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"thinking in head"talking out loud"

Time 12:28 location ark weapon

You know some times I think that I have the worst luck ever, so there I was just about to assault a heavily fortified imc weapons system that was in the heart of imc territory to stop it obliterating a planet "as a test", our mission was simple, go in get to the core detonate it and get out of there, but my ship had taken a hit in the battle, so as I was getting away with my titan and my gear we get knocked out of the sky towards the ark and just as that happened the jumpdrive kicked in and sent me out of there, and for some reason it felt like every thing had stoped and a'm stuck in some thing that can only be described as a void for God knows how long but like all things that ended and now I've got a great deal of light streaming in to my eyes now then time to get up.

Time unknown location unknown.

As I awake I find myself sprawled on the floor of the ship and considering my last memories where of being in the pilot's seat that most likely meant the ship had crashed, as I went about getting up I wonder where I am and if we lost or won because if we won the the core would be destroyed and we were all told that when that happened the planet would be destroyed so we must have lost because there I was alive. As I made my way to the storage bay i checked the ship's maps to see where I was but to my dismay I found that either the damn thing was broken or that the ship didn't have a map for where I was which would be impossible as the ship had a map for every frontier planet. When I get in the bay I activate one of the Specters (that I had named jeebs)and instructed it to grab supplies and some weapons from my personal armoury at the back of the ship.

As it did that I open one of the outer hull doors and as I walked out I was pleasantly surprised to see that I wasn't surrounded by drop ships and Spectators coming for me either to kill me or take me of to one of they're innumerable death camps. What I did see was about as surprising, the creature sitting in front of me thow, it was like a small Fox but it was onix black and it had a strange skull plate that looked like it was was made of bone but most surprising was the red eyes. As I started at the animal it walked over to me and started to try and play with me like a small dog would. Then was when I spotted some thing in the distance that looked like one of those mage towers that I had read in one of my fantasy novel's sometime, I head back in side on that that thought and notice that the Fox was following me.

"You really want some a attention don't you?" I say out loud as I bend down to play with it.

After that it did not leave my side at all and wouldn't leave me alone. now then on to the problems at hand I think. "Hey Jeebs go and run a diagnostic on Jenny will you."

"Very well sir" he said with the AI that I had installed speaking with a very British ascent.

As he made his way to do that I went to go explore and scout out that tower. I also went and got some food for the Fox as I had had a dog at one point but had left him at the main base as we all knew that this would most likely be a suicide mission and I didn't want to endanger my best friend, so as I left the Fox to eat its food I went over to the mapping system to try and fix it but after about 10 minutes of working I soon realised that it wasn't broke but it just didn't have a map. After that I decided to screw it and packed up and headed to that tower and see if they where friendly,

as I got my stuff I looked over and saw that my new friend haven't touched its food and I didn't think any thing about it just then.

I called jeebs over and told him that we were heading out and to be on alert as the imc where probably still looking for downed ships. I went over to Fox as I had decided to call him so as I started to go I thought that he would just leave as it was only an animal so I was surprised when he started to follow me through the woods to our destination.

Time 30 minutes from crashing

As we were walking through the the forest that was surrounding the crash site there was the occasional blip on my radar causing me to jump at every nose in the Forrest but apart from that there wasn't any thing of note until we reached the edge of the forest and found a cliff that looked to be about one hundred feat tall,

No problem I think as I pick up Fox and put him on my back to carry him then we start to climb the sheer rock face. We reach the top in about five minutes as we are getting over the edge of the cliff I see a ship of sorts coming to me from the direction of the tower at relatively slow speeds in comparison to the ship's in the millita as it pulls up a Door on the side opens and four people got out. The first was a boy that looked about 17 and had silver armor with a sword the next one to exit the craft was a girl with ginger hair and what looked to be a grenade launcher on her back after that a boy with what looked to be the sort of thing that the japanese people would wear back on my home planet after him was a girl with red hair and what looked to be some kind of spartin armor from the time of the greeks "or Spartan take your pick".

the one that got out first then walked over to us and from the way that the others where looking to him i had to assume that he was the leader.

"who are you" asked the boy

"you know i could ask you the same thing" i replied

"Alright my name is jaune" said jaune

"Can I ask you a question" he asked

"Ok" I answered

"Why do you have a Grimm on your shoulders" he asked

"What's a Grimm" I replied

"What do you mean what is a Grimm" asked the girl with red hair

"I mean I don't know what a Grimm is" I said in reply

"Wait who are you" the girl with ginger hair asked

"a pilot of the milita fleet" wondering why she didn't know that I was a part of the milita.

Me"Now who are you"

Well that's pyrrha said jaune pointing to the one with the armour, that's ren pointing to the one that had the Japanese looking outfit and that's nora pointing at the one with ginger hair.

Pyrrha "um...can we get get back to my question now how do you not know what a Grimm is...where are you from exactly and how did you come by a friendly Grimm"

Me "alright so where to start. Ok so...I was attacking a heavily fortified imc weapons system that was going to destroy our home planet, but we...well I don't know if we won or not as just hear me out here but my warp drive must have malfunctioned and sent me to where ever this is here and as to my friend here I just found him out side my ship when I awoke and got out so there you are."

Me "so now that that's over how about we go talk to your boss"

By the way they where looking at me it looked like they where equal parts sceptical and equal parts like they wanted to ask me more questions. But jaune just said ok and went over to the ship.

Location on the air ship

On the way to the tower I was told that it was actually called beacon academy a school to teach people to kill the Grimm but I was confused at this as they said that the Grimm killed people but that was what pyrrha had called Fox, so why wasn't he hurting me or them, just then the ship stopped and landed at beacon as I got off the ship I saw a man and a woman walking over to us quickly. The man had silver hair and had glasses that where much to small to be of any use to him he also carried a mug and a cane. The woman also had glasses but these looked actually functional she had a ridding crop and a tablet looking thing she wore a alternative black and purple cape. The man stepped forwards and introduced him self as professor ozpin and the woman as mrs goodwitch.

Ozpin "welcome to beacon"

Me "What is this place"

Ozpin "this is my school and from what I've heard you claim not to be of this planet now will you come to my office and I will explain every thing"

Me "alright lead the way"


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