something but we'll tell you somewhere else." Lana said watching the people near by.
Blaise shrugged and walked over to where Draco was.

"So are things still bad at home with your mother?" He asked out of Lana's earshot.
"Yeah. We all argued today. That's why Lana wanted to stay with you."
"Oh I thought that had been fixed when she flooed."
"No I just asked her to stay till our birthday. So what's this about a flat you've bought?" Draco said as Lana walked up to them.
"Well I couldn't stay at the manor while... you know was going on. So mother said she'd help me look for a flat till the end of the war and I just decided to stay there." Blaise said as they walked out of the shop.

"Well we'll have to come and see it. Let's go somewhere quiet so we can tell you something. I know a place where we won't be interrupted." Lana said before pulling the two behind her.
She led them down the street and onto a less packed one. They reached a little coffee shop called Lotus. Lana pushed the door open and stepped inside followed by the boys.
"What do you want?" She asked as she sat down at one of the many empty tables and pulled off her jacket and scarf.
"Pumpkin juice."


She nodded and went to the cashier to order.
"So what's it been like at home? You know since the war." Draco asked as he watched his sister talk with the barista.
"Mother said she's thinking of leaving my father. She says what he did was unforgivable and she said she's taking Abigail with her."
"I'm sorry mate. But at least you won't have to worry about him hurting Abi again."
"Yeah I guess. Abi doesn't understand what's going on though. She keeps asking why mother and father are fighting."
"Is Abi okay though the bruising gone down?" Draco asked as Lana came back with the drinks.

"It's gone down but it's still visible. I think father is sorry about it though."
"What's your father sorry about Beanie?" Lana asked as she gave them their drinks.
"About what happened with Abi."
After the war Mr Zambini became depressed and started drinking. One night he went back to his house from the pub and hit Abigail (his daughter). Mrs Zambini had seen him hit her and told him to leave. The next day once he had sobered up he returned home to apologise to find they had all gone to stay at Blaise's. When he tried to get to the flat there were protective spells to stop him from being able to Apparate there.

"Anyway what did you need to tell me?" Blaise asked changing the subject.
"We're Veela."