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"The Universe is a pretty big place.

If it's just us…

Seems like an awful waste of space."

'Carl Sagan'

One thousand two hundred years passed... One thousand two hundred years passed since the Supreme Beings arrived and conquered the world. Bringing prosperity and wealth with themselves.

With the defeat of the corrupt governments, the enemies of balance and with the conquer of the other continents on the planet. Finally, the golden age arrived under the Sorcerer King's wise leadership.

With the arrival of the Shinigami and his enforcer came hardship. With hardship came equality. With equality came equal opportunities. With equal opportunities came hard work. With hard work came careful planning. With careful planning came advancement. With advancement, the civilization thrived. With a thriving civilization came advanced technology. With advanced technology came opportunities. With opportunities came growth. With growth came a new search, new directions. And when the new search started. We look to the stars. Wondering… What can we find out there? What can we find in space' unforgiving void? Opportunities? Or horrors that out performed our wildest imagination?

Who knows… No one with a clear mind and name could answer this question.

But one thing is sure… One thing that the Overlord of Death and his loyal companion learned in their long life.

There is no path.

Beyond the scope of light, beyond the reach of Dark...

...what could possibly await us?

And yet, we seek it, insatiably...

Such is our fate.

With the advancement of technology and magic, the New World became too crowded in the new age. Too many children were born thanks to the advanced medical measurements and healing magic. And of course, because the denizens of the New World didn't have to fear death anymore.

They all knew. Death incarnate was their ruler. If they serve him faithfully and work hard. If they prove their worth. They will be resurrected. They can gain new life and live longer than ever before. Maybe... They can even become immortals like their masters and their master's vassals.

As time passed, despite having advanced technology and magic. The planet could not support any more denizens. Hundreds of millions moved to the freshly built space stations around three hundred years ago along with the new space program bringing life to the once barren void.

Naturally, the space program started as a little experimental attempt to ease the burden of the already strained ecosystem. With only a few hundred denizens from various races moving to the first experimental residence space stations above the globe.

Naturally, the program first struggled a little. Due to the denizens of various races do not really working out with each other in a closed place. Despite their long life together, it was still a problem. But in the end, it was a complete success.

As time passed, thanks to the decreasing living space on the planet, the number of the bigger and bigger space stations started to appear around the globe. The number of their denizens just growing and growing by each day. Nowadays a whole network of connected space stations and satellites surrounding the planet. This is how the New World. (In its unofficial name Bob. Official name: Gown Prime) Gained two new rings around it.

A continuously moving horizontal and vertical ring could be seen both day and night in the sky. The ring formation was continuous. But in the end. The two belts completely hugged the planet. These two new rings had more functions than only just being a home to the hundreds of millions of people of the Sorcerer Kingdom. Besides its habitat function. They functioned as orbital defense platforms packed with summoned Death Knights, Nephalem guards, and other summoned soldiers.

Each platform was packed with anti-spacecraft defensive guns, and in the case of emergency, it can surround Gown Prime with a strong energy shield which can hold back any attackers until reinforcements arrive from the surrounding systems or one of the Supreme Beings or one of their vassals eliminated the threat that was attacking the planet.

With the new technologies that were developed. Of course, as is in every civilization. The Sorcerer Kingdom developed its own magical and digital information network and something similar than to a TV network of the old Earth.

It was obviously named maginet... Yes… How else it could be called?

It was akin to the internet on Earth. And of course as every advanced civilization. With time, the vast factories of the Sorcerer Kingdom started to mass produce hologram based televisions with a haptic interface. Countless tasteful and distasteful programs and information's started to spread through the maginet along the TV networks.

Like every advanced civilization, the Sorcerer Kingdom couldn't do anything against such a thing. This was the implications of modern technology after all and the nature of organic beings.

The two artificial belts what could be seen both at day and night shone through the sky. Always moving... Never stopping... No matter where you were. You could see them all day and night.

The formation of the information network happened five hundred years before our story starts. The first space station residence three centuries after that. In the meantime, new technologies, new ways of traveling developed by the Sorcerer King's scientist. This is how the Sorcerer Kingdom started its rapid expansion into space.

Less than eighty years later. New artificial residences around the planets of the system began to appear. Built by the Sorcerer King's undead, golems, and many different workforces. Who thanks to not having a need for life support, food and drink could work tirelessly in the vacuum of space to complete their masters bidding out in the harsh environment of the void of the space.

The newly built residences were protected against the frequent meteor showers that bombarded the surface of the barren words they resided with magically fuelled energy and kinetic shields.

Millions moved into the safe havens of these newly built cities in the space on and off and the formerly barren planet, spreading in the void like ants in the anthill. The system space around the New world stated to thrive with the Sorcerer King as its ruler and Lady Esdeath as its enforcer.

The newly developed magic and other technological solutions also helped to create an artificial atmosphere in the small area around the residential and military districts of the space cities of the Sorcerer Kingdom. The meteor showers were awe inspiring. They were like huge fireworks when they collided with the energy shields that surrounded the space cities.

Most of the factories where the production was either automatized by robots who were controlled by separate Artificial Intelligence or conducted by the Sorcerer King workforces. This was why the Sorcerer Kingdom didn't bother to build a life support system in the facilities while they were under construction. They were only shielded by strong shields what protected them from cosmic rays and other elements.

With the rise of the space age. The development of the technology that the Supreme Beings released to the common folk exponentially accelerated. Despite the two remaining Supreme Being' holding back quite an amount of technology. In fear, that the denizens of their world couldn't handle it and would destroy themselves with it in the process.

Naturally, their fear was not without reason, after all, you can be the most powerful being in the universe. You can be even god itself. You still can't save the people from themselves and their own stupidity. This was why it took several centuries to develop technology that allowed the people to be able to travel amongst the stars effectively.

With the passing years. Newer and newer cities started to appear out of nowhere. Farther and farther from their mother planet of the Sorcerer Kingdom. But with the expansion. The Sorcerer King and his loyal companion (who was the leader of his scientific research section and the leader of the military) needed to develop new ways to protect their domain.

Not from the inner struggle. But the possible enemies that were out in the cold void of space.

They were not stupid. They knew there was life outside of their little piece of space. After all, they had encounters with it a few times before.

And we speak not about the denizens of the New World, the people of Gown Prime… Oh no!. The people of Gown Prime already encountered inhabitants of another world when a strange space-time gate opened in the New World (planet Bob). Yet, this is a different story to be told in a different time...

Also, the two Supreme Beings personally encountered other lifeforms under their visits of separate realities a few times already — Due to a few accidents happening in the lab occasionally, or the two of them just were thrown into an entirely different reality for a short amount of time. And even if this would be not the case. Their distrust about being alone was well founded, the universe was way too big to be alone after all.

This was why they started to build massive fleets after the first base formed on Luna(the moon). Using the newly formed mining colonies, their magic, and technology to kidnap asteroids and mine them for further resources. It was necessary for their Kingdom's further growth.

The first ships, of course, were sluggish by astronomical standards. But with time they became able to make miniature jumps through space which systematically made them faster and faster. The jumping technology was heavily based on the [Gate] other teleportation spells, and acceleration runes.

The [Gate] spell was the most powerful known form of teleportation spells.

It was able to teleport individuals with 100% accuracy to places where they wanted to go. By using a method that tore a gate through the very fabric space and time.

After more than a hundred years. Despite the magical and technological breakthroughs, you can count on your fingers how many people could use this kind of magic without serious rituals.

The artificial replication was not perfect at first of course. Many accidents happened under the trial periods — like in the case of every innovative technology.

After all, it was a massive amount of data and content needed to move at once. The Sorcerer Kingdom's ships massive sizes and because the creator wanted to copy the spell in such a method — which guaranteed the ships could utilize the teleportation method artificially without the constant presence of a high-level mage, a vassal of Nazarick or without the help of one of the Supreme Being's — it was a tremendous undertaking, which was an understatement.

Of course, a new problem had risen as always. You could only travel to places where you have been to before, or you knew the places exact coordinates. Or else you may jump into the core of a planet or a star. Which fact would be most unfortunate. But as everything else the lead scientist of the Sorcerer Kingdom found a solution to this issue as well a way to recreate the spell artificially.

Unfortunately, because of the sheer size of the drive core which was needed to make the jump. The ability to individually use this type of traveling method limited to the biggest ships of the Sorcerer Kingdom.

Naturally, the Supreme Beings and their subordinates could use such transportation method casually. Like it was nothing. The spell used a high amount of energy that the common drive cores were unable to reproduce was like a walk in the park for them.

To solve this issue, the lesser ships used more inferior teleportation based technologies to travel through the void of space, for a longer distance. Usually, when a bigger fleet wanted to travel in distances that took decades or even hundreds of years to reach by normal methods. The lesser ships connected to each other by energy tethers and shared their drive cores energy to support this traveling method. Still, the method heavily strained the drive cores of the lesser ships.

The times they could use this traveling method in a day was heavily limited. From ten jumps to one or two jumps per day. The number heavily dependent on what kind of ships were connected to each other and the size and energy emission of their drive cores.

As you can imagine. The lesser the ships were, the more ships you needed to connect to be able to reach the energy level to use the Wormhole drive as the developer of the technology named this technology.

A method although existed that allowed to attach the lesser ships with an energy tether to the dreadnought sized ships and use it an anchor to jump with them.

But this as the other method heavily drained the drive core and limited the range. The dreadnought needed a few minutes idling after this to reach the appropriate energy level again to travel.

(Their shields, regular propulsion engines, and weapons functioned nevertheless. So, they can hold out until they were able to jump again.

The other methods of short-range travel were shock drives which propelled the ships with FTL speed through space. This was not a teleportation based technology more like it was an effort on the part of the scientist to reach faster than light speed without breaking the physics of the physical world by using magic.

At first, this travel method partly based on the technology of the Sorcerer Kingdom, later supplemented by a new element. An element the scientist found not long after they found the farthest planet in their Solar System.

Despite the ships being able to use their shock drives and reach FTL speed without the new fuel. The shock drive effectiveness became heavily limited without it.

For some reason, the head scientist and the Sorcerer King ordered to use the new element for their technologies as less as possible, develop alternative technologies instead of it. Of course, the other scientist did not understand the two Supreme Being decision and disagreed with it.

Naturally, as the loyal subordinates of the Sorcerer King. They accepted this decision. Of course, many of them weren't pleased with the decision, but they were silenced by giving them the opportunity to examine the strange new element further.

The new element which the head scientist named Element Zero.

The researchers found the name at first odd. But they got used to it after a while. At least they got the opportunity to experiment with it further.

The material fascinated them. For first, it was apparent it was able to reduce and increase the mass of the objects what its field contacted. Under the experiments, the material released a dark energy field that with the effect of a positive current. Increased the mass of the objects. And for the effect of a negative current, it decreased the mass of objects.

As for what the Sorcerer Kingdom used as the energy source for their ships?

Well, the primary energy source was artificial energy elementals what was supported by mana fusion reactors, stabilized by magical sealing crystals and other methods that prevented the destabilization, overload, and failure of the cores. Causing the ship complete destruction and the possibility of the ship ripping itself out of the space-time continuum.

In the case of a complete meltdown or a shielding failure, the drive core and energy sources were either automatically shielded by another energy shield which separated them from the other parts of the ships or ejected the damaged cores out of the ship by teleportation or other methods.

If such case occurred, the ship automatically switched to its alternate energy source that generates energy using the energy stored in the mana sealing crystals and the secondary drive core which could be found on every ship. Even on the simple fighters. However, due to their size difference. The lesser the ship, the lesser the energy production of the drive cores were.

Regarding weapons. The Sorcerer Kingdom used various magical and technology-based energy and projectile weapons. Both close and the distant. Under the years, of course, the Sorcerer Kingdom found a way to further develop their summoned units that made up the brunt of their forces in the army and subsequent builder units.

The Death Knights and other summoned creatures armor were replaced by highly resistant modern alloy armor that was shielded by shield enchantments and kinetic shields. They both used close range and projectile weapons. But of course, the Sorcerer Kingdom's army also used living forces as well, not just summoned creatures who only followed either their summoners mental commands or their appointed commander's orders.

A few of them were even outfitted with a chip that made them able to get orders from the main AI that was responsible for handling the planet's defense systems if it was needed.

It was self-explanatory after all of this, as every civilization, the Sorcerer Kingdom does not rely entirely on this AI which was created around one thousand years ago by one of the Supreme Beings.

In the last sixty years, the fleets left home System of the Sorcerer Kingdom. Five years later they found a garden world. Which, if we calculate the sheer size of the galaxy, was astronomically close to their homeworld where they established their first real colony. Without the need for an artificial atmosphere or any other life support system to keep anything alive that needed it, it was truly earned the title, Garden World.

Aside from the races who did not need oxygen food or any similar things. Most of the races who's inhabited the Sorcerer Kingdom were living and breathing beings. Such as elves, dwarves, Beastman, Lizardman, Merman and many other races.

Hundreds of races inhabited the same planet. Its racial diversity was unbelievable. If you asked a specialist, who dealt with race research. He or she may have said it is impossible for a planet to be inhabited by such an amount of intelligent races.

The first garden world and the first real colony where the races did not need a life support was named Touch Me.

The Supreme Beings decided to name the planet after one their lost comrades who they searched for relentlessly since their arrival in the New World, and ever continued their search.

They never gave up to one day find their lost comrades. This was one of the reasons why they gave the first garden world the name; Touch Me. Named after the one who brought together and laid down the foundation of the guild, Ainz Ooal Gown before it even formed. They named the first garden world to give respect to his memory and to give the message of their vassals:

This was the start of something new.

The opening of the colony ceremonially conducted by the Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown himself. His wives children's and the other Supreme Being who accompanied him in the new world, and was present when the conquest finished in the home system was also present.

Not long after planet Touch Me named, they found two more garden worlds in the star cluster, the same cluster where their homeworld was positioned. As before, they colonized these two planets as well with great haste.

A big discovery happened sixty years later. In the farthest region of the star cluster. Near a dwarf planet. Encased in a big ice chunk. One of the one hundred meters long Discovery class vessel that from its name — was mainly used for discovery but was equipped with basic weaponry.

Discovered a huge ice chunk of which they thought was the dwarf planet's moon at first. As you assume. It was not really a Moon. But a massive structure. After the Sorcerer Kingdom's teams scanned and revealed the object. They were astonished what they found.

The structure was a two fifteen-kilometer (or nine-mile) long curved metal arms surrounding a set of revolving, gyroscopic rings five kilometers across. These rings contain a massive, blue-glowing core of element zero. From the thorough examination, the scientists identified the fact, the structure was made of an unknown but incredibly resilient material, and it was protected by a quantum shield what seemingly rendered them nearly impervious to damage by locking their structure in place at the subatomic level.

It was a cold object. Which meant it did not emit heat or radiation, unlike starships, making them difficult to find if their position changes.

Hearing about this, an uneasy feeling seized the head of the research department who from her expression knew exactly what that object was. But to encourage her subordinate's development in the scientific era. She did not reveal what it was.

After her shrug, she only smiled to the scientist who asked what the object is and answered him: 'You will know in time. Or you can simply investigate it and find out yourself. I won't hold you back.'

Yes, she said that. She was always like this. Instead of revealing things to her subordinates of how things really work. She encouraged them to investigate and find out for themselves. Then they would ask her if the thing that they learned was really what she wanted to teach them. So they may learn and understand the investigated things better. Or maybe they'll find something new that even she didn't know previously.

From the analyzation conducted previously, the scientific team that she ordered to investigate the object revealed that structure was more than fifty million years old and reacted strangely to Element Zero. Soon the scientific team revealed the structure was used to travel between great distances, hundreds even thousands of lightyears within the galaxy.

The Sorcerer King immediately ordered the establishment of the first expedition fleet that would cross the strange structure what the two Supreme Being named Mass Relay. It was like they knew exactly what these structures were and they decided its name before it was even discovered.

But it was not surprising for the denizens of the Sorcerer Kingdom. Due to all of them knowing. Their king who ruled over them for more than one thousand years was the wisest immortal being. The ruler of death. Who already predicted everything long before it happened.

His decisions were never hasty, and he always kept his promises.

After many failures, the scientists of the kingdom found a way how to use the Mass Relays for transportation.

And then… first successful probes reached the other side and sent back a message through their long-range communication devices. The message was. 'Successful landing. No hostile forces have been detected.' the probe designed to be short-lived. After a few hours of broadcasting. It switched into power saving mode while continued its passive data gathering around it. It was mostly gathering data from the Mass Relay.

With an encouraging success. One month later the first expedition force prepared to step through the relay. Step through and discover the unknown.

Scene Change: The other side of the relay:

Patana Ursirinus. A simple female Turian cargo pilot, mother of two young Turian children.

She was used to undertaking simple supply jobs. Transporting materials and tools from one planet to an another. Her employer was the Turian Hierarchy itself.

Sometimes for extra money in her leave time. She smuggled some not so lawful cargo for certain underworld affiliates.

She did not like it of course. But because of the low paying job that she got from her employers. (The Turian Hierarchy.) She had no other choice. She had to feed her family somehow. Her mother was sick, and she had no one else to rely on except her brother and his family.

Fortunately, she had a private cargo ship that had a false IFF tag which her friend from Omega obtained for her.

Until now it worked perfectly. No one had discovered her side job. But as a precaution. After every half year, she acquired a new IFF tag and ship ID to keep her identity safe.

Her job was an easy and boring one. Pick up the cargo, drop it off at her destination. Then return to the government cargo ship in the nearby government facility. This was where she used to live under her Turian month-long shift with her fellow one hundred and fifty colleagues.

They were guarded by several cruisers and a carrier. And a few hundred highly trained Turian soldiers. Of course, she didn't always work in one system. Her team often switched locations because of their fast and reliable work.

Because of this and because of her side job is why she never really got to see her loved ones, except on rare occasions.

Now, her path leads her near an inactive relay which had been inactive since the Turian government discovered it.

It was pretty peaceful. Yet, disturbing. Who knows when the relay world activates itself. For example, what if another race activates it from the other side? She was a little afraid thinking about that.

Thinking about what could come through the relay. The last time when such a thing happened the humans came. Before them the Rachni. Now maybe a hyper-advanced race that could easily defeat the Turians or another horrific race like the Rachni hide behind those inactive arms.

So many possibilities… She did not want to know. She just wanted to finally end her assignment and get out of here as soon as possible. Then return to her family and take some rest finally.

She was tired. Her husband and father were both soldiers in the military. But they died in the First Contact War with the humans. Since then. She hadn't really trust any member of that young race. Humanity as they called themselves.

She was a little disturbed when she heard the first human councilor had been elected to the council two years ago. Just because they helped to repel some kind of massive Geth ship saving the council in the process.


According to her. The council was a bunch of incompetent idiots. People who were unable to make serious decisions without the need of sitting on their asses for several months before they say anything. And just when they got to make a decision, it would have been too late to do anything.

She was aware most of the councilors and politicians were a corrupt bunch of idiots. Who would rather let the corruption thrive under their rule just to fill their pockets with credits instead of fighting against the corrupt system?

Yeah… most of those politicians who still kept themselves to their ideas were either assassinated or broken by a political, psychological method in the short run.

Maybe if she would voice her opinion, a few people would think she's was just some kind of radical madwoman. In that case, she would rather keep her mouth shut. She only complained in the closed extranet forums where she can give voice to her opinion without anyone knowing who she is.


Humanity. Such young and arrogant brats and they were already on the council. It bothered her more than the reader could imagine.

"Huh… the guys so slow today. What takes so long?"

As she followed the cargo ship in front of her, suddenly the sensors in her ship went crazy. The relay not far from her activated. "By the spirits!" she said seeing the relay's dormant massive element zero core starting to activate and the spin around the blue core accelerating more and more.

"Please be a dream! Please be just a bad dream! Please be just the bad dream!" she prayed deep inside her soul. She was not a coward. She just has too many things to live for.

With a heavy gulp, she shook herself back to the disciplined spirit that was her own race.

"Why now! Of all times!"

In her four years of service in the Turian army. Her training officer had beaten respect and discipline in every new rocky soldier in their basic training. In fact, every citizen of the Turian Hierarchy had been obligated to go through at least one year of basic training before they could have been assigned to a battle group and approximately three or four years before they could join the Turian Army. After they reached their fifteenth year.

Of course, there were exempts. For example, if the person was ill, family problems or the person gained a scholarship — He or she did not need to partake in military training. But after their studies, it was highly advised to undergo at least one year of basic training. They were Turians after all. The peacekeepers' and the main military force of the galaxy. It was Turian every member of their race obliged to satisfy.


She immediately stopped her ship and relayed a message towards the nearby military forces who guarded them against pirates. True in the area the pirate presence was minimal. But who knows what will happen in this separate part of the space. Not speaking near a dormant relay…

The closest active Mass Relay was in a nearby system. Light-years away from them. It took a few hours even with the fastest ship in the fleet to cross the border between the two.

The other cargo ship did the same. She heard in her channels as her comrades followed protocol as intended and relay the message to the nearby carrier. After this. The two of them followed protocol and immediately returned to the nearby base to evacuate the area.

"It is done. Now, let's get out there!"

The army will do the rest. She and her fellow transports had no other tasks here. Only to evacuate from the area. Sit back, and enjoy their drinks in the evacuation ships and wait for compensation, praise, and rewards that they will get from the discovery of a newly activated relay.

Meanwhile in Palaven. The homeworld of the Turians.

Holus Vicrius, the general of the Turian fleet, the man having a bad morning.

He used to consume his meal with his family this time of his morning. But because of the Turian high council's call, he had to participate in an emergency meeting. It did not help they had called him back from his shore leave.

"Damn who does such a thing? What the hell is so important that they have to call me back from my shore leave?" he grumbled under his plates.

As he walked through the long corridors of the high command, the lower ranked military officers saluted him one by one. In return, he just nodded to each of them.


He used to greet them back properly. But he currently didn't have time for such things. He was already late for the meeting because of the high amount of traffic on the sky highway.

"Of course, it was Palaven capital. Why would I expect less?"

It was Cipritine after all, the capital of Palaven. Why was he even surprised? Most of the idiots don't even know how to drive their sky car. They just let the installed VI take care of driving.

"They will have a rude awakening when their VI system will go out of the window. One cyber-attack against our VI network and the whole lot will fall to pieces…" He thought with a sarcastic tone.

A few minutes later he reached the heavily shielded briefing room.

It seemed the leadership had dug their noses into something big.

The only time when the counselor used to meet the Turian specters under the secret briefings and when the Turians met the humans — when the First Contact War broke out — The leadership used this room. And it happened less than a dozen times since he became a General.


Holus concentrated heavily. What could have happened if the leadership called together a briefing in that chamber?

Reaching doorway Before the room, two Turian Spec OPS agents guarded the room. Fully armored in dark Turian armor and equipped with the most advanced weaponry that the Turian Hierarchy could allow its special forces to have. It was only a little worse than the Spectres Special gear.

As he reached the door, the two special agents saluted him. He simply saluted back and placed his hand on the authorization panel. The authorization system authorized his ID and automatically opened the door in front of him. With a hiss, the entrance opened smoothly, the sight of eleven figures welcomed him.


Primarch Fedorian looked up from the tactical map that showed the region where the relay activated and the unknown object their forces captured not long after the activation.

With just a simple look, he seemed to be somber at the moment. It was evident he had just started his briefing. "Ah. General Vicrius! You came just in time. I just started the briefing."

The general saluted and the Primarch answered the gesture with just a nod.

"Sorry for being late, the sky highway is just horrible this morning."

"Umu, I see, let's start then." the Primarch tilted his head, inviting the General to stand on his place. and thus, Vicrius stood beside his fellow generals.

After this, Primarch looked around then down to the tactical map. "Gentlemen. We have a situation."

The persons in the room held their breath. Only their mandibles delicate movements could be heard.

Primarch Fedorian continued, not allowing the tension to rise even further. "Thirty-six hours ago a dormant mass relay activated near our freshly built mining outpost."

"Where's the relay Sir?" asked Septimus Oraka the general of the Turian Hierarchy.

The Primarch moved his hand to the haptic interface, and the holographic screen instantly started to show the system on the galactic map. Then started to systematically zoom in to the area of the system in question.

"We discovered the relay in the Shrike Abyssal. Only a few light-years away from the Urla Rast system." The holographic map marked the system located on the map.

The generals nodded.

The Primarch continued. "A few hours later after its activation, two unknown items arrived through the relay." As Fedorian said this. An item appeared on the holographic screen, replaying the video of its recovery. Strangely, the second scene was of an explosion of high volume. This astonishing scene deeply shook the surrounding people.

"The other one Sir? What happened?" asked an another General with sternness in his voice.

The Primarch shook his head. "After we tried to recover it. It simply blew itself up. The other one is seemingly in a dormant state. Our best scientist and technicians are still analyzing it."

The technical data that the Turian scientists managed to decipher appeared on the screen. "It is most likely a probe. The alloy that it's made from is completely unknown to our scientist. They said. They had never seen something like this before."

The few chemical compounds appeared around the shell of the probe. "The material seemingly robust enough to withstand even the heat of the surface of a star. It's extremely durable and flexible. Inside of the probe, the scientists found a miniature element zero core and an unknown secondary energy source, which they are still investigating."

The graphic changed the angle, showing the inside of the device.

"Interestingly, many other things resided in the capsule. Things according to them are physically impossible."

The Turian generals around the table were in deep silence. "If we consider the option that another unknown advanced civilization sent this probe. There is a high chance we could face another first contact scenario."

"What do we do sir?" asked General Vicrius.

The Primarch was silent for a moment. "Councillor Sparatus has already informed the other council members about the discovery, and they agreed to send two whole Turian fleets to observe the relay and blow away everything that comes through that has hostile intentions."

Fedorian turned his head to Vicrius. "General Vicrius. You will be the one who oversees the operation from the side of the Turian Hierarchy. I've suspended your shore leave until this case is solved. Prepare yourself. You have two days to take care of your business. We have already informed your subordinates and called them back from their shore leave as well."

The General thought sourly but saluted. "Yes, Sir!"

The Primarch nodded. "You will debrief them on your Dreadnought. Dismissed." He said and turned off the holographic screen, everyone left the room except for the Primarch.

Leaning above the tactical map in front of him, thinking deeply on how the new race will look. "Who are you…" he said amongst his thoughts.

Three and a half weeks later the area was swarmed with the constantly patrolling Turian, Salarian, Human Alliance and Asari forces who oversaw the previously dormant relay.

Several fleets with five dreadnoughts. Five carriers. Twenty-five cruisers, sixty frigates, and numerous fighters and few thousand soldiers stationed on the nearby base, ready to jump into action at any moment and continually monitoring the relay.

They waited vigorously for when the enemy will swarm through the relay. Just to beat them back and swarm the other side if needed. Showing them. Do not mess with Turians.

Scene Change: Gown Prime: Homeworld of the Sorcerer Kingdom. (Planet Unofficial name: Bob):

Deep inside of the Sorcerer Kingdom. In the Ninth Level of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick. Where only the denizens of Nazarick, the highest exalted beings, and the very few lucky chosen individuals could enter.

A broad-shouldered figure sat before his expensive looking work table.

This was a sacred place for everyone in the Sorcerer Kingdom. The residence of the two last remaining Supreme Beings. The realm of Gods to the residents of the New World, and the place where the new order of the world that brought the long golden age to Planet Gown Prime (Planet Bob) started.

The broad-shouldered figure was an Overlord —The Overlord is the highest ranked among the skeleton type undead.

The undead skeleton who sat before his desk was devoid of skin and flesh. He used to wear his black gown with golden edges. But for this occasion, he changed his clothes to his ceremonial clothing.

Now, his clothing consisted of an exquisite looking crimson-colored gown adorned with gold and violet edges, various jeweled buttons along with the golden crest of the royal symbol of the Sorcerer Kingdom that sat on his right chest. He did not wear any headgear. So everyone could see his porcelain white colored bald skull.

On his fingers nine fancy looking rings shined.

He had a dark red glow inside the empty eye sockets, and a dark halo-like object glimmered behind his head. Forming a crown behind his skull. With the dark gleam that emitted from him and from his empty eyes, he could easily frighten and intimidate everyone and everything around him if needed.

He was the Overlord of Death. Death Incarnate. The Shinigami itself. The wisest king. Sorcerer King. Ainz Ooal Gown and of course, in his old name that only his wives, his best friend, and the denizens of Nazarick knew: Momonga.

Of course, he had many more epithets. But he really didn't care for them anymore. He had so many of them he forgot most of his titles under the long years of his rule.

"Good riddance, we made it."

Before him sat a young girl with straight, white hair. Her hair reached almost to her buttock if she would not pin it up. But usually, she just let her hair simply hang in a straight line. But for this important historical moment, she pinned it up to herself finely.

She had a childishly beautiful face. Two long pointed elf ears. The only thing that separated her appearance from an average high elf was her eyes. The sclera in her heterochromatic eyes was completely black. It looked like the blackness in her eyes ate away at every bit of light around the room.

One of her iris was completely white with a barely recognizable white pupil and a few veins around the pupil. (It looked like the Byakugan from the Naruto anime series.) The other one was blood red with a black pupil and red veins that spread through the blackness of the eye.

Although she used to wear her usual military designed white uniform, with her white military cap, white gloves, and a lab coat. Now she wore her black colored ceremonial General apparel with long sleeves. Black gloves that were adorned with a white pentagram with various golden colored runes inside and outside of it and some mysterious engravings around the circle that closed the pentagram adorned her hands.

She wore a black buttoned shirt, and a white tie hanging around her supplemented with a long black leather coat. On the back of her long jacket, Japanese kanji could be legible in white color. 'Enforcer'. On her head, a black generals cap with golden edges and the white symbol of the Sorcerer Kingdom engraved in its forehead settled.

And of course, on her waist, she wore her black-handled sheathed katana — Which occasionally emitted white and dark fog around itself.

"So, Esdeath-san. How is it? Are you excited?" The king asked his friend.

She was Esdeath Gorgon the enforcer of the Sorcerer King. The Commander and General of the Sorcerer Kingdom's armies. The head of the research department of the Sorcerer Kingdom. The second Supreme Being, the Sorcerer King's right hand and the god of destruction, war, balance, massacre, and many more things in the eyes of the denizens of the New World.

She was an Ascended Nephalem by race. Half angel, and half demon of the highest order. The last of her kind...

"Of course, after all, we reached the breaking point."

However, she and Momonga always hated when their vassals called them by such titles.

The room where the two of them sat was an exquisitely furnished room. The walls were painted white with golden markings running through them. Several paintings hung on the walls. The furniture's looked like they remained from the old age of the Sorcerer Kingdom.

When everything was simpler...

It was all thanks due to the Sorcerer King's liking this retro style, thus he refused to replace his old furniture.

Because the furniture reminded him of his friends. The friends who he lost a long time ago. The furniture and painting that hung on his chamber walls gave him peace in his long nights of work.

His room looked like it could have come directly from a museum If it hadn't been for the equipment of the modern era. On his desk, a haptic interface holographic quantum DNA computer dimmed.

Various holographic screens covered the wall of his room, where not a single painting hung.

Several modern looking bookcases built inside the wall that was, in reality, a hiding place for the Sorcerer King's private archives embedded deep inside the walls. Reinforced with security measurements that would immediately alert Ainz if someone was trying to mess with it.

As the two Supreme Beings sat before the table. They both held a glass of champagne in their hand. They turned towards the massive holographic screen. The projection of one of the biggest events in their history appeared on the wall before them in a live feed.

As the two of them waited for the historical moment. Naturally, they did not sit idle, the two conversed their heart content. "Well, Esdeath-san? How do you feel? Success or failure?" inquired Momonga.

"Hmm. Considering the first probes has been torn apart immediately, but the later experiments were a complete success. I say fifty-fifty." Answered Esdeath.

Momonga nodded. "You seems worried. What happened?" asked the Overlord of the death.

Esdeath sighed. "You remember when we first found the element what properties frightfully resembled an element from a game."

"Yes, if I remember right. You even named the newly found element, Element Zero just for fun to set a monument for a great game." Explained Momonga.

Esdeath nodded. "Yes, the strangest thing was… we found an intact Mass Relay in the system where we found our third garden world. Just like in the Mass Effect game first trilogy. Strange isn't it? I mean… Don't you think this is too much coincidence to ignore? What if the galactic council is out there? What if the Reapers are real?" she asked in a worried tone.

Momonga thought for a moment and sighed through his non-existent lung. "Do not draw conclusions too early my friend. It can be a simple coincidence. Do you remember when we were in the reality what scarcely resemble the Warhammer 40k verse? Still, there were a few things what was different. Don't forget. There are separate different universes. The reality is a big place after all. However old and experienced we are. We don't know everything."

Esdeath sighed, then snickered. "You are right. Maybe I am just paranoid."

"Besides that. I am sure the two of us can beat a few Cthulhu imitator organic machines. What are they after all... They are tools whose are controlled by a poorly constructed Artificial Intelligence which can't separate the wheat from the chaff. What he is offered us when we played the game?" asked Momonga.

Esdeath smiled while looked to her drink. "Three distinct colored explosions."

Momonga nodded. "Exactly. By the way. Congratulations with your space program. Without you and your ground-breaking ideas, developments, and improvements. This world maybe would still be around the early twentieth century in technological level. So, please accept my humble gratitude and the offer the next garden world will be named after you. "

"Thank you. But I was just the part of the scientific team. Please don't name a planet after me. I have already had too much fame. You don't know how annoying when your fellow scientist always kneels before you when you enter the lab. I had to spend minutes to scold them not to kneel because it is hinder our progress every freaking time. It is just damn annoying."

Momonga laughed. "You are just too humble."

She rolled her eyes. "Well… Maybe I am, but without your wise leadership and experience as a salaryman, I could not have the resources what I needed for my experiments and progress. All of this without using the resources, stockpiles and the more advanced technology of Nazarick."

"What can I say? I am the Wise Sorcerer King after all." He chuckled with a sarcastic glee.


For a moment the two of them sat in silence. Then the two of them burst into laughter. For a moment Momonga can enjoy his happiness. Then a bright green aura wrapped around him and his passive emotion suppression kicked in. "Tch… Again…."

Esdeath sighed. "Annoying emotion suppression. I hope it isn't activating when you take up your flesh and blood form."

"Fortunately it is not activating when I am in that form. But you know I can only upkeep that form only a few hours. Then I can't use it for two days." Explained Ainz.

Esdeath nodded. "Don't worry. I am working on a permanent solution that will allow you to change your form whenever you want."

"I am glad to hear that." Ainz bowed his head in respect before his comrade progress.

Esdeath sighed. "We have more free time than before." She noted.

Ainz nodded. "Indeed. With the creation of Parliament more than a thousand years ago our paperwork has been severely reduced. Due to the representatives of the various races discussing the small things between each other. We only need to revise their decision."

"Yes… And because each of the representatives goes through multiple serious background check and their activities are monitored continuously by the secret services of the Sorcerer Kingdom. A corrupt person cannot really become a representative nowadays. If one manages to become one. That corrupt representative will be easily recognized and easily removed from the parliament." Explained Esdeath.

The overlord of death bowed his head slightly. "Yes, Zero the leader of the Secret Services does great work. It may sound harsh. But in order to keep the citizen's freedom, rights, our beloved peace, and order. We need to make a few sacrifices. Absolute freedom only brings chaos." Explained Ainz amongst his deep thoughts.

Esdeath sighed and nodded. "This is why you are still the king of the kingdom. However, you planned to give your place to one of your children approximately one thousand years ago. But after seeing two of them misusing their privileges and with your first sons rule over another world in your name. You were forced to remain king a little longer."

"Yeah… Bit longer… More than one thousand plus years…" said Ainz sarcastically as he showed quotation marks.

Esdeath was silent for a moment then she continued. "Did you see those weird things that the people upload nowadays on the maginet?" she asked with a disgusted frown.

Momonga nodded. "Yeah, it is getting weirder and weirder with each day. Seriously! Slowly our variant of the internet has become like that on Earth. Full of weird porn and weird content." Explained the Overlord of Death.

"Don't even mention it. I even found a few bits of weird porn where a few actors impersonated me, you or other denizens of Nazarick. Whew… The moment when I watched it was weird. And we won't even talk about those stupid reality shows or that odd social network. Seriously! How could we have authorized such things in the first place!?"

Momonga sighed defensively. "We made a mistake… We can't do anything about it anymore, unfortunately. And even if we do so. It comes with modern technology and society. They will just find another way to bypass the rules and create similar content. And if we just ban them suddenly. That may compromise our trustworthiness and stain the picture what we developed over the long years. Stain the picture of our guild and limit their free will. That may affect their creativity negatively." Explained the Overlord of Death.

Esdeath sighed and nodded then looked up with a tired expression. "You are right. But at least… They made some good movies and games. That balances things out a little bit." her mouth curled to smile.

Momonga bowed his head smiling. "Indeed…"

A holographic little girl appeared near the two Supreme Beings. She resembled Esdeath's child from. She was the Ai that controls and oversees most of the automated defense and processing facilities of the Sorcerer Kingdom.

Her name was Goldie (Global Organized Lead Defensive Interfaced Equalizer), and her creator was Esdeath herself. Her development started one thousand years ago. She spoke with an adorable and sweet voice to her creator and ruler of the kingdom.

"Ainz-sama, creator-sama. The first expedition fleet will soon cross the relay. Do you wish to watch it on a live feed?"

Ainz nodded. "Please put on the screen, Goldie."

She bowed her holographic head and multiple holographic screens in the wall before the two came to life. It showed in various camera angles the show. Projecting everything without camera became possible after improving the technology of the Mirror of Remote Viewing used.

Using it, they were able to inspect the things even in impossible angles and distances without the need of moving.

(The Mirror of Remote Viewing made them able to inspect things without anti-divination measurements from great distances in the live feed.)

On some of the corner screens, various reporters commented about the historical event as the first expeditionary force approached the relay. They were being backed up by a high defensive fleet that made sure if the first fleet had been defeated the enemy who came through the relay won't attack the garden world directly and give some time to evacuate the area.

Ainz looked to his friend. "Don't you want to be there?" he asked suspiciously.

Esdeath looked at him with interest. "Why do you ask?"

"I mean… You are the General of the Armies of the Sorcerer Kingdom. You should be the one to give an interview."

She sighed. "Maybe you are right…. But what about you? You're the king you should give an encouraging speech."

"It's already ongoing. I entrusted Pandora's Actor with it. With his acting and shapeshifting abilities. It won't be a problem. " Explained the Sorcerer King.

Pandora's Actor was Ainz personal creation. A Doppelgänger who not only could perfectly mimic anyone's appearance — No matter the race — But can mimic the persons every ability to 80% of their strength.

Thanks to his genius acting ability — that Momonga entrusted him under his creation — He can even mimic everyone's speech, movement and vocabulary style perfectly. This made him the perfect replacement or spy when Ainz needed it. Beside this. He was the head treasurer of the Kingdom.

"There is no way your wives will not recognize him. Despite his genius acting ability and perfect shapeshifting. They can still find out every time…"

Ainz chuckled. "Don't worry. I have a plan for every occasion. I already taught Pandora's Actor a few new things."

"I see..." Esdeath nodded and hummed. Then turned towards her friend. "You said you have a plan for every occasion. Even against Batman?" inquired Esdeath in a sarcastic tone.

Ainz sighed, raising his palm defeated. "Even I am helpless against Batman… My every plan against him is futile..."

Esdeath nodded grinning. "Good point. Batman is scary…" she sighed and looked to Momonga. "So what do you think?"

"I believe that it's time for you to go. The reporters will not wait for you with the interviews."

She laughed wholeheartedly. "Good point! I am lucky Demiurge is my second in command, he always does most of the paperwork and skilfully assigns the appropriate people to the appropriate positions in the army. Without him, I would surely have time for my other duties." Explained the white-haired young looking woman.

Ainz nodded. "Indeed. He was made by Ulbert-san to be the tactical commander of Nazarick after all."

"Do you think he will return? He is away since…" she bit her lip, worrying about her friend.

"Don't worry, it was his decision. He will return when he finally reached his goal."

"At least…" Esdeath shook her heads angry. "At least she could have waited for me. Then we could go together."

"It was his decision…" Momonga added in the end, turning towards the screen solemn.

Goldie appeared once more. "Creator-sama? Do you want to me to plot the coordinates for your new Gorgon class Super-Dreadnought? "

"No. That's not necessary. I will go on foot. Currently, there are only three Gorgon class Super Dreadnoughts in the fleets of the Sorcerer Kingdom and they are heavily classified because of their experimental state, shields, armor, and weapons. We don't want to reveal anything before they are fully operational." She waved off Goldie proposal with her hand.

The Artificial Intelligence holographic form bowed respectfully. "As you wish Creator-sama."

"Before you go Esdeath, "said Ainz.


"You know our rule. Only interfere directly if it's necessary. If we solve every problem instead of them. They will never grow."Ainz warned his friend.

"Yeah, yeah… I know. I was here when we made the rule. Remember?" she asked.

Ainz nodded. "Right. Before you go. Let's say a toast."

The two Supreme Beings raised their glass of champagne and clinked glasses. "For the new era of the Kingdom."

"To infinity, and beyond!" she cheered. smiling devilishly

Ainz was silence at that moment, tilting his head flabbergasted. "Seriously? Did you come up with that lame Toy Story quote? Even after countless years of wisdom that's all you could come up with?" he asked while sweatdropped.

"Why? I think it is cool." She explained deadpanned.

Ainz sighed. "Sigh… Whatever. Can't you just say anything normal? This is a historical moment after all."

She thought for a moment while rolling her eyes. "Well…" she held back her breath, then swallowed her drink with a single gulp. Placed the empty glass gently on Ainz's work table then raised her hands falling back. "… Warp speed!" she jumped back and disappeared in the freshly opened black oval sphere behind her.

Ainz just shook his head and chuckled his friend's behavior. "You never cease to amaze me…"

Goldie appeared again beside Ainz once more. "Ainz-sama. Can you answer me a question please?"

Ainz nodded solemn, leaning back and watching the show in a regal position. "Ask away."

"Mother, was she always like that?" asked the AI innocently.

"Yes, she was always like that."

"Thank you very much." Her holographic form bowed deeply before the Overlord of Death and disappeared.


Ainz turned back to the holographic screen before him and enjoyed the short time of relaxation what he got.

Meanwhile near the relay.

The USK Prophet…

The massive Heavy Dreadnought floated in the cold of space. Not far from the strange structure with its huge EEZO core.

The majestic heavy dreadnought stretched more than two and a half kilometers in the cold vacuum of space. Its width exceeded six hundred meters. It's massive magic, and EEZO fuelled propulsion engines helped it to sail through the cold void of space.

The massive Yamato cannons that were hidden inside of the ship hull were powerful enough to shatter, penetrate and vaporize any known materials and shields with a single shot. It had numerous smaller cannons that shot magical, energy and kinetic-based projectiles. Some of them were even capable to create miniature quantum singularities to swallow the enemies into the void.

The overwhelming, massive Executor-class heavy dreadnought was able to shoot down the smaller fighters if needed with its projection based anti-aircraft defense, what created spatial disturbance around the ship's body in the right place.

The ship carried numerous smaller fighters that could be piloted by AI if it needed.

The design of the vessel was elegant yet efficient. Its slender aerodynamic form sailed through the cold vacuum of space showing the power of the Sorcerer Kingdom. There were only fifteen ships like this in the Sorcerer Kingdom fleet, and two of them were to go through the relay in a few minutes from now.

The two mentioned ships named USK Prophet and the USK Demiurge were escorted by seven one and a half kilometer long three hundred meters wide Smaragdina class dreadnoughts with a similar design. They were also escorted by three carriers. Numerous smaller cruisers, frigates and destroyer class ships accompanying them. Making sure the possible enemy threat could not use smaller vessels to outmaneuver the bigger ships.

Despite the fact that every ship was equipped with short-range jumping and teleportation technology, they still had technological limitations and big energy consumption, the jump core needed to charge to be able to jump again.

As said before, the teleportation range was dependent on the drive core and which technological generations were the ship manufactured.

The Sorcerer Kingdom was wealthy though, despite this fact as is in every government, even they couldn't equip every ship and soldier with the newest technologies no matter much they wanted.

On the ship's hull, there were no windows. as it only weakened the structural integrity of the ships. Instead, they used magical and physical sensors to map the surrounding area.

"Hmm… so this is it…" left the coarse voice of the throat of the bipedal lizard-like creature.

On the bridge of the USK Prophet, Fleet Admiral Zaryusu Shasha stood proudly. He was a descendant of the Shasha family. The same Zaryusu Shasha who unified the Lizardman tribes and brought prosperity for the Lizardman under the banner of the Sorcerer King.

Standing proudly on the bridge of his ship, the admiral waited for the moment when he can engage. He wore the usual Admiral Uniform of the Sorcerer Kingdom. His uniform was adorned with the crest of the Sorcerer King and the insignia of the Admiralty.

"I can't wait…!" the lizardmen crackled with an apparent glee on his face. His joy mirrored by the surrounding subordinates.

He was calm yet excited about what can possibly wait for them on the other side of the strange structure.

Not long ago they lost contact with a few of their probes that they sent through the relay. Before they went silent, they sent data about the ships that had captured them.

He knew very well. Someone out there. One or more space capable races were waiting for them out there.

The Supreme Beings already informed them about this fact and the possibility… They can find other lifeforms out there. Some of them intelligent some of them not. Some peaceful, but most of them most likely hostile against unknown lifeforms.

He waited for that meeting. The new chapter. The new age of the Sorcerer Kingdom. Yet, he was a little afraid of what they may find on the other side.

Despite this. He preserved his professional look. His healthy black scales shined in the dimming interior of the bridge of the USK Prophet.

As he looked through his busy crew that did the last check-ups before they departed. Suddenly the communication led started to beep.

"Fleet Admiral! We have an incoming call!" said the communication officer.

"Patch it through." Said Fleet Admiral Zaryusu with his hoarse voice.

The Communication Officer did as he was commanded and pressed a few buttons on his haptic interface.

The holographic screen came to life, and a young girl appeared on the screen. She was around 17-18 years old. She wore a black military uniform with a military cap and a stylish long coat.

Everyone who was present immediately stood up. Hastily placed their fist to their hearts and bowed their heads forward. Not daring to look into the eyes of the figure on the screen. Saluting to her. Showing the appropriate respect to the Supreme Being.

"Esdeath-sama!" Zaryusu said in a respectful tone as he looked to his ship metallic floor.

"Fleet Admiral! It is good to see you." Esdeath nodded.

The soldiers in the bridge still saluted and bowed their head downward.

"At ease." She said, and every soldier went to resting position.

"What do we owe you for this pleasant surprise?" asked the fleet admiral.

"Unfortunately, Ainz-san and Demiurge are not able to call you and wish you luck. Due to their numerous other tasks, and busy schedule. So I called you instead of them. I hope it is alright." inured the Supreme Being.

The fleet admiral bowed his head respectfully. "Of course, Esdeath-sama. We understand. We are very grateful that even one of you could spare a little time to contact us before our departure."

"Don't be so shy. All of you deserve praise! Everyone in the Kingdom worked hard and did their best to reach this moment until now. I just wanted to thank you and everyone in the fleet for their hard work and to wish good luck to all of our brave pathfinders who will take their first step into the unknown." She said while she smiled.

"I hope you can relay this message to everyone in the fleet." Her always smiling face brightened everyone mood in the ship and deeply embarrassed the Fleet Admiral. Even with Lizardman standards, Esdeath was a real beauty. Zaryusu cursed himself deep inside for his unclean thoughts that came to his mind when she praised their hard work.

The Lizardman Admiral held his breath for a moment. Gulped nervously. Then straightened himself. "W-We thank you for your generosity Supreme One."

"Zaryusu –san! Don't be so nervous! I won't bite your head off. Unless if you ask me." She said playfully and chuckled.

A few of the crew member started to chuckle with her.

Zaryusu nodded. "Thank you! Supreme One!"

"Don't mention it." She waved off the praise. "You know I knew your ancestor who wore the same name as you. And I must say. He would be proud if he saw you."

"I-I don't know what to say… Thank you." He bowed his head respectfully. "It means so much to my family and me."

She nodded in acceptance. "Well… That's it for now. Good luck out there guys and girls and every other kind of citizens of the Kingdom. Contact us if you need reinforcements or have found something interesting."


He saluted. "At your command."

Esdeath saluted back. "Good wind Admiral. You have the permission to start the mission. This is a historical moment. Don't bring shame to the Sorcerer Kingdom!" With that, she terminated the connection, and her projection disappeared immediately from the screen.

For a moment everyone stood silent. Processing the things that they heard and engraved this moment deep inside their mind.

The fleet admiral breathed deeply. His train of thoughts interrupted by the Dark Elf communication officer who still stood beside him. "I-I never thought she would be like that. I expected something else."

Zaryusu turned his head towards his communication officer. "What do you mean ensign?"

"I clearly felt her presence even through the feed. I thought she would be stricter."

"You never heard the stories ensign?" asked the Fleet Admiral.

He shook his head. "No, sir…"

"I will be short. According to the stories of old. She is always smiling. No matter the circumstances. You need to do something really, really bad to her or her comrades to make her upset."

The ensign nodded.

"But when that time comes. You better pray to the forty-one for a fast death. Because once the god of war gets you. No one can save you. She will kill you with a bright, innocent smile on her face. Over and over again. Until your very existence disappears completely from the fabric of time and space, Meanwhile her satisfied bright smiling expression remains on her face all along."

The communication officer and everyone who heard this gulped in dread, looking at each other with fear filled eyes.

"At least this is what I heard from Demiurge-sama when I asked him about the Supreme Beings once. I may have misinterpreted his words." The fleet admiral chuckled.

Everyone felt the chill off uneasiness run through their spine hearing the story.

"But enough of this. Let's start our mission and open a new chapter in the history books."

"Orders Admiral?" asked the Communication Officer.

The Fleet Admiral sat down in his comfortable looking chair. "Relay the order for departure. Approach the relay slowly. The angle of incidence is thirty-three degrees. Prepare for the transition. Code. Overlord."

The ensign nodded and relayed the message to all ships in the fleet. "Attention every ship in the First Expedition Fleet! We got the order for departure! The angle of incidence is thirty-three degrees. Prepare for the transition. Attention! Code. Overlord! I repeat! Code Overlord!" He relayed the order.

The two massive heavy dreadnoughts started their sluggish approach, and the other ships in the fleet followed them.

As they approached the relay. The Mass relay characteristic blue lightning streaked onto the first ship. Just to a moment later accelerate the ships to FTL speed. The USK Prophet, and the USK Demiurge and the First Expedition fleet were propelled through the very fabric of space and time.

What will await them on the other side? They did not know surely. They only hoped the best. Hoping. The Overlord of Death will oversee and preserve their life.


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