A quick author's note, I've been reading on FF for a while, but this is my first foray into writing in years, so please, amazing fan fiction community, take care of me! *bows* And with no further ado...

Whipping her hair over her shoulder and glancing around frantically for the departures list at the Hargeon train station, an eighteen-year-old, busty, blonde girl dragged a massive pink Louie Vuitton rolling trunk case behind her, clutching her ticket and trying her best not to run over anyone's feet. The handle of her equally massive purse slid down her arm and she abruptly halted in the middle of the bustling crowd to keep anything from falling out of the overstuffed handbag.

But before she could do more than park her suitcase up next to her and let go of the handle, she felt something warm slam into her back, knocking the air right out of her. At that jarring moment of impact, she felt a surge of heat rush through her body, causing her muscles to contract as a brief, lightning fast tingle zipped out through her toes and fingertips.

After that she felt her balance fail her. As though it happened in slow motion, she fell forward, losing the tentative grip she had on her purse and gasped as it slid out of her hands and across the polished floor, thankfully only losing a hairbrush, a handful of bobby pins, and phone charging cord before skidding to a stop just as her downward journey came to an end. She barely managed to catch herself on her forearms as a tan hand, attached to a toned arm came down on either side of her head, holding up most of what was clearly a very male body pressed somewhat intimately against her back. Before she had time to process what just happened, the weight that pushed her to the floor was gone. Everything sped dizzyingly back up into normal time and she began to pull her designer booted feet back under herself. In the next moment, the blonde was shocked to find herself lifted off the floor from behind by a pair of large, hot hands on her rib cage.

"Oi! Sorry there, didn't mean to hit ya like that…didn't expect ya to just stop there in the middle of everything though…you okay?"

It took her a moment to realize the cheery male voice belonged to the mysterious hands that briskly set her down on the floor and let go. Trying to cover her embarrassment, she brushed down her pleated mini skirt and turned around to apologize…. only to be greeted by the sight of a grinning guy about her age, sporting a white scarf, hair as pink as her suitcase… and little else.

In fact, he was wearing nothing but a pair of flame covered boxers. Which was just…weird…and bizarre…and who the hell wore a scarf in August? Especially with NOTHING ELSE? But none of that mattered. Nope. Because this guy was absolutely and irrevocably ripped. Like, David-Beckham-ripped. Like, he was created-by-God-to-walk-around-stark-naked-and-gift-the-women-of-the-world-with-the-sight-of-his-bare-abdomen-muscles-ripped. The words of apology she had prepared died on her lips as her mouth went dry, looking at all his smooth tan skin on display, trying hard not to think about the fact that THAT had been on top of her a second ago. She could feel her cheeks flare up with heat, but still couldn't seem to rip her eyes away from the magnificent piece of art in front of her.

"Hey, are you?"

"Huh?" (not her brightest hour…)

"Are you o k?" The boy repeated, slower this time, furrowing his brow as he leaned over her, his hands clasped behind his head. Lucy managed to close her mouth with a nod and a raised eyebrow, dragging her eyes up from his low hanging waistband, past his glorious torso, and back to his intense emerald gaze. God, even his eyes were gorgeous. Wow, did he have pink eyebrows too? Is it possible that this is his NATURAL hair color? she thought to herself. There's always one sure way to find out… As though they had a mind of their own, her eyes flickered down to his waistband again just for a moment. Then, she realized that while she was openly ogling this scantily clad Adonis, he was still staring at her, now with a slightly cocky smirk, waiting for her to speak.

"W-where are your CLOTHES?" the girl asked, somewhat dazedly, as the boy ran a hand through his already disheveled hair and his smirk spread into a sheepish grin.

"Lost a bet with a stripper…are you sure you're alri-" His concerned inquisition was interrupted by a loud speaker announcement informing passengers that the train for Magnolia would be leaving in five minutes. Snapping out of her teenaged hormonal haze, the blonde bombshell spit out a profanity and scrambled to pick up her purse, brush, and charger cord, cutting her losses with the bobby pins. Grabbing the handle of her giant rolling suitcase, she took off as fast as her high-heeled boots would take her down the way she had been going.

"Hey! Weirdo!" The girl flipped her head around to see what the mostly-naked-crazy-stripper-betting-pinkette was yelling about. "Train to Magnolia's the other way," he said with a grin, pointing back over his bare shoulder.

"Shit! Thank you!" she cried as she swiveled in an about turn, nearly bowling over a Japanese tour group with her luggage in the process. She flashed him a wide grin of thanks and took off at max-heel-running speed, barely making it on the train as the doors slammed together behind her.

Little did Lucy Heartfilia know, as she stood catching her breath just inside the sliding doors, how much that fateful encounter would change her life forever.

Well, there it is, the first chapter/hook. Anyone interested? More will be coming either way, when the mood strikes me!