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Letting Loose

"Come on Erza...!" Natsu said to himself sprinting as Kagura's sword was about to bear down on Erza. The same time Kagura swung her sword down, a bright flash of light appeared and dissipated at that same moment, blinding the lacrima screen which showed the suspenseful events going on. But as that light dimmed down, Erza was seen quickly countering and summoning a sword in her hand, blocking the devastating attack from Kagura as shock waves moved in the air.

"What!?" Kagura said shocked, staggering back in surprise that Erza was able to block her strike. The one time she released her sword to kill her reason of despair and gloom, the first strike wasn't able to take down her opponent. This fact infuriated her as she steeled herself for Erza's next move.

"I will not die... not here. After all the lives sacrificed to save mine, I will not die here!" Erza said Re-quipping into another suit. This one, however, was simpler than the others as it only had bandages around her breasts and long red pants with yellow flame patterns on it.

"No! If that's the case then I will kill both you and Jellal!" Kagura yelled in hatred, rushing to attack her opponent. Swiftly dodging the careless swing from Kagura, Erza jumped high into the sky ready to strike Kagura down. Seeing the challenge brought to her, Kagura, ready to slice her head off, jumped up towards Erza and colliding with her mid-air until the swords broke apart from one another and the two were sent flying different directions.

Landing safely on the ground, Erza looked back to see Kagura slowly wobbling but keeping her stance. But already knowing that she had a clean strike on Kagura, Erza watched as she was falling from the air hitting the ground hard.

"The fight's not over yet! Kagura is getting back up!" Chapati yelled impressed.

"I-I-I-I will not... give up!" Kagura said using her sword as support to get up. Seeing her resolve, Erza was prepared for another round but using her sixth sense, she ran towards the unsuspecting Kagura and in a last ditch effort, Erza roughly pushed her out of the way of the boulder's path from the crumbling tower around them. Dust was kicked up from it hitting the ground, but when it cleared, Kagura was speechless.

Erza was trapped under the rubble with her leg being endowed by a huge rock, crushing it. Looking up to her in a lot of pain, Erza spoke softly, still not getting used to the feeling of a giant rock hugging her leg.

"I think I remember you... back from Rosemary village. You... were the kid I told to go in the barrel to hide... I remember now." Erza said smiling painfully as her muscles tensed from the sudden movement of her face.

"You-you were her? N-no, how can this b-be!? That girl was sweet and selfless, while you-you're harboring a criminal! I don't understand..." Kagura wept in confusion, going on her knees.

"You know, Simon talked about you all the time. I always wondered what she was like for him to talk that much about her and wondered if she made it out the village okay. But fate is cruel isn't- for me to find you again in one of the worst reunions I ever had." Erza chuckled at that but immediately stopped when she felt a weight being lifted off her now injured leg.

Looking up she saw Kagura being the one to lift the small boulder off her leg and helping her up.

"I... I need time to process this... but for now, I'm sorry for what I have done and accused you of and that you have taken the victory." Kagura said standing getting her composure back up.

"I-" Before she could even speak, Erza saw something unforgettable.

A sword suddenly going through Kagura's stomach, splashing the squirting blood on her while the whole scene was facing directly at her. She could see the trembling of her limbs and the color of her face draining rapidly at the wound she harbored on her torso.

Looking behind her, Erza saw that it was Minerva that shoved the cold piece of metal through Kagura. Pulling it back out, Minerva smiled at her work while Erza looked mortified. Kagura fell with a lifeless expression on her face while Erza watched it all.

'No... not again. Please no...'

"You may have won the fight but I have won the points. So, I guess I should say thank you, Titania." Minerva chuckled a bit as blood was dripping from the sword.

"Oh shit! This is going to end badly! I hafta get there now!" Natsu yelled at himself using his magic as speed boosters to get across the city fast enough. 'I really don't want to say it but I wish I was Jet right now!'

"Milliana... please save, Milliana." Kagura choked out.

"Oh, that little kitten girl? She's already unable to fight so award me my points!" Minerva yelled triumphantly, bringing back Milliana from a magic orb as the scoreboard showed Sabertooth back in first place with a total of 55 points.

"This is going to be hard for Fairy Tail to catch up when they are 4 points behind." Yakima said nervously. With Erza, she crawled over to MIlliana picking her up in her arms.

"Millie! Milliana please wake up!" Erza said shaking her a bit. Opening her eyes, Milliana looked at her but quickly went back to unconsciousness, "Hey, come on Millie, come to your senses!" She yelled fruitlessly but stopped when a hot liquid touched her hand. Looking at her hand, she saw it was Milliana's blood from multiple scratch marks on her back, "What is this..."

"I grew tired of waiting so I thought I'd get amusement from torturing the girl but unfortunately she didn't meet my expectations," Minerva sighed aloud, "Oh, I told you I would show you how a queen wins a war, so this lesson should be enough to show that you can't win." Minerva laughed a bit at seeing Erza's shocked face.

"Queen... winning... everything that you just said is bullshit," Erza said dangerously, getting back on her feet, "The way you fight... it's just pitiful, a cowards way to win," Erza spit out with venom very clear in her voice, "The real way to win a fight, is like a warrior!" She glared harshly at Minerva as she felt a way a she never felt before in a long time looking into the raging eyes Erza showed.

"No, no! I am the queen! I will not be beaten by the likes of you- an injured opponent!" Minerva yelled, backing away slightly when she felt the energy Erza was emitting.

"This is for all my friends! Nakagami Armor Re-quip!" Erza let out an abundance of power, shocking Minerva with her strength. Releasing her Second Origin caused the fallen rocks around her to levitate off the ground as a blinding golden light surrounded Erza's body, donning her in her newest armor. With the light fading, Erza was seen in her new armor which consisted of the colors blue and gold. The main robe wrapped around her body was short, only going to her knees with the main color being blue with gold trimmings. In the middle, however, was left exposing the center of her breasts and parts of her back. It was held together by a white cloth around the waisted and knotted with a red ribbon. She wore blue gloves that only covered her middle finger, leaving the rest exposed as it flared out at the ends of her forearm, being decorated with gold beads and lines. The leggings Erza also wore had the same initial design as the gloves while she had golden boots on her feet. Her head was donned by rhumbas shaped black tiara that had gold dots in the middle and looped above her head was a white sash, starting from her lower back and going down to her knees. Her hair was designed with golden beads placed elegantly in her hair. Finally, the weapon of choice happened to be a halberd that also a sharp knife-like end.

"How do you still have this much power left!?" Minerva yelled frightened. Not bothering to answer, Erza was prepared to end her and finish this bout in one blow.

"I am giving you the chance to attack now, or else you face an overwhelming defeat." Erza said in a gravely dead-serious tone. Minerva was flabbergasted at this. This peasant in her eyes was belittling her like a bug. Taking this opportunity, Minerva conjured one of her strongest spells in her hand and threw it towards Erza. Said woman looked dangerously enraged with her eyes wide open in fury as she squatted down in a sturdy stance and brought her halberd overhead. Watching the attack fly closer to her position, Erza swiftly struck her sword down at the magical blast and cut through it like paper, dispelling it.

"What is this!? How can you be so strong after exhausting yourself and being injured so severely!?" Minerva asked wearily, fear clearly settled in her eyes.

"Take this! All the pain and suffering my nakama went through!" Erza yelled out in rage, lowering her stance even more and balancing herself for the finishing attack. She grabbed her halberd with both hands and gripped it tightly, pointing it towards Minerva, "Nakagami Starlight!" Twisting her feet and body in the opposite direction of her opponent, Erza rapidly swung her sword upwards, sending a wave of condensed magic in the form of a slash, blowing Minerva away as the movement of her swing caused high speeds drafts in the wind current, blasting and cutting everything around her and also making the already crumbled ceiling and pillars crumble down to nothing. And with that blast, it instantly knocked Minerva out.

"Oh my! Erza has defeated Minerva with one blow even though she's still injured! Unbelievable!" Chapati yelled amazed.

"Anyway, we need medics on the field right now for Kagura and Milliana." Yakima said as his blood pressure went down completely. He sighed at how close he was to be having a heart attack. 'Being old sucks.'

"Aachooo!" Makarov sneezed almost falling off the railing.

"Are you okay master?" Cana asked.

"Yeah, just fine." Makarov answered. 'Being old really does suck.'

Location with Natsu in the middle of the city:

"Erza won it! Fairy Tail now has 56 points and is back in first place!"

"Oh thank Igneel." Natsu said slowing down his running pace. Smiling, he came to a stop and looked at Erza pointing her index finger high into the air. 'I knew you could do it Erza... just don't scare the shit outta me next time!' Natsu laughed a little at his remark, "I guess this is what she feels when I'm doing something reckless. Wow, this feeling sucks." Natsu said not knowing what it is to be fully worried throughout his life, until now and some other occasions.

"Achhoo!" Erza sniffled rubbing her red nose, "Natsu must be talking about me again. I really hate when he does that." She said smiling. 'Thanks for believing in me... Natsu. Even though I know you were running to me to help anyway. Stupid.'

"Even though the fight With the Strongest women is over, We still have a ton of fights left to display!"

Chapati said as the lacrimas showed the battles going on with the other players including Natsu. All of a sudden, feeling an abundance of magic converging in one spot, Natsu felt drawn towards it.

"Why is all that power meeting in one place and it's getting even bigger! Oh, Hahahahaha! I'm FIRED UP NOW!" Natsu yelled enthusiastically as he flared his magic under his feet using them as rockets as he was now airborne flying towards what he thinks will be a monster showdown.

With Laxus:

"It's gonna be nice fighting you Orga." Laxus said smirking in anticipation.

"Oh, it's an honor that you remembered my name Laxus," Orga said sarcastically, "And I hope for a good match too even though my Lightning will win."

"Being smug I see. Well, you should know this, someone is always stronger than you and getting a beatin' is one way to show you," Laxus said remembering back to Hades, "But for you to think your Lightning is the best is just plain ignorance. Your Lightning will always be second best to a Dragon's."

"Oh, you think so? Well then let's see!" Orga yelled with lightning raging around him and the same was for Laxus as the two were charging up their attack. With Orga being the first one to attack Laxus followed and the two lightning covered fists collided causing a humongous shock wave to go throughout the area. The attack subsided as the two suddenly stopped to look at something towards the left of them sensing unbelievably raw Magic Power.

Coming through the area was no other than Jura himself.

"Oh my Kami-sama, this is unreal!" Chapati yelled, his simple brain not comprehending the situation.

"May I join in on the fight? I haven't felt this thrilled in a while." Jura said smirking, taking his arms out of his sleeves.

"Tch, the monster shows himself." Orga said crossing his arms.

'Mhm, he wasn't kiddin'. He really means business here.' Laxus thought to himself feeling the tension in the air.

"Hey Jura, let me ask you something. I really think that my God Slayer Magic is superior to your own Magic. I'm pretty sure the audience wants to know what is better too, so would you be able to take on my magic straight on?" Orga asked as lightning sparked in between his hands.

"Oh ho? Fine, I accept your challenge." Jura mused at him smirking as Laxus watched the situation intensely.

"You asked for it then! Lightning God's Particle Cannon!" Orga yelled smugly, sending a huge beam of black lightning towards Jura who was engulfed by it. Dust formed around Orga during the attack and when it went down, it showed Jura's hand slamming Orga's face into the ground.

'What just happened!?' Laxus thought surprised.

Getting up from the floor, Jura walked towards the nervous Laxus, who never actually showed his current state of distress. Standing up straight to confront his source of uneasiness, Laxus hardened his face for battle.

"I always hoped to get the chance to fight Makarov's son-"

"Woah, stop right there. The guy you're facing isn't someone with a grandfather with a fancy title, it's your opponent who'll take you down as his own man." Laxus said taking off his furring jacket.

"Oh, I respect that." Jura said smiling at his integrity. Tension was in the air as the two men faced, but Laxus was the first to move with lightning surrounding him. He charged towards Jura who was also getting ready but stopped as they both heard something faint in the area.

"Fire Dragon's..."

'Oh no.'

"What is that?" Jura asked, but he immediately went into a defensive position. Looking up he saw a twinkle in the sky and as time went on, the light got bigger and brighter and somehow the temperature changed, rising in degrees.

"Meteor Strike!" The light turned out to be a huge ball of fire falling from the sky. Laxus, knowing who it is, ran away for safety but Jura put up a rock wall for defense. When the ball of fire hit the rock wall, it cause a giant explosion of fire to spread across the area filling it temporarily with a pool of fire.

When the explosion went down, Laxus gasped as he saw that the rock wall was completely obliterated and Jura was stumbling back from the force of the attack.

"Hahahahaha! It worked! I've been practicing that move for months and it finally came out right!" Through the dust in the crater, there was a voice coming from there. With the wind blowing this time, everyone saw who made the explosion.


"Oh, hey Laxus! No need to worry about Jura here, I got him!" Natsu said walking out of the crater with a grin, slamming his fists together.

"What are you talking about?" Laxus asked not believing the situation.

"Just go on, get outta here! I have this guy, so go fight Sting or something." Natsu said waving off Laxus who got pissed. But seeing the determination in his eyes he could only smirk in delight thinking of how Natsu has progressed.

"You know what, I'll go. Can't wait to see you get your ass kicked though!" Laxus grinned walking away while pointing his index finger in the air.

"Yeah, you too lightbulb!" Natsu said doing the same. Jura, getting back to his senses, saw that Laxus was walking away and he was being encountered by a pink haired- I mean salmon-haired teen.

"Who might you be? And why is Laxus- walking away?" Jura asked.

"I'm Natsu Dragneel, son of Igneel and a Fairy Tail member! I'm here to take you on by myself!" Natsu said grinning anxiously awaiting the fight ahead of him.

With Erza:

"Oh no." Erza said looking up at the Lacrima screen.

"I'm Natsu Dragneel, son of Igneel and a Fairy Tail member! I'm here to take you on by myself!"

"Of all the-! Gah, that idiot!" Erza screamed to herself.

'The worst part is that he has that grin. That feral grin that he's shown other times when facing stronger opponents. That only means he's gonna do everything in his power to win that fight.' Erza thought. "He is one reckless man. But that's one of the reasons why he's important to me."

Back with Natsu:

"Oh ho? That's a big boast coming from such a small man." Jura said smiling at his new opponent.

"Who the hell are you calling small, baldy!" Natsu shot back with a comical expression. The same time, Jura gained a tick mark on his forehead.


"Anyway I'm defiantly fired up for this fight!" Natsu yelled as his fire flared up around himself.

"Yes, I am also eager to beat you to the ground Dragneel." Jura said sounding angry. This time not responding, Natsu dashed towards Jura ready to one hit K.O him. But Jura, being the monster he is, slammed Natsu to the ground face first, forming a small crater around them, "You should know Dragneel, that there is always someone stronger than you in this world. So your arrogance won't take you far enough without putting in the hard work." Jura said looking down at the twitching Natsu.

"Don't you think I already know that? I've been beaten by people stronger than me my whole entire life, but that never kept me down," Natsu said starting to get on his knees, "In fact I'm the one who challenges those people knowing I'll get my ass kicked anyway but I set my goals to surpass those people so I won't stop until I do. And with that as my drive, I've beaten people way stronger than me and right now, you're going to be adding to that list!"

As he said this, Natsu suddenly punched Jura with a fist covered in fire sending the man back a few meters surprised and shocked.

"I did not know you were still able to stand. I guess I should have hit you harder." Jura mused getting his posure back.

"Yeah, I guess I underestimated you too not going full out on my first chance. But now I won't make that mistake! Flame DragonGod mode!" Natsu yelled as his magic energy spiked to new heights. The air around him was scorching hot, making Jura cover his face from the heat and the ground Natsu was standing on was melting around his feet. The hot air was moving from the pulsing of his magic rising and Jura just stared at the boy impressed that he wouldn't have to hold back in this fight.

"Y-y-yakima-san! What is this heat!? Where's it coming from!?" Chapati yelled covering his face.

"I-I don't know!" He screamed distressed.

"Flame DragonGod's Explosive Fist!" Natsu yelled charging towards Jura who immediately put up a rock wall. His fist was covered in red and black flames swirling around his hand as he obliterated Jura's wall knocking him back from the force. Realizing he was in danger Jura formed another rock wall around him but it was also destroyed with another explosive punch from Natsu.

"Wait, isn't that the same magic he used against Hades!?" Erza screamed in shock.

"What magic is that?" Makarov asked.

"I don't know. This is the first time I've ever seen it." Mavis said studying the situation.

"Flame DragonGod's Piercing Talon!" As he said this, Natsu covered his leg in the red and black fire smashing it down on Jura who put up his forearms in defense but unfortunately got burned from the attack. Pushing Natsu away in the air, Jura prepared his own attack.

"Iron Rock Fist!" Jura yelled as a massive gauntlet shaped fist came from the ground extending towards the airborne Natsu who already was prepared.

"Flame DragonGod's Torching Wingbeat!" Sending a wave of red and black fire towards the giant rock fist, Natsu was not prepared for the explosion it made causing Jura and Natsu to be sent flying back. Landing safely on the ground Natsu recomposed himself looking for Jura through all the dust that was around them.

"Supreme King Rock Crush!" Jura yelled from the dust as rocks from all around surrounded Natsu. The rocks of all shapes and sizes were levitating from the ground circling the unsuspecting Natsu as Jura clapped his hands together causing the rubble to close in fast on Natsu who couldn't dodge in time and took on the full blunt of the attack.

"It's now over-" Before he could finish, Jura heard something from the pile of rocks that caused him to pause.

"Flame DragonGod's Implosion!" That's what was heard through the rubble as a huge contained explosion happened around where Natsu was with red and black flames spreading out from the origin. Blasting the rocks away from him, Natsu snickered enjoying the fight.

"Rock Avalanche!" Jura said tired of the boy getting back up. The rocks he used before were being lifted again but this time formed a wave made of rubble that was being sent over to crush Natsu.

"Flame DragonGod's Dazzling Flame!" Throwing the huge orb of fire towards the incoming attack resulted in another blinding explosion sending arcs of wind in every direction. Wanting to attack again when he had the advantage with stealth, Natsu hurried and sniffed through the dust only not to smell Jura anywhere.

"You know, people say that I'm a monster when it comes to destructive power. But you, Dragneel, are something else." Jura's voice sounded through the smoke as Natsu rapidly looked around for where it came from only to be knocked on his ass again by a powerful strike from Jura who appeared from nowhere. The strike once again made a small crater clearing the dust up from the area.

"You should really stop underestimating me! Flame DragonGod's Scorching Roar!" Natsu yelled as he turned around on his back shooting a hot blast of fire from his mouth towards Jura who was standing there at point blank. The stream of fire flew into the air lighting the evening sky up more than it already was.

Getting up from his position from the ground, Natsu gasped when he found that Jura was surrounded with pillars of rock that were slightly scorched at the bottom where he aimed his attack.

"You thought I would fall for the same thing again? Natsu Dragneel, I remember you from the mission we took together to defeat the OraciĆ³n Seis," Jura said building up his magic as Natsu backed away in a safe spot, "And if there's one thing I learned from watching you fight, is that you have an abundance of magic at your disposal and a tenacity to fight till the end. So, I think I should end this before it goes out of hand. Iron Rock Spikes!"

When Jura said this, with a point of his finger sent a continuous line of spikes towards Natsu that were popping randomly from the ground. Being quick on his feet, Natsu managed to avoid most of them getting a few scrapes but misstepped when he was trying to evade one and got blown back. About to fall to the ground Natsu landed with a thud and was breathing heavily as the scrapes were bleeding proversly and Natsu looked in badly shape in all.

The rock spikes were still forming, getting closer to him as they were also getting bigger and thicker.

'Come on Natsu, use that brain of yours for once! Wait, I could use that move!'

Natsu dashed at his top speed towards the in coming spikes and lit his whole body on fire as the red and black flames were getting bigger each step he took, "Flame DragonGod's Scything Horn!" Approaching the spiky rocks with blazing speeds, Natsu threw himself at the rocks performing a move similar to Fire Dragon's Sword Horn but instead he was spinning around at fast speeds, his fire forming a drill-like shape as it tore through the spikes shooting from the ground.

"And now, Flame DragonGod's Ignition!" Just as he said this, Natsu started flying faster towards Jura as the trail behind him left red and black embers that were melting the remaining spikes that were left. Seeing this, Jura thought fast and casted a spell that he thought would secure his safety.

"Rock Mountain!" Jura yelled slamming his hands together while from the ground a large rock formation emerged from the ground behind him. The formation was taking the shape of a human, clad in an Eastern-looking armor, complete with a helmet and with stone protrusions jutting out. Jura stretched out his arms while the rock golem did the same as the collision with Natsu's enhanced technique and Jura's ultimate defensive caused a short trimmer to happen throughout the city as the surrounding builds were collapsing in on each other.

Natsu tried to push through the Golem but to no avail as the humanoid rock managed to stop his momentum and throw him high into the air. Already feeling out of magic, Natsu pulled through using the fire coming out of his feet as rockets to keep him a float in the air. For some reason, he decided to fly up even more into the atmosphere until the people down below couldn't see him.

'Natsu, what are you doing now?' Erza asked herself in her mind as she was using a staff of wood she found as a foundation to keep her steady.

"Oh my! Natsu Dragneel is up in the sky where no one is able to see him! Do you think he ran away!?" Chapati asked.

"In all my years of knowing Fairy Tail, I know that boy did not escape, all that he's doing is something only he would think of." Yakima said smirking.

"Ah, that rock guy is really tough. How the heck am I supposed to break through his defenses?" Natsu asked to himself, "Wait, didn't I already go through this with Gajeel's iron scales? Yeah I did! For once he actually turned out to be useful!"

"Achoo!" Gajeel sneezed as he dodged an attack from the crazy Shadow Dragonslayer, "Stupid Salamander..." Gajeel said under his breath as he formed his arm into an iron club.

"Alright let's do this!" Natsu yelled as he started flying down at fast speeds while covering himself with red and black flames again.

"What is that boy doing?" Jura asked as he was looking around in the air for any sign of Natsu. 'I have a really bad feeling about this...'

Still looking into the sky, Jura saw multiple little bright dots falling towards his area.

'Oh not again!' Jura yelled in his head as he put up the golem's arms for defensive.

"Flame DragonGod's Meteor Shower!" Natsu was falling towards Jura at high speeds as he covered himself in fire, but this time was different as surrounding him were even bigger fireballs that were slamming into the golem at multiple points in its body. Natsu was still sending red and black fireballs from his mouth as he was still falling towards the ground with his arms extended in front of him getting ready to slam into the rock golem with all his might and with something else in his mind planned.

With the balls of fire attacking relentlessly on the rock golem it started to lose its footing on the ground as the fireballs were also hitting the surrounding area. Finally, when Natsu hit the rock formation himself, the impact caused a giant explosion to erupt from that point as the golem completely lost its footing and fell to the ground as Jura was blown away but was caught by his rock golem.

"What is this!? What is this madness!? Natsu just obliterated a whole entire city block in just one spell! This truly is a fight between monsters! I didn't even know he was this strong to go head-to-head with Jura!" Chapati announced.

"Hey, shuddup! I was always this strong!" Natsu said standing up from his attack.

"You are a worthy opponent Dragneel but I can not lose to you yet." Jura said walking through the smoke with blood dripping down his bald head and the golem walking behind him with multiple cracks.

'I knew it.' Natsu thought looking at the golem, "Yeah, I can't lose either! I made a promise to myself right now that I would add you to my "Kicked Ass" list!" Natsu said determined as Jura laughed at what he said in amusement.

"Dragneel, I really am lucky to have someone like you as my opponent but like I said before... I will not lose!" Jura yelled as the golem charged at Natsu. With each step that it took, the ground rumbled as Natsu was ready to attack too.

"Iron Rock Fist!" Jura yelled as the golem's fists extended to reach Natsu. He dodged swiftly as he ran in between the two giant rock arms and jumped high into the air meeting the giant at eye level.

"Dragonslayer Secret Art: Crimson Lotus- Flame DragonGod's Explosive Fists!" Natsu yelled dishing out one of his secret moves as he rapidly punched the humanoid rock in the chest area nonstop. With each strike, a small rupture happened to blow the golem back a few feet and the explosions got bigger and bigger as time went on. Slowly but surely the golem's defense was wavering until it got to a point where each blow would take off a chunk of its armor.

"One last one!" Natsu yelled as he put everything he had into the last punch, destroying it into small pieces as the rubble went flying in different directions. Landing on the ground roughly, Natsu panted hard as he put on too much fatigue on his body, "I didn't... know it was... going to take... this much out of me."

"You have fought admirably Natsu, but now is where I finish this for good. Supreme King Rock Crush!" The same thing happened like last time with multiple rocks from the ground and rubble encased Natsu with each one hitting him hard until it was the size of a small house, "It was a good fight, Dragneel. Rumbling Mout. Fuji!"

The ground in the city rumbled as Jura's Magic Energy spiked to its high. With certain movements of his arms Jura finalized it with closing his hands together with his eyes closed. As he did so, the area immediately in front of him was struck by an immense release of Magic Power surging from the ground, wreaking havoc on the pile of rock where Natsu was in. The beam of magic rose several meters in the air and shattering the earth it emerged from reducing the area to nothing but small pieces of pebbles.

"The fight has ended." Jura said panted, turning his back and walking away. 'I used all my energy in that attack, I don't think I can fight anymore.'

"Is this it... is this the end of the fight? If it is than Jura has won it, ladies and gentlemen! Natsu Dragneel has put up a great fight but it seems no one is able to defeat Jura!"

"Natsu... get up. I know you're not down, so get up. Natsu, I said get up!" Erza said to herself with a pissed off face etched on, "You wanted to win this fight so badly so why are you lying down on your ass! Get your ass up, NATSU DRAGNEEL!"

The sound of Erza echoed through the city but most couldn't hear it because of the cheers made by the audience. Luckily, Natsu is a Dragonslayer... but not just any Dragonslayer...

"I am Natsu Dragneel son of the Fire Dragon King Igneel!" Natsu screamed out bursting through the rubble in a roar of flames, "And I will not be taken down by someone I said I was going to put their ass in the ground!"

"What!?" Jura said in disbelief.

"You said it was time to finish this and I fully agree." Natsu said walking towards Jura who took on a fighting stance. Suddenly he stopped and looked at Jura with his pupils turned to slits and irises turing light gold instead of their usual charcoal black and behind him was a mirage of a giant blood red Dragon roaring in rage.

"The fire of a Dragon rises from the earth burning everything to ash," When he said this a gigantic blood red Magic Circle appeared directly under Jura with a face a dragon in the middle, "The flame of a god rains from the sky incinerating what it touches," Natsu chanted as another similar Magic Circle appeared above Jur high in the sky that was pitch black and had an unfamiliar sign in the middle. His Magic Energy was rising to new heights that was felt by everyone in the city and stadium, excluding Jura as he was sweating perversely at what he thought was going to happen to him, "Dragonslayer secret art: Crimson Lotus- Scorching Heaven!"

Raising his right arm up then striking his it palm to the ground, something breathtaking happened.

Natsu's regular red flames shot out from the ground completely engulfing Jura in the blast as it shot up into the sky, lifting Jura up as well. Eventually, the black flames came from the Magic Circle in the sky as it came rushing down to meet the red flames in the middle where it also attacked Jura at the same time. As the two flames merged, both red and black, it became a constant stream of fire with the black flames pushing down while the red fire came upwards meeting it in the middle.

The fire stream was what some would say was gargantuan as it lit up the night sky with everyone looking at it in awe and amazement. The beam kept getting wider and thicker until it eventually collapsed in on itself causing yet another one of Natsu's specialties- pure destruction. The whole city was encompassed in a bright light yet again and the surrounding structures were either completely destroyed or severely melted to the point where you can't tell what it is anymore. The heat emitted from the attack had everyone shielding their faces in fear of getting burnt. With the light dying down, the lacrima showed Natsu standing tall above the beaten Jura with his eye still shining bright gold.

His surroundings were still glowing red, showing the heat from his fire still made the materials burning hot.

"Everyone saw this too right? I'm not imagining things, right?" Chapati asked finally at a loss for words.

"I don't know, kabo. My city, kabo."

"This is not plausible. How can't one person... make all this damage..." Makarov asked himself as he money signs in his eyes went down the drain.

"Tch, freakin' show off. Even when I defeated my guy too he still gets all the glory." Gajeel said walking away from the beaten Rogue.

"You really did it, huh Natsu." Laxus said impressed as he too walked away from his defeated opponent who happened to ironically be Sting.

"Damn, I can't believe flame brain actually did it. I guess he has one up on me now." Gray sighed getting up from a wooden crate and walking towards his new destination.

"You truly are amazing you know that." Erza said smiling looking at the roaring Natsu on the Lacrima screen. "I bet you didn't even realize you already surpassed me."

"Ladies and gentlemen... with Fairy tail beating the last of the players they have gained a new total of 64 points making them the winners. I still can't believe it..." Chapati said with his mouth hanging open as he didn't scream this time.

While the Fairy Tail members made their way to Natsu, they smiled at the very beaten and bloody figure of him.

"You did well Natsu." Erza said walking up to him.

"Hell yeah I did! I beat Jura for goodness sake! Check that name off the list!" Natsu said forming that infamous grin that was contagious to everyone.

"Yes, I will be sure to do that." Erza chuckled, still supporting herself with the staff.

"You should get that checked out ya know." Natsu said looking at her leg.

"I'll be fine, it's only my ankle. But honestly-"

"You should check out yourself ash for brains." Gray said walking up to the two and cutting off Erza.

"What are you talking about, I'm completely fine!" Natsu said flexing his arms but stopped as the scratches and scrapes were stinging his skin.

"See, I told you." Gray snickered.

"Now come on, we gotta title to get don't we?" Laxus asked rhetorically walking up to the group.

"Of course we do! We won this fair and square!" Gajeel yelled, "Plus, Salamander isn't the only one with a new mode anymore."

"What are you talkin' 'bout!?"

"I said, you're not such a hot shot anymore now that I'm an Iron Shadow Dragonslayer!" Gajeel said butting heads with Natsu.

"Why you arrogant bastard!?" Natsu shot back.

"Who you callin' arrogant when you're the one that took on Jura by yourself!"

"At least I beat him, unlike you who had trouble with Rogue!" Natsu spat out in Gajeel's face.

"Rogue was possessed, dumbass!"

"How the hell am I supposed to know that blockhead!?"

"Enough you two! I may have hurt my leg but my arms are working just fine!" Erza yelled pushing the two apart. 'Huh, you'll never change will you Natsu.'

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Natsu's New moves:

Flame DragonGod's Explosive Fist- spin off of Fire Dragon's Iron Fist

Flame DragonGod's Scorching Roar- spin off of Fire Dragon's Roar

Flame DragonGod's Torching Wingbeat- spin off of Fire Dragon's Wingbeat

Flame DragonGod's Scything Horn- literal spin-off of Fire Dragon's Sword Horn where Natsu spins at fast speeds forming the fire around him like a power drill

Flame DragonGod's Dazzling Flame- spin off of Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame

Flame DragonGod's Ignition- A short boost of power that gives any magical move he is using a tremendous amount of firepower. The Downside is that it takes a lot of energy.

Flame DragonGod's Implosion- causes a giant contained explosion around Natsu, stopping at a certain radius and buns what's inside. (Derived from Fire Dragon's Roasting Bath)

Flame DragonGod's Meteor Shower- A completely new move where Natsu falls from high in the sky, covering himself in his fire and repeatedly shooting out giant balls of fire from his mouth. Then attempt to bombard his opponent with his fireballs and end the attack with him crashing into his opponent.

Scorching Heaven- simply having his black flames shoot down from the sky and his red fire rise from the ground with a wide radius and the two streams of fire meet in the middle, merging and collapsing in on itself with the after effect being super awesome(my own idea)