Chapter 5: The Fight (3).

"Hey, Dia blah.", said Diabolic Esper.

"Don't you dare- Nightmare!", she jumped at him and attack.

"Hah! Slow.", said Diabolic Esper when he flies to dodge on his dynamos.

"Altar of Evil!", she changes into her adult form and shout "Mortal Fear!"

They keep fighting for hours and with support from the whole team, the ElGang wins.

"Tch, let's get out of here.", said Dreadlord. He carries Chiliarch and jumps away, then say "Meet at the base you four, don't be dead."

"Sure, no one will die. Who do you think we are? Demonio, let's-", she's interrupted by Diabolic Esper.

"You're not going anywhere!", he flies to her and try to attack.

"You won't do a thing.", said Demonio. He jumps forward and hit the Time Traveler, then he grab Diabla and teleports away.

"Let's go, Royal Guard.", said Noblesse.

"Yes, my lady.", said Royal Guard.

But then, a person jumped towards them.

"Hey! Want to dance with my flames?", said Blazing Heart playfully. She shoots rings of flames at them, surrounding them with fire.

"What- What's this fire? It's so hot!", asked Noblesse.

"What is it? It's fire from a Blazing Heart, that's why it's so hot.", said Blazing Heart.

"B- Blazing Heart? Those fire warriors? Ro- Royal Guard, get me out of here! Use the teleportation orb that I gave you, hurry!", yelled Noblesse.

"I'm sorry, my lady. I don't have enough mana to use it for both of us at the moment, I can only teleport one person.", said Royal Guard.

"How troublesome, I guess we have to wait until you gain enough mana to teleport both of us.", said Noblesse.

"Oh no no no, you won't be able to wait until then.", said Blazing Heart.

"And can you tell us why?", said Noblesse.

"Simple, because I will make that circle smaller. So?", she asked.

"H- How rude.", said Noblesse.

"It doesn't have anything to do with my attitude, you're wrong."

"It does, because you're not being nice to a noble."

"I like playing around with nobles though, it's quiet fun."

"How dare you?"

"By the way, I'm going to make that circle smaller now. Try not to burn your dress, Ms. Noble.", then she tighten the circle.

"Ah! It's too hot! I can't hold this anymore!"

"Then I guess I have no other choice.", said Royal Guard. He grabs the teleportation orb, make it big enough and put Noblesse inside. Then he puts his hand on it , close his eyes and say "Teleportation spell, activate. To the base, perform immediately." As soon he finishes, the orb shines and disappear.

Finally, there's only one person left.