Me:I'm Back!Ok three quick thing:

1-"Aunts in jlu" it will be in stop for a while because I'm not in the mod and bc I don't have ideas;

2-Susan and Lucy are out to their vacation;

3_this is one-shot but if you want more just say;

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Bill P.O.V.:

It was suppose to be a normal visit of my family to the Egypt, (even Charlie was able to come!)but no, my little sister,Ginny, been acting strange, every time she hear something fall she flinches , and then everyone looked at her with pity.

When me and Charlie asked to our parents they said"Not the best first year". When we asked Percy,Fred and George they said "It's all my fault"(or in George and Fred "our" ), when we asked Ron he didn't say nothing and the look that he was giving, he was remembering.

That was a while ago, our parents and brothers went to an touristic pyramid while me and Charlie babysit Ginny.

Right now Charlie was eating and sandwich, while I was reading an book about breaking , was before we heard a scream, Ginny scream.

We were ready in a flash (A/N:Hehe) , with our wands ready, in Ginny's room.

I open the door to see an crying Ginny with her knees close to the chest.

"Ginny,what's wrong?" I asked, entering the room followed by Charlie.

"J-Just a n-nightmare..." She said.

"That was clearly not just a nightmare" Charlie said.

"Gin-Gin, you know you can tell us."I said sitting on her next to her.

"I-It just l-last year."She said, wiping the tears from her face.

"What happened last year ?" I asked wrapping an arm around her, while Charlie sit in the other side of the bed.

"W-Well, L-Lucius Ma-Mafloy put a-an diary i-in my things,a-and I-I though t-that was s-something that m-mum p-put,b-but d-diary had T-Tom."Seeing the looks of confusion she said"H-He is Y-You-K-Know-Who. He p-possessed m-me, h-he made m-me do horrible things" she explained.


"Oh Ginny, don't worry about it, we are here we won't let him hurt you"I said pulling Ginny to an hug who was followed by Charlie.

Slowly the fell a sleep.

Nobody P.O.V.:

When the family enter home they didn't find nor Ginny, nor Charlie, nor started to panic.

It was Fred and George that found Ginny with both arms around each brother,and the two following the example.

Me:Heeey,the end oh and btw, I'm thinking doing one story named "What if", that is two chap's (different from each other) :

1º chap it will show how I think it could have happened if in Ginny first Bill was in his sixth year,Charlie in his the fifth and Percy is in the forth;

2º chap were Ginny tells about the diary to Percy ;

If you want that or no (I don't care) RR, and BYE!