For Inkdagger: Not quite what you requested, but I hope it's satisfactory!

Dwarf reflections on Bilbo Baggins.

We had our doubts, great heaps of them,

That seemed to increase every day,

Until the courage he displayed

forced us to pack them all away

Until they gathered dust and grime,

From then until the end of time

Unvisited and proven false they lay.

So unexpected, so profound,

This hobbit dug from shallow ground,

Who'd never seen a mountain,

Never lusted after gold,

Brought the luck to guide the mission,

Saved our reckless expedition,

Made of warmth and cheer and hobbit-sense,

And luck and something bold.

Stubborn people that we were,

Compliments did not occur,

But even though the Road we walked was rough,

He carried on, the whole way through,

And brought us to the Mountain, too;

We needed him, and realized soon enough.