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She had to fix things. She had to.


"Draco?" he turned his head to see Daphne leaning against the doorway he had just stepped out of.

After two day of planning and watching him and Hermione mope, Daphne had enough.

"Hi Daph. Do you want something?" he slipped his arm over her shoulders as she stepped up to his side.

"Can we talk?" Daphne brushed some hair from her face as Draco stepped away.

"Yes sure. Can we talk later though? I've got to speak to McGonagall about something."

"Yeah that's fine. Come and find me when you're done okay?" Draco nodded and she kissed his cheek before walking back inside.

Draco ran a hand over his face before he walked back inside the castle as well.


"Hermione? What are you doing out here?" Lana asked as she stepped in front of Hermione's shivering form by the door to the castle.

"Fred told me he was going back to town for two days so I figured you'd walk him back to town. I was hoping to talk to you actually." Hermione said as she stood up and brushed off her skirt.

"Can we talk in a bit? I've got to speak to Professor McGonagall. I won't be long then I'll come and find you okay?"

"Yeah, its fine. We can talk another time." Hermione quickly excused herself and walked back into the castle.

Lana mentally kicked herself before walking into the castle after Hermione. She sighed and ran a hand over her face before making her way to the headmistress's office.


"Now I cannot stress this enough. I understand you are having problems related to your Veela heritage but you must keep on top of your head duties. Do I make myself clear?" Professor McGonagall said her tone leaving no room for argument.

"Yes professor, we understand. We won't let it happen again." Lana answered as Draco continued to stare at the ground.

"Good. You are dismissed. And Mr Malfoy, I advice that you speak to Miss Granger" Lana gripped Draco's elbow and all but dragged him from the room.

"Lana?" Hermione called from down the corridor, "Are you free now or should I find you another time?"

Hermione tucked her hair behind her ear as her gaze locked with Draco's.

"Draco? You ready?" Daphne asked as she walked up from the other end of the corridor.

"Yeah. Let's go." Draco ground out, his eyes never leaving Hermione's

He draped arm over Daphne's shoulders and lead her away down the corridor.

"Oh I've just remembered I've got to do something for professor Slughorn. Sorry Lana I'll find you later." Hermione said before turning and running off in the opposite direction to Draco.

"Fuck." Lana sighed before banging her head against the closest wall.

With another sigh she set off to fix this mess for good.


"Hello Lana. Fred's in the back." George said as Lana pushed through the crowd of people in the store.

"Thanks George." Lana pressed a greeting kiss to his cheek before making her way to the back of the shop.

Lana pushed the store room door open and perched on one of the crates by her mate.

"Hi baby. What's wrong?" Fred asked as after giving her a quick kiss.

"Draco and Hermione." Lana dropped her head onto Fred shoulder as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"What've they done this time?"

"They keep running from their feelings and its beginning to piss me right off."

"What can we do about it though?"

"I don't know but I do know that I'm sick of it."

"How about you talk to Draco and I talk to Hermione? Then we can find out if they both want to be together and then after that we can always lock them in a room together."

"Yeah that might work."


"Draco!" he stopped as the footsteps got closer and louder, "We need to talk."

"Daph we'll meet you in the Great Hall." Daphne nodded and pressed a kiss to both of her friends' cheeks.

Draco allowed his sister to pull him into an empty classroom, "What's wrong?"

Draco sat himself on one desk and Lana sat on the one in front.

"I'm sick of it now. You're going to talk to her and I'm not taking no for an answer. I'm sick and tired of you running from your feelings for Hermione. It's hurting you and its hurting me. Talk to her and fix things before it's too late."

"I don't know if she wants to. I can't force her and you know that."

"I get that but since you've been moping and ignoring her you haven't seen how she's been. She's been miserable and she's missed you. It's obvious. She's just as afraid of rejection as you are." Lana said leaning forwards and placing her hand on her twin's knee.

"I don't know Lana."

"You want to be with her and I'm positive she wants to be with you. So what's stopping you?"

"She is. I don't want us to try again and us to get our hopes up and its ends the same way again."

"Things will be different this time."

"How can you be so sure?"

"The past few weeks she's been miserable, like you. Talk to her. the two of you are meant to be, literally."

"L I don't know. It things go wrong…"

"They won't."

"What if her friends make her chose between them and me? She'd pick them. I can't…we can't take that chance."

"Her friends wouldn't give her that ultimatum. They love her and want her to be happy."

"She doesn't want to be with me."

"We know she does."

"How can we be sure? If she says no we'll be in agony until we turn eighteen."

"Fred's talking to her now. But for now let's forget about it and go get some food."

Draco nodded and allowed his twin to pull him from the room.


"Have you seen Hermione Granger?" Fred asked a fifth year as he walked into the library.

The fifth year pointed to the empty corner of the room before walking out of the library their book tucked under their arm. Fred made his way over and dropped into the empty chair at Hermione's table.

"Look, if Lana sent you to talk to me there's no point. Things between Draco and I are over." Hermione said not looking up.

"We are all fed up of you and Draco running from your feelings. Do you want to be with him?" Fred said pulling the book Hermione was reading towards him so she would look at him.

"What? Yes these past few weeks have been hell but there's nothing I can do about it. He's moved on."

"Moved on? 'Mione he can't move on. You are meant to be, literally. He cannot be with anyone else." Hermione shook her head and pulled her book back.

"Look, Fred I know your heart is in the right place but there's no point in going over this again."

"Hermione do you like him?" Hermione lifted her head.

"What? Of course I do."

"If you could go back and fix things would you?"

"Yes if I still had my time-turner from third year I'd go back and change how things turned out I would in a heartbeat. But I can't."

"Okay you can't turn back the time but you could go and talk to him. You can still fix things."

"Fred I don't know…" Hermione raked a hand through her hair.

"Draco is crazy about you. What's there not to know?"

"Fred. I don't know if it's what he wants."

"Come on 'Mione, of course it's what he wants. What's really stopping you?" Hermione looked down, "Is it my brother? He would want you to be happy even if it's with Draco."

"I don't know… the boys mean so much to me."

"But you mean the world to Draco. Draco just wants you to be happy. And yes so do Ron and Harry but they're like family, they'll respect what you want."

"I don't know. You could be right but I don't want to lose them."

"And you won't. Now go get him."

"I'll go find Harry and find him on the map." Hermione kissed his cheek and walked out of the library.


Hermione pushed open the doors of the great hall and scanned the room for Harry. As her eyes wandered over the hall, her sight was drawn to the mass of blonde almost white hair at the Slytherin table.

Draco was stood with his hand on his sister's shoulder, when Lana noticed Hermione by the door. She nudged her brother and he turned his head in Hermione's direction.

Her face set with determination, Hermione walked over to the Slytherin table.

"Hermione what are you-"Draco was cut off by Hermione grabbing his tie and pulling him down before kissing him.

Draco was momentarily caught off guard before he wrapped his arms around her waist and responded to her kiss. Hermione removed her hands from his tie and wrapped her arms around his neck as he deepened the kiss.

Hermione smiled against the kiss as she heard a cheer from behind the pair. Draco reached one hand behind him to slap his sister on the back of the head, be fore settling his hand on Hermione's hip.

After several moments Hermione pulled away as she heard the doors slam shut. She looked around and saw the seats Harry and Ron had been sat in empty. She looked back around as she heard Draco sighed.

She kissed him again and Draco pulled away after a few seconds.

"What changed?" he whispered resting his forehead against hers.

"I don't care what anyone else thinks. The only opinion that matters to me now is yours." Draco smiled and stepped away.

"Good." He took her hand and they walked out of the great hall, together.


The Weasley temper was in full swing as Ron cried out in anger and hit the wall. He pulled his fist back and swung at the wall again. He hissed in pain as he heard a painful crack. He cursed and cradled his fist to his chest.

"Are you done yet?" Harry asked pushing off from the wall.

Ron rolled his eyes and raked his good hand through his hair.

"Why do you even care Ronald?" Lavender asked as she walked down the hall towards them.

She took his injured hand in hers and muttered a quiet healing spell. Ron sighed as the bones moved back into place.

"I don't. I'm just pissed that she didn't tell us. She'd rather shove her tongue down his throat in front of the entire school instead of telling us." Ron said as he pulled his hand back and rotated it of get rid of the stiffness.

"In all honesty Ron I don't blame her. You would have reacted the exact same way." Lavender said with a shrug.

"Yes and? She's cavorting with the enemy." Ron said his skin as red as his hair.

"The enemy? Draco fought on our side in the war stop being so childish. You just don't like the fact she's moved on." Lavender said crossing her arms

"I don't care he's still the enemy."

"Grow up." Lavender rolled her eyes and walked off down the corridor.

"What's her problem?" Harry rolled his eyes and patted his friend on the shoulder.

"Come on let's go and see Hagrid."

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