Chapter 3: The Fight (1).

"Let's get back to business, shall we?", said Chiliarch.

"Stop screwing around with us!", said the Infinity Sword while jumping at her with swords in his hands.

"Then stop messing around with us, take it seriously. Royal Guard, take care of him.", said Noblesse.

"As you wish, my lady.", said the Royal Guard, her companion. He point his cross-shaped sniper at Infinity Sword and shout "Death Sentence of Marbas!"


"Angkor!", yelled the Void Princess.

"Yes.", said the demon named Angkor. She grab Infinity Sword and keep flying around to avoid the bullets.

"Shadow Bolt.", said Noblesse. She made a cloud which follows and drops spears directly at them.

Angkor is able to avoid her attack, then land and drop Infinity Sword.

"Thanks, Angkor. And you too, Void.", said Infinity Sword.

"No need to thank us, Infi.", said Void Princess.

"Hm, stop calling me that.", he gave her a smirk.

"I can say the same thing to you.", she gave him one back.

"Enough talking, let's finish this!", shouted Chiliarch.

"Let's do it, then.", said Dreadlord.


"Descent Darkness!", shouted Chiliarch and Dreadlord.

They summoned a demon and so the blue demonic fire.

"What is-", said the nervous Iron Paladin, but he's interrupted by another voice.

"Castle of Abandon.", said Noblesse and Royal Guard.

"They're trying to push us into the fire!", shouted Veteran Commander.

"Not only that.", said Diabla.

Then both of Diabla and Demonio turned into their Madness form.

"Diabolic Disaster.", said the Altar of Evil – Diabla's adult self.

"Now they're trying to push and pull us at the same time.", said a certain Tactical Trooper.

"I'll handle this.", said Deadly Chaser. He jumps at Chiliarch and shoot her, but…

"Not so fast, little boy."

Dreadlord's there in the blink of an eye, already sliced his bullet in half.

"H- How did you-", Deadly Chaser asked confusingly.

"Don't you know? He has the moves that even eyes can't catch, but I'm impressed with your speed too.", said Chiliarch.

"Tch.", he retreated.

"Are you ok? You look uncomfortable.", asked the Sakra Devanam.

He's ok, of course. But there are intense fights coming up, for you all.