First, there's something I want to tell you.

I wrote this story a while ago and now I can finally upload it (I don't know how at first), but it's still under development.

Secondly, I do not edit any of these chapters.

I will leave it to you to recognize the changes in my writing, since this is my first fanfiction that I wrote properly.

Lastly, enjoy. =)

Chapter 1: The First Encounter.

"It's pretty hard traveling this way.", said a spiky red-haired knight in armor.

"I agree, because there are 3 of us each.", a swordsman in mostly white outfit with black hair spoke up.

"What are you guys talking about?", another red-haired boy with little hair tails jump in.

"Nothing.", the Lord Knight and the Blade Master answered.

The Rune Slayer look at them with curious eyes, then a girl with spiky purple twintails say "Maybe about how troublesome we are?".

"That's mean, Void Princess.", said a long hair person nearby.

"Shut up, Iron Princess. You're not my mother."

"I- I'm not Iron Princess, my name is Iron Paladin. Besides, I'm not a girl!"

"Oh you are. If you're not, then what's with that long and untied hair?"

"I- It's-"

"Stop arguing, I'm tired of it.", said a Deadly Chaser behind them.

"Hey hey Mr. Chaser, you're not my father to order me around.", said Void Princess.

"What did you say?", the Chaser asked. He sounds angry.

"Ok ok. Stop it you all, before I get angry.", said Reckless Fist.

"Calm down, calm down", said the Grand Archer next to him.

"By the way, what're you really talking about?", asked the Rune Slayer.

"Well, just about it's pretty troublesome for us to travel with this amount of people.", replied Lord Knight.

"See, I told you. They think we're troublesome, so mean.", said the Void Princess.

"We don't mean that, we only mean it's hard to travel with so many people in one group.", Blade Master explained.

"Yes, so don't misunderstand. Ok Void?", asked Lord Knight.

"Don't you dare call me- Ugh, fine. Only because you're the leader of the group, nothing else.", said Void Princess angrily.

"Anyway, how far are we from Lanox now?", asked a red-haired girl with pineapple hair at the top of her head.

"We're almost there.", said an elegant queen.

"Ok.", the Blazing Heart said cheerfully.

When they arrive at Lanox that night…

"Woo, we're finally here.", said the Rune Slayer.

"Hold it right there.", a childish yet serious voice is heard from the gate of Lanox.

"What?", said the Lunatic Psyker.

As they get closer, silhouettes of people are visible. But when they're close enough, they thought to themselves "This is going to be tough."

The silhouettes with pointy ears, horns from their head and tails, standing there to wait for them.

It is going to be tough, because they are now facing a group of demons.