*A note: If you are a new reader, please do not abandon these poems in disgust after reading the first few. I wrote them long ago, and I admit that my poetry skills were a bit... undeveloped. The poems in here really do get better as you go on (well, I think they do), but I keep the less-good ones because I am sentimental that way. Feel free to critique anything, and if you find nothing wrong... well, thank you!

This is based on the friendship of Legolas and Gimli (book and movie). Most of my poems will be about friendship, simply because that is what I love best about Tolkien's writing.

Rivals aren't supposed to

Get along.

Dwarves and elves are always rivals

In the songs.

But a fellowship of people

was arranged,

And the enmity between them

Slowly changed

Into the best of friendships

That could be,

a dwarf and elf no longer



Caring for each other

Thick and thin,

Because of this, the pair will

Always win.

Counting every foe they

Struck that died,

Having fun while fighting

Side by side.

Holding on together

Till the end,

Oh, the joy it is to

Have a friend.

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