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Daniel Robinson POV

"Dammit Valdez! Really! You trick both camps into believing you're dead and then you come to my school!" I stared at my best friend as he started talking to himself. I mean I don't know what had happened to make him act like this, all we did was walk into the school grounds get dorm assignments, as the school had now merged with this selective girls boarding school. On the list it said we were rooming with a Peter Bradley and a Leo Valdez; and then Percy started muttering to himself. I mean, I was glad to have him back after he disappeared for 8 months but he now seemed on the crazy and sad side of life.

"Who's Leo Valdez?"

"A guy from summer camp who managed to convince literally everyone that he was dead."

"Oh, I can see why you're mad now."

Percy groaned. "And now I have to room with him without getting angry. Then my cousin's going to get angry, because his best friend didn't tell him that he is no longer dead."

"Big problem."


We made our way through the corridors, getting lost every 2-5 minutes. After half an hour of painstaking searching we finally found our dorm room. A curly-boy was sitting on one bed nervously fiddling with a piece of metal and some screws. He had a look of anxiety and fear on his face. He stood up when Percy and I entered the room. "Hey Perce. Look it's not my fault, I didn't have any way of contacting you. Then Calypso got a great idea of 'Let's travel the world for a bit!' and then after a month of travelling she decided that I needed to go to a proper school, not like the one I went to last year."

Percy put his hands up. "Wait. You found Calypso?"

"Yeah, that thing I got in Bologna really worked." Percy seemed impressed, obviously this Calypso person had been missing for a long time. "And I was exploring and you'll never guess who's names were written! Hazel's and Piper's and Annabeth's!"

"Annabeth went to Court House?" Percy laid his head in his hands.

"Apparently so." Leo smirked at the swim captain, as if mocking him. "At least now everyone will believe you have a girlfriend."

I decided to butt in here. "So the all-famous Goode swim captain has a girlfriend?"

Leo turned to me now. "Dude, he has the atomic bomb of girlfriends."

Percy glared at Leo warningly. "Don't let Calypso hear you say that, she's already annoyed because I left for Annabeth. She'll think you're trying to make a move on Annabeth and abandon her like Drake and I did."

Leo rolled his eyes at Percy. "Yeah, but Annabeth hasn't liked me since I fell off the Grand Canyon."

I stared at this guy in disbelief. "You fell off the Grand Canyon?"

"Yeah, our friend Piper did too. Piper's also coming here, she got sick of having to go to her dad's movie premieres."

"Who's her dad? Tristan McLean?" I was joking about the last part, but the other two boys looked at me nodding sombrely. "Seriously, you're friends with Tristan McLean's daughter?"

Leo coughed. "Best friends."

"Not anymore Repair Boy. Annabeth replaced you."

"NO! Leo Valdez cannot be replaced! Anyway I thought Annabeth was your best friend."

"No Valdez, she's my girlfriend."

An awkward silence settled in the room. I frantically searched for a topic of conversation. "So… How was your summer, you know apart from thinking Leo was dead."

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