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The Fire Within

"Aaaaaahhhhhh! Umf!" Natsu screamed, falling down the mountain and landing, creating a small crater, "Damn mountain, stupid Godslayer and his not-able-to-eat-his-fire bullshit!" Natsu yelled frustrated, getting up from the crater and feeling a little sore with literal steam coming out of his ears. Sighing aloud, Natsu decided to calm down.

"Better go find Wendy and Happy to see if they're okay. Then after that, I'll definitely get revenge and beat that Bancock guy's ass!" Natsu said getting pumped up to fight again. After walking for around 20 minutes he was starting to get worried about Wendy and the others as he could not pinpoint them with his nose because they seemed to far away for him to catch their scent and the island's strange smell was making it difficult to adjust.

Walking for a dozen more minutes, Natsu, with his enhanced hearing, heard a soft groan coming from the left of him and decided to check it out to see if it was one of his guild mates. He dashed off immediately, not wanting to waste any more time. Getting to the place where he pinpointed the sound, Natsu stood there in shock at the sight before him.

"Gramps..." He whispered in disbelief. Right there in front of him was the old man lying beaten on the dirt looking as if he was going die. "Oi, gramps! What happened who did this to you!?"

"Natsu, my boy... you must not face this enemy who did this. I know you won't like to hear this, but... this is one war Fairy Tail will lose."

"Huh!? What are you talking 'bout old man!? Of course we'll win!" Natsu said with a shaky voice not believing that gramps would ever say something like that. The only time he saw him get this beaten was with Phantom Lord when the air mage drained him of his magic but Natsu knew this was entirely different.

"Natsu, you must listen. Take Fairy Tail... take your family and get them off of this land; away from the danger that awaits. I'm trusting that you will complete the last mission I'm giving you." Makarov said in a weary voice, almost inaudible.

"Shut up! This is not the gramps that showed me my new home, the one that gave me hope that I would find Igneel! I promise to you gramps... I promise to beat the guys down who did this! Now let's go look for Wendy so she can fix you up, 'kay." Natsu said get the turmoil in his head to focus on something else.

"HAHAHAHAHA, I see master Hades already did his number on you, huh, Makarov? HAHAHAHA!" Zancrow said hysterically getting out of the flaming crater he made when he jumped off the plateau. 'No! Not now!' Natsu screamed in his head as he shivering visibly in front of both the spectators.

'What!? Natsu showing fear! Impossible!' Makarov thought shocked, never once having seen fear coming off of Natsu, even against Gildarts.

"Ohohoho the little dragon hunter is shaking in his boots? Expected! Anyone would cower in front of the 7 Kin- in front me... a Godslayer. Hahahaha!" Zancrow arched his back as he laughed loudly towards the sky. Natsu, all the while, was staring at his shaking hands, looking back and forth between Makarov, Zancrow and himself.

"This fear... it's not the one Gildarts was talking about." Natsu said in a whisper, clutching his hands into fists, "This fear I have is not of you Bastards! I only fear that one of you assholes will hurt my nakama! And hear this: I will definitely get my hands on the one who's in charge and burn him to the ground!" Natsu screamed agitated as intense fire crawled up his body. His face twisted into one of extreme anger while all he could think about is how this guy was belittling his friends.

"Hohohoho you must be talking about my master Hades! Well if you think you can defeat him with that lousy powers of yours, you must've fallen off the mountain harder than I thought Dragonslayer!" Zancrow yelled, laughing at the thought of him beating Hades as intense black fire worked its way up his body as well, "To think, a weakling like you, beating my master!? A person must be on something 'cause it's practically impossible!"

"Well, sorry to burst your bubble but I embrace the impossible, you asshole!" Natsu screamed with a confident smirk now plastered on his features. He readily got into his stance and tried to anticipate his next move.

As the pillars of fire went higher into the air Natsu decided to attack first, sprinting at a fast pace that Zancrow did not anticipate as he got a fist full of fire going down into the back of his head then a hard uppercut to the face as he was sent stumbling back. Regaining his posture, Zancrow grinned widely at how fun the fight was and how he was going to get back at the dragon hunter for his broken nose.

As the fight went on, back and forth, Makarov couldn't have been more impressed with Natsu's improvement for the S-class Trials. Each blow they landed either connected or hit a tree or the ground and completely destroy it.

"Fire Dragon's Roar!" Natsu shouted his spell as he aimed for Zancrow who was currently in the air due to him front kicking Zancrow in the face with a leg doused in fire. As the spell headed toward him, Zancrow couldn't help but grin as he once again ate Natsu's fire, hungrily taking it all in his stomach and watching gleefully at Natsu's irritated expression. Looking intently as his enemy landed safely on the ground, Natsu couldn't stop his anger from building as he watched his fire get eaten again. The sight of someone else eating the magic Igneel gave him infuriated him to no end; it made him feel weak, and he didn't like it, not one bit. 'There has to be a way I can eat his fire too!' He growled in his mind.

"HAHAHAHAHA, I'm not going to be able to eat anything else if you keep feeding me your flames, dumbass! It gives me more energy! But didn't I tell you the gods made fire! There's nothing superior to one. Not even your Dragons." Zancrow said with venom clearly coming out of his words.

"Shut the Hell up!" Natsu yelled, fuming at Zancrow, "I'll find a way to beat you even if your fire is supposed to be superior! My fire will overcome this latter of rank!" Cladding his hands with fire, he once again sprinted towards Zancrow with invigoration but had to dodge one of his attacks.

"Flame God's Scythe!" Zancrow yelled as he swung a giant scythe made of black flames towards Natsu who narrowly dodged the attack by jumping high into the air propelled by his flames. As Natsu dodged the attack, multiple giant trees were cut down by the devastating attack and flew up into the sky while Natsu took full advantage of this.

"Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" Natsu yelled, punching the tree down toward Zancrow who didn't expect something like that as he was crushed under the broken tree. It wasn't long before a fiery explosion came from under the giant tree and blew into smithereens. Coming out of the rubble of burning twigs Zancrow looked pissed.

"You know, a god's fire consumes all it touches burning it to ash... and I pretty sure my fire would love to eat you little dragon hunter," Zancrow said laughing evilly under his breath but loud enough for Natsu to hear, "Prepare to turn to ashes Dragonslayer! Flame God's Supper!" Zancrow covered his arms in what looked like a round spiked hammer and slammed it together consuming Natsu in the middle.

"Aaaahhhh!" Natsu screamed, hurting from the attack. He felt his skin slowly becoming aware of the heat emitted by the attack as the pressure he was bearing was intense. The feeling if being crushed between the two solid-like fire domes was not something he wanted to feel ever again.

"Natsu!" Makarov screamed worriedly towards Natsu as he saw him try to eat the black flames to free himself of the condemning prison but failed as he choked on them and spit them out.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA, what'd I tell you, you can't eat my flames! Although, it might take much longer for my flames to consume you since you're immune to regular fire but I can wait as long as it takes to get rid of you!" Zancrow yelled with a crazed look on his face. While laughing at his soon to be victory he felt a something huge crushing his torso and looking back he saw Makarov with an arm of a giant trying to turn him into mush.

"Let go of my child vermin!" He screamed at Zancrow.

"Hahahahaha! Looks like your gramps is in the game now too! Let's see who can last the longest without dying!" Zancrow screamed in excitement as he lit his body on fire burning Makarov's hand.

"Don't underestimate the power of family!" Makarov yelled putting more power into his grip on Zancrow who grunted in pain in response.

"Looks like Makarov isn't out of the game yet!" Zancrow yelled with enthusiasm even though he felt like his spine was touching his heart.

"GRAMPS!" Natsu yelled, building up his magic power as a globe of fire surrounded him. Natsu screamed painfully while he fought against the pressure of the black flames with his own orb of fire as he struggled to expand his magic and break the spell. But as he tried to fight his way out of the black flames, his own body and magic eventually gave out.

'Natsu's magic power... ran out. It's gone...' Makarov thought, thinking of the worst possibility.

"HAHAHAHAHA! Looks like the dragon hunter goes down first!" Zancrow laughing happily.

"STOP YOU IMPUDENT CHILD!" Makarov screamed as he put even more pressure on his grip as Zancrow spit out blood this time. But as a few seconds past, they were both surprised to hear a slurping and chewing sound. And when they turned their heads toward the direction the sounds were coming from, what they saw shocked them.

Natsu was eating the flames!

"Impossible!" Zancrow yelled with anger crossing his face again.

'Unbelievable! He temporarily emptied his Magic Container to become an empty vessel for the foreign magic to enter his body! This kid is something else.' Makarov thought in amazement at once again seeing his child improving to great heights. "BUT THAT'S ToO STUPID!" Makarov screamed at Natsu as he threw Zancrow into the air by accident.

"Now it's time to finish it," Natsu said to himself, wiping his mouth with his arm and jumping high in the air to catch up with Zancrow, "With the powerful flames of a god on my left hand..." He chanted as black fire started circling around his left hand getting bigger, "And the destructive fire of a Dragon on the other..." the same happened with his right hand as his regular flames started getting bigger, "With the combined power of a Dragon and a god... FLAME DRAGONGOD'S DAZZLING FLAME!" Natsu yelled intensely, crashing the to giant orbs of fire between the Godslayer, instantly creating a giant explosion blinding the Makarov as they could hear Zancrow laughing painfully at his own defeat.

With the explosion dying down, Natsu landed roughly on the scorched dirt fiiled with ash while tumbling towards Makarov.

"Gramps... I know that you there are times where you can't fight back... that's what Gildarts taught me and that's what you want to do. You want to back down from this fight but right now we can't do that for this war. These guys made an enemy of Fairy Tail and we need to teach them a lesson about that. So let's fight on... G-Gramps." Natsu said determined but fell down, passing out of exhaustion.

"Natsu!" Makarov yelled. 'We'll definitely fight Natsu... and we will win.'

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